True Blood Recap: Die Another Day

Though Sookie gnaws open her own wrist to revive Warlow in “Life Matters,” this Sunday’s True Blood – the season’s penultimate – she refuses to allow Bill to take her fiancé away to save all the series regulars from the Sun Parlor of Doom. “Get Eric to give everyone transfusions,” she suggests (not verbatim) before blasting her ex out of fairy land. “After all, since his attack on Warlow, he has …READ MORE

True Blood Recap: Decisions, Decisions

Although Sunday’s episode of True Blood is titled “Dead Meat,” none of our regulars actually perish. (Not even Arlene, whose hangover from last week’s bender I could’ve imagined being lethal.) However, Sookie does make a decision that at first makes her pulse race and eventually will stop her heartbeat altogether. WTH? Read on. I’ll explain… READ MORE

True Blood Recap: The Long Kiss Goodnight

In Sunday’s episode of True Blood, Eric turns to just about the last person you’d expect – and certainly the last person he wants to – in hopes of canceling Nora’s date with the Grim Reaper. But can even Billith’s “divine” blood cure her of hep V? Read on to find out (as if you haven’t already watched “In the Evening”). READ MORE

HBO Boss Talks Thrones End Date, Recasting James Gandolfini, Enlightened's Demise

There is no end in sight for Game of Thrones and True Blood, HBO’s top programming exec maintained to reporters Thursday at the Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour in Beverly Hills.

“It can go on as long as there are stories to tell,” network president Michael Lombardo said of Thrones‘ future. Regarding True Blood, which was just renewed for a seventh season, Lombardo pointed to a new …READ MORE

True Blood Recap: Love at First Bite

Since neither you, I nor anyone else believed for a nanosecond that True Blood was gonna kill off Sookie, nobody’s gonna get the vapors when they read that no, her father does not succeed in drowning her in this week’s episode, “Don’t You Feel Me?” But what may come as a surprise (not a vapors-worthy surprise, but a surprise nonetheless) is the identity of her savior. READ MORE

True Blood: Insane Trailer for Final Five Episodes Warns, 'Death Ain't the End Anymore'

By the time True Blood closes the door on Season 6 on Aug. 18, “You’re going to feel that the show is returning to its roots,” exec producer Brian Buckner told fans at the HBO drama’s Comic-Con panel Saturday. “We’re going to try to condense the number of stories we’re telling and really make this feel like we’re coming home.”

But first, prepare for all sorts of hell to break loose …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO