Middle Renewed Season 9 ABC

The Middle Ending After Season 9

It’s time to say goodbye to the Hecks.

The Middle will end its run at the conclusion of Season 9, it was announced on Wednesday.

“We sat down with the cast at the end of last year [to tell them],” executive producer Eileen Heisler said in an exclusive statement to EW.com. “It was important to have a year to say goodbye. We want to be able to tell all the stories.”

“It’s a family show. We could keep going for 10 more years with new relationships,” added fellow EP DeAnn Heline. But alas, that won’t be the case for The Middle

Though it flew under the radar for most of its run, The Middle helped ABC launch its Wednesday-night family comedy block back in September 2009, premiering alongside Modern Family and Cougar Town. After serving as the 8 pm anchor for six seasons, the Patricia Heaton-led comedy was moved to Tuesdays last season, allowing the Alphabet network to successfully launch a second night of comedy.

The Middle kicks off its ninth — and now final — season on Tuesday, Oct. 3.

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  1. Matt says:

    God as my witness, I honestly thought this ended years ago.

  2. thisismenow says:

    This is a bummer

  3. Brenda Geist says:

    I love The Middle and will sorely miss it.

  4. Sarah says:

    I will miss it. Sue is my daughter’s age, so they kind of grew up and went off to college together. Sometimes it’s over the top, but there are many spot-on moments that reflect life in my family, .

  5. Awww. It didn’t catch me at first – but it grew on me and i love this show. It’s so much like my family life.

  6. Brandon says:

    This show is consistently funny and never lost that as it aged, which is rare. I’ll miss the Hecks. :(

  7. Joel Maurice says:

    The Middle is the most consistently funny show on television. It never had extremely funny episodes like prime Modern Family but it also doesn’t have the lows like current Modern Family.

  8. Rachel Maurer says:

    My husband and I loved this show.. the modern day Roseanne but better but didn’t know anyone else that watched. So glad it hung on as long as it did.

  9. joe says:

    This was always the little show that could, love the show, still watching repeats, I’ll miss the show

  10. BettyB. says:

    Noooooo! One of the best, and most underrated, sitcoms. I will miss the Hecks … best of everything to the cast.

  11. Stephanie says:

    I love this show and watch the reruns every chance I get. It had a good run, so I can’t be mad, but I’ll miss it. I love how all of the characters have grown. I’m glad it will have a chance to prepare for the ending.

  12. larry says:

    ABC is run by certified morons.

  13. Too bad but it makes sense. All that is left is for Brick to make it through school. Maybe he could have his own spinoff.

  14. Adam says:

    This sucks because it’s still a really good show and was actually improving in quality. But also totally lost here. They cancelled LMS (and before anyone attacks me no I did not watch it and did not like it but it did very well for them ratings wise). They’re ending Scandal after this season, and now this? The network is stuck in fourth place and doesn’t seem to have a plan besides rebooting American Idol. Very confused.

    • quang says:

      I used to always look forward to ABC after they took a swing with projects like Lost and Desperate Housewives, and their night-time dramas, family comedies and sci-fi shows had always made them more interesting that the onslaught of procedural cop shows from rival networks. Now they pretty much have nothing, and taking a show like Idol seems like they’ve given up.

    • Ethan says:

      It sounds like this is a call by the creators so I don’t believe ABC is to blame here. As far as LMS goes from all the articles that have come out it sounds like Tim Allen’s huge salary was a major factor in that decision.

    • Grammytweety says:

      Doesn’t make sence!

  15. Richard Green says:

    The Middle has been one of my favorite television comedies for, well, eight years going into nine. With heart and warmth and always a little craziness, it has been a delight of a program. I maintain the character of Sue Heck deserves to be enshrined in the television hall of fame. A classic character, a classic performance season to season. While Modern Family weekly pre-
    sents an over-privileged family going nowhere, The Middle does remind us that for many families, life can be a struggle as parents try to do the best for their kids.

    • LB says:

      100% absolutely agree with you about enshrining Sue Heck. I love her so dearly. I told my hubs he had to love me a little more to fill the void the absence of this character will have in my heart😂I love all the characters, though!

      • I love Sue, but I’ll have no need to miss her, because I have a dear friend who’s so much like Sue that it’s almost spooky.
        My friend, R, is good-hearted, enthusiastic, and generous to a fault, but things seldom turn out right for her, somehow.

    • CIP says:

      Agree 100%. I will feel sad when it ends but it had a great run. I prefer when shows end on a high note and I think that will be the case here.

  16. Nena says:

    Awww I love this show! 😞😞😭😭

  17. Natalie says:

    9 seasons is a great run. Congrats to them. Ive never watched this show but 9 seasons of syndication, the checks are going to be coming in.

    Everybody loves Raymond and now the Middle. Patricia Heaton has a good track record.

  18. jean murtagh says:

    It was family show-they is not many like that anymore!

  19. Coltrane says:

    If the showrunners sat down with the cast and was prepared to end the show then is it the Middle really canceled? The title is kinda incorrect. This was their choice, cancelled kind of implys that they had no power in the matter.

    • dan says:

      The Exec Producers probably made a deal with ABC to do one last season when they were renewed last May (ie: they agreed to one last season in an effort not to be cancelled at the end of season eight). I think the show has been a consistent ratings getter (not spectacular) and ABC agreed to keep it around since they were cancelling other comedies (Last Man Standing and Dr. Ken). It is probably more and more expensive to produce the show due to increasing salaries as each year goes by. I have only seen the show occasionally, but I always found it funny and I’ve wondered why it didn’t get the critical acclaim, buzz and ratings of other more prominent shows (like the inconsistent Modern Family).

    • Nina says:

      The title says it ends after season not that it was cancelled.

  20. TV Gord says:

    Aw, heck! (sorry) Okay, I understand that this is a good time to go, but I would love to see this family update its history every now and then. Maybe a TV-movie every few years.

    I love this family!

  21. Steve says:

    Loved this show. Sue and Brad were my favorites! Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

  22. Phillip says:

    BOOOO!!! This show is so much better than Modern Family.

  23. kathy finnegan says:

    The only positive to this story is I won’t have to suffer looking at Patricia Heaton’s awful wig for much longer!!

  24. Gary Giever says:

    Sad. One of the funniest shows on TV.

  25. Elizabeth says:

    The writers and the cast of this show have really done an amazing job. The show honestly reflects an average, middle of the road family. It’s nice to see a family that isn’t wealthy and characters that you can relate to.

    • Lillian says:

      Absolutely! I think people could relate to a working class family who lived paycheck to paycheck. This is one of my favorite shows, and I resisted watching because I don’t like Patricia Heaton or Neil Flynn’s character on Scrubs. Now I adore Neil Flynn’s “Mike” and like Patricia Heaton’s … OMG, forgot her name. Anyway, this is a great show and will be sorely missed.

  26. webly3 says:

    I’m so sad! It was still a great show. I feel like I could have watched the show for the rest of my life and always be interested. It never “jumped the shark.”

  27. Brenda says:

    I stopped watching early on because I thought the Hecks were horrible to Brick. I started seeing repeats almost by accident and got hooked, it’s don’t miss for me now. The episode where Brick met the family that took him home from the hospital was priceless. The year of SUE! I adore her, she just never stops trying, wish people were really like that! I’m gonna miss the little show that snuck up on me and I’ll be checking out what’s next for the cast. Good luck to them all, especially Eden, a modern day Lucy!

    • TV Gord says:

      GREAT post! I don’t know you, but for some reason, I’m really happy you returned. (Maybe I’ll see you at HeckCon 2028! :-D

  28. Amber says:

    This show has become my go-to on boring weekend afternoons. I’m sorry to see it go. At least they get to wrap it up.

  29. Judy Dunston says:

    Looking forward to seeing how they close it out. We often do the Brick repeat the final word thing as a joke. Hope they leave us feeling good about the Heck family’s future.

  30. MelodyAZ says:

    Hopefully we will see Sue find the perfect guy or finally unite with Sean. Maybe Cindy will finally take off her hat. Need to see what happened with Darren. Brad needs to find a guy too. And Frankie needs a perfect Mother’s Day. I think the only episode I did not care for was the camping/Ray Romano one. This show has been amazingly consistent and I will miss it. 9 years is a great run.

  31. J.Norman says:

    This slowly became my favorite show of the week and one of my few appointment TV shows.

    It really wasn’t a natural lead off an hour show. Its natural place would have been to follow Modern Family at either the 8:00 or 9:00 hour. Then it would have had much better ratings

    But ABC for years never had any other lead off shows so the Middle was sort of stuck with it.
    It hung on great and really was – as some have said – “The Little Show that Could”

    As far as this being its last season, It does kind of make sense. The show is 80-90% based around the house and now the kids have graduated or are in college with only Brick remaining at home (probably forever with Cindy)

    I was hoping they would give it one or 2 more seasons, but realistically we can’t complain too much. It made 9 seasons and It has pretty much run its course in its present form
    I’ll really miss it, but the reruns are always good to watch again

  32. Barb says:

    I will miss Brook Shields’ character!

  33. Seth Martin says:

    My favorite network comedy in a decade. Solidly drawn characters and writing and great acting. Should have had some EMMY noms along the way. Such great supporting cast as well. It should have had a 10th season, I wonder if Roseanne;s return had any impact given it’s blue collar theme. The Middle never sank the way Roseanne did, consistently well done.

  34. Judith Feltner says:

    This show was truly family oriented. Never got the awards they deserved. It is now being used many times a week as a fill-in because they have nothing worth while to show the viewers. This show will be truly missed.

  35. ALM says:

    In my opinion, The Middle is the best comedy currently running! The show has maintained its high quality for eight wonderful seasons, while always being about a family that can be watched by a family, something which others have not been able to do. I will miss this underrated gem, but this news will give me the opportunity to especially savor this final season. Long live the Hecks!

  36. Sheri Goldberg says:

    9 yeas is to be celebrated, that’s for sure but this show could have gone on a few more years. I am sure it was too expensive to keep it going. There are too few comedies on today that depict the struggles of so many families today while laughing about it. Patricia Heaton is a terrific comedic actress. I’m sure the cast will find other work immediately.

    • It was a shock to come across the news this morning that the 9th season will be the last. The Middle is the one show I have been watching every chance I get, rerun or not. Brick is my favorite, but all the actors are perfect in their parts, seem very real, and are very funny. Apart from being funny, this show promoted great family values without being preachy. The only scenes I usually DON’T enjoy are those involving Rev. TimTam and his boring sermon-like songs.

      I suppose it was inevitable that the show would end because the kids are growing up and leaving home, and a lot of the humor depended on their childish experiences and angst. But WAAAAH!

      The family in The Middle was an interesting contrast with the one in Modern Family, which I also watch once in a while, but I much prefer The Middle. I hope its reruns will go on for a long, long time.

  37. E. D. Boddy says:

    So will Eden Sher finally get an Emmy nomination??

    This show actually debuted in the 8:30 slot, with the awful “Hank” (Kelsey Grammer) as the lead-in. The fact that this show (and the rest of the Wed. line-up) survives proves that a good show can succeed, despite a weak lead-in.

  38. ed69 says:

    It will be missed but it seemed they were nearing the end with some of the episodes last season. The wife and I still watched it weekly though and now rewatching some of the first few seasons. Funny stuff. Go Hecks!

  39. Synclaire says:


  40. jp says:

    I like the show. Hope the cast lands in some good places. I hope they tie up what becomes of Brick!

  41. Annette Austin says:

    I’m so bummed!! This is one sitcom I’ve watched from the beginning and always was entertained and laughed out loud! I wish the cast much success in their future endeavors. You’ll live on with me in reruns!!

  42. Phuong Vuong says:

    So sad my favorite family comedy ending but at least they know when it is ending so they can wrap it up hopefully sue and sean can finally get together

  43. Anne says:

    I am sincerely sorry to see this show go. It is one of the shows that I will laugh out loud to, maybe it’s because it represents my life, or maybe it is the quietly clever writing or the sheer talent on the show. Each of the characters is much like my family…and I will be sorry to see them go!

  44. Sandra says:

    Why? It is my favorite. A clean family show. So funny.

  45. One of the best family comedy shows on tv. It will be missed. looking forward to the reruns. its a classic..

  46. Television says:

    ugh NO! I love this show so much. There are many more episodes they could make, I’m not tired of any of it, in fact I think it improves each year. I’ve never laughed so hard when they replaced that girls face in the Christmas card with Dorris the dog’s photo. That was seriously hilarious! And believeable. I love each cast member, they all bring something to the table even if they are just in the background at the moment.

  47. Kristin says:

    NO!!!! We just love The Middle!!! Such a unique, unpretentious and relatable sit com, we’ll really miss it.

  48. Gena says:

    Aw. :( I was hoping it would stick around for one more season after this (just enough to see Sue’s college graduation), but at least the show gets a whole season to wind down — it’ll be especially interesting to see where they go with Axl since it’ll be his first year out of school…

  49. Kevin says:

    What is going on at ABC?!?! My wife and I love the middle! It is a down to earth and clean show everyone can enjoy. I even got my siblings watching The Middle. What’s going to happen to Brick? Will Sue and Axl ever find their soul mates? Will Mike and Frankie stay married after the kids are all gone? This show is ending way to soon. These people are part of our family! #savethemiddle

    • Bob says:

      here is what i have for the ending

      I wonder if they will fast forward so that they can get sue graduated and married with kids to sean, axl married to Lexi and a business man, and brick dating Cindy and being a librarian or something like that while Frankie and Mike retired in a home with millions from a settlement.

    • Reina Jean Hilt says:

      Yes! There are sooooo many more stories to explore!

  50. Douglas from Brazil says:

    Yet they gave two years to Modern Family and two more years to Goldberg so The Middle only got one.