How I Met Your Mother Alternate Finale Ending Will Be Included in Complete Series DVD Set

HIMYM Alternate Ending

How I Met Your Mother‘s series finale featured one of the most polarizing conclusions in sitcom history, but it looks like disgruntled fans might get a second chance at happiness, as an alternate ending will be included in the complete series’ DVD release. READ MORE

Exclusive Americans Video: Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys Wig Out in Season 1 Blooper Reel

TheAmericans Blooper Reel

Who knew the Cold War was so much fun?

Amid all the cloak, dagger and death of The Americans‘ inaugural season, the cast of the acclaimed FX drama regularly wigged out between (and sometimes during) takes — and, lucky for us, the footage was preserved both for posterity and the Season 1 Blu-ray and DVD release (out Feb. 11). READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Glee Exclusive: Sue Dishes Will's Sex Life, Trash-Talks His Ex Terri in Lost Season 4 Clip


When Sue Sylvester waxed poetic about Will Schuester’s nether-regions in Glee‘s Season 4 premiere, the results ended up on the cutting-room floor. And that meant you didn’t get to hear zingers like …READ MORE

Modern Family DVD Exclusive: Mitch and Claire's Sibling Rivalry Escalates, Much to Jay's Dismay


Modern Family‘s Season 4 roller rink-set installment was overflowing with memorable moments — so many, in fact, that a few gems ended up on the cutting room floor. That’s where we come in: TVLine has exclusively obtained one such deleted scene, all of which can be found on the ABC hit’s upcoming Season 4 DVD/Blu-ray set …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Bates Motel DVD Exclusive: Lost Season 1 Scenes Solve Dylan Mystery, Class Up Norman

bates motel season 1

Dying for some killer new Bates Motel content ahead of the show’s return in (ugh) 2014? Help has arrived!

TVLine has obtained two never-before-seen sequences from the A&E hit’s Season 1 DVD/Blu-ray release (out today), the first of which solves a nagging mystery. The second one, meanwhile, is …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Supernatural DVD Exclusive: Relive Sam and Dean's Season 8 Journey Back to Brotherly Love


There’s nothing like a confused teen prophet and and a demon tablet to bring the Winchesters back together.

In the following exclusive video from Supernatural‘s Season 8 DVD/Blu-ray (out this Tuesday, Sept. 10), the show’s writers/executive producers break down Dean and Sam’s arc in the past year, which started with the brothers “very far apart” …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

The Office DVD Exclusive: Lost Season 9 Scene Reveals Andy Doesn't Know [Spoiler] Is Gay!

The Office - Season 9

The Office‘s Andy Bernard knows his way around a gay identity crisis. In Season 6 of the now departed NBC comedy, the banjo-tickling salesman questioned his own sexuality after a ridiculous rumor popped up. And now, in the following exclusive deleted scene from The Office‘s Season 9 DVD …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Sons of Anarchy DVD Exclusive: Tig Copes With the Death of [Spoiler] In Lost Season 5 Scene


Gut-wrenchingly violent as Sons of Anarchy‘s “Laying Pipe” ended up being (RIP Opie), the episode had its peaceful moments. Take, for instance, the following deleted scene from the FX drama’s forthcoming Season 5 DVD (out Aug. 27), which finds an incarcerated Tig coming to terms with his daughter’s horrific death. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Revenge DVD Exclusive: Amanda Lives, Charlotte Goes to Church (?!) in Lost Season 2 Scene


Amanda may be dead and buried on Revenge, but Emily’s partner in crime is alive and not-so-well in the following deleted scene from the ABC drama’s forthcoming Season 2 DVD release (out Aug. 20).

The following clip, which was left on the cutting room floor of Episode 5, finds Victoria and Conrad regrouping in the wake of …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Once Upon a Time DVD Exclusive: In 'Lost' Scene, Neal Warns Henry About Neverland

Once Upon a Time Deleted Scene

At least Once Upon a Time‘s kidnapped Henry has this going for him: He has been warned that Neverland isn’t all jungle gyms and sand boxes. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO