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Exclusive First Look: Will The Walking Dead Terminate Rick Before He Reaches Terminus?

The Walking Dead Season 4 Key Art Poster Rick

More than a few critics have suggested that it’s time for The Walking Dead to bump off its end-of-the-world-weary hero, Rick. But would AMC’s monster smash really go through with it?

New season finale promo art suggests that it might. READ MORE & VIEW POSTER

TWD Recap: What's the Matter With Kids Today?


In this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, Tyreese and Carol learn in pretty much the worst way imaginable just how far gone Lizzie really is. But the bigger shock is that that horrific revelation isn’t even the most devastating thing that happens in “The Grove.” Read on – if you dare. READ MORE

Mad Men Season 7 Cast Portraits Are Outta Sight!


On the heels of trickling out handsome if quite possibly meaningless promo shots for Mad Men‘s seventh and final season, AMC has released the official cast portraits, and they are very cherry. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS

Exclusive: Revenge for Walking Dead's Tyreese?


Are Carol’s days numbered… again?

In the first of two exclusive images from Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, titled “The Grove,” Tyreese is armed not only with a rifle but also with an “I ain’t messing around here!” glower. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS

Mad Men Season 7 First Look Photos: Are Don and Peggy About to Take Off?


All aboard, Mad Men fans!

The AMC drama on Wednesday released three new shots heralding the start of its upcoming final season — which bows April 13 at 10/9c — and the photos show some of your Sterling Cooper & Partners favorites preparing to get high. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS

The Walking Dead Recap: Together Forever


This week’s episode of The Walking Dead starts off with a flashback to before Bob was picked up by Team Jailhouse (may it rest in peace) — back when he was a pathetic Nyquil-swilling solo act. And frankly, it’s kind of annoying. (There are at least six characters with whom I — and, I bet, you — would rather be spending this kind of quality montage time.) But a funny thing happens on the way to …READ MORE

Mad Men Releases Trippy Season 7 Poster

mad men poster season 7 dw

Given where Don Draper found himself at the end of Mad Men‘s sixth season — jobless, mistress-less, possibly wife-less — we half expected the drama’s official Season 7 poster to be of a kitten clinging to a branch, trying to “Hang in there!”

But the psychedelic image AMC released Friday instead reveals  …READ MORE & VIEW POSTER

First Mad Men Season 7 Teaser: Don Disembarks


Ladies and gentlemen, you are now free to roam about the Mad Men.

A quick teaser for the award-winning series’ upcoming seventh season shows us  …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Exclusive Video: Catch Up on Mad Men in Less Time Than It Takes Don Draper to Down a Scotch


Not exactly caught up on Mad Men but don’t have time to click through a veritable Kodak Carousel of episodes before the AMC series returns for its final season?

Don’t worry: Like Joan handling a secretarial pool scheduling snafu, TVLine’s got you covered. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

TVLine Items: Bollywood Star Visits Hawaii, Oprah Schools Lindsay, Bates Ratings and More

Hawaii Five-0 Millika Sherawat

Bollywood leading lady Mallika Sherawat is headed to Hawaii Five-0.

The actress will guest-star on the CBS drama as Farah, a woman who has a history with …READ MORE