Glee Season Finale Recap: Go Your Own Way

Tuesday’s season finale of Glee found our favorite Big Apple residents at a crossroads, and not the good kind of crossroads where Britney Spears learns about love and life in a top-down convertible. It was the bad kind of crossroads, where everyone goes their separate ways into an uncertain — albeit totally toe-tapping — future. READ MORE

Glee Boss Ryan Murphy Reveals Game Plan for 'Satisfying' Final Season (Who'll Be Back?!); Plus -- Inside the 'Painful' Rachel Romance Debate

Ryan Murphy not only has a firm grasp of exactly how Glee will end, he also knows which two characters will be in the “powerful and moving” final scene.

That was but one of the revealing takeaways from an intimate, Glee-centric Q&A the show’s exec producer conducted with a few select outlets (TVLine included) on Monday. READ MORE