What to Watch Tonight: Psych's Bad Dream, Alec Baldwin Vs. SVU's Benson, The 100 and More

Psych - Season 8

On TV this Wednesday: The 100 begin their fight for survival, Revolution‘s Monroe takes action, Psych suffers night terrors and Alec Baldwin ruffles the SVU‘s feathers.  READMORE

What to Watch Tuesday: Glee's 100th, Carol Brady Meets Trophy Wife, 3 Season Finales and More


On TV this Tuesday: Glee marks a milestone (with a flurry of familiar faces), Brooklyn Nine-Nine chips away at a cold case, Trophy Wife welcomes Florence Henderson into their bunch and bad blood boils over on JustifiedREADMORE

What to Watch Monday: Tomorrow Is Here, DWTS Hits the Floor, Molly Gets a New Gal Pal and More


On TV this Monday: Dancing With the Stars’ newest contestants warm up, Mike & Molly meet a new friend, The Tomorrow People moves to a new time today and Castle fights off a ninja attack. READ MORE

What to Watch Sunday: Army Wives Remembered, NBC's Midseason Crisis, Dad Vs. Shark and More

Army Wives Final Salute

On TV this Sunday: NBC manages a hostage Crisis, Once Upon a Time‘s Wicked Witch clashes with Regina, it’s a wrap for Episodes and Lifetime salutes its Army Wives. READ MORE

What to Watch Friday: Banshee Finale Puts Up a Fight, Kids Brave Shark Tank, HBO's Vice & More


On TV this Friday: Banshee goes out with a bang, Five-0‘s Danny plays matchmaker, kids prove they have bite on Shark Tank and Enlisted meets some funny army vets. READ MORE

What to Watch Tonight: Sheldon's Big Visit, Hell's Kitchen Reopens, Community Goes Bad and More


On TV this Thursday: Big Bang‘s Sheldon visits his mom, Fox serves a fresh helping of Hell’s Kitchen, a new King of the Nerds is crowned and Community hosts a Breaking Bad reunion. READ MORE

What to Watch Wednesday: Casey Wilson's in The Middle, Legit Racism, Revolution Clash and More


On TV this Wednesday: The Middle has an a-mah-zing guest star, Men at Work clock out and Revolution-aries stand divided.  READMORE

What to Watch Tuesday: S.H.I.E.L.D. Meets Thor, Raylan Vs. Eric Roberts, Sitcom Weddings & More


On TV this Tuesday: Thor’s Lady Sif gives S.H.I.E.L.D. an assist, the Glee club heads to Nationals and both Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Trophy Wife are planning weddings.  READMORE

What to Watch: Bones Is Back on Monday, It's Time to Believe, Bachelor's Final Rose and More


On TV this Monday: Bones returns to its old time slot, The Bachelor makes his choice, NBC wants you to Believe and the tension mounts for Beauty and the Beast. READ MORE

What to Watch This Weekend: Dunham Does SNL, True Detective's Case Closed and 8 Premieres


Make room on the DVR: This weekend, you’ve got Lena Dunham hosting Saturday Night Live, season finales for True Detective and Looking, the debuts of Cosmos, Resurrection and Lindsay and the returns of Once Upon a Time, Good Wife and other series… just to name a few options. READ MORE