Exclusive The Following Sneak Peek: Will Ryan Figure Out Joe's Switcheroo in Time?

The Following

When Joe Carroll’s followers stage an attack at a bakery in Monday’s episode of The Following, Ryan Hardy knows something doesn’t smell right — and it’s not just the delicious odor of piping hot croissants. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Exclusive Friends With Better Lives First Look: Watch the CBS Comedy's Main Title Sequence

Friends With Better Lives

Good news: You don’t have to lose any more sleep wondering how you’ll tweet about Monday’s series premiere of Friends With Better Lives (CBS, 9/8c) because, as you’ll see in TVLine’s exclusive first look, the main title sequence comes equipped with suggested hashtags. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Exclusive Twisted Spring Finale First Look: Charlie Confronts Jo, Goes Totally Bananas

Twisted Spring Finale Spoilers

If there’s any doubt in your mind that Charlie McBride is absolutely bonkers, TVLine’s exclusive first look at Tuesday’s Twisted spring finale (ABC Family, 9/8c) should convince you otherwise. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Glee Sneak Peek: Klaine Gets Cozy While Artie Hits the Street — Plus: Mime Workshop?!


Klaine! Blam! Mimes!

Things that are white? Things that are polarizing? Things that you’ll see on the next two episodes of Glee! [Ding. Ding. Ding.] READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS

Gotham's Detective James Gordon Revealed — First Look at Ben McKenzie in Action

Gotham James Gordon

No mustache? No problem! Fox on Wednesday released the first image of Ben McKenzie as Gotham‘s Detective James Gordon, and even though he’s missing James’ iconic facial hair, he still looks ready to bust some baddies. READ MORE & SEE FULL PHOTO

Inside Gotham: A First Look at the Penguin


Fox’s Gotham continues its day-by-day rollout of first look images with an official portrait of rising criminal mastermind Oswald Cobblepot aka he who will one day be The Penguin. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTO

Exclusive Rosemary's Baby First Look: Saldana and Adams Revel in the Calm Before the Spawn

Rosemary's Baby NBC Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana (Star Trek) looks quite happy snuggling up to Patrick J. Adams (Suits)  in these exclusive new photos from NBC’s Rosemary’s Baby miniseries, doesn’t she?

Too bad she’s got a devil of a time ahead of her. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS

Gotham Reveals First Look at Young Catwoman

Catwoman Gotham

Fresh off the reveal of Donal Logue as Detective Harvey Bullock, Fox on Friday released the first image of another iconic Gotham character — and this one’s got claws! READ MORE & SEE FULL IMAGE

Exclusive First Look: Will The Walking Dead Terminate Rick Before He Reaches Terminus?

The Walking Dead Season 4 Key Art Poster Rick

More than a few critics have suggested that it’s time for The Walking Dead to bump off its end-of-the-world-weary hero, Rick. But would AMC’s monster smash really go through with it?

New season finale promo art suggests that it might. READ MORE & VIEW POSTER