Power Recap Season 4 Episode 4

Power Recap: Tommy Did What?!

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Remember that part in the movie Speed when Keanu Reeves’ character accidentally jabs a screwdriver into the zooming bus’ gas tank, making a dire situation (“Keep it above 50!” or a bomb explodes) that much worse for himself and everyone unfortunate enough to be in his immediate vicinity?

“What, you thought you needed another challenge or something?” Sandra Bullock’s Annie yells at him from the driver’s seat.

I had a similar reaction to this week’s Power, in which Tommy decides that the best way to handle Bailey Markham — who has that incriminating recording on which Tommy admits to killing Lobos — is to stab the man to death at Proctor’s place. Good god, man, things were precarious enough before you went insane on the guy, and now you’ve killed a federal agent.

There’s no way Tommy could have known that Markham has been telling anyone who’ll listen that he has proof that Greg was clean. There’s also no way Tommy could have known that various members of the prosecution are aware that there’s some kind of evidence that might exonerate Knox. But he should know that violently offing a Homeland Security agent on the fly doesn’t just ensure that Proctor is “in it together” with him, it is nearly certain to draw even more attention to their already incredibly shady situation.

Anyway, elsewhere in the episode:

* Tommy delivers the money to Tony’s wife, and the man who’s there with her is an associate of Tony’s named Sammy who recognizes Tommy and then makes a call alerting Tony that “it’s him.” Those of you who adamantly prophesied that the old man is Tommy’s dad, I’m starting to feel you.

* Mak reinstates Angela on the prosecution’s team, chews her out for offering Ghost an unauthorized deal, then hands her a nightmare assignment: Get Tasha to flip on James. So the two women meet, and Angie lets Mrs. St. Patrick know that Ghost turned down a deal that would’ve protected her and the kids. This is news to Tasha, who tries to fake like she knew but who promptly marches to the prison and lets her husband know that he. will. be. keeping. her. in. the. loop. from. now. on. (Side note: I love Lela Loren and Naturi Naughton in scenes together. More of that, please.)

Power Recap Season 4 Episode 4* Based on intel gleaned during Tommy’s visit to Tony’s wife and Sammy, Ghost lets Tony know that he’s got information that can mess with Tony… and after a little bit of a standoff, they agree to detente. No more payments in exchange for Ghost’s silence.

* The judge gets wind that Proctor is lawyer to both Ghost and Tommy, and he deems it a troubling conflict of interest. Long story short? Silver is now Ghost’s only legal counsel.

* Tommy and LaKeisha have vigorous sex in one of the chairs at her salon. I just thought that should be noted somewhere.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. sladewilson says:

    If Angela turns out to be the one that actually saves Ghost…. Please, free Ghost then have Tasha take Angela out to the woodshed…

  2. Shay says:

    Kanan is foul. Im keeping qyiet right now because what i have to say will spoil upcoming episodes.

  3. Elizabeth FerrandEli says:

    I sooo love this season oppose to the last one… two!!! It’s much more interesting!!!

    • Avon Rivers says:

      Power series is a journey. I can hardly contain myself of the parts every character play. it’s getting harder to wait a WEEK to see the next episode. Power.

  4. Annette Dunning says:

    Angela got The video that proves Ghost is innocent. FREE GHOST…👻

  5. Biggrldiva says:

    Yess plz let them use Tasha to take it Angela I’m such of her. I knew that agent wasn’t gonna last long I actually thought Mike was gonna take him out. I knew ghost wasn’t giving up no more money too. And yes I think that’s Tommy father as well. Tariq omg out of control.

  6. Faye says:

    Is it possible that Tasha will turn on Ghost? She’s in the mommy-mode now
    For real, Ghost has her jacked up financially now.

  7. Avon Rivers says:

    Power is one of the GREATEST series EVER hit TV. ALL of the characters are AWESOME!!!!!!!

  8. Lovely says:

    Ok, Angela is once again in a risky position with her job. Now she has confirmation Ghost never planted the gun, and it took Proctor to go by her residence to point that out to her. Now that Angela knows this piece of key evidence she need to be extra careful of how, when, and where she is going to deliver her discovery. Knowing that Sandoval was the last to view the footage and did not inform anyone on the prosecution team, now she knows at least on of her co-workers is dirty. We all know now the last known surveillance recording of Ghost’s office he was only making business transactions for Truth the night he was arrested. The video did not show Sandoval planting the gun. But, I to feel as though the prosecution team will be having more holes (errors) as a slice of Swiss cheese. Angela was not present in the courtroom as Proctor cross examined the black ASUSA agent pointing him out as the mole. While the black ASUSA was getting indegnent, spewing nasty expletives defending himself, Sandoval was looking on like if his attempts of framing Ghost for Greg’s demise fail then he will pin everything on the black ASUSA, because he was the first to discover the gun. We will see if that plays out. As much as I would love to see Angela go down she at least need to be forthcoming with what she knows without being shot, injured, beat up, etc. I have a feeling Silver may have snitched on Proctor and eventually having Proctor throwned off the case. I say that because Silver made it known he is trying to build his resume and questioned Proctor as to why he does not keep him on the loop of things. Silver may proposition Tasha because their source of clean money is locked in every direction (Truth, The Weave Shop and the Wash and Folds are closed by the Feds), how are they going to pay the attorneys fees? Can’t with dirty money. Maybe the kids trust funds? I seen how Silver was standing so close to Tasha’s face he could have licked her nose on one of the next show or one of upcoming shows preview. Dre is is in a bad situation he is either 1. Go back to the streets to hustle to keep up with paying Kanan or 2. Risk his life, pray Tommy does not touch him and let him know Tariq had been hanging with Kanan. He really need to tell Tommy because Tariq refused to go with Dre upon his request and his cash flow to pay Kanan is closed (Truth). Either way Dre looks like a goner between Tommy and Kanan. Dre is damned if he do and damned if he don’t!

    • The judge threw out the gun if I’m not mistaken. Angela was present when the black agent was crossed examined. Maybe there is a chance the tapes will show Sandoval planting the gun… which would be the end of case…Ghost will be free!!

      • Lequita Stradford says:

        No the gun charge is still a issue Nanette i wish they hurry up and free ghost

        • GA says:

          The judge did say the gun is out, but it isn’t clear if it is the murder weapon or Tasha’s gun that was mentioned earlier.

    • Lovely says:

      Whether the gun is in or out of the case, Angela now have confirmation that Ghost did not kill Greg. Being that Ghost did have the gun or better yet hide the gun is enough for her to have speculation that someone on her team is dirty and that the last person viewed the surveillance footage in her office is Sandoval. Angela should ask herself several questions now. But, we all know she has messed up before and even a bigger mess now. She is caught between a rock and a hard place. Angela should be shook knowing that her job is on the line and with that if she is ever stripped of her tittle she is fair game to Tasha! Also, when Proctor was cross examining the black ASUSA agent the black ASUSA agent confirmed that other agents were there when the fingerprints was taken off the window. He was wrong and possibly covering up to make their prosecution team look good unbeknownst Angela was alone in Greg’s apartment when she took the fingerprints off the window right after the forensics team gathered evidence. Angela is not thinking clearly because last season she called the burner phone and Sandoval picked up and he and Angela heard the same helicopter flying over their building. Also, there is the issue of the beer bottle, Greg offered a beer to Sandoval and they both took sips before Sandoval killed Greg. After Sandoval killed Greg, Sandoval took the wrong beer bottle. Did they not throughly comb through the forensics?

  9. Dreka Reeves says:

    Angela no ghosts telling the truth and she just want him to stay in jail because he had hurting her so that’s why now she feeling guilty and now she know he telling the truth so now she really going to help him

  10. Regina Davis says:

    I think Tommy should slow his road l feel bad for Ghost although he has killed before he didn’t do this one…..

  11. Charlie Ford says:

    First off just because ghost prints was on the window does not means he killed the agent. This has become more personal than judicial. The higher ups already knows ghost and angela had a relationship and angela playing both sides of the fence. Does ghost have a good reason for attempting to invade the apartment YES…Is all this Angela fault YES…Was Greg obssessed with bringing angela down for breaking his heart YES..how can the burner phone belong to greg when greg was on the escort route transporting HEFE..if they are smart all they have to do is look and see when this call was made to HEFE and where was greg the tower pings alone will exonerate greg and put the hear back on who was at the office when the calls was made which leaves the Agent who killed greg and Angela…cmon people this show is amazing but it would be more amazing if they would bring in Me as a silent contractor cleaner(HITMAN) with incremenating evidence which will crush angela free ghost to get back to save his son. Deal with kanaan. Crush the crooked cop who keeps influencing kanaan and her side kick….OH and by the way id be Ghost brother who he was making calls to the whole time all this was going on. In which Ghost wanted to be put in this situation to get him offbthe streets long enough so all this could unravel where he could be safe to come back home after being wrongfully accused. sue the judicial system become even richer and get back to doing what he do best….

  12. Charlie Ford says:

    First thing first just because ghost fingerprints was on the window does not mean that he’s guilty of killing Greg if they were smart what they would do is look at where the cell phone was being ping from by the tower it was pinging from during that time Greg was on the route escorting Jefe so therefore Greg automatically should be exonerated if they really wanted to know who was behind the phone calls I’m sure they have cameras in the building and on top of that phone calls are all monitored at all times no matter who you are talking to I mean come on we’re talking about the FBI or CIA or NSA being that Angela was playing both sides of the fence out of a Act of passion ghost can simply say he only went there to see if it was true that his lifelong sweetheart was actually cheating on him that’s all no evidence of him being in the residence only evidence they have is him being at the window now rewind time go back the agent had to touch the doorknob to come in true enough he did grab the glass when he left but he also shook Greg hand and also he was there in the apartment as well somehow someway a laptop should have been left open and was recording the whole time when that agent walked in the house to finally meet with Greg and also the IT guy that Greg called for information about the phone call has all the info about who made the call the phone number and the name of who made that call that is what made Greg stop and think about what he was doing and changed his mind of telling the agent what he had discovered that is a part of the movie that a lot of people don’t think about now on another note how about power bring me myself on the show as ghost brother whom he had been planning all of this from the beginning that he would be falsely accused of Greg’s death to get him off the streets because I had already told him that Kanan was out of prison and was looking for a way to get back at him and take him out so me and him made a plan to where he would be falsely accused and as soon as the agents finally figured it out me him and Tommy new every step that we needed to take to make sure Canaan get dealt with him and the Crooked police officer who keep influencing him to do reckless stuff you have to remember ghost is highly intelligent when it comes to guerrilla warfare I am his brother who will befriend Canaan become his right hand man and then betray him for my brother ghost and get knocked off buy Canaan who figured me out and finally him Canaan and goes can finally have a man-to-man standoff like the world would love to see


  13. Mike r. says:

    I know it’s a lot of work but keep this show on,like young and the restless.

  14. nicole webb says:

    Haven’t watched this episode yet, BUT I love this critique! 😉Gonna watch it on dvr later tonight!

  15. Eugene Fields sr says:

    I think it’s the best show on tv

  16. RJ says:

    Great episode! Riq is out of control and nobody is noticing!!! I’m fearing foe Lakeisha! Something doesnt feel right with her and Tommy. Isn’t Angela being on the prosecution team a conflict of interest? I’m just saying! Thanks for letting me sound off!

    • Eugene Fields sr says:

      It should be two hours long because it is the best show on tv

    • GA says:

      Rayna notices, but the think is no one is paying attention to either of them and God only knows where the youngest daughter is for most of the show. I really Rayna would speak up. Forget being a snitch, she feels deeply that there is something wrong, and I would understand her wanting to keep hi secret if he wasn’t being such an ass to her. If it were me. I’d be singing like a canary.

  17. Hilda says:

    I want ghost and tommy to keep being tight friends..the story line is great I just wish 50 was out of the pic..Great directing.

  18. Lequita Stradford says:

    I Think Tony is Tommy dad and I think angela is going have too save James too save her self

  19. ELovely says:

    Angela knows that James IS GHOST then why hasnt she told her legal team? They lightweight still think Tommy is Ghost? She is up to something!

  20. ELovely says:

    And another thing Tony definitely be the Pappi to Tommy! And Silver and Tasha are going to smash! By the time he finds out about it he will be out of jail and probably back in Angelas bed!

  21. Williams Awara says:

    If only Angel could open up about the video footage in Ghost office on the night agent Knox was murdered. The big drift would be who planted the murder weapon in Ghost office, because all surveillance was turned off before the weapon was planted. Wrong move for the Agent(killer).

  22. Melvin McGregor says:

    Kenan and his crew are getting paid $15k a week (each) and they steal a flat screen tv! Who does that these days! Didn’t make sense.
    Proctor. Gets in his car after meeting with Tommy. Only thing is that the windshield registration has a 2014 sticker on it – how did anyone not catch this!