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Emmy Nominees React! Who Said What?


Emmy nominations morning is a very exciting morning for those who learn that they’re competing in TV’s Big Show. They get the news from unexpected sources — and most often at ungodly hours! — and the occasional actor might even wake the baby with their jubilation! From there on, they tumble down the rabbit hole into a day full of praise, elation and, yes, personal disbelief.

Here are the reactions from this year’s nominees (detailed here) that TVLine has collected thus far — keep checking back for more! READ MORE

Eye on Emmy: Ty Burrell and the Modern Art of Oblivious Bliss

MODERN FAMILY - ABC's "Modern Family" stars Ty Burrell as Phil. (ABC/BOB D'AMICO)

If you’re going to so often get things wrong, at least let it be for the right reasons. And that’s the philosophy Ty Burrell uses to create his character on ABC’s acclaimed hit, Modern Family. With a heart as big as his goofy grin, Phil Dunphy is the counterpoint to a genre full of finger-wagging parents, a dad who chooses to wag his tail instead. “He has a level of obliviousness that is, to me, more akin to a dog personality,” says Burrell. “He’s so excited in general.” Will this be the year that Emmy voters throw this dog a golden bone? Burrell took us inside the serious business of making funny. READ MORE

Emmys 2011: Sizing Up the Supporting Comedy Actor Race, Including Our Dream Nominees


There are few certainties about the 2011 Emmys derby, but rest assured this is one of them: if you’re a male performer on a sitcom not called Modern Family, you face an uphill battle elbowing your way into the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series race. Even without a nod for patriarch Ed O’Neill last year, ABC’s hit comedy accounted for half of all the category’s nominations. So the question this year isn’t whether the Family men will make another strong showing — they will — but rather who’ll snap up the remaining spots. Here’s how things look going into nomination season. REVIEW CONTENDERS & VOTE

30 Rock Dominates Comedy Award Nominations


Comedy Central announced the nominees for their first annual Comedy Awards Tuesday morning, and 30 Rock is still the clear funny fave. READ MORE

Modern Family Preview: Clive Bixby Is Back – And 'It Really Is Not Pretty'

MODERN FAMILY - "Bixby's Back" - In an attempt to avoid turning into that old boring couple, Phil and Claire decide to revisit their Clive and Juliana role-playing rendezvous from last Valentine's Day.  Meanwhile Jay has planned an elaborate surprise evening for Gloria, but his plans keep getting thwarted, and an admirer comes between Cameron and Mitchell on V-day, but they can't agree whom the admiration is directed towards, on "Modern Family," WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 9 (9:00-9:31 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/KAREN NEAL)

In what is shaping up to be an annual tradition, ABC’s Modern Family this Wednesday welcomes back “Clive Bixby,” role-playing Phil’s debonair alter ego. But does the speaker salesman extraordinaire still got game? READ MORE

Modern Family Cast Marvels Over Sofia, and Other SAG Award Sound Bites


Want to witness a lovefest? Just take a peek at the Modern Family cast. The Screen Actors Guild Award winners for Best Comedy Ensemble kept the fun times flowing backstage post-win, particularly when it came to chatting about the va-va-voomness that is Sofia Vergara.

TVLine was there for the backstage chatter and now we’re here with some choice quotables from the Family, a Good Wife, an out-of-it Boardwalker and more… READ MORE

Modern Family Star Feels 'A Little Guilty' About On-Screen Sexcapade


If you have somehow missed all the promos and wish to protect your virgin ears and eyes from the plot-starting twist for this Wednesday’s Modern Family (ABC, 9/8c), stop reading now.

But if you’ve already caught wind of what’s coming and want to know why one of the hit comedy’s stars feels a bit guilty about it, forge on ahead. READ MORE