Game of Thrones Recap Season 7 Episode 3

Game of Thrones Recap: Fire, Meet Ice

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Jon Snow King in the North and Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen First of Her etc. finally breathe the same air in this week’s Game of Thrones, and I’m guessing Jon wishes he brought all of his northern furs, because brrrrr it is CHILLY in that Dragonstone throne room. (At least, at first.)

But the best moment of the episode, in my view, happens at the very end, as Lady Olenna proves she’s the HBIC 4eva.

Read on for the highlights of “The Queen’s Justice.”

HOUSE TARGARYEN | (I’m using this subhead, by the way, because it’s literally Daenerys’ house we’re in for most of the episode.) Jon, Davos and his men meet Tyrion, Missandei and some Dothraki on the shores of Dragonstone.”It’s been a long road, but we’re both still here,” Tyrion notes after the men greet each other fondly. Then Missandei asks everyone to hand over their weapons, and they do.

On the long walk to the castle, Tyrion and Jon catch up, starting when Tyrion asks after Sansa: “Does she miss me terribly?” Off of Jon’s look, the Hand of the Queen continues, “A sham marriage, and unconsummated,” then advises his old acquaintance that the redhead is “much smarter than she lets on.” Jon replies:”She’s starting to let on.” Then a giant dragon swoops down, and I believe the term I’m looking for is… shook? Yeah, Jon is well and truly shook by seeing the beast (and its siblings) circling Dragonstone.

Finally, Jon and Daenerys are in the same room. After Missandei reels off khaleesi’s long list of titles, Davos simply says, “This is Jon Snow… King in the North.” (Ha!) Dany wastes no time in reminding Jon that the last King in the North bent the knee to a Targaryen “in perpetuity,” but Jon says he’s not planning to follow suit. “You have traveled all this way to break faith with House Targaryen?” she wonders, and when he brings up the Mad King’s terrible acts, she apologizes and asks him “not to judge a daughter by the sins of her father.”

If he bends the knee, she continues, she’ll name him Warden of the North. “Together,” she promises, “we will save this country from those who would destroy it.” But he says just as she’s not guilty of Aerys’ crimes, “I am not beholden to my ancestor’s vows.” Zing! She’s like, dragons! Dothraki! But Jon says she needs his help as much as he needs hers, educating her about “the enemy to the north.”

“I am not your enemy. The dead are your enemy,” Jon says, and the Mother of Dragons is really, really unimpressed and a little irked by what she perceives as his impertinence. He tosses out the terms “Night King” and “white walkers” but she is unmoved. “I spent my life in foreign lands. So many men have tried to kill me, I don’t remember all of their names,” she says, adding that all of her years of torment were endurable because she had faith “in myself… I was born to rule the seven kingdoms, and I will.”

Jon scoffs. “You’ll be ruling over a graveyard if we don’t defeat the night king.”

Davos steps in to sing Jon’s leadership praises, and when the Onion Knight gets a little carried away, he mentions that “he took a knife in the heart” for the people he was championing. Everyone notices, but no one says anything. Then Tyrion puts this out there: If nothing they do matters in light of the frozen dead threat, why not just bend the knee? Jon basically replies that he has no idea who Daenerys is or what she’s all about, so he’s not likely to pledge fealty.

She coolly counters that, as King in the North, he’s usurping power from her. “You are an open rebellion,” she notes, and when Jon asks if he’s her prisoner, she answers, “Not yet.” Daenerys quickly dismisses the men after Varys enters and whispers something in her ear; we later find out that he’s had news of Euron’s attack on the destroyed Greyjoy fleet.

Later, Tyrion advises Jon to use his time at Dragonstone to learn more about Daenerys: “She protects people from monsters, just as you do.” Then he adds that he can help, if Jon has the appropriate ask. Next thing we know, Tyrion is talking to an incredulous khaleesi about dragonglass. But the Hand points out that Jon shouldn’t be there — it’s a politically bad idea — but he is, nevertheless. Plus, Dany didn’t even know the dragonglass was there! Oh, and that part about Jon’s heart and the knife? She picked up on it.

Game of Thrones Recap Season 7 Episode 3Jon and the queen later have some diplomatic alone time where they each soften their position a bit. “Perhaps we should all be examining what we think we know,” she says, giving him permission and help to mine the dragonglass. “So you believe me then, about the Night King and the army of the dead?” he asks. “You better get to work, Jon Snow,” she says, staring into the distance.

Also of importance: Varys wonders why Melisandre is “hiding on the cliff” while Jon arrives. She’s all, my part’s done, dude! But he doesn’t believe it, and when pressed, she vaguely alludes to the “terrible mistakes I’ve made” that make her persona non grata with Jon and his crew, namely Davos. She says she’ll flee to Volantis, but she’ll return. “I have to die in this strange country, just like you.” Interesting.

Game of Thrones Recap Season 7 Episode 3HOUSE LANNISTER | Back in King’s Landing, Yara’s uncle marches her, Ellaria and the surviving Sand Snake through King’s Landing to the happy cheers of the crowd. The victor brings them to Cersei, who says he can have what he wants (her)… but only when the war is won. Jaime looks on, mildly disgusted, reminding Euron that the approving masses would be just as happy to see his head on a pike. “Or yours,” Euron replies. “They just like severed heads, really.” (Ha! And true!) Then Euron asks Jaime about his twin sister’s sexual preferences; there’s a bit about a finger that made me laugh, because I am 5 years old.

Down in the dungeon, Cersei taunts Oberyn’s lady by recounting the Red Viper’s eye-popping death, then musing about how much she loved Myrcella and how, exactly, she’d murder Ellaria’s daughter. But wait, she just did it! With a poisoned kiss, Cersei kisses the Sand Snake — honestly, no clue which one this is — and then quaffs an antidote Qyburn hands her, while Ellaria and her kid sob as they realize what’s just happened.

High on murder and torment, Cersei finds Jaime and they do their thing, even though he says “No” at first. In the morning, when news of a visitor from Braavos arrives via servant, Jaime is shocked that his sister brazenly opens the door, effectively outing them as a couple… if there was anyone left in King’s Landing who doesn’t know, that is.

Cersei meets with the representative from the Iron Bank, an institution her family owes a lot of money. She shrewdly points out the reasons the bank should not back Daenerys in the war for the throne, then says, “”Lannisters always pay their debts. Do former slaves? Or Dothraki? Or dragons?” Give her two weeks, she adds, and “my debt will be paid in full.”

Much later, we watch Daenerys’ Unsullied storm Casterly Rock, and the Lannister army is more than ready for them. But Tyrion was in charge of building the sewer system on “the rock” — he used to use them to bring prostitutes in and out of the building —  which means he knows the only way to get into the “impregnable fortress.” And because the Unsullied are fighting out of love for Dany — unlike the Lannister forces, who fight out of fear of Cersei — they triumph. And, indeed, when Grey Worm (phew!) takes off his helmet, it seems like the dragon queen has won… until he realizes that there should be a LOT more soldiers around.

Game of Thrones Recap Season 7 Episode 3HOUSE TYRELL | Where are the Lannisters? They’re marching on Highgarden, home of Lady Olenna. She literally sees them coming from a mile away, and when Jaime finds her in her chambers after his soldiers kill all of hers, they share a drink as he notes he used the exact same military strategy Robb Stark used against him at Whispering Wood. Joffrey’s name comes up, and while I can’t print what Grandma Tyrell calls that little jerk, I highly co-sign it. They also talk Cersei. “You love her… you poor fool. She’ll be the end of you,” the old lady says. “She’s a disease. I regret my role in spreading it. You will, too.”

Anywhoo, then it’s time to kill Lady Olenna. He poisons her drink and pushes it close, promising her a pain-free death, and she quaffs the entire thing. Before she goes down, because she’s amazing, she says she’s glad she won’t exit the world in the “f–king scene” that was Joffrey’s death. “Not at all what I intended… Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me.” And that, friends, is what we call CLOSURE.

HOUSE STARK | At Winterfell, Sansa is an able castle boss while Littlefinger slinks around in her wake. Oh, and at one point, he basically offers up his life’s credo: “Everyone is your enemy, everyone is your friend. Every possible series of events is happening, all at once. Live that way, and nothing will surprise you. Everything that happens will be something that you’ve seen before.” Well, OK then!

They’re interrupted by arrivals at the gate: It’s Bran! And Meera! “Hello, Sansa,” he says calmly before a crying Sansa embraces him. In the weirwood, they both lament that Jon isn’t there, then she points out that he’s the true lord of Winterfell. Nope, he says: “I’m the three-eyed raven” who can see everything that’s happening/happened all the time, but he needs a little more schooling in how to do it. “I’m sorry for all that’s happened to you. I’m sorry it had to happen here, in our home,” he says, all zen AF while he freaks her out by complimenting her on how she looked at her wedding to Ramsay Bolton… which he wasn’t at.

THE CITADEL | “The infection no longer appears to be active,” the archmaester says as he examines a completely healed (!) though scarred Jorah, who swears that he “just started feeling better” thanks to rest and the climate. Sam is 100 percent in a heap of trouble later, but it’s kind of worth it to hear Jorah say that now that he’s got a future, he’s heading back to his khaleesi’s side. “The only place for me is back with her,” he adds, thanking Sam for giving him a second chance.

Later, the archmaester reminds Sam that he was specifically forbidden to treat Ser Jorah… but then changes his tone and notes that the procedure is insanely difficult, yet Sam was successful. “I read the books and followed the instructions,” he says, earning the praise: “That man is alive because of you. You should be proud.”

His reward? “Not being immediately expelled from the Citadel,” the older man says, giving Sam an insane amount of book-copying to do as penance.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. That was a great hour of television.

  2. Hamza says:

    Tyrion has been wrong about multiple battles now for his allies. That is very unusual. But all this makes Cersei/Jamie quite formidable. Very intriguing episode.

    • A girl says:

      It was the battles, it was the strategy. Tyrion wanted to save innocents and avoid presenting Daenerys as an invader in the process. If they would have attacked King’s Landing in full force – like Olenna and Yara wanted – they would have taken King’s Landing by now.

      • Crystal Donnelly says:

        I thought Arya said to the dire wolf “It’s not you” meaning that wasn’t her wolf…she smiles after award as if she’s relieved…

        • PC Kosmas says:

          No… The context of what she actually means to say is “it’s unlike you to follow me. you are a loner”. But 248169 poetic iterations later, the context is lost. The writers already explained that blunder.

        • Donna says:

          That’s actually a reference to something from season one. A conversation with her father.. When he tells her she’ll be the Lady of a great house, and so on.. She says “No, that’s not me.” When she said it to Nymeria, she meant that it wasn’t Nymerias way.. She wasn’t domestic, she is leader of her pack.. A wild she wouldn’t be Aryas companion anymore

          • luvprue2 says:

            Exactly. That was a reference to the conversation Arya had with Ned. Ned had told her she will married a noble man and be the lady of the house, and Arya said that’s not her. That’s Sansa. So when Arya told her direwolf that’s not her , she meant that Nymeria is now the leader of a wolf pack she shouldn’t expect her to go back to being Arya’s pet direwolf.

      • That’s why Olenna had the best advice: “Be a dragon”

    • matraupach says:

      Tyrion is great at politics… but he is no military strategist.

      • A girl says:

        Nope, the military strategists were Yara and Ellaria. Good luck trying to take King’s Landing without those two!

  3. Michaela says:

    Dany is a Targaryen not a Baratheon.

  4. Liz says:

    Was so hoping Arya was at the gate. Oh well, looks like maybe next week.
    Did anyone notice that Jon is wearing his hair in a man bun, like Ned did?

    • Molly says:

      I figured it was Arya, but was happy to see Bran arrive. I wonder if seeing Nymeria and recognizing the Dire Wolf can’t be tamed, sent Arya back on her path to take out Cersei. wonder how “A girl” will take out the Mountain.

      • Mary says:

        I was wondering when the servant girl was at Cersei’s door whether she was Arya. I wonder about almost everyone, actually. It’s kind of freaking me out, not knowing who she will be.

        • Kayla says:

          I really think you might be right!

          • Colleen says:

            The preview for next week showed Arya outside Winterfell, so we know she’s not in King’s Landing for the time being. I doubt she’ll forget about her list but I’m hoping for Stark/Gendry reunions first.

        • Molly says:

          Ha! Me too. Every time I see a new face, I think “Arya? Is that you?”

        • luvprue2 says:

          I wouldn’t be surprised if Arya dress up as Jamie and kill Cersei . I bet that is how she will get close to Cersei. …and fulfilling the prophecy.

      • JustJules says:

        I don’t think the girl will take out the mountain. I think that honor is being reserved for the Hound.

        • luvprue2 says:

          I think that is why the Hound lives. He’s going to take out the mountain. Does Jamie know Rodger Strong is the Mountain?

    • EssieMcGowan says:

      There is a shot for shot with the pilot with Catelyn and Eddard that is mirrored with Jon and Sansa receiving a raven. IT WAS WEIRD. But also neat

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I said to myself out loud during the episode, “I like Jon’s manbun.” lol So yes, I noticed. Dany’s last glance over her shoulder at Jon makes me think she likes it too.

      • Irene Loredo says:

        but wait — are they cousins?

        • Molly says:

          No, Irene. Jon and Dany would be nephew and aunt. The Targaryens, however, are not at all bothered by a little think like family relationships getting in the way of their romantic lives. ;) There’s a long history of Targaryen kings marrying their sisters. In fact, Dany assumed she was going to be her brother’s king before he sold her off to Khal Drago

    • maggie says:

      I think Arya will arrive at Winterfell next week. Maybe Bran will be able to “see” that Littlefinger betrayed Ned, and Arya will put him on her list.

  5. Kate says:

    Ooh, you know how much paperwork that is? I bet there is a document that came in soon after the rebellion began noting at least the impending birth of a baby boy.

    And also, based on the preview, Dany its useful you have a guy there who is pretty good at the military planning and probably adds in the Dothraki to the fight.

    Lannisters I hate to share how early this is in the endgame?

    • maggie says:

      Maybe the paperwork has a recipe for Valerian steel. Maybe their is a marriage listed between Lyanna and Rhaegar, followed by the announcement of the birth of a boy.

      • PC Kosmas says:

        They have no use for valyrian steel when they can just create obsidian tip arrows. The dead carry no armor. Obsidian arrows will be a far more effective and prudent weapon.

    • luvprue2 says:

      Well if you think about it Varys (aka Spider) like to be in the know. He usually knows everything that is going on around him, therefore wouldn’t he have known If Lyanna Stark was pregnant? After all she was there for almost a year.

      I think Varys knows who’s Jon’s real parents are and he just haven’t said anything yet.

  6. Marisa says:

    “Daenerys Stormborn of the House Baratheon” ????

  7. AngelWasHere says:

    OMG! Can’t stop laughing. Lady Olenna went out like an OG! All this time I thought Margaery did it. The look on Jamie face was priceless. Between Olenna and Greyjoy, Jamie didn’t have a good time this week.

    • Jason says:

      Olenna actually told Margaery she did it, way back in late season 4. She basically said she was never going to let Joffrey touch her.

      • AngelWasHere says:

        Ahhhh OK. I must have missed that or forgot. Now that you said it that the convo is coming back to me. Either way it was a great reminder of how awesome she is or better yet was. :)

    • In the book, Olenna gave Sansa a hairnet that has the poison in it. Olenna breaks off the bead that has the poison in it during the dinner and drops into his wine.

  8. Dawn says:

    Ah-mazing!!!! Now the hard part…waiting another week for the next one!

  9. Molly says:

    I just wanted Bran to pop out of a wall and say, “Khalessi, you aren’t the last Targaryen, honey. Meet your nephew.” :) ahh well. Also, when Dany told Jon to just get busy mining his glass, I sort of heard in my head, “You know nothing Jon Snow.” And Olenna is my spirit animal. Kick-@** to the end. Oh, and as much as I hate her, I kinda want to hat tip Cersei for her revenge plan against Ellaria. Wicked all the way through. I loved the banter between Jon and Dany. And Melisandre’s “I brought fire and ice together” and Davos slip with the knife to the heart…. ok, I was just a happy girl tonight. I did wish Sam had talked a little white walker with Jorah before the galant knight headed to his queen

    • lmartin929 says:

      I totally heard Ygirette saying the same thing “you know nothing Jon Snow”
      “You better get to work Jon Snow” and I think he did too!
      Im sooo excited finally about this pairing and I knew they’d bump heads immediately ♡
      Can’t wait for next week

      • A girl says:

        Daenerys and Jon have barely been introduced and they are already arguing like an old married couple.

        Reminds me of Jaime and Brienne on their way to Harrenhal…

        • luvprue2 says:

          I miss Jamie and Brienne’s relationship. It was done so well in the book. They totally cut it in the show.

        • Love that too. Dany can’t shelve her entire life’s mission statement on the drop of a dime just because someone brings news of a bad omen. We know of Jon’s exploits and heart, but to assume Dany knows his journey (even based on Tyrion’s admiration) is totally not fair. Yes she was a little arrogant, but she also managed to concede to a greater cause. Jon and Dany are both learning. And that’s the beauty of watching this relationship unfold.

  10. Kevin Tran says:

    The best if not one of the best episodes of GoT so far this season.

  11. amy says:

    Question- when Jon and Dany were talking dragons, she said she named two of them after her lost brothers, and noted he had lost two as well. Shouldn’t he have corrected her? As far as he knew (at the moment) Rob, Bran and Rickon were all gone or at least assumed dead in the case of the younger brothers.

    • amy says:

      *Robb (Siri strikes again)

    • Jason says:

      Bran was presumed alive, because Sam told Jon as much. Without evidence to the contrary, they’re always going to hold out hope.

    • Molly says:

      I think once Jon saw Rickon (and then saw him die)’ at the battle of the bastards, he may have considered Bran was t actually dead either. As far as Jon knows now. He only has two confirmed dead brothers

      • TheDude says:

        Jon actually knows for a fact that Bran is alive, because Sam(The person Jon just said last week he trusts more then anyone) told him exactly that.

    • maggie says:

      Theon told Sansa that he really didn’t kill her brothers. Then Rickon showed up as a prisoner to Ramsay. So, there was no reason to not believe that Bran could still be alive as well.

  12. Lauren says:

    That was incredible.

  13. Daphne says:

    Well, I guess that takes care of that troublesome Dorne subplot.

    • Nemo says:

      Not so fast. I predict Bronn will administer the antidote and help them escape the dungeon. It would be… symmetrical.

      • Diane says:

        Bronn is at Highgarden with Jaime. He was riding alongside Jaime and Sam’s dad.

        • Nemo says:

          Judging by next week’s preview, Jamie and Bronn will be back in King’s Landing with House Tyrell’s gold in short order.

          • EssieMcGowan says:

            Bronn may also have gone to Varys and Littlefingers school of the magical plot device

          • Colleen says:

            Qyburn said the poison would kill Tyene within hours or days. She’d be long dead in the amount of time it took Jaime and Bronn to gather Lannister troops from Casterly Rock and travel all the way down to High Garden, much less procure the gold and travel back. And while Bronn fancied Tyene, it wouldn’t be in his self-preserving nature to risk the wrath of Cersei trying to free her–it’d be a straight up suicide mission.

      • Will says:

        The actress who plays Ellaria did an interview with EW and claimed this was her final episode. While we’ve been tricked before, I don’t think she’s a significant enough character to have the actress be misleading about her future on the show.

        • lmartin929 says:

          That’s kinda sad to hear …
          I really wanted to see her face as her daughter died in front of her more poetic for me too see!
          Im not a Cersi fan at all but I do love that she got her mama revenge tonight that was awesome

          • MsChippy says:

            No, that Mama revenge was not awesome. I hate that Cersei ALWAYS gets her revenge, while just about everyone else basically just gets even more screwed over.

        • yeah..Ellaria is totally gone by now. Yara still has a chance tho..

  14. Laura B. says:

    Truly the greatest show of all time. I was literally begging inside for Olenna to tell Jaime that she killed Joffrey… it will be very satisfying when Cersie can no longer blindly blame Tyrion, and Sansa… they could still kill them for it, unless the info spreads, but I’m hoping, either way, Sansa at least won’t ever have to answer for that crime. Speaking of Sansa, she seems a most capable leader.. Bran really freaked her out though. Hopefully she can open her mind and overcome her fear and realize how powerful Bran is with his abilities. Euron is gross but did well with that fleet of his. I didn’t see that Caster lyrics Rock empty victory coming at all… I hope Cersei being so brazenly open about her relationship with Jaime backfires, somehow. I’m glad Jorah is cured, go Sam! Dany is kinda screwed in ally category. The unsullied are kinda trapped. I never did like the sand snakes.. I thought Dany was too prideful meeting Jon. Glad he didn’t bend, glad he gets the dragon glass, glad Mel is gone for a bit. Will be interesting when Jon has to explain that “knife in the heart” slip. Dany MUST destroy the iron fleet with the dragons. Can’t she still use Dorne? Someone new must lead them, and she could align them to her cause. Oh well. Still has doth raking, and High Garden can’t save the Lions. I await the fire & ice alliance to destroy the dead.

  15. Mary says:

    Did anyone else think it was odd that Littlefinger essentially described his strategy as though he were a three-eyed raven? Who else keeps all possibilities past, present, and future in mind? Do you think it was significant?

    • EssieMcGowan says:

      I think it was but not because he is a three eyed raven… I more or less think its going to be Bran once the rest of them trust his “i’m a magical tree” powers and reveals the “hey i know what you did” and maybe even reveal who sent the assassin (in the books its implied it was Joffrey but we shall see)

      • DL says:

        Oh, good point. Littlefinger set up Tyrion by sending the assassin after Bran, so that’s gonna have to come out now. Baelish has got to go!

        • luvprue2 says:

          I think Bran is going to reveal that it was Little finger that help capture Ned Stark in king’s landing. I’m also is counting on it being Little finger who talked Joffrey into beheading Ned Stark after Cersei told him to send him to the wall.

    • A girl says:

      I thought it was a general reminder at how powerful Bran really is, Littlefinger is still a small picture kind of guy when it comes to the actual global scenario Bran is dealing with.

    • PC Kosmas says:

      “Who else keeps all possibilities, past, present and future in mind?” Every paranoid person that I know does, and it causes cognitive overload, often even depression.

      For LF, I think he was just foreshadowing Bran’s speech in a way, but the way he is not afraid of the scenario in which the dead overcome the living makes me wonder if there is more to him than we know.

      Every single action LF has taken so far, has destabilized the living kingdoms more and more. Perhaps he has… alternative motives. After all, chaos is a ladder.

  16. AngelWasHere says:

    Among other things….Glad my homeboy, Jorah is cured and alive. Glad my boo, Jon didn’t bend the knee. Also love Tyrion’s involvement in this episode too. Hopefully more Starks reunite.

  17. Raftrap says:

    They killed the Lady Olenna, I want revenge, I want Fire and Blood!

  18. N.Kyl says:

    Cersei is quite impressive this season…. outsmarting Daeny & Tyrion TWICE!
    Time for Daeny to dust off the dragons.
    Euron is so entertaining…I need more scenes with him and Jamie Lol
    House Tyrell…GONE! At least the show is weeding out subplots…
    Loved Jon & Daeny scenes…
    Jon & Tyrion were awesome, great conversations…best scenes of the episode for me.

  19. Nick says:

    Can i just say that this is the first time that I truly enjoy a scene with Ellaria Sand since Season 4. The scene with Ellaria and Cersei is probably one of my favorite moments this season, I love their dynamic. Indira Varma’s ‘speechless’ acting was also fantastic… Its just too bad the writers dropped the ball with the whole Dorne storyline.

    And of course Lady Olenna (Diana Rigg) can’t exit the series without a bang. She’s probably the episode’s MVP. Her 5 minutes of screen time deserves an Emmy nomination! I miss Lady Olenna already

  20. bill says:

    There is a problem brewing… Tyrion’s ‘cleverness’ has backfired twice now because of Euron’s fleet. Lady Tyrell planted that seed and Dany may lash out at her Hand for all this… or she will simply take matters into her own hands and ‘be a dragon’ – going airborne against Euron.

    • A girl says:

      Too late now. It’s time to cut her losses and move on: Daenerys was never going to help Jon against the Knight King unless her allies – and her fleet – would be gone anyway.

  21. ninergrl6 says:

    This was one my favorite GoT eps ever. Beginning to end, A+ storylines all around. The meeting of Dany & Jon didn’t disappoint, thanks in large part to Tyrion’s presence as a perfect go-between. From the moment Jon stepped on the shore, great dialogue & great intrigue. Jon’s first sight of the dragons? Perfect! And then that long, awesome conversation in Dany’s throne room. I was absolutely holding my breath and hanging on every word. It was an entire story arc played out within a few terrific scenes. As if that wasn’t enough, Bran’s surprise arrival at Winterfell caught me off guard & absolutely made me tear up. And then that conversation between Jaime & Olena?! The whole time I was thinking, “Tell him! Tell him!” and then she did and it was such a mic drop moment. Man, I’m gonna miss her.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Another favorite moment: Sam extending his hand to Jorah. Such a meaningful gesture, not afraid to touch him. Go Sam!

      • These Episodes Just Keep Getting Better and Better. says:

        Well call me crazy, but when Sam extended his hand to Jorah, it reminded me of when Lady Diana shook hands with people with HIV and AIDS. Not that I’m saying Sam is royalty (though he rules in my heart, he’s such a sweet and kind friend to all).

        Fabulous all-round episode. Loving that Sam wouldn’t let Jorah did, the same way that Jorah’s father, Commander Mormont, told Sam he wouldn’t die (either).

        Lady Oleana! She was one fricking amazing character and I miss her already. I really enjoyed her talk with Dany last week and wish we’d have had the opportunity to listen to more like it. Well, at least she went out in style. Can’t wait to see the look on Cersei’s face when Jaime tells her (and he will tell her so she stops blaming Tyrion for Joffrey’s murder, though we all know she hates Tyrion so much, it won’t matter anyway. She’ll just focus on how Tyrion killed their father. She’s always hated Tyrion and nothing will change that. She really doesn’t need a reason for that.

        God, I think most of us thought the person at the gate would be Arya. A total surprise when it was Brann. Simply cause I assumed Arya would be travelling much faster than Bran and for some reason I just assumed the Wall was farther north than Arya was south. Was so interesting seeing Sansa’s reaction to Bran describing the things she had to go through and freaking her out about how could he know that.

        Speaking of Sansa, ultimately I’d like to see her kill Baelish (or Arya kill him for Sansa). I don’t know how she can get past how he fed her to the sharks, the Boltons. Baelish said he had no idea what a monster Ramsay was, but I don’t believe that. Baelish’s own spies seem to keep him in the know about the goings on around Westeros. Ramsay was making young women run through the forest so he could hunt them for sport and turned his dogs on them. I’m sure that was well known, though only in whispers. Yep, if he’s gonna die, let it be at the hands of a Stark woman.

        Dany and Jon………… fantastic scenes. Loved Jon and Davos’ reactions to the dragons. That seemed all too real that’s for sure.

        Hope all these battle fails don’t turn Dany against Tyrion. His advice hasn’t had good results for her.

        I’m wondering if there’s going to be a fight for that Tyrell gold. Why show that on the preview? They wouldn’t be showing it if nothing of note happened so that’s gonna be interesting. Who will attack that convoy of gold? The Brotherhood perhaps (though perhaps they’re too far north by now). We shall see.

        Question: back a few seasons ago, Baelish was talking to someone (Robert Baratheon? Cat?, I can’t remember), but Baelish seemed to be alluding to the Lyanna kidnapping as not being a kidnapping at all. He gave the impression to us (the audience) that he knew about their love (marriage?) and who Jon’s parents really were. It seemed to go over the head of whomever he was talking to. Help me out,please. Was it Robert B? or whom?


        • lmartin929 says:

          He was talking to Sansa in the dungeons…. she was looking at the statue of Lyanna and he told her the story… this was right before she married Ramsey Bolton

          • These Episodes says:

            Excellent! Thanks very much, Imartin. You saved me the hassle of having to go back and try to find the scene myself. (getting older truly sucks).

        • ninergrl6 says:

          I thought the *exact* same thing about Diana & AIDS patients. Maybe that image was fresh in my mind from watching Diana, Our Mother last week.

          • These Episodes says:

            Me, too! Thanks for sharing that. It’s always so sad when a family with young children lose their mother, but it was even sadder because all of the charities she supported having lost their spokeswoman. She impressed me enormously because of all the charities she supported, some of which weren’t so popular because of their subjects like AIDS and Leprosy and minefields. Probably the kind of things Shireen would have supported if she’d had the chance to grow up.

  22. So Happy says:

    I’m sure Sam prefers being on book duty over toilet duties!

  23. Sarah says:

    This episode was SO frustrating! Every time Dany talked down to Jon with her “I’m the last and It’s my right” talk I wanted to smack her. I can’t wait until she finds out that Jon outranks her and is the rightful heir.

    • Lame says:

      Who still living, other than Bran knows the blood link between Daenery and Jon ? I’very forgotten.

      • PC Kosmas says:

        Sam will soon find out as well while he copies the molding scrolls.

      • Sarah says:

        Sam will find out at the citadel, most likely. Fans have also speculated that Howland Reed (who was with Ned at the tower) also knows.

      • luvprue2 says:

        Howard Reed. Little Finger hinted that he might know something about Jon’s mother in his conversation with Sansa. I think Varys might know considering he served the mad king, and he likes to be in the know. It would make no sense if Varys didn’t know Lyanna Stark was pregnant, she was there for almost a year.

    • Ted says:

      Hummmm, no he is not the rightful ruler.He is still a BASTARD. Dany was born to rule the seven kingdoms. Dany talking down to Jon??? He was talking down to her and she was not having it! Good for her , it is her house. If Dany came to Winterfell and talked like that to Jon in his house, you would be having a hissy fit right now. She should just shelf all her plans because some rube form the North tells her that there are scary monsters?Why in the hell should she believe him??Because he knows Tyrion? No, he last talked to him years ago, he does NOT know him. And conveniently, the guy who has less forces and no dragons ask for you to put all your aspirations aside and give him control of your troops and dragons, because, scary dead people.Sounds like him trying to fool you from attacking him.

      • Nelly says:

        Sorry to say this..but it will be soon revealed that jon is not a bastard..and that he is the rightful heir to the throne

  24. Lame says:

    Other than Bran, who knows the blood link between Daenery and Jon ? At least someone still living.

  25. Sir mixon says:

    Good review sir! I only feel you left out one important detail that I was particularly excited about. When Bran and Sansa were wishing Jon was home, Bran says “I really need to talk to him” you know, about his true heritage and all

  26. readenreply says:

    What WILL Sam find in those books. Hmm.

  27. Little finger is a creep but the advice he gave Sansa was rely quite good. John Snow was conceived during Robert’s rebellion as was Deanarys . I wonder how far apart in age they really are. Nevertheless, I think its a significant detail. Don’t know why I dismissed James cleverness. After all, both be and Tyrion are both their father’s son. I get Bran is the three eyed Raven but he could have shown just a little enotuin coming home and seeing his sister. Now that I know that he see everything Its only fair coulassume his had a front seat to Areas world and probably knows that she too is on be way to Winterfel.

    • Apologies for the botched spelling. It seems my computer has a mind of its own. Anyway, you get the gist of it!

    • Molly says:

      Dany and Jon have to be very close in age. She’s born in exile and it was after Rhaegar’s death which puts it near the end of the war. Jon’s born near the end also. Rhaegar had already been killed and Jon’s half-brother and sister had been murdered. As for Bran, perhaps he has ‘seen’ something in Sansa’s future he’s not really very happy about. Maybe she betrays the family or something and he’s balancing what she knows now with that he knows in the future. Or he’s just really freakin’ tired and feeling too zen to give a hoot.

  28. Key points not touched on… the Maester definitely gave Sam that “punishment” as a reward. I imagine those books hold the secrets that he has been asking about.


    Why does everyone think that Dany taking the dragons out to hunt for Euron is a good idea now? We know that Cersei has a weapon that can kill them, This will not end well either.

    And… it was good to see Yara alive, for now.

    • skyebright8 says:

      Agree I assume the guy has given him books about the white walkers that Sam’s not allowed to read on his own

  29. Millisandre talking to ” the spider” as she called him said that she, like he has to die in “that cocountry implying that he too was carom another place entirely. Who is he really?

    • Molly says:

      Varys has already shared his backstory. He was born a slave in Lys. He tells Tyrion at some point when they’re sailing away from Westeros on their way to find Dany. He was part of a troop of mummers and was ‘sold’ to some guy that gave him a potion that paralyzed him temporarily. The man butchered him then and left him the eunuch he is now. He also spent time in Pentos before finding his way to King’s Landing and making himself useful as the spider.

    • luvprue2 says:

      …it also hint that Vary’s could be like her. I think there is something more to Varys than the story he’s been telling everybody.

  30. Dany’s reaction was not in the least unreasonable, in my opinion. Why should she believe a man she’s never met about threats that have become mere myth for the vast majority of people in Westeros and the Northerners themselves barely believe in? She expects to be queen of the Seven Kingdoms so she has to act as such. But she also formally apologized for her father’s crimes and gave Jon the dragonglass and all the men he needed to mine it for nothing. It wasn’t as if Jon wasn’t just as stubborn and bad at communicating. Tyrion was right. Ask her for something reasonable first and then give her time to come to trust you, then ask her to commit her forces to fighting White Walkers.
    I love how both of them turned their heads in one time.. Its so cute. Like a two teenagers that crushed on each other. To be fair…

    • ninergrl6 says:

      All of their scenes played out perfectly IMO. The tension, the posturing, the stubbornness, and the eventual bending thanks to Tyrion’s mediation. I loved all of it.

  31. Zee says:

    The tyrell family were never innocent in the scheme of things, even marjery who pretended to be ‘good ‘ was only interested in acting good so that she’d be liked

  32. elle says:

    Where are Varys’ little birds?
    How did he not know about the Lannister army leaving Casterly Rock?

  33. RZ says:

    Guessing that Sam will learn something useful in the scrolls/books that he has to copy.

  34. Rambling Joe says:

    I loved a lot of the episode but you left out the rest of Daenerys’ fleet being taken by surprise AGAIN! Last week Yara’s fleet being surprised at night, maybe. This week, the fleet is surprised in BROAD DAYLIGHT?!?! Even if they weren’t manned enough to fight, they should have been manned enough to flee.

    And how the hell did Euron have time to get from Kings Landing to Casterly Rock? And Jamie managed to march his army of 10,000 men to House Tyrell awfully damn fast from Kings Landing. And he got there to the complete surprise of Lady Olenna. No spies, lookouts or ravens to warn her? Did she have time to send a raven to Daenerys? I know, I know, plot lines, but gee-whiz. Can’t let Daenerys win too fast (or at all)?

    I have to admit the writer’s are keeping the George R.R. Martin faith. All the heroes you root for end up losing.

  35. Jj says:

    Badass 1: Sam

    Badass 2: Olenna

    Badass 3: Yuron (even though he’s a douche).

  36. luvprue2 says:

    I’m so sad that Lady Olenna died, (I wonder how she made it back to Highgarden so fast?) but I glad she went out like a boss. I’m also glad she told Jamie that it was her who killed Joffrey (She failed to mention that Little finger was involved). Now Jamie will know that Tyrion was innocent all along and he was only convicted because Cersei had people fabricated lies to get him convicted. Maybe now Jamie will finally see the truth about his sister. …or will it take Cersei bedding Euron for him to wake up.

    I loved Varys conversation with Melisandre. He told her not to come back, and she told him she will has to come back to die there just like him. Hmm? What does Melisandre mean by that? Could Varys be witch/wizard like Melisandre? Another thing about Varys. He was a servant for the mad king around the time of Robert’s rebellion. So is it possible that Varys already know Jon’s true parentage? If Varys like to be the one in the know all the time, wouldn’t he have known that Lyanna Stark was pregnant? After all she was there for almost a year.

    I love Jon and Dany’s first meeting. I laughed when Missandei reels off khaleesi’s long list of titles, Davos simply says, “This is Jon Snow… king of the North. I also like Euron Greyjoy. He is such a bastard, but he’s a funny bastard .

    Who was it that who pulled The on from the water? It look like someone from the iron island. Was that a friend, or foe? I’m also worry about Grey worm. I hope he survived this season.

  37. Nerf Herder says:

    My 2 cents:
    1. The manuscripts Tarly is to copy are the old forbidden files he doesn’t have access to. These will provide defenses and known weapon stashes against the White Walkers.

    2. Jon’s lineage will remain a secret to all but the Starks until the end. (Danny would see a respected family member as a threat.) Jon will pronounce his heritage as he dies bringing honor to Ned across the kingdom.

    3. The Night King will also be the end of the dragons and magic will again fade from the world. (The red comet marked an era where the R’hollor priests gained strength & started reanimating dead men, the dragons were born and the Night King started building an army.

    4. The Unsullied and Dothraki will take out the Lanister army on their trek back across but only just barely. The Lion army will retreat to King’s Landing and lock down the city. Danny’s army refuses to enter the city & stays outside the gates. Danny will lose the 2 smaller dragons to Qyburn’s balistas but will ride the big one to the Wall.

    5. Melisandre will return during the battle at the Wall to keep raising undead champions like Dondarrion, Jon, Benjen & maybe Stoneheart(?). She will raise Jon again, his sword will catch fire & become her prophesied one. Jon will kill the Night King at a final battle approaching Winterfell. After the battle, all the raised begin to die when the magic fades. Her life having meaning, Melisandre will die, too.

    6. Little finger will return to the Erie with the guise of bringing the Nights of the Vale up to Winterfell. Instead he plans on taking the army to King’s Landing. Sansa, having learned from Petyr’s advice, has outwitted him by already conversing with Robin. Robin pushes an unsuspecting Littlefinger through the Moondoor.

    7. Bran will sit at Winterfell’s weir wood during the battle. If there are any Children of the Forest left, we’ll see them. He’ll probably also warg into all sorts of northern animals including any of the remaining dire wolves. As the magic fades, he’ll become one with the weir wood restoring balance to the world’s magic.

    8. Danny will fly in to save Winterfell. The last dragon will die probably at the hand of some undead giant. Jorah will die saving Danny. A dying/fading Snow will announce his heritage, declaring Sansa as the warden of the north. She swears allegiance to cousin Danny & the North marches to King’s Landing.

    7. The Northern armies arrive in time to save Danny’s forces as they have been whittled down because they refused to wipe out the city. The people love her for it. Braun, having been in contact with Tyrion, takes out Tarly & son leaving the Lannister army in disarray. Seeing the Lannister army wiped out, Cercei & Jaime hold up in the Red keep.

    8. The Hound will die redeemed after taking out the Mountain. Jaime will kill Cercei when they retreat to King’s Landing throne room after she goes mad, ranting “Burn Them All!”. (As Bran says, history just repeats.) Arya will take out Jamie perhaps disguised as Qyburn. He’ll be OK with it as Arya reveals herself.

    9. Oberon’s wife will be found in the dungeon after the fall of King’s Landing. She will have gone mad staring at the corpse of her daughter.

    10. Danny has proven to the 7 Kingdoms that she has earned to the iron throne, not just entitled to it. Everyone accepts her as Queen as all the major families, except the Starks, have no heirs. The northerners return home, as they have no desire to rule. The kingdom is finally at peace as they rebuild.

    Danny becomes a beloved queen.
    Sansa remains warden of the north.
    Arya marries Gendry.
    Bran becomes the 3-eyed raven with the weir wood.
    Varys dies protecting Danny somehow, proving he was always loyal to the Kingdom.
    Tyrion remains the Hand, gives Casterly Rock to Braun.
    Brienne remains Sansa’s guard, keeping Caitlyn’s Oath.
    Sam writes the tome “A Song of Ice & Fire” as a full maester.

  38. David Tate says:

    awesome !!! not so easy to kill a dragon but they need to rethink strategy for fighting the lion!!Jaimie obviously will be captured again per usual

  39. David Tate says:

    awesome !!! not so easy to kill a dragon but they need to rethink strategy for fighting the lion!!Jaimie obviously will be captured again per usual

  40. I don’t know if anyone else sees it, or if it has occurred to other followers of Game of Thrones. I am usually pretty good at reading between the lines or spotting subtleties. I see Daenerys & Jon Snow getting married. They are kindred souls who have both been through Hell and back. They share similar outlooks on their own future’s and the future of the Kingdoms. Jon is not looking to be in charge and rule. He has, consistently, throughout the series, resisted stepping up and being the leader. He has known since birth, he is second string and will never be in the majors, to rule. This last episode only confirmed my beliefs.
    With Daenerys consistently telling Jon to bend a knee and kneel before her. It makes sense, that the only way for that to happen, be loyal to those who proclaim him King of the North would be that if they marry, then and only then could he knell and still be loyal to his followers. Slowly. Each has softened their original view of the other. With Daenerys just losing two allies, winter fast approaching, and the eminent threat the White Walker’s and the Lannister army, it is the only way to make all things work