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Dynasty Season 1 Blake Cristal

Dynasty: What's New (And What's Not) in The CW's Rich and Glitzy Reboot

The more Dynasty changes, the more it stays the same.

The CW’s reboot of the ’80s primetime soap keeps the glitz and glamour of the original, touting the ridiculously wealthy Carrington family as the “1 percent of the 1 percent” and promising a hair-pulling, bitch-slapping catfight in the very first episode. And right now might actually be the perfect time for a Dynasty revival.

“We are definitely living in the age of dynasties… whether we’re talking about Trumps or Clintons or Kardashians or Murdochs,” executive producer Josh Schwartz (Gossip Girl, The O.C.) told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour on Wednesday. But the new Dynasty — premiering Wednesday, Oct. 11 at 9/8c — does offer some updates to the original formula.

This time around, Blake Carrington’s much younger fiancée is named Cristal (not Krystle), reflecting her Venezuelan heritage. She’s played by Vampire Diaries alum Nathalie Kelley, who says that her character “represents a more current version of what’s happening in America.” She’s also not just a secretary this time, but a powerful marketing executive in Blake’s corporate empire — and she has a dark past, too. “Part of the fun was taking a character like Krystle and dirtying her up a little bit,” Schwartz teased.

Dynasty The CW Season 1 Steven FallonThe action has been moved from Denver to Atlanta, a city Schwartz thinks is a “more believable” location to place Blake’s business. And Blake’s son Steven (James Mackay) is gay, as he was in the original series, but here, he’s “confidently gay. He’s not toying with his sexuality… and Blake accepts him,” Schwartz says. That’s a huge change from the original, where Blake was violently opposed to Steven’s homosexuality. Plus, Steven’s main love interest, Sammi Jo — originally played by Heather Locklear — is a man this time around (now “Sammy Jo”), played by Empire‘s Rafael de La Fuente.

We don’t see the iconic Alexis Carrington, played by Joan Collins in the original, in the reboot’s pilot, but she’s definitely mentioned… and fans can expect to see her soon enough. “We’re taking our delicious time… it will happen sometime this season,” EP Sallie Patrick promises. (The new Alexis hasn’t been cast yet, though.)

Dynasty The CW Season 1 Cristal BlakeAnd speaking of big shoes to fill: Melrose Place vet Grant Show stars as patriarch Blake Carrington, playing the role originated by John Forsythe. Show says he jumped at the chance to play “one of the most complicated villains ever, maybe, in soap-opera history… This Blake will be very dark, but at the same time, he fiercely loves his family… He truly believes that what he’s doing is best for his family.”

The original Dynasty was produced by the legendary Aaron Spelling, who also produced Show’s Melrose Place. So what does Show think Spelling would think of this new Dynasty? “I think he would love it… his stories were always about characters, and about people, and that’s what this is about.”

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  1. bigredeo says:

    What WOULD be brilliant would be if they got Heather Locklear to play Alexis!!

    • Steven says:

      OH MY GOD. So meta and awesome!

    • S says:

      You saw how that worked out on Melrose remake lol

    • Michael says:

      As much as I love her, she’s a show killer.

      • Temperance says:

        Except she’s mostly known for being a show-maker…

        • Michael says:

          Can’t disagree. In the 80s she was one of the biggest show-makers. So maybe I miss-spoke. She is now brought in to save shows but she doesn’t have the following she used to and doesn’t save them (see Franklin and Bash, New Melrose Place and Spin City). SC is unfair, I know, who could really replace Michael J. Fox. They had to bring in two people for that and it still didn’t really work.

          Stunt casting her as Alexis would be interesting but who would take her seriously in the role? I’d rather see someone else as Alexis. Give Heather a role on another show that she can make her own.

      • Steven says:

        Tell that to TJ Hooker, Melrose Place, Dynasty, and Spin City. What shows has she killed? Te always low read Franklin and Bash or the DOA LAX?

  2. Dennis says:

    I hope Josh Schwartz can pull it off and make this a delicious guilty pleasure, but so far – from the first look at the pilot – I don’t find any of the characters likable. Cristal seems to be a gold-digging bitch this time around and Fallon like the spoiled brat she used to be in earlier seasons. With super bitch Alexis not even present at the time…. I don’t know if people will enjoy a bitchfest lead by Grant Show.

  3. Summer says:

    It really is too bad that Elizabeth Hurley is on Royals on E! She would have been a fantastic Alexis Carrington.

  4. whisperintherain says:

    You may want to retool that line addressing Sammy Jo now being a male character, because the name was always spelt with a Y.as shown in the title of original Season 2 episode “Sammy Jo and Steven Marry”.

    Also, not a word about Claudia? As played by Pamela Bellwood, she was my favorite character on the original series. I’m looking forward to seeing what the lovely Brianna Brown does with the role.

  5. David says:

    Heather Locklear as Alexis !!! please

  6. TVFan says:

    If, like the original, the Carrington corporate empire is an oil company, how in the world does it make sense to be set in Atlanta? Or is that gonna change, too?
    I do have to disagree with Grant Show. Blake Carrington is not a villain. But they are probably changing that as well. I cannot, and will not, watch any program where the main character(s) is the bad guy in the story. They are going out of their way to make all of these characters into they bad guy. There is no on worth rooting for.
    I’m out.

    • Jake says:

      I just hope they do it justice. Dynasty had top veteran actors with some really good acting chops. John, Linda, Joan, etc., it some big shoes to fill.

  7. JED says:

    They should get Jamie Murray [the Black Fairy from “Once Upon A Time” season 6] to play the new Alexis. The casting would be incredible if they did, she’s perfect for the part (and British).