Hawaii Five-0 Chin Leaving

Daniel Dae Kim: Five-0 Exit Was About 'Maintaining Sense of Self-Worth'

Daniel Dae Kim is shedding additional light on his controversial exit from Hawaii Five-0.

At the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour on Sunday, Kim — who was promoting his role as an EP on ABC’s new fall drama The Good Doctor — said, “It’s possible to be grateful for the opportunity and respectful of the colleagues and the people that I worked with and still maintain a steadfast sense of your self-worth. All good things come to an end.”

Kim, along with TV cousin Grace Park, reportedly sought but failed to acquire pay parity with fellow original cast members Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan, and thus both parted ways with the show. Exec producer Peter M. Lenkov previously stated that “CBS was extremely generous and proactive in their renegotiation talks” with both actors. “But in the end they chose to move on. No one wanted to see them go — they are irreplaceable.”

Viewers will learn what became of Chin Ho Kelly (recently wooed to head up a San Francisco Five-0 unit) and Kono Kalakaua (who in the May finale went “rogue” to chase sex traffickers) in the Season 8 premiere, airing Friday, Sept. 29.

“That was a really important part of my life for seven years,” Kim added of his Five-0 run. “I’m really grateful to CBS and everyone else involved in the show for giving me the opportunity.”

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  1. Olivia says:

    I am not sure what he meant he knows in no way shape or form he deserves as much money as Alex O’Loughlin. He doesn’t have to story airtime injuries or stunts that Oloughlin does. Also has anyone asked him if the cast on his show is making the same and also since it is based on a Korean show why is the lead not Korean? Seems to me he is a hypocrite he wants to throw his costars and show under the bus but he doesn’t practice what he preaches.

    • Dom says:

      Wow. You clearly just like to hear yourself talk don’t you? Go read up on all of the situation and then comment. Seriously.

      • Olivia says:

        I have do you watch the show? If you do then tell me why you think he deserves as much as O’Loughlin? Does he have the airtime story or stunts that he does? Aren’t you supposed to be paid what you work? And how isn’t it a fair question to ask why a remake of a Korean show does not star s Korean? After all he was the one who brought race into when he knows full well he is not a lead on Hawaii Five-0?

        • Winter says:

          Try again Kim is Korean. Born in South Korea and raised in New York

          • Olivia says:

            I know that is why I am asking why the show he is producing that is based on a Korean show is not starring a Korean thought he was all about equality?

          • Winter says:

            Perhaps because it’s set in the US not Korea oh and also because he wanted to see it made. For the record Kim has never said CBS was racist that was other people. Personally I think they are just cheap. But you are the one trying to make someone who has nothing but professional and respectful through this whole ordeal into some sort of villain. He felt he was worth more CBS disagreed so he left. I’m not going argue what he should be paid because I don’t watch the show and honestly don’t know what he’s worth but I don’t think he has been unreasonable in anyway in his response to the situation.

          • Ben says:

            Olivia, pay equity and equality are two very different things.

          • davidztaylor says:

            Can you clarify for me because your comments are not making any sense to me? What Korean show are you prattling on about?

          • davidztaylor says:

            Their decision to leave the show is their business and no one else’s really. If anyone is looking for logic, this show is not the place to go. It’s absolute nonsense , pure escapism. Turn off your brain and look at the pretty pictures. There is no logic associated with this show. Bottom line, the actors felt they were worth more than the network wanted to pay. As has been said for years—- it’s called show BUSINESS. Honestly, I think any actor who leaves a hit show is kinda crazy. Shows are lighting in a bottle and if you are lucky enough to get PAID to act, in a hit show, filmed in a PARADISE seems like you’d ride that pony. Especially since they are both younger actors and they have their whole career ahead of them. “Hollywood” is still a small business to work in and one should be careful of the reputation one acquires. How many times have we seen actors who get to big for their britches and fade away. Just saying. But once said, good luck to all. :)

        • Jerri says:

          You want to see an actor throw their co-stars under the bus? See Cote de Pablo who left NCIS right before they were about to begin filming the new season forcing a rush re-write of several episodes just so production can stay on track. That’s throwing your co-stars AND crew under the bus.

          Also, It’s called a re-make for a reason. It’s not a copy of a Korean show. With your logic, shows like The Office would’ve had to have U.K. Cast?

          • SWT says:

            Cote did it again with a play she was to star in this summer. Bailed at the last minute. Left the play producers to deal with the fall-out.

            Kim does not deserve the same pay as Alex, but it’s good he’s in touch with his fans.

          • Billy Bob Johnson says:

            They both left a few days before filming was to begin on the new season. That’s just how it goes sometimes in negotiations. That’s also why the season ended with one possibly going off to San Fran, and the other going “rogue” (disappearing). The producers left an out in case negotiations went south, as they did. It’s all a game in Hollywood.

        • Most of DDK’s fans spoke of racial inequities! And, Kim had spoken out previously about ASIAN professionals, not just Koreans! Working various aspects, both in front of, and, behind the camera. Business, not isolation! Being proud of his ethnicity shouldn’t limit him!

        • mary says:

          This is a prime example of when things get twisted-like a game of telephone. One-we have no idea what they are paid per episode, & HOW that is figured. The Good Doctor is an American version of the Korean one. Would be different if it actually was the Korean one. If you read what Kim says(not what someone says Kim said ie 3rd party hearsay),. he’s grateful, does not bode any animosity towards them or CBS. If it were just about money, he would still be there. Don’t forget working on these shows takes up pretty much their whole time. Unless of course you can have it in your contract to only work so many eps, ie Scott Caan. It’s a reason why many actors leave after a period, because they want something different/something more.

    • Winter says:

      First off Daniel Dae Kim is Korean. And second he has in no way thrown his costars under the bus. He simply felt that what was being offered to him was not what he felt he deserved so he moved on. It happens everyday on just about every field. This is also coming from a network that has a history of not making contracts work with monorities and women. You don’t have to look any further than Criminal Minds and NCIS To see that. I wish Kim nothing but the best.

    • Eric H says:

      O’Loughlin easily could have prevented a lot of the injuries had he used his stunt doubles a bit more, something that even he has admitted he should have done in the earlier seasons.

    • nuschler12 says:

      Dear Olivia
      Who are you to decide the pay level of a star? I’m an Hawai’ian and for the 1.4 million people in Hawai’i and the 33 million who live in California, Daniel Dae Kim is the hottest part of the show! In fact most of us watch the show later streaming.(hey we have lots to do here-OUTSIDE) 99% of us fast forward through ANY scene with Scott Caan and O’Loughlin driving as it will be idiotic conversation. Caan is a jerk and HATED here in the islands. His sense of entitlement for being James Caan’s kid is incredible. What has he done? Stints in the Ocean 11 movies as an idiot from Utah. While Daniel has been on Broadway doing the King and I. He was a star in “Lost.” Kim deserves parity. Period.

      • bobC927 says:

        Well stated. Dan-O is hated in my household also. He’s the one that should be given the boot.

      • jlopie1 says:

        Okay, that’s it! I can’t take any more of these idiot comments! You honestly expect me to believe 34.7 million people on Hawaii and in California think DDK is the “HOTTEST” part of the show? Oh, give me a break! If you intend to spout off figures like that as well as saying the 99% of the Hawaiian population fast-forwarding through O’Loughlin and Caan scenes, you better have some documented proof to back it up with or your comment is just ridiculous hyperbole and over exaggeration.

        As far as Scott Caan being hated by EVERYONE, again, prove it. I might not live in Hawaii, but I happen to know a large group of natives and Kama aina who do, and they have a very different opinion of the man. Perhaps they are part of that 1percent who don’t know any better. Or perhaps they just know better than to believe the Chelsey Handler rubbish from 5 YEARS ago.

        Caan gets paid for the episodes he is in, NOT for the ones he is not in. Likewise, he only gets residuals for the episodes he’s in, not the ones he’s not in. As for his credentials, besides being in films long before the Oceans’ 11 series, the man has also written, directed and starred in award winning Indie films, written and starred in multiple screenplays in LA, taught acting, screenplay and set production classes at the Hollywood West Playhouse and published two volumes of his own photography. Oh, yeah, he’s also devoted his time and money to various surfing activities for autistic and disabled children and adults. He’s done much of this while still maintaining his co-star status on H50. Oh, and let’s not forget, Caan is the ONLY actor from this series to be nominated for a Golden Globe.

        Give the guy, and the rest of us who happen to appreciate the man, a break.

        • MMD says:

          Caan has always seemed to suffer from ‘short man syndrome’ both as a person and as an actor. The writers have done him no favours the way he is written and his pompadour hairstyle and the heels on his shoes make him seem even more ridiculous. His banter with AO’L used to be funny but now I just FF through it.
          With the latest departures there’s really nothing much left of the show to watch.

          • badgerly says:

            MMD: Alex O’Loughlin is there. From day one, he’s been the main attraction for me, though I do like some of the other characters. I’ll continue to watch as long as he is there.
            The banter between Steve and Danno got old a long time ago. Blame the writers !!

      • Sunny says:

        Totally agree with everything you stated, especially Scott Caan. Danno is so disgusting, reminds us of a bunch of high school teenage girls.. his character is very disappointing!

        How could Caan & his ex-wife have a “local-looking daughter”? Always been questionable.

        Knowing all we need to know regarding the show, no, not worth watching Danno (Scott Caan) grumble (like a teenager on hormones) & makes Steve (Alex O’Loughlin) look stupid to listen to such nonsense!

        Sounds like the show could use some “new writers”!! (??)

        Difficult to take Steve seriously when the show is “supposed to be serious”. Jack Lord would be so “ashamed”!!

        So with Daniel Dae Kim & Grace Park gone, Hawaii Five-0 is DEFINITELY “ALOHA” in this household & we all agree… the real truth from Maui, Hawaii.

        Major injustice to the original Hawsii-Five-0 with Jack Lord, James MacArthur, & Kam Fong Chun, original & excellent actors, terrific show, the original cast of original Hawaii Five-0.

        Unfortunately, Five-0 is long gone for us!! Hope the original show with Jack Lord & James MacArthur can be found somewhere.

        Producers & writers of the latest
        Five-0 show NEVER did their homework. From the “pilot episode”, it’s been “All wrong”!! Should have named lastest show something else.. very disrespectful to original show!!

        • Iby says:

          Not liking Danny is one thing, but it’s a shame to trash teenage girls, to speak of them as though they’re something horrible – they’re not.

          Danno is the main reason I watch the show, he’s my absolute fave character. He makes the show, for me, for many. We’re all different.

        • L L says:

          First of all your dislike of the show is obvious. It’s coming off a very successful season so most fans wouldn’t see the need for new writers.

          Next you are criticizing the show for giving a child actor from Hawaii a start by casting her in a role in a major TV series? Fans love Teilor Grubbs as Grace and I know she appreciates the opportunity the show has given her. Her physical appearance isn’t so different as to make her role unbelievable to most.

          You are also ignoring how often the show highlights the culture and history of Hawaii. Just a few of the episodes include the one that cast the spotlight on the WWII Japanese internment camps in Hawaii. Since then Honouliuli internment camp has been declared a national monument. They also did an episode on the Hawaiian sovereignty movement with the full cooperation and support of the sovereign nation citizens. Most recently they worked with Ho’ola Na Pua to bring attention to the issue of sex trafficking in Hawaii and worldwide. They’ve also addressed environmental disputes, slavery on foreign fishing vessels, shark finning, etc.

          You mention disrespect to the original show but I believe the best judge of that is the Freeman family who support the new series. I also doubt Hawaii Five-0 co-star and son of Kam Fong Chun, Dennis Chun, would agree with you. He’s a beloved link between the old and new series.

        • L L says:

          Your dislike of the show is obvious. Since the show is coming off a very successful season I doubt most fans see the need for new writers.

          Next, you are criticizing the show for giving a child actor from Hawaii a start by casting her in a role in a major TV series? Fans love Teilor Grubbs as Grace and I know she appreciates the opportunity the show has given her. Her physical appearance isn’t so different as to make her role unbelievable to most.

          You are also ignoring how often the show highlights the culture and history of Hawaii. Just a few of the episodes include the one that cast the spotlight on the WWII Japanese internment camps in Hawaii. Since then Honouliuli internment camp has been declared a national monument. They also did an episode on the Hawaiian sovereignty movement with the full cooperation and support of the sovereign nation citizens. Most recently they worked with Ho’ola Na Pua to bring attention to the issue of sex trafficking in Hawaii and worldwide. They’ve also addressed environmental disputes, slavery on foreign fishing vessels, shark finning, etc.

          You mention disrespect to the original show but I believe the best judge of that is the Freeman family who support the new series. I also doubt Hawaii Five-0 co-star and son of Kam Fong Chun, Dennis Chun, would agree with you. He’s a beloved link between the old and new series.

    • Richard Mercier says:

      Please stop triggering Olivia. She is obviously a racist who believes Koreans and other races shouldn’t be paid the same. She says the white people should be paid more because they get more airtime, even though Kim and Park work the same amount of hours on set. She never mentions that Caan gets the same money as O’Loughlin working less episodes every year. Hmmm. I wonder why? Throwing her co-star under the bus? Alex and Scott were on their side during the nogociations, dumbass. I hope this triggers her more.

    • Ange says:

      Understand O’Loughlin’s injuries are because he CHOOSES to perform his stunts not because he has to and also, given that O’Loughlin stated this would be his last season sort of lends its ear to Kim and Park not getting more money because they are hoping to resign O’Loughlin. If not the same money as him, at least similar deals to what Scott has because they actually had more screen time than he. That is if we watched the same show which I’m thinking maybe you did not.

    • lrdslvrhnd says:

      I suspect it was more about parity with Caan than O’Laughlin. It just happened that Caan was being paid the same. O’Laughlin is very clearly the star of the show, but the past several seasons, Kim & Park have had at least as much, if not more, screentime than Caan… even if you ignore the eps in which Caan doesn’t appear at all.

    • How is DDK “throwing anything under the bus”? Alex O already spoke of making Season 8 his last. The show probably would end, in that instance, anyway. And, Alex O chose to do the stunts that caused his injuries; that’s not the reason he was paid more! It was up to the writers to script the episodes, and producers to add to them, and/or sign off on the finished product. Alex O will always be the top tier, without question. But, there’s no need to pit one star against the other! Too bad all parties couldn’t be satisfied. But, this was about CBS business! Not actor against actor!

  2. Tony Burgess says:

    Without Kim and Park the show wouldn’t have had the run it has. They are a vital part of the story telling. I am surprised Caan and O’Loughlin didn’t fight for them or offer to cut their salaries to level things up.

    • Big Mike says:

      How do you know they didn’t?

      • Tony Burgess says:

        I think they would have said so. I think things would have worked out.

        • nuschler12 says:

          Tony, I don’t know about Alex as he just hangs with his family here (He’s Australian) but Scott Caan would NEVER go “to bat” for anyone but himself. He is the most selfish, entitled jerk on the show. I live here in Honolulu and he refuses to talk with journalists. They have a media day here at the beginning of each new season. Daniel, Grace, Alex make themselves available. Until Caan got married, he would show up with a white model on each arm that weren’t even from here (Caucasians are a distinct minority in the islands) and REFUSE to answer any questions and REFUSES to even give out autographs to the folks who patiently wait for one. This is Caan’s only gig. He’s a STAR on the show and he knows that this will be his last starring role.

          He decidedly has “short man’s attitude.” He’s about 5’4” as I tower over him at 6’. The racial make-up of the guys in Hawai’i 5-0 makes no sense. Having a black guy from Chicago? Hawai’i has less than 00.5% African-Americans here. THREE white guys? (Including Jerry) Caucasians are a minority here. I’ve lived here my whole life and am 68 years old–a doc at Queen’s trauma center (They call it “King’s Hospital on the show.), and I think I have seen ONE white HPD officer. (Honolulu Police Department) There are one million people who live in Honolulu. 2,000 police officers. Of course “5-0” is made up.

          Most of us loved the old 5-0 with Jack Lord. What a gentleman! We even has a statue of Jack Lord in Kahala. They didn’t have assault weapons or fly nuclear bombs out to sea in a helicopter. Guns are EXTREMELY hard to get here as we have VERY strict gun laws. Yet all these criminals have Kalashnikovs, Ar-15s, M289 light machine guns. Just dumb.

          The Asian actors are loved here. They look like us locals! We locals just can’t identify with all these non-Asian actors. It would be like watching Criminal Minds or Chicago PD and they would have zero white actors. It’s not racist..it’s just the makeup of the actual people who live and work here. If I see a blonde patient in the emergency room they WILL be tourists!

          • Tony Burgess says:

            I think Park and Kim would be the ideal leads in a 21st century version of 5-0. It’s too bad this whole thing has happened. I don’t see the show lasting much longer anyway.

          • so, what you saying is: *he doesn’t speak to me, I hate him >:(*
            poor thing

          • Richard Mercier says:

            Isn’t Jerry Mexican. (Jorge Garcia)

          • Big Mike says:

            FYI, you come across as passively racist. I’m not sure you’re aware of that. Secondly, this is a TV show made for mass market appeal, not specifically for Hawaii. Everyone understands that this is fiction and takes it with the appropriate grain of salt. Nobody believes Hawaii is as depicted in the show.

          • Richard Mercier says:

            So… 0.05% african americans in Hawaii? Get you calculators out, that’s around 700 people. So you’re saying it’s impossible that 1 of them gets a job in 5-0?

          • Eric H says:

            It seems you underestimated the black population of Hawaii as the last census put their percentage at around 2%, not the 0.5% you stated. Also, although he could possibly pass as white, Jorge Garcia is half-Cuban/half-Chilean, making him a Latino.

          • Kris says:

            I agree cann should be gone love the show he !s a nobody, hares hawaii .go home to la hope mcgarrett shoots him in first episode and shows him who is the boss alex is the best

          • Iby says:

            I’ve been lucky enough to meet Scott several times, both in the context of the show and through his other work. Every single time, he has been unbelievably kind and patient, with me, with other fans – and he’s signed several things I’ve presented, over the years.

            He was instructed to be brief at SOTB 2016 because they were running behind and he’d arrived really late due to filming. Dude filmed from morning to night and then still zoomed as fast as he could to SOTB. There are dozens, hundreds, of fan encounters that speak of him being polite and lovely. They’re all over Instagram, right there, waiting to be read. So many lovely stories from people from all over the globe.

            By the way, he misses the blessing ceremony – the “media day” as you call it – simply because he wants to stay in L.A a few extra days before starting the season, so that he can attend his little daughter’s birthday. What a monster!! How dare he want to be at his daughter’s party!? He’s missed a few SOTB over the years because it fell right as his mother passed away. How dare he want to be at home with family, to mourn, to honor the anniversary of her death.

            But, y’know. Congrats on being 6′. That’s quite an achievement.

          • jlopie1 says:

            Wow…media day – are you talking about SOTB, because that’s not really a media day, it’s a thank you from CBS and the cast and crew to YOU for putting up with the disruptions to your daily life for 9 months of filming. I’ve been there for that, and I’ve watched every SOTB since S2 live-streamed. I’ve seen Scott interviewed many times, and I’ve also seen him with his beautiful lady Kacy, who. by the way, has been with him since before H50, on his arm every time.

            I don’t blame the man for being media shy, considering the very warm and embracing way HNN and the Star Advertiser treated him – actually baited him – for a 5 minute gig on the Chelsey Handler show 5 years ago. Aloha spirit, yeah right. BTW, have you followed the show faithfully? Have you observed the man interact with the crew when filming? Have you seen the BTS pictures with ALL the tourists, visitors to the set, and people who just happened to run into him in a restaurant or the airport? They look pretty darn happy in all those pictures with him! Everybody hates him…sure. Whatever.

          • Danno W. says:

            You’re wrong about Caucasians bring a minority in Hawaii. Of the roughly 1.2 mil people, Caucasians make up ose to 300,000 followed by the Japanese with just over 200,000.


      • luvprue2 says:

        If they had it would have been cover all over the media.

    • Olivia says:

      Seriously? So they are supposed to take money from their families to give their co stars more money? I was not aware Alex and Scott were in the talks with CBS and Grace and Daniel please provide a link of where it says that please

      • Tony Burgess says:

        The cast of Big Bang Theory namely Haley Cuoco, Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki renegotiated their salaries to level up their other co-stars. It does happen. Just saying.

        • Olivia says:

          No they didn’t they each gave 100,000 so their country stars could get 400,000 when they make a million so their costars make no where near as close as them plus the H50 actors do not make even close to that money

        • Brooklyngirl says:

          Hey Tony I asked for a hefty raise while wanting to work less time and didn’t get it – since your so magnanimous (especially with other people’s money), give me some of your salary so I won’t feel so discriminated against. I’m a white woman and we’re notoriously underpaid. What do you say – shall I look for the check in the mail??? Seriously get a grip on reality.

    • Elaine says:

      That’s crap. The real draw on this show is Alex and he’s leaving after this year so the show will be ending. None of the other things have any infliunce on why the two left. Not the first to leave a show and won’t be the last. Actors are all ego anyway

    • badgerly says:

      Tony Burgess: We don’t know what went on behind the scenes. As to Alex and Scott taking salary cuts, Daniel and Grace would never expect them to do that, so why should anyone else?

      • Jimmy says:

        How do you know what what Daniel and grace would expect the other actors to do? All of this is conjecture and to support your supposition with more conjecture? It certainly would’ve been better to hear more from the leads, but I agree they shouldn’t have to renegotiate or curtail their salaries. The two made their decisions and that’s that. I enjoy the show but I don’t anticipate it will last much longer especially since it sounds like Alex is not long for the H50 world. The 2 should get the max that they can get if the show is only a short term proposition.

        • badgerly says:

          Jimmy: I would give credit to Grace and Daniel for having the brains to know it would be an idiotic expectation !! They can fight their own battles.
          For what it’s worth, I hope Season 8 is the last.

    • luvprue2 says:

      The idea that Alex O’Loughlin and Caan haven’t done that seems to indicate where they stand on the issue.

    • Janedway says:

      Kim and Park are both absolutely gorgeous to look at as well as being gifted actors. The
      show won’t ever be the same now, sadly.

  3. LolaHaze says:

    The article heading about Daniel Dae Kim “dings CBS” is completely inaccurate and a bit clickbait-y. The quote in the article is extremely respectful to his fellow cast and crew and actually as a whole, quite classy.

    Come on, TVLine, you’re better than that.

  4. NolaNola says:

    WHO BROUGHT RACE UP? Not in THIS article, that’s for sure.

  5. NolaNola says:

    WHO BROUGHT RACE UP? Certainly not in this article.

    By the way I am a 54 year old minority myself.

    • badgerly says:

      NolaNola: Daniel has been very respectful. It’s agitators who started the ‘race’ thing in the previous threads.

  6. Hannah says:

    Good for him. People working across all fields decide to part ways with employers that they feel aren’t paying them fairly, but things get much harder when so many people have access to your business like this (and decide to judge you for it).

  7. JenJ says:

    It doesn’t sound to me like he really felt like he was being discriminated against as being a reason for leaving. I’m not even sure if it even means he was disappointed with the pay offer. It looks to me like he was actually ready to move on, and he is very grateful to both CBS and his cast members for having the opportunity of working with them for all of these years. I think people need to stop trying to read more into everyone’s motives, and to just move on, too. I loved Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park on H5O, and wish both of them great success in whatever they do in the future.

  8. Elaine says:

    Who do these two actors think they are to demand star pay equal to Alex and Scott. They are the stars and the other two are co-stars. That really takes a lot of nerve. That show brought them full exposure. I never heard of either one till they were on this show. I sure hope they can live on their self worth because I doubt they will ever find again what they had on this show. This was ego and not earnings motivated. I’m disgusted with both of them

    • Eric H says:

      If anything, Kim and Park were some of the bigger names on the show when it started as they had just come off of Lost and Battlestar Galatica, respectively. Caan had some name recognition because of his dad and his roles in the Ocean’s 11 trilogy and Varsity Blues. Alex O’Loughlin was probably the least known and/or accomplished actor as he’d only had a short run on The Shield followed by a couple failed, 1-season shows.

  9. nuschler12 says:

    San Francisco “5-0” makes zero sense! The 5-0 was designed for two reasons: Hawai’i became the 50th state. 5-0. Even though there are 8 islands, there are only five major islands for tourism and work! Oahu, Kauai’i, Maui’i, Molokai’i, and the Big Island of Hawai’i where Volcanoes National Park, the two tallest mountains if the world Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa with lava flowing into the sea are located.

    The other islands are Lanai’i which is privately owned by a multi-billionaire that didn’t even have electricity until a few years ago. Ni’ihau is another island owned privately. No one can visit–you can helicopter in, stand on the beach for 15 minutes, then fly out again. Only island with 100% blood Hawai’ians.

    And the third island not included in 5-0 is Kaho’olawe. This island is not inhabited as it was used for target practice by the US Navy–guns on ships shelled the island and the US Army air force bombed the island during WWII. Really!! (The US Air Force wasn’t started up as a separate branch until September, 1947.) So the island has all this unexploded ordnance and it is kapu (forbidden) to go there. No idea if this island will ever be habitable again!

    So a San Francisco “5-0” is just wrong!

  10. LMF says:

    sorry to see them leave. Parks wasn’t even known until H50. The show was ending after season 8 so why not be loyal to your fans. They both got a big raise but apparently the EGO took over. Alex is the main star as well as Caan even tho he isn’t a deal breaker. Them comes the Co stars. They also don’t get the screen time Alex gets. I wish them well as I am sure Daniel Dae Kim we will see in the future. Good luck to Parks

    • Ben says:

      Heard of a little thing called Battlestar Galactica? Grace Park was plenty known.

      • Iris says:

        I know, right? Back then, Kim was probably the more famous out of the regular cast, because Lost. Park and Masi Oka, too, thanks to Battlestar Galactica and Heroes.

    • Winter says:

      Grace Park was pretty well known from Battle Star Galactica before 50

      • jlopie1 says:

        Although it’s fair to say Grace was well known among Battle Star Galactica fans, it should also be fair to point out that BSG was aired on the Sci Fi network and averaged 3-4 million viewers over it’s four seasons. The H50 Reboot premiered in 2010 to approx 15 mil viewers, and to this day, 7 seasons in, still averages 9 million same day viewers. Even if all 3 mil BSG fans tuned in to H50 because of Grace, that’s still only 1/5th of the viewers.

    • Jerri says:

      Excuse you. Just because you don’t know an actor, doesn’t mean they are little known. I started watching 5-0 because of Grace Park. If she weren’t in it, I wouldn’t even have bothered with the show.

  11. Nan says:

    Okay now its about self worth…I was on their side until he kept talking. Yes more money was warranted but not equal to Alex…perhaps Caan.since he doesn’t work so much anymore

    • Olivia says:

      That is my thing also get as much money as you can get I say go for it but do not bring your costars into it and when they who are not on social media are being blamed for him leaving which they are being blamed for then maybe say it has nothing to do with them blame CBS not your co workers that was my one and only issue with this

      • Eric H says:

        How is he throwing his former castmates under the bus? He’s basically thanked them at every turn. Much of his pointed words have gone towards CBS and their executives. Seems you want to bash Kim in every post you do.

        • Jimmy says:

          My question is how’s Olivia’s post only one sentence? They just used the two leads as a measure, I don’t think they ever threw them under the bus. Maybe Olivia should be throwing her angst at the people actually bashing the two leads. Because I’ve never heard a negative thing from Kim and parks when discussing their colleagues.

        • jlopie1 says:

          I don’t think, when this whole fiasco started, DDK ever meant to implicate his cast mates as being in anyway responsible for his departure. To be fair, the original Variety article announcing DDK and GP’s departure never mentioned the race issue. But virtually all subsequent media articles decided to include that DDK and GP were Asian and their co-stars were white guys. That’s where it quickly devolved into a racially discriminated pay issue, and that’s when Alex and Scott were hung out to dry. A simple little tweet from DDK – who BTW tweets and has an active FB account so most assuredly has seen all the bashing both Alex and Scott have gotten – saying something like: “Hey, guys, Alex and Scott had nothing to do with my leaving. Give them a break,” would have gone a long way to alleviate a lot of this animosity.

  12. Iris says:

    Good actor, and a classy one.

  13. Fred Sanford says:

    I really don’t get this. Where does it say everyone on the show is paid the same? Alex and Scott are the stars. Hence get paid more than the co-stars Daniel and Grace. What’s next? All the cast members want the same money as the stars? If I were them I would be grateful for the pay they were getting.

  14. Peggysue says:

    All I can say is the show will not be the same without them. ☹️

  15. Amy says:

    This is what saddens me about the whole situation: given the wide speculation that the upcoming Season 8 will probably be the show’s last, I don’t get why Daniel and Grace couldn’t stick around for it.

  16. Andrea says:

    Daniel Dae Kim can have a steadfast sense of self-worth. He can leave H50 to go run his successful production company, but at the end of the day, his worth is not equal to that of Alex. Alex plays a lead character and Daniel plays a supporting one. No one forced Daniel to take the role he did. It was his choice and as long as CBS was clear that Chin was a supporting role then (and I still think it is now), then Daniel shouldn’t have expected otherwise. Chin and Steve aren’t the same. Having self-worth is great, but it has to be in proportion to the responsibilities that you have. Alex has more and has for many years. Honestly, it sounds like Daniel’s trying to lay the groundwork for getting a lead gig. Playing the role of Chin may help him do that because he spent many years doing great work in a supporting role. That will be in his favor, but if he wants to move on, then do so. All of his talk about self-worth is for himself. It doesn’t turn the role of Chin Ho Kelly into a lead role/

  17. Ron says:

    How can it be Hawaii Five-O without Asian actors? We will not be watching the show in Honolulu. Bigots.

    • Eric H says:

      The show saw that and basically promoted or hired 6 Asian/Pacific Islander actors and actresses to the cast. They promoted Ian Anthony Dale (Adam), Taylor Wily (Kamekona), Dennis Chun (Duke), and Kimee Balmilero (Dr. Cunha) and then hired Meagan Rath and Beulah Koale. For them to hire so many new people, it does call into question how they could afford to pay 6 new regulars when they had only lost 3 series regulars from S7.

      • :-) says:

        They aren’t getting paid much i promise you. These guys are people happy to have a job. Kim and parks were names that will go on to do other great shows. Even if they don’t they can make a living on the comic book circuit. They are fan favs

  18. queenbrat says:

    I don’t see how this is breaking news. I gathered all of this from his previous remarks. He can call it whatever he likes but his inflated ego of how much he was worth to the show was off. He did not deserve as much as the leads because he was not in fact a lead actor on the show.

    • Eric H says:

      So Caan deserved to make as much as he does from salary and back-end money even though he misses 5 episodes a year? To me, what Kim was asking for was pretty reasonable since he’s been with the show from the start and he’s played a rather important role for the show, especially when Caan is gone.

      • Coop says:

        To be honest, nobody knows what anyone makes or was asking for unless it’s officially released. In most cases, it isn’t. Everything said after the failure to come to terms is people playing the public relations game, whether that be CBS productions or Kim/Park.

        Caan doesn’t “miss” 5 episodes a year, he negotiated it into his contract when he was up for renewal. He surely gave in somewhere else to make that agreeable for CBS. That’s not uncommon.

        Kim and Park can demand the same pay as the others, but it’s clear that O’Loughlin and then Caan are the most important aspects of the show. It’s been that way from the beginning of the series. Just look at the overall direction/theme of the show and who gets the most scenes/centric episodes. If you look at it objectively, the characters Kono and Chin are supporting roles and should be treated as such.

      • Iby says:

        I’m frustrated on behalf of DDK and GP – but not for nothing, further reporting uncovered that Scott apparently does not, in fact, get back-end money. All we know is what we read, of course.

  19. Steve barbakoff says:

    I will miss them they were supportive of the other characters in the TV show Kono was beautiful lady

  20. P. Mosey says:

    We’re going to miss his personna – fabulous actor! Thanks for your talent & dedication!

  21. Evan says:

    Clearly ppl commenting here have no clue about pay scale & SAG rules!! Does anyone here think Mcgee or Abby should be paid equally to Gibbs on NCIS?? Of course not because they aren’t the stars… just like Kim & Park aren’t the STARS,so by rule they can’t be paid like the leads of the show!

    • Eric H says:

      That rule can be overridden if other cast members, their agents, and the network agree to do so as part of the negotiations.

  22. Just wondering what is going to happen to Adam’s character once Kono leave the show?

  23. Terri says:

    I, for one, am not a big fan of the school boy antics between Can and O’Loughlin. Immaturity does not ring true.
    When Can is absent in an episode, I watch BECAUSE of Kim, Park and McBride.
    My personal opinion is that CBS was coerced by big James Can not to give Kim and Park parity pay.
    I will not be watching this show any longer.
    Just as we crossed off NCIS New Orleans when they did not bring Zoe back so they could pursue an inter-racial relationship. Really?!

    • Jimmy says:

      Is that why Zoe was let go? I had no idea. And the funny thing is I didn’t like Zoe at first but i thought her character was starting to get interesting. I know a lot of people hate caan and you specifically hate the camaraderie between the two, but I think it’s camaraderie. They can fight and argue all they want but when it’s time they have each other’s back 100%. I appreciate that between friends, colleagues, and family.

    • Coop says:

      Why would James Caan have anything to do with this or even care what Kim/Park make? That’s really out there…

      As to NCIS New Orleans not bring back McLellan, that apparently had as much to do her needing to step away than anything. Not sure why you care about an interracial relationship on a television show (aside from the fact that Percy is terrible).

    • Amy says:

      Do you bother to check your facts or just enjoy blowing smoke? Cann has nothing to do with anyone’s contract negotiations but his own. As far as the actress from NCIS:NOLA, she was going through a divorce and other personal matters and left. Her problems still aren’t over as her ex-husband yesterday accused her of kidnapping their son. But, please, go ahead and babble on about your fantasies about why people leave shows. SMDH

    • Brooklyngirl says:

      You seriously think James Caan coerced CBS into not giving DDK or GP parity pay. Seriously?? Seriously?? Why?? Your reasoning is the best laugh I’ve had in a while!! So his son could make more money?? Are you based in reality Terri? Don’t watch Hawaii 5-0, you’ll be doing the true fans a favor. Don’t watch NCIS-New Orleans because they have the nerve to explore an inter-racial relationship. They don’t want your bigoted viewpoint on their show either. But you should definitely invest in getting some help for your delusions.

  24. Ness says:

    I love this show and was sad to hear Alex only wants to do one more season, the upcoming 8th. But, without him the show is likely over, being that he is the main character. So that means one more season for the show, I think that Daniel and Grace could just stick it out one more season for the fans. I’m sorry they don’t get paid as much, but they are not the main characters, and I’m sure sticking it out one more season with what they were making would still pay the bills. If they truly loved the show, their fellow actors, and appreciated the fans I think they could do this last season. Besides how bad could shooting in gorgeous Hawaii be. Instead, like toddlers who don’t get what they want and throw a tantrum over something that certainly wouldn’t kill them, they’ve wrecked the story line of a very successful show. It’s really too bad.

    • L L says:

      Many keep saying that Alex O’Loughlin is leaving after this season due to the injuries he’s suffered while doing the show as that is what he said in his November interviews. However in his most recent interview given to CBS Watch Magazine in February he said the stem cell treatments he was receiving for his back have helped so much that he could see himself going on past this season. He feels a great responsibility to the show and to it’s local crew so if CBS wishes to continue the show I can see him giving serious consideration to continuing especially if they can take on some fresh storylines with the new cast additions.

  25. Carol_R says:

    He never should have been cast on the show. They should have gotten Chinese actors to play Chinese characters. And native Hawaiian characters to play Native Hawaiian characters and not two Korean actors.

    • Eric H says:

      By that flawed logic, Alex O’Loughlin shouldn’t have been hired because he’s Australian and Caan is not originally from New Jersey.

  26. Pj says:

    Good Man, excellent actor

  27. Rick Katze says:

    I have no problem with their demanding more money. At the same time, the Producer, or whoever makes the final call, is not required to say yes. They didn’t get what they wanted and chose to walk. Their right. Making anything further by claiming race or feminist issues is BS and I ignore those who make a living hyping those type of claims. It’s a business decision. You don’t have to like it.

    While they are very integral to the show, they are not the stars. I suspect the show will be poorer for their loss. I enjoyed the subplot concerning Grace and her tv husband. This is very likely to be the last year for the show in any case. Sorry it ended this way.

  28. I’m sick of seeing this as a topic of discussion. He made his choice and seems he needs to move on, everyone else is over it and have moved on and replaced. People have over rated the popularity of two while under rating the popularity of two. 2 mains, rest of cast are supporting actors. To find out who is who lets check their real popularity. Go to Facebook search and put in each name one at a time with the word groups. Example, Alex O’Loughlin Groups, or Daniel Dae Kim groups, etc. Do Caan’s and Parks too. Some people might laugh but I’ll bet there will be some criers too.

    • Eric H says:

      I’m pretty sure he had moved on but since this was his first public interview after his departure, you had to kinda know that the media would want to ask questions about it. He answered it and went on to talk about his new show. As much as you want it to be over, I doubt it’s over since the media will likely continue making it a thing until the show premieres. If you don’t want to read about it, then don’t open and/or read stories/comments about it.

      Also, I really wouldn’t put much stock in the amount of FB fan groups there are because they are not always representative of the entire fandom. All it means are that AOL fans are a bit more vocal or public with their support than DDK and GP’s.

      • Doesn’t mean we’re not all sick of seeing it! Headlines say enough, can’t help but read them if you’re passing across them. He should reframe from his personal excuses about it and say he’s moved on.

        Imagine all the fans of Alex and Scott that never join groups or even talk on social media. If there’s 10k in 1 group for example there’s at least that much more that never join one. There are 2.5M that have clicked ‘like’ on H50 official page and over 9M that watched last season episodes. That’s a huge spread of viewers that obviously aren’t on social media or at least do not enteract as some fans do. If Alex has a group with 10k members or even 1.6k members while Kim has one single fansite on Facebook of less then 500. There’s a huge mathematical probability of those 9M viewers at least
        75% of those ‘that watch for any particular actor’ watch because of Alex the actual main character.

        • Eric H says:

          So he’s upsetting you by talking about it? Boo-hoo. He answered one question and moved on. Seems you need to grow a little thicker of skin or not take such offense to differing views.

  29. one more prospective says:

    I’ve watched almost every episode of H50 and, in my opinion with the information released, I believe Daniel and Grace should get what they’re asking for. From what I have seen over the years although the show was initially created with Alex and Scott as the lead over the years Daniel and Grace have stepped up and the four have become more of an ensemble then 2 leads and 2 co-stars. With Alex and Scott’s request for lighter work load it has mostly fallen of Daniel and Grace to pick-up the slack. If this trend continues I believe that Daniel and Grace can equal the screen time of Alex and Scott’s in Season 8. If rumours are true and Alex has decided to leave after Season 8 it stands to reasons, if the show were to continue, Daniel and Grace’s characters would play an even more predominate role and keeping them around would be a good thing and if it is the last season CBS should give the fan a proper send off and keep the original cast together. All in all the truth is no one but the parties involve know the whole story so everyone picking sides are basing their decision on assumption that may or may not be true and for me I won’t be picking sides. What I will say, for whatever it’s worth, is that the only reason I’ve tuned in the last few season is to see what happens between Kono and Adam and Chin how Chin will bounce back from his wife’s murder. For me Steve and Danny’s story has become somewhat predictable and entertaining.

    • Eric H says:

      They’ve already left the show and their spots have been filled by actors who now likely won’t take any of the spotlight away from McGarrett and Danno. From looking at BTS stuff, only Meaghan Rath has been filming as Ian Anthony Dale is still filming Salvation and Beulah Koale only recently showed up after filming a movie in New Zealand. The first episodes look like they’re going to be heavy on McGarrett, Danno, and Grover.

      • one more prospective says:

        I know, what I was going for was if the trend continued and Daniel and Grace stuck around their screen time would have possible match Alex and Scott’s screen time, but I guess now with their departure Alex and Scott won’t have as many days off as they’d hoped unless writer decided to give character like Jerry, Grover and the new character coming in this season extra screen time.

  30. luvprue2 says:

    Daniel Dae Kim is just as valuable as his costars, and he deserves just as much pay. He brought in just as many viewers as Alex O’Loughlin. Daniel Dae Kim was just as popular as Alex O’Loughlin, Hell he was more popular because he was just coming off the hit show Lost. Yet they will never give him the respect/or pay he deserves because he is Korean.

    • Danno W. says:

      And I’m sure some people will blame their departures for the show eventually getting cancelled. Even though 8 seasons is a long run & it ending will have nothing to do with the 2 actors leaving.

  31. Michelle Bernard says:

    I think it’s a shame that him and Grace are leaving the show.They are both terrific and the show will not be the same.They should make more money,because the show is very popular,and I am sure they make a lot of money.Please try to have them remain in the show.

  32. RichieS says:

    The only thing that can save this show now is the return of Michelle Borth ( Catherine ). Hopefully with a little Steve the 3rd in tow. Then Danno can start his annoying routine advising Steve Jr. on how to be a great father….. oh, and also a WWE match between Jerry and Kamekona would be a great ep.

    • L L says:

      That would surely be the end of the series since Alex O’Loughlin has repeatedly and clearly stated not just his personal opinion about what a terrible storyline that would be but he also laid out in detail what a fundamental betrayal of his character it would be for there to be a reconciliation with the clone of his mother.

      Tying that back into the subject at hand there were also fans who ran to message boards to declare they would quit watching when they originally wrote out the character. The fact is ratings didn’t suffer and there was no bump in ratings for her subsequent appearances.

    • Brooklyngirl says:

      The only thing her return would do would kill the show completely. Even Alex has said as much. As for having a little one in tow, that’d be known as an elephant giving birth since it takes an elephant close to 2 years to give birth. Since they haven’t been together in years, it would belong to someone else, not Steve. Besides, IF that were the case, Steve’d definitely need Danny’s advice on how to raise a child because, like his mother, she’d be nowhere to be found.

  33. Jenn says:

    Scott Cann and A OL as far as I read somewhere , do not get paid the same . Cann made around the 70,000 a episode mark and AOL made about 100,000. Frankly the show has lost interest for me .

    • Amy says:

      Well, if it’s “lost interest” for you–why are you even commenting? I mean, if I lose interest in something, I move on and find something else–just saying…..

  34. “No on wanted to see them go – they’re irreplaceable”… Seems like CBS is giving it a darn good try! One last, strong season finish, or save a couple of bucks? Sometimes, going out INTACT, and on top, is the best sendoff!

  35. Alex O’Loughlin was in a very…dare I say, privileged, “protected” position when he was cast on 5-0. Hawaii 5-0 was at least the third starring opportunity CBS has given him, following Moonlight and Three Rivers both cancelling after 1 season.

    CBS must (sing with me) really really really really really really really like AOL, so much so that they WANTED to keep him on TV. Because not every lead actor/actress of cancelled, single-season shows get this treatment. After John Doe’s cancellation, Fox kept Dominic Purcell around, and gave him bit parts on a bunch of Fox shows until Prison Break, but they did NOT give him three leading roles in a row.

    For this reason, I must agree with those of you who say Grace and Daniel are the biggest names out of this 5-0 cast when it launched. They WERE at that timeindeed more well-known, or at least, had more street-cred and goodwill with viewers than AOL and Scott Caan (who I only remember prior to this from a couple of college movie ass shots).

    I know I began watching 5-0 for no other reason than Grace Park, even if at that time CBS clearly just saw her as a token female character to placate women. Over seven seasons it became apparent that all the most interesting, emotionally meatiest storyline do land on Kono and Chin. I am one of the viewers who stay with the show to see them.

    Those of you who feel DDK’s got an entitlement problem, you should try giving 7 years of that kind of physical and mental effort to work, and just try, try a little bit, to refrain from asking for what you think you deserve.

  36. Doris Harris says:

    I love this show and am really sorry to see
    Grace park and Daniel Dae leave leave the
    Show, I think this might put the show in