Marvel's Inhumans: Medusa's Hair Puts Maximus in Chokehold in New Trailer

Marvel’s Inhumans made its debut at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, unspooling a new IMAX trailer for attendees in Ballroom 20.

The two-minute sneak peek features our first glimpse at Medusa’s hair-raising abilities, as King Black Bolt’s resilient warrior wife goes after power-hungry brother-in-law Maximus. In the footage, Maximus also warns Black Bolt of what the humans might do if they were to discover their superhuman species.

“Brother, sooner or later the humans are going to find us. Their first course of action will be to try and destroy us,” Maximus says to Black Bolt. “We need to go to Earth now. We need to strike first.”

Marvel’s Inhumans makes its ABC debut on Friday, Sept. 29, with a two-hour premiere starting at 8/7c. Those same two (of Season 1’s eight) episodes will be exclusively screened in IMAX theaters four weeks earlier, starting Friday, Sept. 1.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch the latest Inhumans trailer, then tell us if you’re more or less excited about the show based on the newly released footage.

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  1. Sara says:

    I actually think this looks pretty cool. I am excited for it to premiere.

  2. Crow17 says:

    It just looks bad, but there will be a full season. I hope they tested the pilot and made changes.

  3. Nick says:

    Why even put this crap in IMAX? Who decided to spend money on this? Ugh.

  4. Jojo says:

    Looks better than the original teaser, but still not totally convinced.

  5. Ray (the other one) says:

    Wow. The more I see, the worse it looks. Hard pass!

  6. Nemo says:

    This all seems rather silly, even by comic book standards.

  7. Simon says:

    Looks a bit messy. I’m confused by something – how does this relate to AOS and the inhuman storyline they had?

    • Carla Krae says:

      It doesn’t. Not the same universe.

      • RenegadeTimeLord says:

        Actually, it is. All the MCU movies and shows are set in the same universe. They may not go out of their way to do crossover events that would make keeping up the timeline continuity all the more difficult, such as keeping the Avengers and the Defenders apart for the foreseeable future, but these Inhumans are absolutely connected to those seen in AOS.

    • Bartimeus says:

      I don’t think the shows are meant to crossover but the Inhuman family in this show have been living on the moon so they have nothing to do with the Inhuman “epidemic” on earth.

    • Horus says:

      A long time ago some of the early Inhumans managed to escape to a Kree base on the dark side of the moon. They have been living their in secret for centuries going through the same basic rituals the hidden earth Inhumans go through with the terrigen mist. The Inhumans on earth and those on the moon are related, but it would appear that one group does not really know of the existence of the other.
      Not all of the descendants get the gene; like Maximus. So there is a two-caste system: those with powers and those without. Maximus always builds political power by manipulating the non-powered to side with him.
      With AoS being in space at the beginning of Season 5, and following The Inhumans broadcast, I have no doubt that the lunar Inhuman story will probably have some crossing over with the first arc of Season 5.

      • Gern Blanston says:

        Maximus has the gene and powers. He just hid them from everyone when he got them so there are very few that know that he has them.

  8. RC says:

    Medusa’s hair is the most notable part of the character. If they don’t have the budget or the effects to pull off the hair, they shouldn’t do the show at all.

  9. Rachel says:

    It looks ridiculous. Badly made, amature and stupid.

  10. T.W.S.S. says:

    It’s eight episodes, and it’s Marvel, and it’s (a dubious-looking) Serinda Swan, so of course I’m watching. But this doesn’t look great, and they could have used a fraction of the cost to make an Agent Carter TV movie.

    • Jeremy says:

      Agent Carter was the high point of Marvel Television’s stable of shows. Ever since then, they have been coming out with shows that were either mediocre or just plain awful *cough*Iron Fist*cough*. This looks to continue a bad trend.

      • Horus says:

        Ironfist was bad, but that is not on Marvel. Disney does not produce the shows for Netflix. It is just a license deal. Disney should have used their vetting rights to say no to the idea but the production was all on Netflix. And I am sorry, but I could not even make it through the 1st season of Agent Carter. It bored me to death; which is probably why it was cancelled.

  11. ndixit says:

    This looks worse than Iron Fist. If you make Serinda Swan look unappealing, you are doing something very wrong.

  12. Carlos Lee says:

    Serinda Swan is very attractive. However, as somebody previously mentioned she looks like Morticia from the “Adams” Family”.

  13. Fido says:

    The GOT dude looks exactly the same has he did in GOT, right ?! No change of hair cut and, from the looks of it, no change in wardrobe.

  14. Amy J says:

    I feel mean saying this, but when the trailers are making the production value look rough, it’s only going to get worse on IMAX.

  15. Roe says:

    I’m excited 😜 😜😜😜😜