Power Recap Season 4 Episode 7

Power Recap: The Kids Aren't Alright

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Now that Power‘s Ghost is back in his custom suits and diamond stud, there’s nothing more he’d like than to pretend that his little stint in prison — not to mention his bizarre run-in with Kanan in last week’s episode — hasn’t affected his family’s life in any lasting way.

But there are two giant problems with that assumption, and they’re named Tariq and Raina. (Honestly, by now little Yasmine is probably looking at her folks with a healthy dose of suspicion, too.)

The St. Patrick children become even more wary of their parents’ revisionist history in this week’s episode, and their anger at being lied to extends to Uncle Tommy — who’s got his own complicated feelings to deal with after a life-altering conversation with Tony Teresi.

Read on for the highlights of “You Lied to My Face.”

GHOST’S KIDS REBEL | Tommy is highly displeased to return to New York to find Grimace tied up, Marcus dead and the stash spot robbed — and he’s downright angry when Grimace reports that Ghost and Kanan sacked the place. But he calms down quick after Ghost calls and says Tariq’s in trouble; when the trio meet up, Tariq hugs his “uncle” hard, and this show never hits me harder than when the male characters drop their toughness and give into their emotions. Poor puppy.

Now that Tommy knows Kanan is alive, he deduces that the burned arm in the ransom photo from the start of the season must belong to his former boss. So he asks Tariq if Dre knew Kanan was alive — given how wrapped up in Tariq’s life Dre was at the beginning of the season — and the kid flat-out lies by saying, “No.” Oy.

When Ghost and Tasha argue about Kanan later in the apartment, they think they’re being slick and secretive… but of course Raina hears them hollering through the walls about how Tasha wanted Ghost to kill Kanan a decade earlier.

Later, Raina comes to Tariq with a solution: They can attend Choate, a fancy private boarding school in Connecticut, and get away from everything. But her brother is surly on sizzurp, and he tells her leaving isn’t a solution — and they can’t trust any of the adults in their lives.

HOW TASHA GOT HER GROOVE BACK | In order to continue rehabbing James St. Patrick’s image, Simon sets up a primetime television interview with Ghost and the whole family. Tasha initially says hell no, and when she does acquiesce, it’s mainly because Silver says he’ll be there for whatever kind of support she needs. The interview goes well — with Tasha, coached by a more-than-just-professionally-interested Silver, nailing a question about why she’s no longer wearing her wedding ring. (For the record, she says she had to sell it to support the family while Ghost was behind bars.)

Later, Tasha and Silver go on a kinda-date with another couple. They sing karaoke, which gives us a chance to hear Naturi Naughton nail Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.” And then Silver kisses her. “I’m not really in the business of kissing the wives of my clients,” he says. “First time for everything,” she replies.

And even though Ghost gifts Tasha with a new diamond — all the better to play wifey at a party Simon throws to celebrate the start of their business — she still ends the episode at Terry’s, where they have mrrrow sex on his giant, circular ottoman.

THE TRUTH COMES OUT | After Mak paints a bleak picture of what Angela, Sandovla and Saxe’s professional lives are going to look like after they’re officially canned from the AUSA’s office, Angela asks Donovan to do her a giant favor and pull the footage from the Truth raid so she can see who else went up into Jamie’s office (where, you’ll recall, the gun that was used to kill Greg was found). He does. And so while she and Donovan are deducing that Sandoval headed upstairs before anyone else did, Sandoval appears at Donovan’s door — totally ready to kill him — but bails when he realizes Donovan’s daughter is there. Meanwhile, Saxe is a slimeball who is trying to throw every one of his co-workers under the bus, but even so, Angela invites him in to share the Sandoval realization with him.

Elsewhere, Mak visits Proctor and tells him he knows that Bailey Markham was at or near the lawyer’s apartment on the night he died. Little does Proctor know, he’s got other, maybe even bigger problems: Now that Ghost knows that Tommy killed the Homeland Security agent at Proctor’s place, and now that Proctor is no longer their lawyer, they’re vulnerable: He is an accomplice to the crime and might flip on them to save himself, especially because he is in possession of the recording incriminating Tommy.

DAD’S THE WORD | As requested, Tommy calls Tony Teresi on the burner phone, and the thing we all thought was true probably is: “I don’t know any other way to say this: I’m your dad. You’re my son, and I want to meet you,” the old con tells Tommy, who doesn’t believe him at first. “My dad is dead,” he maintains, but as Tony reels off details about Kate dancing in Atlantic City when he met her, Tommy slowly realizes that Tony may be telling the truth. Teresi asks Tommy to come visit him, then hangs up, leaving Egan gobsmacked.

MEET THE JIMENEZ | Though Tommy suspects Tariq is lying about Dre, Dre denies all, and then brings up the fact that Julio is “missing.” Then he leads Tommy directly to J’s dead body, and because the tattoo has been shorn off, Tommy knows it’s a Toros Locos hit.

Elsewhere, we see a sharply dressed man and woman enter the apartment of a cokehead and take him to task for having a wife who was ready to inform the feds about their operation. As they hold his wife and kid hostage, they force him to inhale enough powder to kill a horse. Or, for that matter, him — he bleeds and then dies, then they shoot his wife and take his baby daughter. Right before they and their thugs leave, the man drops La Araña tarot cards on both bodies: Meet the Jimenez siblings, Diego and Alicia.

We see them again when Tommy demands that Toros Locos, who work for the Jimenez, return the territory they were given in exchange for leaving Julio alone. He also disavows them of the notion that their massive prison hit killed Lobos, and that the surviving kingpin was ready to flip on them… until Tommy and Ghost offed him. “Since then, you’ve been Numero Uno in Mexico, and you’re still free to travel stateside, so you owe me twice,” he reasons. The brother and sister say they’ll consider it.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Brenda says:

    This episode was right on point like this whole season has been.
    Well written well acted and everyone has a relative part that matters.
    Kudos to Courtney, Fifty, cast and crew. I love this show hopefully youngens see drug game is DIRTY!

  2. Dark Berry says:

    So happy Tasha got her groove back. Ghost caused her too much pain and she simply doesn’t love him anymore. Ghost left her and the kids and if that wasn’t bad enough, he jeopardized the entire family’s empire over a fed. Ghost’s stupidity and choices are beyond maddening. What especially broke Tasha’s heart was being told that she was always second choice, and that Ghost never really loved her, at least not as much as Angela. And Tasha is smart, deep down she knows its only a matter of time before Ghost falls back into bed with Angela Valdez. He can’t help himself when it comes to her. Tasha is smart not to trust Ghost. When a woman’s fed up there ain’t nothing you can do about it. Good for her, that looked like some hot lovin she got.

    Also, I’m so ready for that crooked fed to be taken down. Glad they finally figured out who killed Greg.

    • Lumi says:

      @Dark Berry, glad Tasha is getting her rhythm back, i know she is fedup being the second fiddle to Ghost love interest but i think she is also getting distracted from the bigger picture. She is making too many bad decisions. Ghost decisions has not been the best but so far, it’s worked out for all parties involved.
      The crooked agent, Sandoval is willing to kill anyone for his carrer. Let’s see what happens…Riveting show…

      • Lorraine Wilson says:

        I’m happy that Tasha Got Her Groove Back but she better be careful because I don’t trust that lawyer.

        • Lumi says:

          @ Lorraine, you are dead on target with that lawyer’s sinister motive , from the moment he stepped out of the elevator into that penthouse, you could read his countenance.
          Looks like Tasha is losing her street instincts, someone listed her villainous ways. Totally agree. She is manipulative.
          Ghost and Tasha are failing to regroup and identify the vital signs with Tariq…..excellent story line though

  3. Dark Berry says:

    Tariq is sooooo annoying. I wish jukebox had killed him. Why did he lie about Dre knowing Kanan was alive? I understand him being angry at his dad because his dad left the family, but now he’s angry at his mom too. But Kanan gets a pass eventhough he killed Sean, kidnapped him and used him to get revenge on Ghost. Kanan lied to Tariq too. I must be missing something. Tariq is the most annoying character on the show.

    • Lumi says:

      @ Dark Berry, I totally agree with you about your comments on Tariq. He his clearly agitated with the older people around him. His traumatic incident has had no remorseful attitude from him. I agree with you, Jukebox should have at least shot him, so that he would know how lucky he his to be alive. Tariq, is clearly stupid in addition to being annoying. He his clearly not a thoughtful person with his newly found addiction. His sister, Raina on the other hand is more discerning. She may be the cord that holds the family together.

      • kanfos says:

        I completely agree with you Dark Berry and Lumi about Tariq! I don’t understand why he’s not angry with Kanan.

    • Michael Bell says:

      I agree with you. I do not understand Tariq. I am sorry that the sizurup has a hold on him. Tasha is making a mistake with the Attorney.

    • Radiogirlnelo says:

      I’m sure Tommy isn’t stupid enough to believe Tariq’s word about Dre.

    • Joy says:

      I have to agree. I know he’s a kid but Geesh he’s getting in my last nerve. Dre is getting on my nerves as well. I can’t wait until tommy kills him

  4. Lakisha Robinson says:

    Power is the gift that keeps on giving. Tasha giving Ghost a taste of his own medicine, having no regard for their martial vows, offers so much vindicative pleasure. And Tommy’s ruthlessness is beyond entertaining, he has successfully infused violence and humor. Lastly, Ghost and Tate in the same scene was a visual orgasm. Power reigns!!!!!!

    • Cle says:

      Lol…..dont make tasha out to be the victim. Shes the REAL villan in all of this. If u have noticed she manupilates everyone around her. On another not, im guessing raina is getting a heavily reduced role in the show

    • Nick says:

      Yeah, Tasha is no saint. She slept with both Shawn and now Ghost’s lawyer. Shes very manipulative aswell.

      • kanfos says:

        Yep! Plus she never wanted Ghost to go legit yet she’s getting with someone like Silver.

        • Lovely says:

          @Kanfos… I agree! Tasha never wanted Ghost to go legit! Like how in the Ham Sandwich with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cheese, Onions, Mayo and Mustard she expect Ghost to run a Drug Cartel, 3 Clubs in major cities and come home and make her happy. Just like Ghost said in season 1 he did not know of any old drug dealers and he wanted out. Now she knocking boots with the attorney!

        • DP says:

          This is facts that why ghost stepped out in the first place cause all she seen was a big successful drug dealer and nothing more Tasha is just a house now

          • Dark Berry says:

            You have some good points, Tasha only wanted Ghost to be a drug dealer but she is not the reason Ghost cheated. He made it clear, he never got over Angela- period. Those dynamics were in place long before Tasha ever walked into Ghost’s life. He was never really “in love” with Tasha, he just married her because she was smart and would be a good Bonnie to his Clyde. But don’t blame the wife for the husband’s cheating ways. Remember, Tasha remained the same and was down for Ghost from day one. She loved and accepted him for who he really was. Ghost lied to Angela about who he really was from day one. He was never honest with Angela. Tasha accepted the real Ghost, with all the ugly parts. Angela is a fanstasy. Tasha is real. Ghost saw his old flame and his nose immediately became wide open and it was all over. Tasha never had a chance and its not her fault that Ghost wants to pretend he’s 14 years old again and chase a fantasy.

      • Lovely says:

        @Cle and Nick… I agree Tasha is a villain and she is just as much guilty as Ghost!

        Tasha’s Top 10 Villianous Ways:

        1. She was the first to step out on Ghost seducing Sean in the family vehicle.

        2. Tasha slept with Sean.

        3. Tasha was the first to make an attempt to leave the marital home.

        4. Tasha knew LaKeisha liked Sean, and went in and slept with him.

        5. Tasha came up with the bright idea with the help of Tommy and Holly to blindside LaKeisha, (her so called bestfriend) by running drug money through The Weave Shop unbeknownst to LaKeisha.

        6. Tasha had to have known Milan was going to eventually kill LaKeisha. Tommy hid her thank goodness.

        7. Tasha has hid the $2,000,000.00 check she supposedly got from Petar for Milan not finishing the security contract for Ghost’s bail.

        8. Tasha made a deal with Stern after she just told Ghost not to make another move with out letting her know. Hypocrite!

        9. Tasha is now playing with serious fire hanging out and sleeping with Ghost’s snake attorney knowing full and well if Ghost fall she fall as well.

        10. She is even deceiving the attorney hiding the fact that she too is criminal.

        The only reason her evil is being ignored is because of the overshadowing of Ghost’s wrong doings/bad decisions, Angela, Tariq, Tommy, Dre and everyone else. Tasha is by no means a saint!

        • Radiogirlnelo says:

          Agree 100%
          Your points are well articulated.

        • Joy says:

          You nailed it!!!!! This is why I stop watching this show a few seasons ago.

        • Dark Berry says:

          I agree Tasha is by no means a saint but Ghost was the first to stray from the marriage. Tasha didn’t start messing with Sean until after she found out about Ghost’s affair. She didn’t have sex with Sean until after Ghost had already left her and the kids for Angela. And as far as her sleeping with the attorney, at this point I consider the marriage to already be over. I mean look at all Ghost has done. Not only did he leave Tasha and the kids for another woman, but even after he found out Angela was a fed investigating his empire he CONTINUED to mess with her. Any man with any sense whatsoever would have immediately cut all ties with Angela after finding out her true identity. But since Ghost is selfish and only cares about himself, he threw away his marriage, hurt his children and jeopardized the entire family by being with the fed. Tasha was spot on when she told Ghost he ended up in jail because he stuck his “bleep” in the fed. Tommy feels the same and said flat out that Ghost was in jail because he messed with Angela. So after Ghost did all that, I don’t blame Tasha for wanting nothing to do with Ghost anymore. Yes I get she is manipulative and a criminal but as far as whose fault it is for the marriage ending, that’s all Ghost. Tasha was a happy wife and mother until Ghost decided to rip through their family by having an affair with Angela.

    • Ross says:

      Hate that women think an eye for an eye is the answer… Tasha has disappointed me ….first with Shawn and now this fake lawyer. And all y’all can see is someone getting there groove back when their children are the ones losing…. Time to grow up and be adults…

      • Dark Berry says:

        Its probably because of ALL the stupid decisions Ghost has made thats caused Tasha and the kids so much pain that I’m happy she’s finally getting some happiness for herself. Ghost made it clear Angela is the love of his life. He never loved Tasha that way. If Tasha has actually found the love of her life and someone who can look at her with true love, I say go for it. Although, somebody does need to watch Tariq. He’s out of control lol.

        • Ross says:

          All the stupid mistakes like….. Give them the life they never had…. What you are missing is if it wasn’t for Tasha and Tommy he would have been straight probably Much sooner. But he did what he did probably because of them. Some of it is on him. But Tasha is playing games… Love of her life is GHOST… She never expected James to show back up. And thus her attention needs to shift to her kids before she loses them. That’s all I’m saying… Later for all these shows showing women sleeping around. Ghost is ghost… And like she told Lala…. Angela is NOTHING like her…but they are alike in many ways

  5. Donna Harland says:

    It gets deeper and deeper and so surprising because I can’t watch it. I love it and we need all the action that are giving us and Ghost he still alive . 50 he play a good gangster roll in it. Keep bringing us the good stuff and never boring I will keep loving Power.

  6. PJ says:

    Love this show. Great episode for a road map for what’s ahead. If Proctor was smart, he has that tape in safe keeping as an insurance policy to keep him alive. Tommy, Tommy, Tommy! Pull it together. Sad that Starz would not approve extra episodes. Everything is rushed but still a great show.

  7. martin says:

    Something is going to happen to Raina, which will make Tariq drop to his knees. Tasha should not trust Silver. Tariq is Kaneen’s son which is why he didn’t kill him. Remember how he looked at Tasha when he came to their home last season? Tasha clearly was not happy to see him. I wonder if he raped her or they slept together and she got pregnant.

    • Maze Maya says:

      @martin Raina and Tariq are twins so they’d both have to be Kaanen’s kids but they’re not. Kaanen already admitted to Shawn in Season 2 that he always wanted a taste of Tasha but never got it. Before she was with Ghost, she dated Breeze who was Kaanen’s partner. I think she was sleeping with Ghost and cheating on Breeze. But yes she is very manipulative and not trustworthy. She was unhappy to see Kaanen because she wanted Ghost to kill him so he would never find out what she and Ghost did with their betrayal. That came out in last night’s episode.

  8. Lorraine Wilson says:

    Power is one of the hottest shows on TV right now. The only issue is that it only comes on once a year. I truly wish that 50 to get more time. This is one of the best seasons. Finding out that Tommy’s dad is in the mob brings to light why Tommy is so ruthless.

  9. Yesssss
    Now the “Love Jones”
    Addition…Soo fantastic 😎

  10. Lena says:

    Love this show but I feel like sometimes their writing is a bit lazy. I mean, did nobody else go through those security tapes and noticed that Sandoval was the first person to go upstairs at the club? How come it took so long for Angela to notice this when she had access to those tapes while ghost was still in jail and she found out Ghost did not hide the gun?

    Also I hope Ghost doesn’t get with that reporter chick. She was coming off a bit strong and like it or not Ghost is still married to tasha.

  11. Eddie Jones says:

    Tommy is on a rampage watch out everybody and I mean everybody👹!!!

  12. k.c says:

    please can any one help me with the orchestra musical song when the Jimenez brothers stormed into mason home and killed his wife