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American Idol Launching 'Google Voting' Tonight, and 'Facebook Voting Trends' Next Week


Speed-dialers, rest your fingers.

As American Idol‘s search for a Season 13 champ gets under way in earnest with tonight’s Top 13 performance episode (8/7c on Fox), the show is debuting a new voting methodology via Google Search. READ MORE

Reality Check: Alex, Sam, MK, Majesty and Jena's Early Season 13 Edge! Plus: Why 'Rush Week' (and Randy Jackson) Failed the Idol Audience


American Idol‘s inaugural “Rush Week” extravaganza may be best remembered for its dreaded “Chamber of the Damned” — which devoured a full third of the Season 13 Top 30 before they’d belted a single note. Nevertheless, it also provided an opportunity for a quintet (or perhaps a sextet) of contestants to get a slight head start on the competition. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

American Idol Top 13 Announcement Recap: Where the Wild Cards Are [Updated]

American Idol Top 13 Finalists

There’s been a decided lack of bullishness among the American Idol faithful over the last 48 hours regarding the Season 13 Top 30 — or at least the singers’ less-than-scintillating efforts during the show’s inaugural “Rush Week” festivities.

Call me a relentless optimist (who still thinks “I’m on a Roll” should/could be a Top 10 hit), but I’m not ready to …READ MORE

American Idol Top 15 Guys Performance Recap: Let's Hear It for the Boys! [Updated]


“Intonation” is the new “pitchy.” Jennifer Lopez is suddenly astute and critical. And if you listen carefully, Season 8′s glorious, criminally underrated Allison Iraheta* is providing chill-inducing background support as part of Rickey Minor’s band. (*If you’ve never heard her providing lead vocals on Halo Circus’ “Gone,” go directly to iTunes, download it, then come back and finish this recap.)

This…is Season 13 of American Idol. READ MORE & TAKE POLLS

American Idol: Ranking the Top 15 Guys Heading Into the Live Shows


After a somewhat shaky Tuesday-night showing by the ladies, American Idol‘s Season 13 live shows continue tonight — with J.Lo, Harry and Keith brutally whittling down the Top 15 guys by a third, then turning it over to the voting public to decide the fate of the 10 singers left standing. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS

American Idol Exclusive Video: Get a Sneak Peek of the Top 15 Guys at Randy Jackson's Workshop!


Briston Maroney learns about not looking “goofy” with his guitar. Caleb Johnson tries to appear less “angry” while singing (a Chris Daughty protip!). And Dexter Roberts gets to work on “Dexterfying” every tune he covers.

These are just a few of the takeaways from the following exclusive video previewing tonight’s installment of American Idol (8/7c on Fox) — in which we’ll see …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Ratings: Killer Women Ends on a Low Note, Winter Olympics Drop, Special Idol Steady

Killer Women Cancelled

ABC’s Killer Women rode off into the sunset on Tuesday night with a final audience of 3.17 million total viewers and a 0.6 rating — dipping a tenth in the demo opposite the Olympics to hit a series low. READ MORE

American Idol Top 10 Girls Recap: I'm Sorry, Mr. Jackson, Are You for Real? [Updated]


I’ve always been a sucker for an inspirational, never-give-up, success-in-spite-of-insurmountable-odds story arc: The Little Engine That Could. Seabiscuit. Fantasia’s “I Believe.”

But for the love of all that’s holy, how is the caked-on gravy that is Randy Jackson still clinging to the American Idol platter on its 13th cycle through the reality TV dishwasher? READ MORE & TAKE OUR POLLS

American Idol: Ranking the Top 15 Women Heading Into the Live Shows


American Idol‘s Season 13 live shows begin tonight — with J.Lo, Harry and Keith brutally whittling down the Top 15 girls by a third, then turning it over to the voting public to decide the fate of the 10 singers left standing. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS

Reality Check: Biggest Injustices of Idol's Top 30! Plus: Four Singers Who Must Advance This Week


It’s “Rush Week” on American Idol — which is quite possibly just a nice way of saying “brace for a bloodbath.”

Indeed, while J.Lo, Harry and Keith whittled the Season 13 field to just 30 hopefuls last Thursday, the next three episodes will find them slashing the roster to 20 — with the voting public then cutting those numbers …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO