Surviving Jack: Did You Feel the Love?

Surviving Jack Series Premiere

Nudie magazines, cassette tapes, sweatpants… everything about the series premiere of Fox’s Surviving Jack (Thursday, 9:30/8:30c) reeked of ’90s nostalgia — and that’s not a bad thing. READ MORE & VOTE

Does The 100 Have What It Takes to Survive?

The 100 Series Premiere

Ninety-seven years after a nuclear armageddon left Earth uninhabitable, 100 juvenile delinquents are sent back down to search for resources and secure the future existence of the entire human race. What could possibly go wrong? READ MORE

Crisis: Did NBC's Kidnapping Drama Grab You?

NBC Crisis Review Poll

NBC’s Crisis began unfolding this Sunday night — but can this new drama keep your attention captive? READ MORE

Teen Wolf Death Watch: See Who's on the Chopping Block this Monday — and Vote!

Who Dies On Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf fans, are you ready for the saddest Moonday ever? One of Beacon Hills’ best and brightest is about to find him/her/itself six feet under, so it’s time to place your bets. READ MORE, SEE PHOTOS & VOTE

Do You Believe In NBC's Supernatural Drama?


In NBC’s latest drama, Believe, which premiered Monday night (10/9c), Jake McLaughlin (TV’s Crash) plays a wrongfully accused death row inmate named Tate who is given the task of protecting a young girl (newbie Johnny Sequoyah) with supernatural abilities.

But was Believe magical enough to conjure a loyal audience? READ MORE AND VOTE

Will You Return For More Resurrection?

Resurrection Series Premiere

When a young Missouri native named Jacob Langston (played by Landon Gimenez) suddenly wakes up in rural China in tonight’s Resurrection premiere (9/8c, ABC), no one has a clue how he got there — or how he’s even alive, considering he died 32 years ago. READ MORE & VOTE

Did Bates Motel's Season Premiere Slay You?

Bates Motel Season 2 Recap

No one can say that Bates Motel didn’t start its second season with a bang. But was it a misfire? That’ll be for you to decide following this weecap. READ MORE & GRADE THE EPISODE

SNL's New Weekend Update Team: Grade 'Em!


Saturday Night Live head writer Colin Jost this week made his debut as coanchor of the NBC sketch series’ “Weekend Update” segment, alongside second-year cast member/freshman Updater Cecily Strong. What was your first impression of the new twosome? READ MORE

Was ABC's Mixology Hard to Swallow?


In ABC’s new comedy Mixology, which popped open its bottles Wednesday nigh, 10 single bargoers are looking for love (or something like that) over the course of one night, all with the help of their friends — and, of course, some liquid confidence. But did the premiere leave you thirsty for more, or should closing time come early? READ MORE

Will You Be Back to Play More Mind Games?


Brothers Ross and Clark, the siblings at the heart of ABC’s newest drama Mind Games, are the kind of hot messes you’d never want screwing with your subconscious.

So naturally, that’s all they want to do. READ MORE & VOTE