SuperMansion Video: Bryan Cranston's Rex Offers the World's Worst Pep Talk

If you’re ever looking for an ego boost, don’t bother asking Bryan Cranston’s SuperMansion character.

TVLine has an exclusive clip from Thursday’s episode of the Crackle comedy, in which Rex (voiced by Cranston) confronts his older brother Dax (voiced by guest star Dax Shepard) with his gang of misfit superheroes by his side. But his attempt to defend his team goes a little off the rails… the moment he opens his mouth.

“These creatures might look like so much human garbage to you,” Rex begins. “Hell, they did to me for the first couple of years. They’re weak, and yes, they’re stupid. But they are mine!”

Then things get really weird when Dax asks, “You’re not sleeping with them are you?!”

Hit PLAY on the video above to get Rex’s answer to Dax’s insane (or is it?) assumption, then drop a comment with your thoughts on the show below.