Game of Thrones Recap Season 7 Episode 4

Game of Thrones Recap: You're Fired

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Three outta four ain’t bad?

Before this season of Game of Thrones began, I predicted that the remaining Stark children would never be in the same place at the same time ever again. Because that would be too happy of a moment for a family plagued by heartache and supremely bad timing.

And while that still isn’t the case in this week’s episode, we do get Arya, Sansa and Bran together at Winterfell, a reunion that is as hard to watch (given how much the kids have changed since they last knew each other well) as it was eagerly awaited: Man, life in Westeros has messed these kids up beyond repair, hasn’t it?

And yes, before you hit caps lock and fill the comments, I’m aware Jon isn’t really a child of Ned Stark’s. But he was raised as one, and love misery makes a family.

Don’t worry, I’m not ignoring the insane battle that takes place in the back half of the episode — I’m merely trying to catch my breath after it. So. Much. Fire! Read on for the highlights of “The Spoils of War.”

HOUSE LANNISTER | Jaime is still smarting from Lady Olenna’s parting ords, which Bronn notices as the Kingslayer loads up the Tyrell gold and sends it off to King’s Landing to be paid to the Iron Bank. Though he’s been given sizable payment, not to mention his title, the sellsword isn’t pleased that he still doesn’t have a castle.

“We pay our debts,” Jaime reminds his sidekick. “Right,” Bronn says. “Just not to me.”

HOUSE STARK | Littlefinger, as forecasted, indeed hands Bran the dagger that was meant to kill him. The older man does more of that creepy “anything I can do for you… you need only ask” thing that he does. Bran asks whether Baelish knows who the weapon belongs to, and he says no — but that the knife is responsible for Bran’s current path. “I imagine you’ve seen things most men wouldn’t believe,” he says, noting that the kid has been privy to “all the chaos in the world.” “Chaos is a ladder,” the teen replies, citing Littlefinger’s own words from a while back, and it spooks Baelish so much, he makes a quick exit.

Meera tells Bran she needs to be with her family when ish gets real, plus, “You don’t need me anymore.” He’s super cold, has to be prodded to say thank you, and she tearfully reminds him that her brother, Hodor and a bunch of other people died for him, so the least he could be is grateful. He deadpans that he’s not really Bran anymore, because he’s got all the knowledge of all time scurrying around in his brain or something. “You died in that cave,” she says, leaving him alone to ponder all of humanity (or whatever pervy thing Littlefinger last thought about Sansa).

Game of Thrones Recap Season 7 Episode 4Wait, someone’s at the front door! “I’m Arya Stark. This is my home,” young Arya tells the idiot guards at the gate, who repeatedly tell her to eff off before her tone of voice makes them allow her into the courtyard. While the guards are arguing about who will tell Sansa, Arya takes off. And after their report, Sansa knows her sister is home. She finds her in the crypts, and their reunion is… not the warm one we witnessed between Jon and Sansa. Speaking of, “When he sees you, his heart will probably stop,” Sansa says of their older brother, but the conversation is a little stilted. They briefly lament that Ned’s sculpture doesn’t look like him and that neither of them killed Joffrey, then they share a chuckle over the fact that Arya has a kill list, then they go see Bran in the weirwood.

Arya hugs her brother, who tells her he saw her at the crossroads: “I see quite a lot now.” He mentions that he thought Arya would to go King’s Landing — “Cersei’s on her list of names” — then whips out the dagger Littlefinger gave him. “Why would a cutthroat have a Valyrian steel dagger?” Arya wonders, but Bran doesn’t really care. He gives her the blade, because “It’s wasted on a cripple.”

In the courtyard, Pod congratulates Brienne on keeping her vow to Catelyn Stark. “I did next to nothing,” she quickly corrects him. But when he says she’s too hard on herself, she quietly thanks him. Aw, guys! Later, Arya asks Brienne to train with her. “Move aside, Podrick,” the knight says. Then the two women have an amazing play-swordfight, during which Brienne gets schooled by someone literally a third of her size. They’re both glowing afterward. “Who taught you how to do that?” Brienne asks. “No one,” Arya answers. I see what you did there, Game of Thrones.

HOUSE TARGARYEN | Daenerys hasn’t heard from the Unsullied, but she promises Missandei that Grey Worm will come back to her. Dany’s ability to multitask is highlighted as she presses her counselor for dirty details about her night with the warrior, but all Missandei will say is that “many things” happened. Mmm-hmm, and I’d be willing to bet many things happened many times, if you catch my drift.

Game of Thrones Recap Season 7 Episode 4Their girl talk is interrupted by Jon, who brings Daenerys underneath the castle to show them the massive stores of dragonsglass. He also points out some cave drawings made by children of the forest: The murals depict the children of the forest and the first men fighting against “their common enemy” — white walkers. He points out that the groups fought together because they couldn’t survive otherwise. “The enemy is real. It’s always been real,” he adds.

She’s very clearly affected by the whole shebang. “I will fight for you. I will fight for the North… when you bend the knee.” He counters that his people won’t accept a southern leader, but she states, “They will if their king does… isn’t their survival more important than your pride?”

They exit the cave to find Tyrion and Varys with grim faces: Daenerys’ army took Casterly Rock, but then there’s the Highgarden defeat. Tyrion presses her to commit to the blockade of King’s Landing, but she lashes out that maybe he doesn’t want to hurt the Lannisters — who are his family, after all — after all. She wants to ride a dragon to the Red Keep and barbecue everyone, even though Tyrion steadfastly maintains that that is a terrible plan. Jon agrees: “If you use [the dragons] to melt castles and burn cities, you’re not different. You’re just more of the same.”

Later, Davos and Jon ask Missandei if she’s truly free, given that she’s now serving khaleesi. “She’s the queen we chose,” the interpreter corrects him. “Will you forgive me if I switch sides?” Davos says to the King in the North. (Ha!) But enough inspirational levity: Theon has arrived on a Greyjoy ship.

He quickly asks Jon about Sansa’s welfare. “What you did for her is the only reason I’m not killing you,” Jon tells him angrily.

THE BATTLE | As the Lannister army leaves Highgarden, it sounds like thunder is following them — until it becomes clear that the sound is thousands of Dothraki riders advancing upon the freaked-out army. (Wow, that visual of them coming over the rise is insane, and the arrival of Daenerys on a dragon only sweetens it.) “Dracarys,” she calls out, and the creatures flambés a giant swath of the Lannister forces. Then the Dothraki ride in for some bloody hand-to-hand (or hand-to-horse) combat.

Game of Thrones Recap Season 7 Episode 4There’s a lot of fire, ash, fire, detailed death, fire, crawling people on fire and more fire (oh, and excellent cinematography), then the Lannister forces finally whip out that giant crossbow that Qyburn had been working on. Bronn shoots it at Daenerys’s ride and eventually hits him; the beast starts to plummet while the Mother of Dragons holds on tight. When the beast eventually lands, in pain, Dany is too busy trying to remove the giant arrow to notice that Jaime is riding straight at her. “You idiot,” Tyrion says, so sadly, watching from a distance. “You f—king idiot.”

But when the dragon sees Ol’ Goldhand and breathes a wall of flame at him, it looks like it’s lights out for Cersei’s love. JUST IN TIME THO, Bronn dives at his pal and they both fall into a nearby lake, saving (?) Jaime’s life. Though as he sinks downward in his heavy armor, maybe not so thorough of a job?

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. jcp says:

    I thought the children of the forest created the white walkers to fight the first men for them?

    • N says:

      That’s what I thought too but I think they started to work with the first men to stop what they started in the first place.

    • Molly says:

      They did, but the children realized their pet project was going a bit off script and then allied with the first men to warm things up a little. . . So to speak. Remember Bran saw that in a vision last season…or he was chatting about it with Leaf. I think that’s around the time the Night King saw Bran and reacted to him…the night Hodor died, :(

    • N.Kyl says:

      Yes, the children of the forest created White Walkers to help them defeat the first men. But it all went horribly wrong when the white walkers could not be tamed or controlled and became a threat to all living beings.

  2. S says:

    That was beautiful

    • Kevin Tran says:

      Was the whole battle sequence even better than Battle of the Bastards?

      • FrancesL says:

        For me it’s a tie. It definitely was a dramatic spectacle to watch the Dothraki charging in on their horses with Dany swooping in from above, seeing the Dothraki standing on their horses, etc. However, I got more satisfaction out of the Battle of the Bastards…particularly because they were up against the Boltons. Loved the scene at the beginning with Snow facing them on his own and the scene with Jon chasing after Ramsey with the Giant next to him.

  3. Jim says:

    OH SNAP! You’re FIRED! I see what you did there, Kimberly!

  4. Jose says:

    Jon IS a stark on his mothers side….. he might not have their name but their blood runs in his veins

  5. Mick says:

    What a great episode. That would have been a fitting death for Jaime, but got to think he’s surviving. Maybe as a prisoner?

  6. Molly says:

    A-freaking-mazing. I can’t even begin to put into words the feels right now…..

  7. fernando933 says:

    Finally Deanerys steps up and wins her first battle. She will win this war and even more because she is willing to go into battle when Cersi isn’t even thinking of it but I don’t think deanerys will kill Cersi it either will be Ayra or Jamie

  8. N.Kyl says:

    Hot Damn! Game of Thrones…every episode is miles better than the last. Olenna who??
    I’m still reeling from this episode, and it further depresses me that there’s only going to be 9 more episodes left ever. No one does it better than GoT!
    We need an Arya spin off. Besides the final dragon/war scene, Arya was easily the best part of this episode. That fight scene with Brienne was enough proof to see how she managed to defeat the Waif in the dark. Arya is a bad-ass. Sansa seemed jealous, when she walked away…she just realized her little sis is not to be messed with.
    It’s sad that Bran is now just a shell of who he used to be.
    Then come the dragons…I’ve never cheered this much at people being burnt alive like I did in that final scene. Drogon was magnificent, Daeny was incredible, the Dothraki were awesome.
    What happened to the horse cart with the gold? I know Tyrion saw Jamie, but did Jamie see Tyrion?

  9. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    HOLY Sh*t!!!!! LOVE the battle scene btw Khalessi & that A-hole Jamie. My heart was pounding when Jamie was coming towards Khalessi……and when her dragon turned around ooooh I seriously thought he got his ass! Anyways does anyone know the name of the dragon she was on?

  10. AngelWasHere says:

    OMG that was amazing! The cliffhanger nearly killed me tho! Damn them!

  11. Dan says:

    And all that magnificence, if memory serves me right, in one of the shortest episodes of the whole run so far, no? Only 46 minutes or so by my count.

  12. “Who are is family, after all -after all” Typo?

  13. maggie says:

    I thought it looked like Dickon Tarley who pushed Jaime into the water. Bronn seemed too far away from Jaime, as Qyburn’s crossbow was on the other side of the battlefield.

    • Amy says:

      I hit slow-mo on the dvr. It was Bronn. He raced over on his horse

    • Zzz says:

      Bronn was right there. Dragon was down on the ground swatting the ballista with its tail.

    • Sean Carter says:

      That’s what I thought too because Dickon was riding a white horse during battle I thought. Wasn’t sure if Bronn would of been able to grab a horse and go full gallop in time. Could of been Bronn though.

    • Jim says:

      It was Bronn, but the episode introduced Dickon Tarly as Sam’s brother. They are on opposite sides, so the plot thickens

      • Jimmy says:

        I thought it was Dickon but I didn’t look that closely. Bronn was close by because the Dragon was near the giant cross bow when it landed. He tail wipped it for good measure after he burned it. So it couldve been Bronn. But when the bodies fell into the water both looked like they were wearing armor. Bronn does not wear armor so he can be quick and agile in battle. But I didn’t take a hard long look at it.

  14. Jason says:

    I’m amazed how worried I was about both Dany and Jamie in that final moment. Hopefully nearly getting burnt to a crisp will be just the thing he needs to help him see the light. They took their shot and only wounded her dragon. I don’t think they’ll get another try.

    • maggie says:

      Drogon fried their giant crossbow, so unless Qyburn made more than one, that weapon is done.

      • N.Kyl says:

        And now Daeny is wise to their giant crossbow so she may have to fashion some sort of impenetrable armor for the dragons.

      • Aimee says:

        But they have the design. They can build another one. Actually, I’m certain they have built several more. It would be the smart thing to do and Cersi, for all her faults, is not a dumb woman.

        N.Kyl makes a good point however, now Dany and her Dragons are aware of the weapon. They will know to look for it and be more careful in the future.

    • Jim says:

      At first I thought Jaime would somehow capture Dany…which would have thrown a MAJOR wrench into the entire series. But then I quickly realized he was the one in peril. No, he isn’t dead…my guess is he will eventually kill Cersei…and she dies with multiple episodes left. But I also think all of them will be eventually united against the White Walkers. I think Sam and Melissandre will play key roles. As for who will end up on the iron throne in the end…no idea, but I think it will a less-obvious answer. I feel like whoever it is will be at the beginning of another fight, the idea being that the throne will always be up for grabs.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I was thinking the same thing about fearing for both sides. How can I root for Dany *and* Jaime when they’re at war with each other? I bet Tyrion felt similarly conflicted.

  15. Walkie says:

    One of the most exciting 15 minutes of TV ever. Tremendous.

    That said, it’s absurd that neither Bronn nor Jaime died during that battle.

  16. Kevin Tran says:

    The long awaited reunion between Arya and Sansa was one of my favorite moments from the episode. Kudos to Matt Shakman who did a great job as a first time GoT director and that great battle scene between the Lannister army and Daenerys who’s riding onto Drogon.

    • Jim says:

      Was it me, or wasn’t their reunion lacking some emotion? I guess it underscores that they weren’t terribly close when the series began. I think the stock-up-on-the-kleenex moment will be when Jon and Arya reunite. And the payoff will be when Cersei learns the Stark family is reunited, against her.

      • ninergrl6 says:

        I think the lack of emotion/closeness was intentional. So much has happened to these girls since they last saw each other. Sansa’s reunions with Jon and Bran were definitely more moving.

      • Molly says:

        Right, Arya and Sansa were not close. They are very different personalities to begin with and tended to rub each other wrong. I think, however, Arya will begin to see how Sansa has become bada$# in her own way and will have some measure of begrudging respect for the sister she used to consider too worried about marrying well and being a lady. :) And I think Sansa will come to respect Arya’s, ahh, mad-skills. I can’t wait to Arya gets face-to-face with Jon again. That’s going to leave me bawling.

      • zzz says:

        Jim, it is on you.

  17. WayneInNYC says:

    My favorite exchange of the night:

    Brienne: Who taught you to fight like that?
    Arya: No one.

    • narutofan says:

      I loved this so much. I was laughing so hard when this happened. Arya is so badass.

    • Molly says:

      That was awesome. I also enjoyed Bronn’s smirk when Young Tarly corrected Jaime about his name. Jamie called him “Rickon” and he said “No, it’s Dickon.” And then Bronn had a nice chuckle. LOL! And of course Davos is always one of my favorites (makes me leery to say that because beloved characters tend to be at risk. ROFL!) Between his prodding Jon for what he thinks about Dany from a potential romantic perspective to “Mind if I switch sides?” Love him.

  18. Kevin says:

    Anyone understand the look of Sansa at Arya when she receives the dagger from Bran and fights with Brienne? She doesn’t look happy for sure. What does that mean?

    • LolaHaze says:

      I think that it’s the look of someone who has slowly over the episode realized just how much her sister has changed. They haven’t seen each other since series 1 and now Arya is all kill lists and crazy swordfighting.

      • Jake says:

        Remember Sansa doesn’t really know all of what Aria has been through. When she is practicing with Brienne, that is when Sansa first clues in on her little sister is a badass.

    • RK says:

      My theory on that moment: Watching Arya fight, Sansa was reflecting on way back when Arya fought with Goffrey and young Sansa betrayed her whole family in her naive attempt to “stand by her man”. I felt there might be some jealousy there too – Arya can defend herself and Sansa, when not publicly berating John, has to be rescued by men – which might make someone who wants to be all mighty feel powerless since she would prefer to be the leading badass bitch in this family. Their tension from childhood still exists and think there will be some juicy drama there. Or….I’m wrong, they become closer then ever and Arya lets Sansa help her kill Cersei…possibly using Goffrey’s face just to make it extra twisty and delicious.

  19. George says:

    Is Littlefinger on Arya’s list? When she saw him above on the walkway she had a cold look on her face. And exactly who is on arya’s list?

    • A girl says:

      No, but it seemed the implication was clear to me. Bran gave Arya the dagger for a purpose. And Littlefinger seems to be that purpose.

    • Jillie says:

      Littlefinger isn’t on Arya’s list…yet. Something tells me that it’s only a matter of time. :) Her list is: The Hound (who she assumes is dead), Meryn Trant (who she killed in the brothel while apprenticing in the temple), Cersei, Joffrey (clearly dead), Ilyn Payne, Polliver (Arya killed him when she & the Hound ran into him in the tavern), The Mountain, Rorge (Arya already killed him too), Walder Frey (pretty dead thanks to Arya), Tywin Lannister (Dead thanks to Tyrion), “The Red Woman” aka Melisandre, Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr, I’m thinking Melisandre is in a bad spot with two Starks ready to slit her throat.

      • Jimmy says:

        Nice list. Is the list from the book or the show?

        • Jillie says:

          That list is for the show. Her book list is pretty close with a few changes based on the way her arc ran – there are characters she didn’t run into on TV that book Arya is ticked enough with to put on her list. :) There are others she ran into the show that aren’t folks she has seen (yet anyway) in the books so they aren’t on her list.

  20. spookywhite says:

    To All Who Shall See These Presents Greeting:
    This is to Certify that
    Queen Cersei of House of Lannister.
    Has Awarded
    Cersei of the Seven Kingdoms takes pleasure in presenting the Silver Star Medal to Jamie Lannister, for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action while serving with C, 3d Battalion, (Lannister Knights), during combat operations in support of Operation IRON THRONE. King slayer destroyed much Dothraki personnel while under Dracarys fire. As his men were being turned to ash by the precision Dragonfire, he took it upon himself to charge the downed dragon Dracarys and attempted to slay Daenerys. Those foolish actions were foiled by Bronn which resulted in the Kingslayer falling into the water to avoid being roasted. Sadly, his gold hand and armaments sunk him to the bottom. Kingslayer’s actions are in keeping with the finest traditions of military heroism and reflect distinct credit upon himself, this Command, and Lannister Army.

  21. CSM says:

    Best episode ever bar none!

  22. CSM says:

    Beat episode ever.

  23. Jim says:

    Somewhere, someone is feverishly writing GOT/Lassie fan fiction, where Lassie runs and returns with help in the form of the Westoros dragon veterinarian. After fighting off a direwolf and saving Jaime, of course.

  24. ninergrl6 says:

    1. The title of this recap made me laugh out loud.
    2. Davos has taken over from Tyrion as master of the one-liners. The comment about switching sides and before that the one about Jon looking at Dany’s “heart” should both be contenders for QOTW.
    3. Arya & Brienne sparring is the scene I never knew I needed.
    4. Arya and Sansa bonding over not killing Joffrey (but wishing they had) was both cute and sad.

  25. Aimal says:

    Dany may not survive this battle. Jon and Bran will reach a stalemate with the whitewalkers. End of season 8.
    Cersei defeated in season 7 as whitewalkers enter the North. My take;)

  26. Red Snapper says:

    This episode was awesome. It definitely didn’t feel like the shortest one. It was so great to see more Stark reunions. Arya and Sansa’s was a little stilted but they weren’t close to begin with and they’ve been through a lot. They need to get to know each other again. The reunion with Bran was great. I love how Sansa is still weirded out by him and Arya, after the initial shock of him knowing about her moment at the crossroads, seemed accept this new version of her brother. Arya sparring with Brienne was great. I’m still not sure if the look Sansa had watching them was one of jealousy or trying to figure out who her sister is now. Also, the scene with Arya and the guards was a great callback to season 1. I loved all of Dragonstone’s scenes. Jon and Daenarys keep finding middle ground except the whole bend the knee thing. I’m not sure what Jon is going to do. He doesn’t really want to be king and you can tell that he respects Daenarys as a queen but he doesn’t want to let his people down. Also, I really don’t think Sansa would be okay with it. The obvious answer is a betrothal between Sansa and Jon which is where I have always thought they were headed but who knows. That battle at the end was insane! I loved watching Daenarys kick butt on Drogon. I also loved watching Tyrion watching Jamie be an idiot. I really hope Jamie is captured so we get some Tyrion/Jamie scenes. I can’t wait for Jon to return home to complete the reunion with the remaining Starks. So far, this season has been pretty spectacular.

  27. Trenton says:

    Just had this thought. Since the beginning, books included, I have always felt bend the knee is this really cool sounding expression. Kind of unique to this world… where only kings or high lords cede power, but seeing Jon and Dany, it’s almost like it was a seven book or six book set up to mean Jon bends the knee to propose.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I started to get a proposal/romantic/sexual vibe from the “bend the knee” phrase too. Probably reading way too much into it lol

  28. Robert says:

    Nathalie Emmanuel and Megan Markle are the same woman with different hair. I know it has absolutely nothing to do with GOT but just putting out there

  29. itheone says:

    Hey, I have a confusion. Why were Pyke and Oldtown featured in the intro when neither of them were in the episode ?

    • pblo78 says:

      I suppose cause its where main POV are. Yara, Euron are now in Pyke. Sam is OldTown. Stark´s kid are in Winterfell, Cercei in King´s Landing.

  30. Dominique says:

    daenerys is becoming just like her father. everyone must bend the knee simply because of their name, and if they don’t? fire is the weapon of choice. won’t be long now before she will relish in watching people burn as well, just like the mad king.
    a few years ago i believed she should be on the throne and no one else. but now, she needs to stay far away from it. she’s losing her humanity and her heart and if it weren’t for her advisors, she’s burned everyone a long time ago. a queen who needs others to constantly hold her back from murder and whatnot shuld not be a queen.

    • DL says:

      Have we been watching the same show? Dany has always had a conscience. She just shows no mercy toward tyrants and those who fight for them. If she were crazy or a pyromaniac she wouldn’t have asked Jon his opinion, much less listened to his advice by going after the army instead of the city. Stannis and Cersei were/are both way more violent and cruel than Dany, who has shown zero willingness to kill innocents.

      • Cate says:

        Agreed. She has the ‘fire’ of the Targaeryans but not the madness (so far!)

      • Molly says:

        Great point DL. I keep reading a lot of pieces commenting that Dany ignored Jon’s advice and went hunting on a dragon anyway – but she did target the supply lines and armies vs King’s Landing. She could have gone in and plowed through the Red Keep with her dragon fire the way Cersei took out the Sept with green-fire. She didn’t. She sent her Dothraki (which was in and of itself amazing! I almost think those hoards could have flatten a Lannister army on their own.) and went herself (different than Cersei who just kills by dictating others do it for her) on Drogon.

        • Sal says:

          My question is how did the Dothraki get there so fast?

          The ships are all but destroyed, and It is a long distance between Dragonstone and Highgarden, with King’s Landing in the way

    • Molly says:

      Dany has always lashed out against people that stand in her way or harm those she’s looking to protect. The first time she unleashed a dragon she burnt the slave traders after pretending to ‘trade’ one of her children for the Unsullied. When they approached Meereen (I think that’s when it came up) and she saw all the young children nailed to stakes pointing the way to the city and her response was to defeat the slave owners and pin them to stakes in the same way. She already used her dragons to burn those that opposed her before she left the free cities and headed to Westeros. Pretty much ever since she shed the meek girl sold off to Khal Drogo for the woman that emerged from a funeral pyre with three dragons — speaking of, she also burned the woman that she blamed for the death of her son and Drogo by tossing her into that pile alive — she’s been a woman not to mess with. She burned that hut full of Dothraki opposing her too, she locked the servant and the assumed-ally that betrayed her in a room to starve to death or something. None of this new. Dany is a woman on a mission and you just don’t want to get in her way on the way there. As for the “bend the knee” because of her name – isn’t that where everyone by Jon is coming from in this war for the Iron Throne? It’s all about who has the best claim and who is going to take it from who.

  31. Okay so I’ve a question I didn’t find a reasonable answer to.
    The setting is clear to all involved. Winter has come, no one knows how long it’ll last, resources are becoming more and more valuable and scarce. Whether food or gold.

    Why then, is Daenerys deliberately burning Highgarden carts transporting supplies??

    Any reasonable explanations?

    • JC says:

      If your enemy’s people are starving, they will turn against their queen.
      Or how much of a fight can starving soldiers put up.

      • Sure… but she was clearly winning that battle. Then she takes the food for her army. Not only are Cersei’s soldiers starving, but they also know Daenerys’ army has food. Double whammy.

  32. Denise Vaninetti says:

    Fantastic…it was so much more than I anticipated ..knocked it up a notch or 2 or 3. Was dazzled and I hope the dragon makes it as he’ll be needed in the fight against the walkers. Need to watch it again…waited all week and wasn’t disappointed. Can’t wait for next week to see what happens much going on.

  33. Darsan54 says:

    Ohmigawd! Great episode! Loved the dragon and Dothraki charge. Loved seeing all the Lannister troops shaking. Loved Jamie’s expression saying, “Oh, we are effed! So effing effed!” But also thought Dany, they shot a BAS arrow at you, Don’t fly directly into the line of fire! Fast circles and burn the jerk. Oh well, narrative is everything in TV.

  34. Howie says:

    Such a great episode…biggest aha moment for me was when I realized that the best fighter in Westeros now has one of the best weapons to fight the night king.

  35. JK says:

    If you notice the introduction, King’s Landing is now under a Baratheon. Gendry might be impersonating Cercei, like Arya did with Walder.

    • Jillie says:

      ? Gendry wasn’t ever a Faceless Man. He was handed off by the Men without Banners to Melisandre so she could use his ‘royal’ blood for her ritual. KL would be under Baratheon rule because Cersei *is* by marriage a Baratheon. She still goes by Lannister because she wants to…but she was Robert’s wife and her claim to the throne is simply that her husband and then her children are all gone. At this point, all the known Baratheon’s are dead, other than Queen (by marriage) / Queen Mother Cersei. Even though the three kids were all fully Lannister, they were Baratheon on paper. :)

      • JK says:

        By the end of season 6, Cersei took the crown and King’s Landing was flying the Lannister sigil. I just think that it may be a clue that the Baratheons are still in play, if they haven’t took the throne yet.

  36. Lumi says:

    The show is becoming more intriguing. The Stasks siblings are back together, their reaction to each other, cold.
    Battle scene, excellent…Conversation and one liner replies, not bad…Love the entire series…

  37. carrabash says:

    me too. Now I’m confused.

  38. I think Jaime (if still alive) may try to switch sides and join Daenerys… if she lets him. He’s going to have to be the one to kill Cersei, BUT… what if he kills Cersei and it’s really Arya as Jaime? Also, Daenerys is quick to tell Jon he should put his people before his pride but, oh yeah, by the way, bend the knee – isn’t THAT pride?

  39. Amazing Show, Just Amazing says:

    Game of Thrones has never disappointed me – ever. I see complaints sometimes that the show moves too slowly, but no one can sure as hell make that complaint this season. Good Lord, this show is freaking perfection. I like that, unlike some shows, the stories between battles doesn’t feel like “filler”. Every scene has meaning – explains the past, relates to the past, brings up the past in a new light, fleshes out the characters and things are rarely what they seem. The EPs are so brilliant — they hint at things going in one direction — then body slam us by things not going that way at all (or at least, not person A or B). Can’t wait until next week!

    If Jaime does die, I’m sure it will cause Cersei ‘s downfall to escalate, with her falling further into madness (which I think has already started anyway) and unbelievable violence as the show goes on. She would have nothing left to live for except her Crown. Now that would be terrifying. I would have no doubt she would become “the Mad Queen”. I’d hate to lose him …. everything seems to be leading up to Jaime killing Cersei so it’d be a surprise if that didn’t happen, however, Arya can do that just fine. Jaime has become a better person over all the seasons, which would likely means he’ll die soon. I would miss his road to redemption. I certainly would miss a Jaime/Brienne reunion.

    I do hope, as others have said previously, that Sansa uses Arya’s special skills to eliminate Starks’ common enemies (ie. Cersei and, hopefully, Littlefinger).

    Oh God, I just had a flash of Arya killing Cersei, then the Mountain killing Arya. What a freaking nightmare that would be. (Not that I’m predicting that will happen, just that it popped into my mind.)

    Jon and Arya – I can’t wait for that. Going to be fascinating to watch his reactions as he learns more and more about who she’s become. Maybe she’ll save his life by killing someone and give him one hell of an eye opener. Of course everyone will love and accept Arya, but it will be interesting to see their shock when (if) ever they find out she’s a trained assassin.

    I’m so thrilled with these shows, but sad only 9 shows left. At least some will be supersized. I dont’ want anyone to die. Don’t wanna think about any character I love dying. :-(

    • Jim says:

      When we all first started to watch the first season, it seemed slow until that shocker in episode nine. Looking back, those first eight episodes were one long pilot that kicked the show into gear. Of course it gets better and better. What the show does best is portray a conversation between two people. It’s engrossing, not slow. The writers are brilliant…look at how the story and characters have developed in a relatively few number of episodes…less than 70. Other shows with five times that number haven’t unfolded as well.

      I have a friend who won’t watch GOT because he “can’t get into it.”. He’s seen bits and pieces of episodes. I explained he has to start at the beginning…and he’ll love it. When the show ends, I’m going to get him the complete series set. I can’t wait to watch the entire show again from start to finish…without a year in between seasons. I already warned him…the kids will age fast!

      • ccjnc1 says:

        I was like your friend, I watched the first episode and found it just a little bit interesting but mostly boring. But a friend who was ultra psyched about the series kept after me not to stop watching, and boy do I owe him a huge debt! I loved HBO’s series Rome but this show… it beats any show I’ve ever seen or heard of. I suppose I’ll have to turn back to the books when the series ends to console myself. But until then – bring it!

  40. chiguy79 says:

    Awesome episode, but the only problem I have is the way it ended. If Jaime was riding towards Dany/Drogo and Bronn saved him from the fire by jumping him off his horse, how is it he’s sinking that deep? Unless Bronn is hiding his Superman flight skills until that point, the river shouldn’t be much deeper than a kiddie pool where they landed.

    • Jim says:

      Apparently they are near the deep end of the lake…and Jaime is wearing armor, not to mention his heavy hand.

      Just imagine how the internet would be losing its collective mind if the dragon just fried him and that was the end of Jaime. It would have been funny actually…all of this buildup for his character and then he gets instantly barbequed. It would have been akin to Ned dying in episode nine, and reminding everyone that no one is safe. Unfortunately we had all better prepare ourselves as the clock is really ticking now.

  41. Barbara Miller says:

    I loved this episode although it gave me a “heart attack” when the iron arrow was released by Bronn.

  42. Jim says:

    So this is how it ALL ends: Peter Dinklage wakes up next to Leah Remini, Erinn Hayes, Victoria Principal AND Bob Newhart at the Stratford Inn…and the screen cuts to black.

  43. Mel says:

    Was screaming NONONO when it appeared Bronn was about to be fried. Love that guy – we can’t lose our comic relief. “Didn’t they teach you that at Fancy Lad school?” 😂

  44. Gina says:

    I was screaming at the end! OMG it was great. I really can’t wait for Jon to find out he isn’t a Stark bastard after all. I wonder if that would change Dany’s insistence that he bend the knee? How does that change him being King in the North? Arya is a serious badass. Sansa was laughing at her little sister but that sword fight with Brielle wiped the smile off her and Littlefinger’s faces.

    • AnnieM says:

      Since they both are Targareyans, I really think they will end up co-ruling – Jon in the North, and Dany for everywhere else. I’m looking forward to Jon having some direct interaction with a dragon – they should be able to sense that he’s ‘one of them’, shouldn’t they? i also wonder if Bran will warg into one of the dragons at some point.

  45. Bloatee says:

    The whole “Children of the Forest created the White Walkers” story is just another example of the sort of fake news which Donald and I hate. As the CIA/FBI/Mossad will confirm, the White Walkers are the hybrid creations of Russian commies and European liberals..curse ’em all!

  46. MLO says:

    Dracarys!!! I so need a dragon.

  47. MLO says:

    Just a thought, but wasn’t Dany BBQ’ing her Dothraki army as well once they rode in and were engaged in battle?

    • Max says:

      She was very economic with the situation. She did not use her dragon like shw should have. For the first time coming head on is probably good for the shock moment. After that she should have flown in along the enemy lines like she did later on with the line of wagons. It would have resulted in larger openings in the enemy lines and saved some of her soldiers.

  48. deboenglish says:

    Seriously, I’m a huge fan but the dragon scene seriously bugged me. First of all, Dany and the dragon saw the first spear and where it was fired from. Why on earth would they charge it from THE FRONT???? HOW ABOUT THE SIDE? OR HEY, WHAT ABOUT BEHIND CONSIDERING THERE IS ONLY ONE DUDE MANNING THE THING? Ugh. Seriously not believable. Then with Bronn not getting roasted when he should have and him miraculously saving Jamie, I felt like I was watching a bad Hollywood spin off. Since when is Martin afraid of killing his characters? This was all wrong and so ridiculous…