Game of Thrones Recap: Time Flies

Need to catch up? Check out the previous Game of Thrones recap here. 

Is anyone else a little thrown by how quickly everything — travel, news, major life events — seem to be happening on Game of Thrones this season?

Processes that used to take days, weeks and months of story time unfold in mere minutes in this penultimate season, and like Daenerys on Drogon, it’s all I can do to just hold on. Like this week, we get Jon & Co. heading beyond The Wall, pregnant Cersei, the return of Jorah, a whole new plan for Daenerys’ gang… you catch the drift.

Read on for the highlights of “Eastwatch.”

HOUSE LANNISTER: BARBECUED EDITION | In the aftermath of last week’s battle, the show doesn’t make us wait: Bronn surfaces from the body of water he threw Jaime into, and then he hauls the very much alive Jaime up for air right after. They make it to land, gasping and throwing up, and that’s where Jaime’s first words are “Thank you.” Oh wait, no, they’re “You could’ve killed me.” Nice. Jaime is gobsmacked by the fact that a freakin’ dragon nearly toasted his biscuit — and that there are two more of them. While Bronn is musing about how he’s going to leave the fight long before the dragons attack King’s Landing.

Tyrion surveys the battlefield, which is ash… and that’s pretty much it. Meanwhile, Drogon sits on a hill screeching while Daenerys addresses the prisoners of war. “That’s Cersei Lannister, not me. I’m not here to murder, and all I want to destroy is the wheel that has rolled over rich and poor to the benefir of no one but the Cersei Lannisters of the world.” She offers everyone there a choice: Bend the knee and join her cause, or “refuse and die.” Some knee before the dragon roars; a whole lot more kneel after. Among those still standing: the Tarly men. Randall chooses death, even though Tyrion argues that his allegiance to Cersei is a recent one. Then Dickon follows suit, making the Tarlys stand as Drogon flambés them — even though Tyrion counsels mercy and jailing instead of death. Pretty much all the remaining standing soldiers hit the ground after that one.

HOUSE TARGARYEN | Daenerys rides back to Dragonstone on Drogon — who seems to be doing well, despite taking that hit during the fight — and Jon gets close enough to the beast to pet him on the nose once they land. Danerys looks on, but it’s hard to read her expression. Threatened? Interested? Meanwhile, I’m damn near sure the giant lizard is smiling. “They’re beautiful, aren’t they?” she says once she dismounts, “They’re my children.” She gives him a vague debrief on the battle, then they discuss tactics. She argues that they need to be strong to help people, and “sometimes strength is terrible.” Then she presses him about the knife-in-the-heart thing that Davos mentioned when they first arrived, but Jon brushes it off, and then Jorah shows up so SHH EVERYONE ELSE STOP TALKING ABOUT EVERYTHING. “You look strong. You found a cure?” she asks, unable to stop smiling. “I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t,” he answers. He offers her his service again, and she looks so damn happy as she says it would be her honor to take him back. Then they hug and it is MARVELOUS. (If you hadn’t inferred, yeah, I ‘ship it.)

THE CITADEL | At Winterfell, Bran has a very disturbing vision of a flock of ravens flying over a hoarde of white walkers, including the Night King. “We need to send ravens,” he says when he comes out of it. Later, at the Citadel, the maesters laugh about Bran’s warning, which they’ve clearly received. “A crippled boy claims to have seen dead men on the watch beyond The Wall,” they say, and Sam overhears and can’t stop himself from adding what he knows to the conversation. “If you tell people the threat is real, they’ll believe it,” he says, begging the Archmaester to get ahead of the threat by asking the houses to send men to defend the north. But the old man isn’t convinced, and Sam leaves the room frustrated.

While Gilly is reading High Septon Maynard’s record book, she reads the word “annulment” and asks what it means. When he tells her it’s the name for a man putting aside his lawfully wedded wife, she says that the septon did an annulment for Rhaegar (!)… but then Sam angrily cuts her off because he’s frustrated about the archmaester not listening to him. (If you want to read up on what Gilly’s coments really mean — and why they’re incredibly important — check this out.) Then he steals some books, loads Gilly and the baby into a wagon and takes off under cover of dark, saying, “I’m tired of reading about the achievements of better men.”

HOUSE STARK | Jon gets the news that Arya and Bran are alive, but he can’t even be happy about it for a second, because the same message reveals Bran’s terrifying vision. But what complicates things is that Cersei is still on the rampage, so Daenerys isn’t very excited about heading north to fight the advancing scourge. Ideally, they’d get Cersei and her troops to fight with them, but as Tyrion points out, his sister doesn’t believe in white walkers. But he’s got another idea: Bring the dead to her. So Daenerys and her council come up with a crazy plan: Go beyond The Wall to capture a white walker, then bring it to King’s Landing to convince Cersei that everyone’s got bigger problems on their hands. And just like that, Jon is volunteering to go WAY north.

Meanwhile, back at Winterfell, the Stark sisters argue. Arya thinks that Sansa worries too much about what other people think of her. “I’m sure cutting off heads is very satisfying, but that’s not the way you get people to work together,” the redhead says. Arya presses her sibling that she really is only out for power for herself, and it’s probably a little true.

Later, Arya spies on Littlefinger while he’s up to his usual shady dealings. A man brings him something, and Baelish asks him, “Are you sure this is the only copy in Winterfell?” The answer is yes, and after the man leaves, Arya watches Littlefinger lock it away. Naturally, she pops the lock like a soap bubble and finds what she’s looking for stuffed into the mattress of his room: It’s a message from Sansa, likely the one Cersei forced her to write after Ned’s death that makes her seem like she’s betraying her family. Arya takes it, but the thing is, Littlefinger is watching her when she leaves his room.

HOUSE LANNISTER: BACK IN THE OLD ‘HOOD EDITION | Davos smuggles Tyrion into King’s Landing and then attends to some business in Flea Bottom. Meanwhile, Bronn leads Jaime to meet Tyrion in some tunnels under the city. They do a little processing about Tywin’s death, then they get to the bottom line: Daenerys is willing to suspend hostilities if Cersei will agree to certain terms.

That important business of Davos’? It’s finding Gendry, Robert Baratheon’s bastard, last seen rowing away from Dragonstone. Need a quick refresh? We’ve got you covered right here. (Nice in-joke there for the fans with Davos’ line, Thrones.) “Bad things are coming,” Davos warns him, but the hard sell is unnecessary: Gendry is super ready to get out of King’s Landing and away from the Lannisters. There’s a bit of a complication with a couple of nosy soldiers, but Genry bashes their heads in with a hammer he forged himself, and then Tyrion, Davos and Robert’s kid hop in their boat and leave town ASAP.

Jaime brings Cersei news of Daenerys’ desired armistice, but she’s not shocked — she totally knew about the meeting between him and Tyrion — and she’s also not dismissive of the idea. Oh, and she’s pregnant. “Who will you say is the father?” he asks. “You,” she replies simply, reminding them that Tywin always said that the lions don’t concern themselves with the opinions of the sheep. They embrace. Also: This means nothing but bad things, right?

Gendry and Jon meet at Dragonstone, and they’ve barely passed pleasantries when Gendry volunteers to join Jon on his journey. The King in the North agrees. “Nobody mind me,” an overruled Davos says. “All I’ve ever done is live to a ripe old age.” (Heh.) Then the dead-hunting party, including Jon, Jorah, Davos and Gendry, shove off.

THE (NEW) MEN OF THE WALL At Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, Tormund wants to know if Brienne has arrived with Jon. (Ha!) Otherwise, he thinks Jon is nuts to want to go north of The Wall again. He introduces them to some of Eastwatch’s current prisoners, who also want to go north: The Hound, Thoros of Myr and Beric Dondarrion. Gendry is, understandably, wary of anyone who claims to be guided by the Lord of Light. But Jon argues that they’re all on the same side — “we’re all breathing” — and that the captives should join their party. So a door in The Wall opens, and the group sets off into a blinding blizzard.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Lauren says:

    That was AMAZING!!!!

  2. Kevin Tran says:

    Very happy Jaime is alive (what a sigh of relief). Next week’s penultimate episode (70 minutes) is going to blow everybody away. Only 8 episodes left in the series.

  3. Walkie says:

    It’s absurdly fast. It’s as if this was supposed to have been three or four episodes and they edited down to one.

    I don’t get why they couldn’t make this a 12 episode season. Why rush things this way?

    • Gilded Lady says:

      Money? Time? Both? HBO prestige shows are notorious for demanding copious amounts of both, but there’s only so much of either.

      • Ryan says:

        I read somewhere it was upwards of 24 million for episode 4. Not the season, the episode. Hence why we are getting so few. I’ll take it, the dragons look AMAZING.

    • Dysturbed says:

      In the past it would have taken a few episodes or a full season, for certain things to transpire, including getting from location to location so they’re definitely (and intentionally) speeding things up significantly.

      The tradeoff is that the budget that would normally be spent on 10 episodes still exists (and is possibly higher) only it’s being condensed into the 7 (and next year 6) episodes, to help enhance things like battle scenes, the effects with the dragons, etc.

    • N.Kyl says:

      Those dragon & war scenes chew up a big chunk of the budget…that’s why the seasons are shorter.

    • Jason says:

      It’s because we’ve entered the climax. They could stand around and talk about things for endless episodes, or just get to doing them. The extraneous stuff like extended travel sequences are being cut out. We can assume how long it takes to get from point a to point b, having watched the show for all these years. Just because one scene follows another, doesn’t mean the next thing is happening immediately. There could be days between. I really don’t require it to be spelled out.

    • Kevin says:

      I would love to have some more scenes. Like I wonder how Dany will react when Jorah says that Samwell “Tarly” cured him after she’s just burned 2 other Tarly alive.

      • ninergrl6 says:

        That’s one of the things I hoped would come up too, and maybe it still will. I was on the edge of my seat thinking, “Say Tarly!” Jon would’ve had quite the reaction to that name too.

      • Loved To Hearing Tormund ask if the Big Woman Came Along? HA! says:

        Excellent point, Kevin.

  4. Kevin Tran says:

    Most exciting moment from the episode – GENDRY and HE’S BACK!!!

    • ndhai105 says:

      I’m not as excited. I don’t know why but his action seems forced to me.

    • Did anybody else notice some intense sexual tension between Gendry and Jon? Looks like, a King will be giving Gendry his sword for a change heehee! They would be the hottest couple!

      • MLO says:

        No. No we didn’t.

      • Brigid says:

        No but I noticed it between Dany and Jon.

      • Anon says:

        I did notice the Sexual tension.
        “You are lot leaner,” Jon says.
        To which Gendry’s reply is:
        “You are lot shorter.”
        (a reference to Jon’s peepee perhaps?) Remember Tormund’s comment when Jon Snow is resurrected?

        They could have talked about anything else in the world to exchange the pleasantries but instead choose to comment on each other’s physical features. (Note that these are also the two most handsome men on GoT right now. )

        Note also the unusual happiness on Gendry’s face. If you remember his scenes from earlier seasons you might have noticed that he’s a pretty serious guy and I have never seen him smiling and here he is blushing like a sixteen year girl.

        Jon catches Gendry’s vibe and responds immediately. So I definitely think there is more to this relation than meets the eye. Shall we get to see anything in the spinoff?

  5. Mike says:

    Does anyone know where Ghost is and why he hasn’t been seen this season?

  6. Christine says:

    Jon was touching rhaegal not drogon! Don’t get it twisted!

  7. Kross Carter says:

    Anyone know what the letter in little fingers room even said????

    • SPWarrior05 says:

      It was Sansa’s raven to Robb from season 1 begging him to bend the knee to Joffrey.

    • DD says:

      It was the letter that Sansa wrote to then King Joffrey back in season 1 that her father is a traitor and a liar

      • SPWarrior05 says:

        At the bottom of the raven it said, “Your faithful daughter, Sansa.” It also mentioned Joffrey becoming king after their father was killed. She was addressing her mother, Catelyn Stark. In the raven she mentioned that Robb needed to come to King’s Landing and bow the knee to Joffrey.

        • jcp says:

          What is little finger trying to achieve by setting that up?

          • maggie says:

            He’s trying to turn Sansa and Arya apart, so that he’s the one that Sansa turns to. He knows that Arya will stick up for Jon, and Littlefinger needs the North to turn against Jon and pick Sansa as their leader. Littlefinger sees this a way towards Sansa becoming Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, and sees himself marrying Sansa. Of course, he has no idea that Bran knows all that he’s done, as we realize from Bran’s “Chaos is a ladder” comment.

          • Skittles&Bits says:

            My guess is turn Arya and Sansa against each other. Sansa barely trusts him and Arya definitely doesn’t. Littlefinger’s that weasel/snake in the grass creeping up to whisper lies in unsuspecting ears; if no one is around to listen to his “counsel” he’s useless. He needs Sansa to trust him because if Sansa becomes the Queen of the North, he’s one step closer to the throne and finally marrying Catelyn…er, I mean Sansa. He can’t well do that if Arya and Sansa ban together.

    • Stacey says:

      Lol, sorry missed that. Good catch.

  8. AngelWasHere says:

    I hope Jon puts Sansa in her place. Would be nice if Arya killed Littlefinger too. The episode was amazing as usual tho. Seeing Jon with Gendry and The Hound together on screen was awesome.

  9. James says:

    Don’t know i anyone else saw it or if it was the lighting on my phone but I’m pretty sure I saw a figure in horse back in the snow storm just as the camera pans away from Jon snow at the very end of the episode

  10. Jason says:

    Capturing a white walker? Boy, is this not going to end well. Also, do White Walkers have the power to raise Wights or is that only The Night King. And what is Littlefinger up to? Is this all some set up to create trouble between Arya and Sansa?

    • Phill P says:

      Not a WW, just one of their undead.

    • Denise says:

      I just had a thought, what if Jorah dies during the battle and turns into a wight & he’s the one they bring back to show Dany? Just a thought. It would be heartbreaking to see him die after all he’s gone thru to be with Dany.

    • KCC says:

      The whole scene when they come up with the kidnap a white walker plan I’m thinking why doesn’t Dany fly north on her dragon, swoop down and snatch up a couple of white walkers and then fly south and drop them on Cersie’s balcony.

  11. Rdub says:

    Omgomgomg Jon’s not a bastard and Drogon knew it!!!

  12. DD says:

    Why is no one discussing the biggest reveal in this episode???? Gill stating a man named Rhaegar got an annulment and married someone else the same day in Dorne!!!! This legitimizes Jon Snow!

    • Kobo Mac says:

      What does it matter? Ultimately it will be about might and treachery.

      • DD says:

        It matters because he has more of a legitimate claim to the throne than Daenerys does (even though Jon doesn’t know it yet). At this point it doesn’t matter because its living vs dead but still he is the true heir!

        • luke says:

          There’s not really lines of succession is wars of conquest though. If Dany wins, the throne is hers by right… no one will support another claim cause there’s no longer a Targaryean dynasty to get tangled up in

        • Phill P says:

          At this point it doesn’t matter because we have already made a big deal about Jon not being legitimate and nobody caring. Why do that only for it to be important again? Thematically it makes no sense, plus it gives the Lords of the North another reason to turn on Jon – never trust a Targ.

          But there is a reason why it still matters. The story that even the Starks like Sansa believe is that her aunt Lyanna was kidnapped and raped by Rhaegar. That was what Robert believed, for no other reason than his paranoia and jealousy, and he started his rebellion over it.

          Except it didn’t happen because they actually eloped. So the entirety of Robert’s Rebellion was based on a massive lie. And Littlefinger knew this too, another good reason for him to die.

    • E says:

      I arcane believe this isn’t the headline. Jon is no longer a bastard!!

    • Lauren says:

      I was cheering at Gilly and yelling at Sam to listen to her!

  13. ZisforZombie says:

    Am I the only one noticing the tension between Dany and Jon? There seemed to be a twinge of jealousy when Jorah showed up, right?

    • Daryl M says:

      Tension isn’t the word that comes to my mind. :)

    • For sure Jon seemes jealous the way dany hugged jorah..

    • Stacey says:

      I sensed the same!

    • maggie says:

      Jealousy from Jon about Dany’s reaction to Jorah, and jealousy from Jorah when he sees that Jon is close to Dany. Jonah has to also realize that Jon being a King makes him a much better match for a Queen. Dany clearly has feelings for Jorah, but she’s not in love with him. Dany also clearly has feelings for Jon, but how deep they are isn’t clear yet.

    • cosmoman11 says:

      I see it differently. Jorah looks jealous of Jon.

      • maggie says:

        Yes, he is. Jonah probably thought he had a chance with Dany since she dumped Daario. Now he shows up thinking he has clear sailing, and then he sees a young, handsome King with Dany. Poor Jorah, everything he’s done to win the favor of Dany, and he gets friend-zoned every time. lol

    • ninergrl6 says:

      For. Sure. Jorah’s arrival interrupted Dany & Jon’s convo, and then Jon inadvertently interrupted Dany & Jorah’s goodbye. The subtle glances are so telling. I love it.

  14. Kobo Mac says:

    It is possible Cersei is lying about her pregnancy. She sensed Jaime is getting increasingly unhappy with her, and is using this to keep him on her side.

    • Amelia says:

      I thought the same thing, or she slept with as many people as possible to try and get pregnant and if she is it might not be Jaime’s.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I thought the same thing. One of the oldest tricks on soap operas: fake a pregnancy to lure/keep a man.

  15. Barbara says:

    Doesn’t this make Sam Lord Tarly now?

    • pileobunnies says:

      He gave up his family when he took the black.

      • maggie says:

        Sam also gave up women when he took the black, but he’s with Gilly, so who knows? It probably depends on the result to the final battle with the Night King. If they kill the Night King and his army then they won’t need a Night’s Watch anymore.

  16. Sansa is so annoying! I love the Arya is putting her in check!

    • SPWarrior05 says:

      Something tells me that Littlefinger probably won’t be around much longer, especially once Arya finds out that Littlefinger was a mastermind behind the murder of her father.

  17. N.Kyl says:

    Why are my comments not posting? There’s nothing inappropriate in them

  18. Fan says:

    Correction: Bran doesn’t have a vision of ravens. He IS the one raven that makes eye contact with the Night King.

  19. Karen MT says:

    Jon is soo getting a dragon. And another step to legitimacy! I hope Sam took that book with him. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a more disparate band of heroes than the group heading through the wall.

  20. JennaG says:

    So did Cersei say she did something to Bronn or that Jaime should after his meeting with Tyrian?

  21. Amy B says:

    I’m going to be disappointed in Arya if she falls for Littlefingers plan

    • ndhai105 says:

      Actually, I love if it happens. Littlefinger is probably the smartest person in this series but he’s been pretty low recently. However, messing with Arya meanings he’s gonna die soon.

  22. Dominique says:

    daenerys has offcially lost it; burning those who don’t do her bidding. wow.
    arya sneaking around was awesome but i’m worried about what littlefinger has planned.
    sansa is getting on my nerves. arya was right when she said sansa likes being in charge. she showed as much when she undermined jon over and over during his meetings with the other lords. sansa is right that she needs to keep the lords in line, but she won’t mind too much if they become loyal to her, instead of jon. she’ll have her own army.
    boy oh boy, gendry! this made me SO happy, it;s been far too long!

  23. Mia says:

    I was hoping they would stop off at Winterfell on the way up to the Wall. Jon! Arya! Gendry! Bran! Sam! Jorah!

    Next week is going to be amazing!

  24. jcp says:

    What was little finger trying to achieve by setting up Arya?

  25. Nick says:

    Nothing surprise…

  26. N says:

    I have believed for a very long time Gendry would end up with the Iron Throne in the end, due in large part to his bloodline and absence for much of this of this series. it would be just like G RR Martin to do that. i still would be be shocked for this outcome, however im more accepting of the fact that Whoever ends up king or queen will legitimize Gendry, making him the last Baratheon.

  27. N says:

    If the season ends with both the war in the south and north still unresolved, how disappointed will you the viewers be. I think many assumed the season would end with Cersei dead, or the war withe the dead resolved but it seems now all of the resolution will come next season and were gonna be left with a cliffhanger like the wall coming down.

    • Sarah says:

      I’m still hoping Cersei will die this season. I’m pretty sure she’s making up the pregnancy and you saw Jamie’s body language completely change when Cersei threatened him (don’t every betray me again). I think finding out Cersei made up the pregnancy combined with Cersei stabbing Dany in the back (assuming they call a temporarily truce to fight the white walkers) in her list for power will be his breaking point. The episodes have moved at a crazy pace this season. I think a fittings end for season would be Jamie to kill cersei and commit sucicide.

      • Daryl M says:

        I thought it was strange that she thinks that Jaime betrayed her. Jaime did not know that he was meeting Tyrion so how is that betraying her?

  28. N says:

    I don’t see Cersei actually being pregnant, it goes against the famous prophecy from her childhood, its just a way for her to play mind games with Jamie which will lead to his breaking point.

  29. N says:

    lost in all of this, is Sam now unofficially the Lord of House Tarly. I realize he gave up all titles when he joined the watch, but that could be reversed by the future king or queen.

  30. ninergrl6 says:

    One of my favorite moments: Jon and Gendry talking about their fathers. It felt nostalgic and bonded them together instantly. I laughed so hard at the “you’re shorter” comment. A little levity and sweetness amidst the gut-wrenching drama is much appreciated.

  31. Loved To Hearing Tormund ask if the Big Woman Came Along? HA! says:

    Gendry has changed drastically since we saw him last. He was a young man with good values and no interest in the throne. But now, he has no problem telling John he’s Robert Baratheon’s bastard son. I doubt he would confess that so easily to Denaerys.

    This is just my opinion (and half the fun is sharing our ideas for the future, don’t ya think?) Anyway, I hope this doesn’t happen, but it crossed my mind that since Gendry seems so interested in his connection to the Crown of the Seven Kingdoms, what if he ends up killing Denaerys in his quest to become King? It seems more and more people think that neither Dany nor John will end up on the throne. Also, John’s telling Melisandre that if he dies he doesn’t want her to bring him back again could happen. (Yep, I know she made it pretty clear he’d have no say in that, but I get the feeling she’s not long for living either).

    Since our beloved EPs D&D have been doing an incredible job surprising us all, it wouldn’t surprise me if they have someone else in mind for the King/Queen at the end. And yes it is true that GRRM told them who would end up on the throne in the books, doesn’t mean they would have that same person be King/Queen at the end of the TV seriies, especially since so much of what was in the book doesn’t happen on the series. (Frankly, I hope the book ends differently from the tv series…. Reading a GRRM ending that is different from D&D’s would be fascinating.

    Yes, I’m probably off the mark, but only time will tell. What I adore about this tv series is that they continue to surprise us over and over. It’s amazing! Bringing all these chracters together who have spend most of the first 6 seasons apart, all in their own stories and seeing them all together now….like a present every week. It’s moving so fast and in such unexpected ways…. takes my breath away. What a thrill!

    Only two weeks left. I can’t wait for the next episode, yet I dread it.

    • Red Snapper says:

      I viewed Gendry telling Jon the truth because he didn’t want to lie to him. It was a way for them to bond. They are both bastards and their fathers were best friends. Gendry’s been waiting to join the fight in some way to honor the father he never knew and to seek revenge on those who killed him. Also, it seems that he’s longed to be a part of something, to find his purpose. To me, it never came across as him boasting about who his father was or trying to gain power from it. It just seemed like he wanted to be honest with him. He said something like ‘our fathers trusted each other so we should too’.

  32. lame says:

    The lack of detail could possibly be the story is beyond the books. At this point Martin hasn’t finished the final books to guide the TV scriptwriters. What we’re seeing is the general outline Martine provided.

    • Trogdor777 says:

      yep…I think you’re right! I had the same thought. he’s the mastermind, executive producer, and I’m sure they discussed a separation from his book plot line (IF IT EVER ARRIVES)!! ☺

  33. BeatlesFan5572 says:

    Didn’t the fortune teller tell Cersei that she would only have 3 children and that she would see all of them die? Just curious because of the new pregnancy.

  34. Steve F. says:

    Not sure if anybody mentioned this… but if Cersei dies in childbirth, wouldn’t that be another way to interpret the prophesy that her younger brother would be the death of her?

  35. John Ghrist says:

    So are we ultimately headed for a Lord of the Rings ending? After the Night King (“Sauron”) is defeated, Jon becomes the true king of “Gondor,” his aunt (“Eowin”) marries newly ennobled Gendry (“Faramir”) to refound House Baratheon as #2 family of the land, and Sansa decides still being married to Tyrion isn’t so bad to form the #3 family of the land. Oh, but not before Arya offs Littlefinger and Jaime’s forced to kill Cersei in self defense. So then does Brienne end up with Jaime or Tormund? Hmm.

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Another great ep. except the part btw Cersei/Jamie (eye roll)……BITCH you may be pregnant but it’s your brother’s LMAO!!!! The one thing I really liked about this episode is Jon & Drogon bonding….YAY! But i’m dying to see is when the hell is Jon going to find out about his true identity as a Stark/Targaryen?? Will Bran be the one to tell him, since he saw his birth in his vision last season?

  36. aphualarbi says:

    Am I the only one worried about Maggie the Frog’s prophecy??

  37. Rambling Joe says:

    I think the item in the show that seems to have slipped by without notice is the line Cersei reminds Jaime of when she tells him she is pregnant and is going to tell everyone who the father is: their father always said “Lions don’t concern themselves with the thoughts (or opinions) of sheep.”

    I think this is one time they should be concerned. This would actually prove that Ned Stark was right, and that they murdered him to keep from being found out. The people of Westeros might be used to brothers and sisters marrying and have kids, but this proves that Cersei was an adulteress, traitor to the crown, and a murderer.

    Of course we probably won’t see this until next season.

  38. scyren says:

    I love Jorah and was very sad that their union was so brief. He better not die in battle. I really hope that Cersai’s death is clever and very painful. Looking forward to the next episode.