Small Town Security Exclusive Video: Will Season 3 Make a Pop Star Out of Joan?

Another product of TV’s reality machine is looking to launch a singing career — and the early results are Heidi Montag-disastrous.

On tonight’s Season 3 premiere of Small Town Security (11/10c, AMC), Joan attempts to turn her “Speecy Spicy Meatball” jingle into a full-fledged single, and we have an exclusive first look at the eardrum-shattering recording session. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Mad Men Recap: Spilled Milk

Don spends a good amount of time in this week’s Mad Men wandering aimlessly around the Sterling Cooper & Partners office, and for a while, I worried that his seeming lack of purpose in that setting was an unintentional allegory for Jon Hamm’s in the episode.

After all, Hamm is an actor we’ve seen deliver …READ MORE