How I Met Your Mother Mystery: Exactly Why Is Ted Telling the Kids His (Long) Love Story…?

How I Met Your Mother

Is The Mother gone for good or just temporarily MIA?

As How I Met Your Mother nears the end of its run, the future of Ted’s wife has come under speculation with theories ranging from sad (RIP, Mrs. Mosby) to celebratory (Happy Anniversary!). READ MORE & VOTE

How I Met Your Mother Recap: 'La Vie en Rose'

How I Met Your Mother Episode 200

A classic ballad, familiar faces, near-misses and an unexpected tragedy filled How I Met Your Mother‘s 200th episode on Monday night as the titular Mother’s story was revealed. READ MORE & GRADE THE EPISODE

Dracula's Finale: Satisfying or a Suck Fest?

Dracula - Season 1

Now that Dracula has ripped his last victim to sinewy threads — for now, if not forever — we want to know whether or not you had a bloody good time watching the season finale. READ MORE & VOTE

Did Greg Kinnear's Fox Dramedy Rake You In?


In the new Fox dramedy Rake, which bowed Thursday night (9/8c), Greg Kinnear plays Keegan Deane, a brilliant but manipulative criminal defense attorney who can’t seem to stop drinking, gambling or hiring prostitutes. But were Deane’s antics enough to warrant a retrial from you? READ MORE & VOTE

New Girl Vs. Mindy Project's Winter Finale: Which Romantic Twist Was More Awww-some?


Romance was in good supply during the second hour of Fox’s Tuesday comedy line-up — but which “surprising” moment left the biggest smile on your face? READ MORE & VOTE

Exclusive Once Upon a Time Bombshell: A [Spoiler] Is Coming — Ready, Set, Speculate!


Warning: The following contains a spoiler of unusual size from the second half of Once Upon a Time Season 3.

By the time ABC’s Once Upon a Time closes the book on its third season …READ MORE & SPECULATE

Sherlock Premiere Recap: As He Lied Dying


Sherlock lives! (Not really a spoiler, people…otherwise, there wouldn’t be a Season 3 of Sherlock.)

But how exactly our protagonist faked his rooftop suicide at the end of Season 2, what circumstances draw him back into the land of the living and how his boyfriend BFF Watson responds to the unexpected resurrection, those are the key questions hovering over …READ MORE

The Following Premiere Recap: Say It Ain't Joe! — Plus: Double Talk from a New Cast Member

The Following Season 2 Premiere

Fox’s The Following opened Season 2 on Sunday night by promptly tending to one piece of grisly, unfinished business.

Picking up where Season 1 left off, FBI Agent Ryan Hardy’s “Carroller” neighbor Molly stabbed not just him but …READ MORE

HBO's Looking: Did It Catch Your Eye?

looking dw

Even before it had aired, HBO’s Looking was being likened to a gay male Girls (which, not coincidentally, it follows). And the comparison makes sense, given that the San Francisco-set dramedy also follows a group of friends (played by Glee grad Jonathan Groff, Smash alum Frankie J. Alvarez and former Guiding Light hunk Murray Bartlett) coming of age – albeit a somewhat older age – in a big city. But READ MORE & GRADE THE PREMIERE

Did Lifetime's Flowers in the Attic Bloom for You?


Sibling love takes on a whole new meaning in Lifetime’s adaptation of V.C. Andrews’ Flowers in the Attic, which debuted Saturday (8/7c). But did you think the cabler’s take on the incestuous tale was sinfully good or devil’s-spawn bad? READ MORE