Zoo Recap Season 3

Zoo Season 3 Premiere Recap: Future Shocks

CBS’ Zoo returned with Season 3 on Thursday, picking up right where things left off, after that jarring 10-year time jump. Who’s where, and what is everyone up to?

To recap:

JACKSON is a leader of a resistance force that helps humans trapped on the “bad” side of the nation’s divider wall elude free-roaming, predatory hybrids and escape to safety. He does so in the company of girlfriend TESSA and while dazzling young’uns with the “high-tech” gizmo he uses to control regular animals — including a pride of lions that he sics on a pack of “razorback” hybrids. (Thing is, we later learn, the device is but a ruse; he of the triple-helix DNA is actually using his mind to instruct the beasts!) In the premiere’s early minutes, Jackson comes across and traps a new kind of hybrid — one that is much bigger and akin to a prehistoric rhino. Jackson sends via drone a sample of this hybrid’s blood to Abe, who is later astonished to observe that the vial’s contents have burst free and are growing into… something.

ABE and DARIELA, we knew, were living a mild-mannered life in Michigan, with their son Isaac, when CLEMENTINE showed up to suggest that Mitch is in fact alive all these years after being trapped and mauled by hybrids on Pangaea. Clementine has obtained the blueprints for a facility in Siberia where her father is apparently being kept. Abe, who has been working to reverse the effects of the gas that sterilized mankind, and Dariela are game to help out Clementine. But once Dariela solves how to infiltrate the far-away facility, Clementine pulls a gun on Abe and abruptly takes off without the pair of parents, to rendezvous with Jamie.

JAMIE, when we first see her (not as a fantasy of Mitch’s), is attending a swanky shindig dressed to the nines, where the successful author (note to self: writing pays extremely well in 2027!) chats up some sort of rival. We later realize that the odd conversation she struck up was designed to coax specific words out of the guy, so that she could assemble a spoken pass-phrase, which she later uses to access a guarded safe. Inside, she finds a hard drive with a distinct “S”/wave logo on it — but she doesn’t hold onto it for long. Instead, Logan — who’s now an NYPD detective (and her ex-boyfriend) — shows up at the jumbo jet to seize it, after pleading with Jamie to abort her search for the last Shepherd group member standing, code-named “Falcon.” When Logan later brings the confiscated hard drive to the cop shop to get checked out, it starts emitting a high-pitched whine before blowing up.

And then there is MITCH, who indeed survived the hybrid attack and for much of the past decade has been kept alive, submerged, in a statis chamber. A team of IADG agents infiltrate the Siberian facility and just barely extract Mitch from the chamber alive, but his faculties at first are severely impaired by his experience. That said, he is able to communicate the word “PROOF” to the agents, who then bring in someone who has been looking for him a long time — a girl who claims to be Clementine! The other Clementine — the one that multiple characters have remarked seems “different” since they last saw her eight to 10 years ago — meanwhile has met up with a skeptical Jamie, whom she has coaxed into joining the search for Mitch. This Clementine is discreetly packing a gun and receiving cryptic texts from an “Unknown” caller….

That “Unknown” person may be the mysterious, pony-tailed brunette (named ABIGAIL, this Q&A revealed), who very likely is the “Falcon” Jamie is chasing. We first see her sneaking into the small fortress that Jackson & Co. use as a base, where she arrives outside the new hybrid’s cage with a hard drive just like the one that blew up the NYPD precinct. Jackson and Tessa spy her leaving, assuming she’s an approved IADG investigator, but appear caught off by guard when laying eyes on her, before she drives away — just as an explosion showers rubble and debris on everyone.

What did you think of Zoo‘s Season 3 opener?

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  1. dan says:

    Did the “S” hard drive blow up in NYC? I thought the cop in NYC put it into a base and it caused the explosion in the compound where Jackson was (the lady with the ponytail had a hard drive with the same “S” symbol), but I didn’t realize that the explosion was in NY as well. I’ll have to watch that scene again. Liked the time jump and new premise of the show which means no more crazy-animal-of-the-week storylines. They must have good skin care products in 2027 because none of them have aged in 10 years.

  2. Pamela says:

    She may be acting kinda squirrelly, but I believe that the Clementine we saw with Abe, Dariela, and Jamie is the real one. The one with Mitch at the end is faker than a three-dollar bill. Mark my words (she said confidently).

    • Josh says:

      I don’t know the one with Mitch actually looks like the grown up version of the little girl from th past two seasons

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      That’s a fair point; plus, would you make a series regular someone who will eventually be outed as a fake? I have tweaked the recap accordingly.

      • Josh says:

        See Matt thats what I said as well. It’s intriguing cause I’m wondering what Clemetime is involved with if the first Clem we see is the real one. I’d like to think she s doing something against her will cause I’m thinking the unknown caller could be the main Villian and the Clem with Mitch does look so much like an older version of the young actress from the first two seasons.

  3. Kathleen says:

    This show is bat crap crazy and I love it!

  4. susannehuffman says:

    I have been a big fan since it first started and re watched season 2 to catch up and refresh before season 3 .I think it got off to a very slow start and not enough details about there lives for the past 10 years and all the issues they are now facing and who does what now but instead it was just a jump in here we go figure it out kinda thing ! When the show went off I had to rewind and check if I missed something to signal we were at the end of the hour it didn’t do or say much from the start to finish. I loved this show and would hate to see it canceled or not returned for another season and hoping next week is better

    • ndixit says:

      I thought they gave a fair amount of background. The whole ep was basically showing where these characters are ten years down the line. I think details of the past 10 years will probably get back filled over the season as characters reunite but there’s likely not all that much dramatic that happened in the past ten years that we don’t already know other than to Mitch and maybe Clementine.

      • susannehuffman says:

        I think they gave the same old history and not enough of new info and have no clue if the people who have him are good or bad and or why stuff was being blowed up right off the bat

  5. Sam Rafalowich says:

    Won’t be watching again, was getting hard to watch last season after a strong first season, this year it’s worse.

  6. Robert K says:

    I discovered ZOO only this year, having become a big fan, watching Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix.

    That being said, I was underwhelmed by Episode 1 of Season 3. It personified what I am perceiving as a symptom of the times — a lack of basic ability to present a narrative in a coherent, well-pieced together fashion, with a good grounding introduction to set things up. As someone else said, this was a jump-in-let’s-get-going approach that lacked footing in details that a viewer needs to know. There’s a way to tell a good story, and this episode did NOT do that, in my opinion. … It assumes too much of the viewer and makes the viewer have to ponder, when he/she should be fully engaged in the moment of the show. Please, directors and producers, get back to the basics of telling a good story! … Still, it was interesting, although quite diluted by all the commercial breaks, which I did not encounter on Netflix with Seasons 1 and 2. … Consequently, I will NOT be making a point of watching this show during its network airing, but rather, I will wait a year or so (or whatever) when I can watch it without the commercial-dilution factor. TV commercials kill continuity and engagement. I hate them. They have become ridiculously abundant.

  7. Li says:

    I just love Zoo, keep them coming and I’ll keep watching lol

  8. Li says:

    I just love Zoo keep it coming and I’ll keep watching lol

  9. Li says:

    Zoo is an awesome show so glad it’s back on keep them coming and I’ll keep watching lol

  10. Li says:

    Everyone liked season 1 so much because it had a lot of the story from the book wrote by James Patterson (which is on of my favorite authors) so maybe they need to team up with him on story lines to keep it as interesting as season 1 was!!

  11. Michael says:

    I would like to know how Mitch survived and who was the one who saved him, and why he’s in Siberia. Hopefully they’ll reveal that next episode… I think they should do a flashback scene for that.

  12. Mina says:

    Totally disappointed in Zoo season 3 premier. I hate that it’s ten years later. Why did the writers do that to such a good show? The team was the show. I repeatedly watched the previous seasons episodes but I will never watch season 3 premier again. I hated it. I only hope it can somehow get better.

  13. Simon says:

    Not gonna lie, I keep watching this show just to see how much ridiculous it can get. At this point, I think a couple 13-year old boys are writing the scripts.

    I called it with Jackson developing a super power. I’m just waiting for hybrids that look like dinosaurs to show up. And you know it’s coming!

    • Sarah says:

      This. Everything this.

      Plus, I’m a little intrigued to see how bad special effects can possibly get. Just when you think they’ve reached peak cringeworthiness, this show keeps pushing the threshold…

  14. LD says:

    When did Abe become a scientist??? I’ll try a few more episodes to give it a chance, then it’s off the DVR list. Also terrible acting between Jamie and the ex-boyfriend, a cop- really?…

  15. IDVReverything says:

    So how does the Wall keep in/out flying hybrids?

  16. Sharon says:

    What I don’t understand is at the end of season 2 Mitch asked Abe to look after Clementine saying that they were now her family? Fast forward 10 years and it appears they don’t know who the real Clementine is as they left the parental responsibility to Henry the dog? Way to go team!