Reality Check: Jena and Caleb's Bold Idol Moves! Plus: Defending Alex's 'Don't Speak' — and a Warning to The Voice's Bria Kelly

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We’re down to eight singers on American Idol – and voters continue to drive home the idea that you’re only as good as your last performance.

On this week’s installment of Reality Check, my cohost Melinda Doolittle and I talk about Season 13′s new pecking order — including …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Pharrell Williams Named New Voice Coach


It looks like The Voice‘s trademark red chairs are about to be transported to a room without a roof. READ MORE

The Voice Exclusive Video: What You Didn't See on This Week's Battle Rounds!


Blake Shelton dropping an F-bomb. Miranda Lambert and Shakira playing footsie. (OK, not quite.) The Band Perry watching silently as their “bad reputation” gets exposed. READ MORE AND WATCH VIDEO

The Voice Recap: Sturm Und Drag

The Voice - Season 6

Considering how much The Voice‘s coaches have talked this season about contestants “staying in the pocket,” it’s more than a little surprising that the show itself is having a problem in the rhythm department this season. READ MORE & TAKE OUR POLL

The Voice Battle Rounds Recap: It Might Sound Crazy What I'm About to Say… [Updated]

The Voice - Season 6

True love, at least the way I see it, isn’t about accepting your partner’s ridiculous flights of fancy, but embracing them. And thus, even/especially in the moments when reality television confounds and befuddles me, I reach out and embrace it. (Occasionally, I even clap along, because that’s what I wanna do.) READ MORE & TAKE POLL

Reality Check: We Pick Our Top 3 on Idol! But Will the Season 13 Crown Be Won by Default? Plus: A Lion Roars on The Voice!


The quest for American Idol‘s Season 13 crown is down to nine contestants, but there are times when it seems like nobody really wants to inherit Candice Glover’s bejeweled headpiece. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

The Voice Recap: Back in the Battles Again

The Voice - Season 6

One of these days, I’m going to have a nightmare about The Voice Battle Rounds.

A tiny teenage diva bludgeoning a spritely, bespectacled competitor with a glory note — or a baseball bat. A twentysomething country stud choking out a musical barista with a deft bit of harmony — or his guitar strings. … READ MORE

The Voice Battle Rounds Recap: I Know Forever They'll Be Duettin', Duettin' [Updated]


It’s time for The Voice Battle Rounds to come with a warning label: “Please ‘Steal’ Responsibly.”

Actually, maybe the show ought to consider rotating multiple kinds of cautions, like “Please Don’t Match Up Two of Your Best Singers (Then Whine About It Later).” And to the good folks at NBC, perhaps “Please Don’t Spoil for Viewers …READ MORE & TAKE OUR POLL

Reality Check: A Shakeup at the Top on American Idol! (AKA Caleb, Jena and CJ Rise, Majesty and Sam Slip) Plus: The Latest Voice Standouts!


It’s anybody’s game on Season 13 of American Idol – as evidenced by long-standing front-runners Sam Woolf and Majesty Rose landing in last week’s Bottom 3.

On this week’s Reality Check, my cohost Melinda Doolittle (who’s performing in NYC this week at 54 Below, BTW) talk about why the aforementioned contestants deserved a good, solid …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

The Voice Exclusive Video: First Look at Four Ferocious Battle Rounds Pairings!


Old school vs new school. Young’un vs. young’un. “Watch your pitch” vs. “Be yourself.”

These are hints at just a few of the Battle Rounds matchups coming up on Season 6 of The Voice — and we’ve got your exclusive first-look. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO