Big Bang Theory, Elementary to Dodge Thursday Football By Starting the Fall on a New Night

Fall TV Preview
Returning Shows 2014 Spoilers

Neither Sheldon nor Sherlock will be sitting on the sidelines when Thursday Night Football fills CBS’ dance card for eight weeks this fall. READ MORE

Almost Human Preview: Stars of Fox's Futuristic Cop Drama Promise Laughs, Action… Sexbots?

Fall TV Preview
Almost Human Series Premiere Preview

Fox’s Almost Human has seen the future, and it is one rough-looking place.

By now, on the eve of the J.J. Abrams/ J.H. Wyman-produced drama’s two-night premiere (Sunday and Monday at 8/7c), you likely know the series’ premise: In the year 2048, …READ MORE

Exclusive Video: Almost Human Cast, EPs Detail a Lesson in Human Nature, Courtesy of Androids

Fall TV Preview
Almost Human Season 1 Spoilers Video

On the surface, Fox’s upcoming drama Almost Human is filled with sleek hunks of technology that look and act a lot like people. But as its cast and executive producers point out in this exclusive video, beneath all that steel and circuitry thumps a lot of heart. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Carrie Diaries Season 2: Samantha's Sexy POV, Carrie's New Guy and Walt/Bennet's 'Conflict'

Fall TV Preview
Carrie Diaries Season 2 Spoilers

The CW’s The Carrie Diaries gets sexy in its Season 2 premiere (airing Friday, 8/7c) when Samantha Jones (played by new addition Lindsey Gort) struts into the young Ms. Bradshaw’s life and opens up her Bambi eyes. READ MORE

Dracula's Jonathan Rhys Meyers Offers 6 Bloody Bits in Advance of His Dark Series' Premiere

Fall TV Preview
Dracula Season 1 Spoilers Jonathan Rhys Meyers

In the opening moments of Dracula, NBC’s new take on Bram Stoker’s classic vampire tale, the titular creature is awakened after rotting in a coffin for centuries.

Feels almost that long since we’ve had Jonathan Rhys Meyers on our TV screens, doesn’t it? READ MORE

Grimm's Bitsie Tulloch and Claire Coffee Preview Season 3′s 'Gnarly' Start – Plus: Exclusive Pics!

Fall TV Preview
Grimm Season 3 Preview Bitsie Tulloch Claire Coffee

Ready for a little Grimm girl talk?

TVLine caught up with stars Bitsie Tulloch and Claire Coffee, who gave us the lowdown on what to expect from the supernatural series’ third season premiere (Friday at 9/8c on NBC). READ MORE

Exclusive Grimm Sneak Peek: Monroe 'Nose' How to Find a Zombified Nick

Fall TV Preview
Grimm - Season 3

The good news: Grimm‘s Nick is awake and free from the box in which he was trapped at the end of last season.

The bad news: He’s a full-on, angry zombie now —  as you’ll see in the following exclusive clip from the Oct. 25 Season 3 premiere (NBC, 9/8c) — and he’s on the loose. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Reign Cast Talks Corsets, Courtly Intrigue and the Carnal, Cut-Down Scene That'll Have You Talking

Fall TV Preview

Hail, Mary!

Reign, The CW’s regal new period drama which debuts Thursday at 9/8c, introduces viewers to a luminous young Mary Stuart (played by Adelaide Kane, Teen Wolf).

In the pilot, the teen Queen of Scots returns to the French palace where …READ MORE

Exclusive Reign Video: Megan Follows Previews the Queen's In-Law Drama, 'Danger'-ous Mary

Fall TV Preview
Reign Season 1 Preview Megan Follows

If you think winning over your mother-in-law was a challenge, allow us to introduce you to Reign‘s Queen Catherine.

In the upcoming CW period drama — which premieres Thursday, Oct. 17 at 9/8c – Anne of Green GablesMegan Follows plays the royal mum, who’s not happy that …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Found in Wonderland: A Non-Love Triangle, a Red Queen/Jafar Alliance and Surprise Appearances

Fall TV Preview
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1 Spoilers

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, there was Alice, an ordinary girl who… kicks butt and tangles with genies?

Yes, ABC’s newest fantasy drama (premiering Thursday at 8/7c) is most definitely not your childhood Wonderland story, given its feisty heroine and the dash of Aladdin thrown in (hello, Jafar!). READ MORE