Vampire Diaries' Candice Accola Previews 'Fun' College Move, Promises More 'Klaroline' Ahead

Fall TV Preview
I Know What You Did Last Summer

The CW’s The Vampire Diaries will literally give it the old college try in Season 5 (bowing tonight at 8/7c), when Elena, Caroline and even (however briefly) a secretly dead Bonnie make their way to a nearby university for some frat boy-filled, dorm room-living, freshman-year fun.

Annnnd then we come back down to reality and remember that this is TVD we’re talking about …READ MORE

Originals' Joseph Morgan and Charles Michael Davis on Chemistry, Costume Drama and More

Fall TV Preview
The Originals Season 1 Spoilers

The Originals stars Joseph Morgan and Charles Michael Davis have known each for a while, and we’re not just talking about the hundreds of years of history their characters share.

The two actors have spent long hours facing each other across the poker table. (More on that in a minute.) But when The Originals premieres this Thursday (The CW, 9/8c), they’ll be battling for something much greater: control of New Orleans. READ MORE

Arrow Mystery Solved: Laurel's Season 2 Storyline Is to [Spoiler] the Vigilante!

Fall TV Preview

She’s MIA from Season 2′s first episodic pics. She landed in the back row of the new cast photo. And glammish geek girl Felicity and someone else playing Black Canary have commanded the female-centric buzz.

But make no mistake, The CW’s Arrow most certainly has a plan for Katie Cassidy and the character of Laurel Lance. READ MORE

Arrow Season 2: 'Lost' Oliver Found, The Flash as Fanboy, 'Olicity' Chemistry and 3 More Teasers

Fall TV Preview
Arrow Season 2 Spoilers

When The Flash’s alter ego Barry Allen makes his entrance on Arrow this season, he’ll make fast friends with the vigilante’s crew. READ MORE

Scandal Sneak Peeks: Olivia Defies Her Dad, Then Pulls the Fitz 'Alarm' — Plus: Cyrus' Snitch Hunt

Fall TV Preview
Scandal Season 3 Spoilers

Much secrecy has (as is tradition) surrounded the new season of Scandal (arriving Thursday at 10/9c) — yet, somewhat amazingly, ABC  has let loose with sneak peeks from a couple of the premiere’s more “interesting” moments. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEOS

Exclusive The Originals First Look: Elijah Brokers a Mysterious Deal With Marcel

Fall TV Preview
The Originals Season 1 Spoilers

The Originals backdoor pilot gave viewers a taste of what’s to come in New Orleans, but fans have yet to see any interaction between Elijah and Marcel — until now. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Arrow Exclusive: [Spoiler] Is Back — With a Vengeance? Plus More Season 2 Casting News

Fall TV Preview

The saying goes, you can’t keep a good man down. And on The CW’s Arrow, it may be the case that the truly bad dudes are even more resilient. READ MORE

Set-Visit Video: Revenge Stars on Em's New Resolve, Nolan's Love Life and Daniel's Awakening – Plus: Jack and… Charlotte?!

Fall TV Preview

Ready those red Sharpies: Emily Thorne and the rest of your Revenge faves are back in all of their vengeance-seeking glory this Sunday (9/8c)!

TVLine hit the set of the addictive ABC drama to get the goods on what’s in store for the Hamptons elite in Season 3. What Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Hawaii Five-0: 8 Things to Know About Season 4

Fall TV Preview
Aloha ke kahi I ke kahi (We Need Each Other)

Cue the drums and launch your catamarans, because CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 returns tonight, in its new Fridays-at-9/8c time slot. Who’s coming after McGarrett? What is Doris’ deal with Wo Fat? Who’s about to get in Five-0’s face? When will Kono return? Here’s what showrunner Peter M. Lenkov and star Alex O’Loughlin have to say about Season 4. READ MORE

Exclusive Chicago Fire First Look: Dawson's Got Date Night Plans With…?

Fall TV Preview
Chicago Fire Season 2 Spoilers

Dawson’s got a hot date on next Tuesday’s Chicago Fire (NBC, 10/9c), and it’s not with Casey — though he does rather awkwardly find out about it in this exclusive video. READ MORE