Family Guy Sneak Peek: Peter's New Millennial Lifestyle Takes a Tragic Turn

Like a big, fat chameleon, Peter Griffin has managed to infiltrate countless social groups over the years — remember when he was gay for almost an entire episode? — but his stint as a millennial will surely prove to be one of his darkest. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO


Timeless Stars, EP Preview the Team's Quest to Save Young Agent Christopher — Plus, Watch Jiya Swipe '80s Merch

Timeless takes on its most personal mission yet this Sunday (NBC, 10/9c).

When the Time Team travels to the day Ronald Reagan was shot in 1981, Lucy & Co. discover that what’s at stake is not the life of the president, but that of READ MORE


Arrow Video: Colin Donnell Preps You for Tommy's Latest 'Resurrection'

This week on Arrow, Colin Donnell puts in his fifth encore since Tommy Merlyn met his maker in the Season 1 finale. But first, Donnell is here to school you on the life… and “afterlives”… of Oliver’s dead BFF. WATCH VIDEO


The Good Fight Holds Private Screening of Trump's Alleged 'Pee Tape' (Watch)

The forecast for Sunday’s The Good Fight calls for, ahem, “golden showers.”

In another ripped-from-the-headlines political plot, the CBS All Access drama delves into Trump’s alleged “pee tape” in Sunday’s episode when READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO