Outlander Season 4 Premiere Date

Outlander Season 3 Premiere Date Set

#Droughtlander now officially has an end date: Outlanders standing stones will start singing again on Sunday, Sept. 10, at 8/7c, Starz announced Tuesday.

The drama also released its official Season 3 poster, which encapsulates the major problem faced at the start of the season: Caitriona Balfe’s Claire is in 20th-century America, while Sam Heughan’s Jamie is in 18th-century Scotland. And neither is too happy about being there without the other.

Season 3 will begin with Claire’s difficulties upon returning through the stones to 1948, as her marriage to Frank deteriorates under the strain of her reappearance and her carrying Jamie’s child. Meanwhile, in the past, Jamie tries to rebuild his life after the devastating Battle of Culloden and Claire’s departure.

The 13-episode third season will feature episodes shot in Scotland and South Africa. Fun fact: Outlander used Black Sails sets to recreate some of Voyager‘s seaboard scenes.

Earlier in July, the time-travel drama announced plans to return to San Diego Comic-Con after a year’s absence.

Take a verra good look at the poster below — click on the image to enlarge — and then hit the comments with any- and everything you want to say about Outlander‘s upcoming season.

Outlander Season 4 Premiere Date Starz

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  1. ninergrl6 says:

    GREAT poster. Voyager is my favorite book of the series so far (I’m only on #4) so I’m excited to see it come to life on screen.

  2. Linda Held says:


  3. C. McCormick says:

    Awesome poster! Love Voyager & excited to see Jamie & Claire reunited!!!

  4. I’m curious to see how they adapt The Fiery Cross for TV. I’m about 25 chapters into the book and it’s been like reading a 25 chapter description of paint drying. I’ve read street signs that were more thrilling. I’ve been “reading” the book for about a year and a half. At some point, I think I forgot to go back to it. Oops.
    The problem with Voyager was that Diana Gabaldon brushed past some legitimate emotional beats in order to get to the adventure with Claire and Jamie back to being a perfect couple. It didn’t feel natural to skate up to the line of those emotional moments, and then pretend that everything is fine. And with just 13 episodes to cover everything in the book, I don’t think that this problem will be remedied. If anything, I expect it to be worse.

    • Sara says:

      The thing is, many of the issues that J&C faced during 20 years of their separation and their experiences come back and are discussed by them for the rest of the following books and the entire series contains 8 of them. So just because something wasn’t touched upon in book 3, it doesn’t mean it won’t be in another book. Such is DG’s way. I understand not everyone has to like it but personally I’m fine with it.

      • I get that, and it’s cool for those memories to haunt them for the rest of their live, but it felt incomplete and dishonest, the way it was handled in Voyager. The story really needed to focus more on the characters for a few more chapters, because there were some really interesting moments that came up (I won’t spoil them), but they were not fully fleshed out or dealt with. Like I said, I’m into the fifth book (I’d love to get to the sixth, but unless I just give up on The Fiery Cross, it doesn’t look likely), and the time to get into the emotions in play there has long since passed.

        • Sara says:

          What were these moments that you feel needed more time? (I’m just interested). I think you may try something like

          …in order to avoid spoiling someone’s fun ;-)

          • There was a lot of tension between Jamie and Claire, born from those years apart. Each of them had moved on in some ways, and while there was a good amount of focus on what Jamie went through, I don’t think there was as much from Jamie when it came to how isolated Claire had been all that time. After she found out that he had remarried, they had a pretty brutal argument, but then those feelings were dropped and life went back to normal. As great as it is to have the couple back together, I think that there would be more time for adjustment. There would be irrational venting of anger and resentment, from both of them. There would be more to deal with in terms of Claire coming back to this family that she had, from their perspective, abandoned. A lot of this was touched on, but it was never fully explored or resolved.

          • Sara says:

            I see your point but personally, I don’t feel that long held resentment and venting of anger is either in Claire’s or Jamie’s nature. He is a man with fiery temper but his outbursts of anger are short (albeit explosive) and he has never been someone to dwell for long in bitterness and anger. He would have probably gone mad if he did so (he says as much in one of the books). Claire is much calmer but brutally honest – she will say what’s on her mind without any sugar coating but once it’s told, she won’t held strong grudges. Besides, they have already lost 20 years together. Just my opinion.

          • Alicia says:

            You are forgetting that Chaire was ready to leave him over that. If Lagohaire hadn’t shot Jamie and forced her to come back to save him, they may have permanently separated over it. His near death helped put things in perspective and gave him a chance to explain. It would have been different if he had moved on and fell in love with someone else, but that was clearly not the case. Though, I wonder if the show will address this differently, since in the books Jamie never learns Lagohaire was the reason Claire was nearly burned at the stake, etc. In the show, Jamie knows what a hag she is, so I can’t see how he could ever forgive her for that.

          • It isn’t so much about them being mad at each other. I think it was just a more complicated situation than it was allowed to be in the book. They were separated for 20 years, and each of them thought that there was a good chance that the other was dead (Claire was more certain than Jamie, but he had no idea if her pregnancy killed her). Now they’re reunited and they know that they could have been together (even if it was never really an option). They’re reunited, but they can’t be the people they were. They can’t lead the life they could have lived. They were separated for a long time, but some of these feelings would be totally new. And on top of that, these experiences would have changed them. They would be new people, and I think that Diana Gabaldon missed a chance to have the characters really rediscover each other and recapture that feeling that the first book had.
            Jamie lived the life of an outlaw and a prisoner. He became more defiant in many ways and became more of a rogue (not that he wasn’t one before). Claire was a mother, which would require her to be mature and practical.
            There could have been (and I think probably should have been) a whole book about the two of them fighting to get back to each other, even after they are reunited and nothing stands in their way. If not a whole book, then certainly a good chunk of a book. I think there was a lot of depth and emotion that was sacrificed for the sake of adventure and intrigue. But I’m a character geek, so I may be in the minority.

        • It was about the point of the Fiery Cross that I lost the will to live with it too. The last two books are better. Not as good as the first few, but book 6 was definitely a low point for me. I think I must have taken six months on it too.. got through the others in about a month each.

          Part of me wonders if DG’s popularity had reached such a peak that she felt people would lap up whatever she wrote about (can’t deny the research is good, but a compelling tale? no) and the editors were afraid to be brutal due to her success.

    • Annabelle Hippy says:

      I think you’d enjoy “the Scott and the sassenach” podcast. In addition to discussing the show they cover the book. Both focus on the story telling. It’s very good and very different.

      • I’ll look into it! Thanks for the suggestion. I love digging deeper into story structure and all of that geeky stuff.

        • Mac says:

          Unfortunately the podcast (last I heard) has ended and won’t be covering the upcoming season or any books past Voyager. One of the hosts has mentioned starting a new Outlander podcast when the show returns, but I don’t know if she’s still moving forward with it.

          • That’s a shame. But speaking of podcasts, I think I am probably behind on Ron Moore’s podcast. That’s usually interesting, if you’re into behind-the-scenes details.

    • Mac says:

      Hard same. I breezed through the first 4, but I’ve been stuck on 5 since about February. I don’t know how much more drudgery I can handle.

    • Nidratime says:

      Have you thought about listening to the book on tape? That way, you can do other things while “reading,” and it might get you through the book more quickly.

      • I’ve considered it, but my library doesn’t have the audio book available, and I keep forgetting about it when I get a free audible download. :)

      • Mac says:

        Ooo that’s actually a great idea, thanks!

        I’m an avid podcast listener, you’d think I would have thought of it months ago (especially with all the audible ads lol).

    • Sarah Allen says:

      I hated the first part of the Fiery Cross. I’ve read the entire series of books twice, and each time, the first part of that book almost made me forget the whole thing. After they get done with the Gathering and get back to their lives, it gets MUCH better! Keep reading.

      • They’ve been back for a while now. I think I left off during the part where Jamie rallies his troops. I think it’s the actual fiery cross part. But it’s still boring :(

        • Mac says:

          It picks up a bit at Jocasta’s wedding. I’ve heard that’s a turning point for the book, but I stalled again shortly after.

  5. Still wish I took the time to stalk the set. They were filming not 15 minutes from where I live in Cape Town.

  6. Kay Metoxen says:

    I am very excited. The poster says it all. I’m a little confused about the different starting times and dates,it would be nice if you could clarify those. Please give us more. Thank you

  7. Diane says:

    I enjoyed every book and the TV show as well and I’m looking forward to the show to begin again in September and also to the next book being released!

  8. jlz says:

    Outlander vs.The Walking Dead in October and November…hmm. Whose genius idea was this?

    • Amy says:

      Yeah, the super crowded Sunday night tv schedule is not helpful. I can’t even watch anything live until at least 9:30, so something will have to sit until later in the week. The previous showings on Saturday were so much more conducive to live viewing. Oh, well!

    • Alicia says:

      Are those really the same demo? I don’t know anyone that watches both. Seems like very different crowds.

    • Red Snapper says:

      Starz puts their shows up on the website and app on Saturdays. Well, at least they have been and I don’t know why they’d change it except for maybe that Outlander is their biggest show.

  9. Liz says:

    FINALLY !!!

  10. Bonnie Reid says:

    I hate that this is the last season. I’m hoping you will reconsider and do more.

    • Alicia says:

      It is not the last season. It was already renewed for a 4th at the same time as the 3rd.

      • Mac says:

        Exactly. It’s season 5 that’s up in the air now. And that I can see going either way. The source material has massive pacing issues they’d have to work out, but if people want it and the team’s still up for it, I could see it happening.

  11. Bonnie Reid says:

    I’m hoping for more seasons

  12. Bonnie Reid says:

    I have scotts heritage I love the show. I’m hoping for more seasons

  13. Teresa Carroll says:

    Love the poster. I have read all books at least 3 times. I am pleased that the making of Outlander is doing the books justice.

  14. Donna Podio says:

    Yahooo! Only 8 more weeks!

  15. Donna Podio says:

    Yahoo, only 8 more weeks!

  16. JO ZAKOVEC says:

    Guess I’m the exception, got really involved in season 1&2, so I’ve read (audio) all books so far and thoroughly dislike Jamie, I think he’s a narcissistic male, and treats Claire disrespectful, the things he says and does (more doesn’t do) to her/for her. Always seems to put “someone ” else ahead of her. Although Claire’s an idiot for putting up with stuff. I think Jamie’s IT’S ALWAYS BEEN FOREVER FOR ME SASSANACH kind of got shot to heck pretty fast, especially marrying the sociopath who he knew (in the TV show) did something bad. That’s UNFORGIVABLE, and only being free a couple months, hooking up and evidently marrying less than one month later. Sorry I rambled on, I know get a life, right?!?!

    • Boy, your take on Jamie is really, really far from mine. To me, he always seems very caring. As for the marriage to Leg Hair, he was lonely, he had PTSD, and his sister wanted it. I forgave him just like Claire did. Also, it was WAY longer than a month. YMMV.

  17. Megan Trainor says:

    Outlander is one of the most amazing shows I’ve ever seen. Sam Heughan and Caitronia Balfe are perfect as Jamie and Claire. Their chemistry is something special. And so many great characters. Beautiful scenery in series 1 & 2, so I’m sure series 3 will be the same. They obviously care about the scenery (thank goodness). If you haven’t read Diana Gabaldon’s books, read or listen to them this summer. You’ll still like the series-it’s different from the books-but equally good.

  18. T Thomas says:

    Can not wait. Never read the books but love the show.

  19. Susan Angell says:

    You say 8/7 C pm,,,,,then why is there a 9/10 on the STARZ poster???

  20. Dawn Mason says:

    Cannot wait to see what time brings to both Jamie & Claire. I hope Jamie gets to know his daughter Brianna.

  21. Francesca Lacoste says:

    Since “W” will be broadcasting season 3 in Canada, I was wondering if season 2 will be shown right before season 3 kicks in .

  22. D. Shanley says:

    Eagerly awaiting Season 3

  23. Ganishka Jane says:

    I have read all the books looking for the ninth book and the t.v. series to back it up