Beyond Sneak Peek: Willa Isn't Playing Games With Luke — Or Is She?

As the second season of Beyond rolls on, we’re getting to see new sides to Dilan Gwyn‘s still-mysterious Willa — and on tonight’s episode (Freeform, 8/7c), we get to see her violent side.

To be fair, as you’ll see in TVLine’s exclusive clip above, that violence comes in the form of an old-school fighter game — but a wise man once said that who we are in Mortal Kombat is who we want to be in life. (OK, fine, I just made that up.)

Either way, Willa’s got some serious gaming skills — just one of the many things Gwyn is enjoying learning about her character.

“Last season was centered around Holden, for obvious reasons, so it never really gave me a lot of leeway with Willa,” Gwyn tells TVLine. “Everything that happened to her happened because of what happened to Holden. We didn’t have a lot of time to explore who she was. But this season, we get to breathe a little and figure out who these characters are. Who are we when we’re not connected to Holden, directly?”

As for any potential tension between Dilan and Charlie, Gwyn says she isn’t sweating the romantic competition — and neither should fans.

“When I watch TV shows, I don’t like the whole ‘team’ thing,” she explains. “It’s a shame that you can’t just take these characters for what they’re worth on their own, and that you treat them differently based on how compatible they are with the main character. Both of these characters are really cool on their own. They’re really strong females with really cool backstories — even if they’re a little mysterious at the moment. I don’t choose sides. Whatever happens happens.”

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