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Younger Recap Season 4 Premiere

Younger Premiere: EP Explains Kelsey's 'Complicated' Reaction to Liza's Truth, Hints at Her New Dynamic With Josh

Picking up immediately where its third season finale left off, Younger returned Wednesday to a familiar-yet-unlikely threesome: Liza, Kelsey… and the truth!

But if you were hoping that Liza’s BFF would instantly forgive and forget, you — much like Kelsey — were in for a rude awakening. (Frankly, I think the fact that Kelsey maintained her composure and snuck out while Liza was sleeping shows enormous growth on her part, but that’s just me.) And just as Liza was starting to suspect that Kelsey was ready to let it go, she was hit with a one-two punch of emotions: Not only does Kelsey now consider their friendship to be a “business” arrangement, but she’s also nursing a full-on broken heart.

“We wanted to maintain the fact that she felt betrayed, and that what Liza did has consequences,” series creator Darren Star tells TVLine. “That lie had a lot of weight for Kelsey, but at the same time, it was painful for us to think of these characters at odds. We wanted to organically get them to a new place, and we didn’t feel like it could be so easy. We’re taking the viewers on a journey, and we hope that they hang in there.”

Of course, Kelsey’s handling of Liza’s confession isn’t the only drama fans should be concerned about this season. After swapping sob stories with Josh — who still isn’t ready to talk about the night he planned to propose, so don’t ask about it! — Kelsey decided to move into his spare bedroom.

“That is a dynamic that’s going to be explored,” Star confirms, adding that it’s “understandable” for fans to worry about them getting too close. “There’s a commonality there, and I think it’s going to be surprising for both of them.”

With Hilary Duff’s character at a crossroads, Star says he’s excited for fans to follow her journey, wherever it may lead: “Kelsey is a complicated character in that her own ambition gets ahead of her. She’s ambitious and impatient. She’s also a romantic. In future episodes, she’s going to have some work and romantic complications that intertwine.”

Switching gears a bit, we should probably discuss Kristin Chenoweth’s brilliant performance as D.C. spin doctor Marylynne Keller, whose book — cleverly titled It’s True Because I’m Shouting It — posits the belief that “truth is a four-letter word.” In addition to being “inspired” by Kellyanne Conway, Star says that Chenoweth’s character plays into the larger themes of the season.

“It’s less about Kellyanne and more about what the idea of the meaning of truth is,” he explains. “How truth, and the idea of truth, is in the zeitgeist right now.”

And for all you members of #TeamCharles, just because Liza’s boss didn’t immediately throw himself at her upon learning about her breakup, that doesn’t mean he’s lost interest.

“Keep watching,” Star says with a laugh. “[His feelings are] not going away.”

OK, let’s talk: Were you surprised by Kelsey’s reaction to Liza’s reveal? Are you worried about Kelsey and Josh becoming a thing? Grade the premiere below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

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  1. Elena says:

    Since I prefer Liza with Charles (for many reasons), I honestly don’t mind seeing Kelsey and Josh get closer.

  2. Anna Musial says:

    Season Premier was awesome. Can’t wait for Liza to start a romance with Charles

  3. dan says:

    I can’t wait to watch. But I hate the idea of Kelsey with Josh.

  4. LMM says:

    I am so glad I am not the only one that likes Liza with Charles more than Josh.

  5. popcultureprof says:

    Can we vote away the annoying “younger after” gal? So distracting and annoying.

  6. Tonight B says:

    Love Josh but CHARLES is better match for Liza -I do want someone nice for Josh so Kelsey will be fine with him -at least temporarily

  7. Lyndy says:

    I like both Josh/Liza & Charles/Liza ….but I love Josh more because of how much he’s grown over the seasons…and how he’s been very patient & understanding with Liza..he’s been a perfect bf. Liza is the one who messed things up. In saying that I’m also looking forward to Liza/Charles. Their chemistry is incredible.
    But if the show is to end tomorrow my choice would be Josh and Liza together…but I still like Charles, damn I’m conflicted

  8. Catherine McKean says:

    I’m hooked on Younger. I never thought I’d find another series I could enjoy as much as SATC but you have knocked it out of the park again! I love your storylines and fabulous actors who bring them all to life. I can’t wait til next weeks episode! Thank you!

    • Melanie says:

      You’re the second person this week who basically who I have heard say that Younger is their new SATC. I agree!!!

  9. Michael in Pittsburgh says:

    The writers are painting Liza (perhaps rightfully) as a sociopath. In the course of 1 day, she looks Josh in the eye and says she loves him. Then, with only a bi of music and wine as a lubricant, she passionately kisses her boss. She lies to to Kelsey when asked about the proposal, and it’s only when she realizes Josh SAW the betrayal that Liza shows the slightest bit of angst. Then… on with her life without much dismay, dismissing the wreckage she just made of Josh’s life.

    If this was a guy treating a woman the same way, women’s groups would be boycotting the show

    • Kate says:

      You sound like someone who really doesn’t like or respect women much, and thinks we’re all hypocrites. Not a single damn woman would boycott this show if the roles were reversed. You know how you can tell? Because most shows have men treating women badly, and we watch them anyway. You’re bumping on something that feels wrong and unfair to you, and instead of thinking, “Hmmm, I wonder if women feel this way a lot,” you immediately jump to getting angry at us.

      But really, I’m getting away from the point of this discussion. Men and women treat each badly in relationships equally, on TV and in real life. Reasonable people don’t shout “BOYCOTT!” as soon as someone cheats.

      You have some work to do on yourself, Michael.

  10. Ricky23 says:

    My only problem with the show is that 30 mins is too short.

  11. SFNYKC says:

    This is such a fun show. My favorite line of the night is when the Kristin Chenoweth character tells Diana that it doesn’t matter if she’s transgender. The look on Miriam Shor’s face was amazing and made me laugh out loud! She is such a fabulous actress.

  12. ninergrl6 says:

    I love this show. So happy it’s back. Now that Kelsey knows the truth, the door is open to myriad new storyline possibilities. The show is surprising in way I never imagined, so I won’t attempt to predict what will happen. I’m just along for the ride.

  13. Beckers05 says:

    I really hope Josh and Kelsey don’t happen! I wouldn’t like that at all. I like Liza with Josh and Charles both. I can’t decide…

  14. This episode was very intuitive. This show is really tapping on a lot of things that are going on. First as everyone knows Liza had to lie about her age in order to get a job because of the ageism that exists in today’s culture and when she confesses she’s treated like she murdered someone’s child. Also what Kristin Chenoweth’s character Maryanne said is spot on. Because I shout it, it’s truth. Anyone else who contradicts it is a social whiner. How sad it is. I know this is a fictional story but it does hit on a lot of things that people are afraid to talk about. Good show.

  15. Erin says:

    I loved the premiere! They keep getting better and better I was seriously impressed. I can’t wait for the next episode. Gotta hand it to Hilary Duff – she was good and definitely angry. Loved seeing her acting. Sutton Foster is so endearing you forget she is a liar and a cheater. Awesome awesome show. Wish it was an hour.

  16. Dannie C says:

    Fabulous cast back with fantastic writing & an awesome first ep. Feel like we will be on a big rollercoaster this season I can’t wait

  17. Allison says:

    I really like Younger. After watching season 1 I read the book which ends with Liza telling Josh the truth. So I’m loving how the writers have continued the story and created such full-fledged characters and story lines that you can really get caught up in.

    I’m not sure how I feel about Liza though. I find her very selfish; her “whatever means necessary approach” to keeping her secret no matter who she hurts. I also find her naive. To think that she thought that Kelsey would forgive her so quickly just speaks to how self involved she can be while professing to care so much about Kelsey. I don’t even think she apologized for signing the EW writer nor acknowledged how that makes the imprint look.

    Does anyone else love this new Kelsey? I’m not sure if “mean girl” is the right word but that’s what I’m going with.

  18. SVU FAN says:

    I honestly prefer Liza and Josh together. And Because they have great chemistry together! I don’t want Josh with Kelsey

  19. Sherry Young says:

    Can I get TVLand without cable/ satellite? Hooked on this show finally found it, again. Love the characters!

  20. Sana says:

    I just dream with the day this show will be 45min or 1h or just doesn’t end ..
    And Josh with Kelsey ? No, no, no, they can’t, Josh and Liza are PERFECT together

  21. Cris says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Kelsey is being a tad dramatic with Liza. She lied about her age only. Her friendship with her wasn’t a lie and I get why Liza lied about her age. Granted she should have told Kelsey the truth sooner, but still.

    • Beckers05 says:

      I feel the same way!

    • Billie J says:

      Yes! I agree 100%. I get that lies are deceitful… but it’s not like she created this lie to directly deceive Kelsey, she was caught in the crossfire. Liza was making a desperate move to keep her life afloat after the divorce, as well as being their for her daughter. She had no idea such a close bond would grow with someone the way that it did and it was a tough and delicate situation to handle, still not justifying her wrong doings. The fact that Kelsey can’t even attempt to try and understand after Liza explains the truth really bothers me. “You’ve never been married, you’ve never been divorced, you’ve never had a daughter in college who packs on more financial stress…” one would think she could sit back, analyze, and empathize, at least a bit. And this is coming from someone that’s in Kelsey’s age group. She feels like the relationship is over bc she she was personally “betrayed”, but technically, Josh was lying to her just the same (even though he didn’t like it, he still was a part of it)… yet she has no issue with that fact. 2 years of friendship, and she doesn’t hesitate moving in with Liza’s ex stating that the reason is bc she’s the only one who understands what he’s going through. BS! She’s completely playing the victim card. I don’t care that her feelings may be hurt bc of Liza, what Kelsey is doing is intentional, selfish, and a flat out betrayal. Go find another roommate. People do it everyday. If I was Liza, I wouldn’t continue being submissive to Kelsey at that point, she doesn’t deserve that. Kelsey should suck it up, put on her big girl panties, and stop with the whole “woe is me” bit. Clearly, I feel a little too passionate about this topic… sad, lol. I don’t know if I care to watch the show if Kelsey and Josh become an item of sorts. Reminders for all the people watching that have actually experienced that emotional knife.
      Yes,I know it’s just a TV show, lol.

    • Kiki says:

      I have a theory as to why Kelsey is DEFINETLY OVERREACTING. Who are her parents? Why was she living with a different family? Answer: Her mother raised her as a single parent. Her mother was always dating, and trying to pass as a younger woman. She cared more about her social life than being a mom to Kelsey. Connect the dots. What do you think?

      • KC says:

        I think Kelsey is going to be the answer to Josh having a baby and being able to go back to Liza later on…