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TVLine Items: Entourage Vet Gets Covert, Blacklist Casting News, Dusk Renewed and More

Perrey Reeves Covert Affairs

Ari Gold’s wife is about to have an affair — of a Covert nature, that is. Perrey Reeves, best known for playing Mrs. Ari in HBO’s Entourage, has landed a recurring role in USA’s Covert Affairs …READ MORE

Teen Wolf EP on Kate's 'Agenda,' Danny's Twist, Isaac's Exit and More Season 4 Scoop


Still recovering from last night’s Teen Wolf finale? Of course you are, it was absolutely insane. Fortunately, TVLine got executive producer Jeff Davis on the line to answer our burning questions, including what we can expect from Aunt Kate and who will be hooking up with whom when Season 4 begins June 23. READ MORE

Teen Wolf Season 3B: Dylan O'Brien Reflects on 5 'Pivotal' Moments for Stiles

Teen Wolf Season 3B

No Teen Wolf fan can deny that, for better or worse, this was the season of Stiles. Losing himself to the Nogitsune was actually the first step in his journey of self-discovery, one he barely survived. READ MORE & VIEW GALLERY

Teen Wolf Season Finale Recap: 'We're All OK'


After a season of chaos, confusion and way too much Japanese terminology, everything finally clicked in Teen Wolf‘s epic finale. And while not everyone lived long enough to celebrate the pack’s victory, there was one mind-blowing surprise guest at the party. READ MORE

Teen Wolf's Dylan O'Brien on Stiles' Love Life, Allison's Death and the Season Finale 'Sacrifice'


It’s been a hell of a year for Stiles on Teen Wolf – he’s spent the better half of Season 3 possessed by a killer Japanese spirit — and tonight’s finale (MTV, 10/9c) might just prove to be his most harrowing hour yet. READ MORE

Teen Wolf's Latest Victim Speaks Out: Why I Asked To Leave the Show

Teen Wolf Allison Death

It’s been 15 hours since Teen Wolf claimed its latest victim, and the Twitterverse is still trying to make sense of the seemingly senseless tragedy. Fortunately, that victim has now opened up and revealed the answer to everyone’s biggest question: Why? READ MORE

Teen Wolf Recap: Death Is Here

Teen Wolf Allison Dies

The penultimate episode of Teen Wolf Season 3 began with the search for Lydia, but by the end of the hour, Scott and his pack had much bigger problems to worry about — like where they’re going to bury their friend. READ MORE

Teen Wolf Death Watch: See Who's on the Chopping Block this Monday — and Vote!

Who Dies On Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf fans, are you ready for the saddest Moonday ever? One of Beacon Hills’ best and brightest is about to find him/her/itself six feet under, so it’s time to place your bets. READ MORE, SEE PHOTOS & VOTE

Exclusive Teen Wolf Sneak Peek: 'Stiles is Dying'

Teen Wolf Stiles Dying

Teen Wolf fans, it’s time to start that Stiles prayer circle you’ve been “joking” about all season.

TVLine has an exclusive extended promo for Monday’s episode (10/9c, MTV) and things are not looking up for Scott’s formerly possessed sidekick. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Teen Wolf Recap: 'Chaos Has Come Again'

Teen Wolf Stiles Recap

This week’s Teen Wolf kicked Operation: Save Stiles into high gear, but because literally no one was on the same page about how to make that happen, the plan quickly dissolved into utter chaos — and that’s just how the Nogitsune likes it. READ MORE