Reality Check: Did American Idol Just Wrap Its 'Worst Season Ever'? Plus: The Voice Gets a Happy Ending, and J.Lo's Vocals 'Explained'!

Everyone take a deep, cleansing breath. American Idol and The Voice have wrapped their respective seasons, and whether or not you’re delighted with the results, there’s oh so much to discuss. (Idol fans, in particular, should stick around to the very end of this video.)

On this week’s Reality Check, my cohost Melinda Doolittle and I debate …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

The Voice Season 6 Finale Recap: Did the Right Artist Win? Plus: Top 5 Moments! [Updated]

The human brain only has so much room. If, for example, I’m going to fondly remember Tess Boyer’s performance of “Human” on Season 6 of The Voice, then something from high-school trigonometry’s got to go. The personal storage space used for the lyrics to Shakira’s “Empire” (half of which, admittedly, are “and I’m like…”), meanwhile, means that it’ll probably take a text from my mom to remember my wedding anniversary …READ MORE & TAKE POLLS

The Voice Top 3 Performance Recap: Set Fire to the Stage, Watch It Burn! [Updated]

You know what’s as American as the tire flaps on Blake Shelton’s pickup truck? Armchair quarterbacking tonight’s Top 3 performance episode of The Voice.

To that end, let me register a handful of gripes. How come Usher assigned The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” — a song that’s wearing thinner than Mixology‘s welcome in the post-Modern Family timeslot — to his guy …READ MORE & TAKE OUR POLL

The Voice Top 5 Results Recap: Are the Right Three Contestants Headed for the Finale?

A week ago Wednesday, we had eight intriguing contestants battling for The Voice‘s Season 6 crown. As of this moment, only three remain.

Did exec producer Mark Burnett hurl the octet into a ThunderDome-style arena — axes and nunchuks at the ready — the crowd chanting “Eight singers enter! Three singers leave!”? Was the dreaded Hantavirus to blame? …READ MORE

The Voice Top 5 Performance Recap: Finals Exam

With only two weeks left in The Voice‘s sixth season, you’d think executive producer Mark Burnett would finally be comfortable letting the five remaining contestants hog the spotlight.

But like the two diggers’ worth of animal dung that Adam Levine dumped onto Blake Shelton’s shiny red pickup truck out in the show’s parking lot tonight, there always seems to be READ MORE & TAKE OUR POLL