'Pretty Little Liars' Finale Week
Pretty Little Liars Alison's Baby

Pretty Little Liars Reveals Alison's Baby Daddy in Series Finale — and It's Insane

No offense to Maury Povich, but Pretty Little Liars just pulled off one of the craziest paternity reveals of all time.

Ever since Alison announced her pregnancy last summer, fans have speculated about its parentage — and while I hate to toot my own horn, I’ll proudly take credit for correctly guessing that its mother was, in fact, Emily Fields. What I can’t take credit for, however, was correctly guessing the child’s father, which was finally revealed Tuesday during the Freeform drama’s two-hour series finale.

Ladies and gentlemen, the father of PLL‘s “Emison” baby is… Wren! The big reveal came midway through the finale’s second hour, following Spencer’s meeting with A.D. — aka her secret British twin Alex Drake! (Yeah, it’s complicated. Consult this post for more details.)

Anyway, Alex was holding one of Emily and Alison’s children on the morning of Aria’s wedding and couldn’t refrain from telling the lovely young lady that she has her dad’s eyes. (Sadly, Wren wasn’t able to join in the surprise, as — according to Alex — he’s no longer among the living.)

When asked about the paternity twist ahead of the episode’s premiere, executive producer Marlene King told TVLine that the reveal would be “rewarding and satisfying,” as well as “surprising.” I don’t know about those first two, but I can say with certainty that it surprised me.

Tell me: Is your mind completely blown right now? Or were you one of the wise few who saw this coming from a mile away? Drop a comment with your reaction(s) to the series finale’s paternity reveal below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Beckers05 says:

    I’m speechless over this whole episode but not in a good way!!!

  2. Tina says:

    Wren being the dad is the only thing shocking about this episode. So disappointed they went with a twin again. Episode is boring.

  3. chloe says:

    a little annoyed that ali and emily never learned wren’s the father.

  4. VJ Moore says:

    So the big reveal, the jaw dropping twist, the queen mother of surprises turns out to be exactly what has been suggested in article after article for weeks on end now?! Spencer’s twin. With all the hype, I thought surely it would be something much more complex and shocking. What a major disappointment. I had hoped for so much better.

  5. lauri5567 says:

    I wanted Spencer and Wren to end up together so his being the father and dead was disappointing.

  6. Lauren says:

    I liked the finale and totally knew spencer was going to have a twin but I hate we didn’t get a reaction or anything from Emily and Ali about Wren being their babies father

  7. Spiked-Philly says:

    2 hour finale? Maybe an hour with all the commercials. Very disappointing. It felt rushed. Like they knew they were out of time and wanted to just end it.

  8. Berrylicious says:

    I’m just glad I stopped watching after I found out Emily is gonna end up with Alison. Why on earth would they make her end up with one of the biggest bullies on the show? Way to go to set an example… Be a bully your entire life, be horrible to your friends and do nothing but lie, but hey you still get a happy ending.

  9. Rob says:

    Forgive me but how exactly were Emily and Alison’s babies blonde? Emily and Wren are the biological parents. Something doesn’t add up here.

    • Jamie says:

      My child is white blonde with blue eyes and her father and I have brown hair and brown eyes. It happens a lot

      • Rob says:

        But Emily isn’t white so why are her babies white? (Oh my God, Karen you can’t just ask people why they’re white) I know…it’s a detail that bothered me though.

  10. Shannon says:

    It was so, so bad…I gave it an A because I was just laughing at it the entire time. I’ll miss this ridiculous show!

  11. Oscar says:

    I thought the baby daddy was Charlotte. That would explain blond and twin gene.

  12. Remi says:

    This was the dumbest theory and finale. Why did Marlene give the fans so many hints who ‘a’ was and it ended up being Spencer’s evil twin? All the clues she hinted made it seem that aria was ‘a’ but I feel that so many fans figured it out that she decided to change the theory last minute. I feel that I wasted 7 years of my life watching this show now. I still don’t understand how Ali was such a bully to the liars and then all was forgiven and she ended up with Emily. Ezra was a pervert by being into underage girls and he ended up marrying aria. The give spencer twin this dumb accent that made the finale stupider than ever. I still don’t understand how charlote claimed that she used date Jason when she was first introduced on the show if they were 1st cousins. Hannah father ended up being charlottes dad like it wasn’t a big deal to anyone. Since the show started the girls were off scheming and going out of town as if that was possible in real life which seemed they had parents who didn’t care or were never around. No one ever went to jail for all the deaths. I’m so disappointed in the show and still left with holes in the story and questions!

    • Kepler says:

      How in the world can you say there were hints about AriA? They actually showed her speaking with A, how would you explain that? She, what, paid someone to pretend to be A so that she could argue with them over the phone? People are just so determined in their theories that they don’t care about what hints there actually were. Aria would have made NO sense whatsoever and would have left everyone confused. Say what you want about Alex but at least she made clear sense.

    • 1.Hannas dad is Tom Matin not Pastor Ted who is Chatlottes dad.Two different men.
      2.Marlene told Troian two years ago that she had a twin who was AD so no she didn’t change it last minute cause fans figured it out,
      3.Alison has changed ad isn’t the same cruel,lying,manipulative ,bully she used to be .If Emily & the other Luars forgave her,can’t/shouldn’t you?

    • Brandy says:

      1.What clues?Aria was face timed by AD,worked for AD so she couldn’t be AD.
      2.This show is about the girls friendship despite A trying to them apart so they were never going to make one of the Liars AD

  13. Annabelle says:

    Was Allison wearing a wig?

  14. It was a suprising reveal but not rewarding or satisfying.Alex probably did that against his will too and because he’s dead he’ll never his daughters and Emison didn’t get the truth of the paternity.

  15. Tracy R. says:

    If Ali didn’t have twins in this episode, then they would have never thought about Spencer having a twin. So it was needed to end the show….but you know it could start all over again with those new teenagers….