Preacher Recap: Relationship-Shape

Heading into what promises to be an action-packed finale next week, Preacher’s penultimate episode was all about its couples, from Jesse and Tulip to DeBlanc and Fiore. Which ones took turns for the better, and which took turns for the much worse? (R.I.P., READ MORE

Power Recap: Trigger Scorning

Need to catch up? Check out last week’s Power recap here.

For months now, Power has been telling us that “Ghost must die.” This week’s episode brings home the point that if/when James St. Patrick goes to that big nightclub in the sky, Tommy probably READ MORE


24: Legacy @ Comic-Con: 'A New Hero For a New Day,' Death By Construction Site, the Fate of 'Damnit!' and More

The clock. The boxes. The dink! dink! dink! dink! ticking. They’ll all be there when 24: Legacy debuts in February, producers and stars of the Fox series assured fans during a San Diego Comic-Con panel on Sunday. And please, don’t call it a “reboot.” READ MORE