'Pretty Little Liars' Finale Week
Pretty Little Liars Recap

Pretty Little Liars Series Finale Recap: Grade the Girls' Goodbye to Rosewood

After seven long years, give or take a few time jumps, the town of Rosewood is finally at peace.

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The series finale of Pretty Little Liars finally brought Aria, Hanna, Emily, Spencer and Alison’s collective nightmare to an end, revealing the identity of A.D. and tying up (nearly) every loose end left untied from the past seven seasons.

Ahead of Tuesday’s finale, executive producer Marlene King — who also wrote and directed the farewell event — told TVLine that the episode would be “structured as a two-hour movie. It’s paced like a feature film, not the way we do regular episodes. … That pacing will feel different and feel special.”

On that much, we can all agree. In fact, given the finale’s jam-packed nature, I’m just going to bullet the biggest events from the episode, which picked up one year after A.D.’s alleged departure. … Cool? Cool. Let’s do this:

* In addition to (still!) planning their wedding, Aria and Ezra were also taking meetings at a movie studio interested in turning their book into a feature film. (During one specific jaunt through the lot, Ezra told Aria that he loves her ugly cry and think it’s “unique,” a fun nod back to this iconic moment.) Aria nearly called off the wedding after discovering that she can’t have children, but Ezra was hearing none of that.

* Alison and Emily were still living together, raising their twin children — yes, twins! — Lily and Grace. They were also still working at Rosewood High School, where a new generation of Liars was already being stalked.

* (Allegedly) no longer as sharp as she used to be thanks to her new meds, Mona moved in with Hanna and Caleb, understandably putting a strain on their relationship. (They were just trying to get pregnant, dagnabbit!)

* Melissa returned to town, and it almost seemed like she and Spencer are finally getting along — save for arguing about which of them gets to sleep in the barn. Of course, it didn’t take long for Melissa to show her true stripes, or rather, her true solids; she was spotted lurking in the bushes, black hoodie and all, during the Liars’ dinner at the Lost Woods. Then, in a twist only PLL could get away with at this point, “Melissa” removed her mask to reveal that she was actually… Mona!

* Toby also returned to town — though he traveled all the way from Africa, apparently — and he got a lot more than he bargained for when he ordered room service to his hotel room… if you know what I mean. (And if you don’t, he and Spencer had sex.)

* At Aria and Ezra’s rehearsal dinner, the #PLLMoms reminisced about old times — like when they were trapped in the wine cellar for what I imagine was a large portion of the Season 6 time jump. (“You know Pam didn’t drink for a year after that?”)

* After getting caught consorting with Emily’s mom, Alison revealed that she was planning a big romantic proposal — which, as Ali noted, did not include the pug sweatshirt she was currently wearing. But Ali’s never been one to let fashion get in her way, so she still delivered the proposal of a lifetime, complete with Emily’s grandmother’s wedding ring. And she said yes!

* That’s when things went completely off the rails: Following Mary Drake’s escape from prison, Spencer was kidnapped by Mona, only to wake up in a mysterious bunker with… her evil twin! That’s right, Spencer has a twin named Alex Drake, who didn’t know a damn thing about her relatives in Rosewood until Wren met her at a bar in London. And it turns out Alex has been in Rosewood for quite some time; not only did she sleep with Toby a few episodes earlier, but she was also the one Ezra saw talking to Wren at the airport a few weeks ago.

* During a brief Q&A session in the bunker, Alex told Spencer to what degree each of the A-Team members were working for her. Sydney, for example, was a “one-off,” while Charlotte — her true half-sister — was a much more integral part of her plan. Perhaps the biggest surprise from this info dump was that Archer pursued Alison on his own after linking up with Mary Drake. (Also, Alex said that even though she paid for Jenna’s eye surgery, she’s “still blind as a bat.”)

* Despite that apparent blindness, it was Jenna who helped Toby figure out that Spencer was actually Alex. And Emily definitely wins the award for Best Reaction: “Out of all the insane theories we’ve jumped to, Spencer having an evil twin has got to be the most insane.”

* Following a nasty scuffle with Alex in the bunker, the Liars emerged victorious and lived to see Aria and Ezra finally tie the knot. And for Hanna to reveal that she’s pregnant! And for Marlene King to make an epic cameo!

* The final moments found Mona running a creepy doll shop in Paris, naturally, though it wasn’t the merchandise that made it such a special place. No, that would be Mona’s secret basement dollhouse, where Alex and Mary Drake will likely live out the rest of their days like living dolls.

* And the final final moments cut to a group of girls enjoying a sleepover on a stormy summer night, only to have their fun interrupted by one of them going missing! (That’s right, ladies and gentlemen — it’s all happening… again.)

OK, time to discuss: Did the finale answer enough of your burning questions? Were you satisfied by the overall ending? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ben says:

    Thank goodness it is all over

    • Leo says:

      I once was a devoted watcher but the writing drove me insane (the whole Charlotte-Charles, it’s like a bad fanfic), I was thinking I might pay a final respect by watching the series finale but once I read this recap, Spencer has a twin? More bad fanfics. These writers need to stop producing shows in the future.

      • Cleo says:

        So i had the exact same thing going on. After Charlie came I just stopped watching the series. But I die see the last episode and oh my it was insane and very inaccurate.

        • Regina George says:

          I wish i a.d would’ve been A familiar character someone we knew. it was like I spent all that time trying to ping one of the main characters as a and it was some random person. The whole time watching I was hoping it was Spencer and Alex was an alternate ego she created completely disappointed

    • Charissa29 says:

      Wow! My feelings exactly. I was afraid this ghastly thing would still be on in a couple of years when my niece would be old enough to watch it! Whew! Dodged a bullet. But Trojan Bellisario can really act!

      • emilygaljersey says:

        Errrr she can act…sure…in her own accent as Spencer. But as a faithful Brit fan watching that show the TERRIBLE “Alex” accent ruined the whole episode even more than the writers did. Worst Brit accent I’ve ever heard on any show ever – and that’s an accomplishment, there have been a few shockers in the past!

  2. Victoria says:

    i don’t even know what to say. I think they wanted Aria to be A but because people were zoning in on her being A, they didn’t know what the eff to do and they did the wrong damn thing. Seriously. were series finale in a long while.

    • Rob says:

      That implies that the writers actually think about things.

      • Garbo says:

        It became too successful, ran for too long, and writers clearly only had decent storylines for maybe a few seasons. As far as I’m concerned Pretty Little Liars joins the club of shows that could have been awesome miniseries because their first seasons were indeed epic(ish), but they simply didn’t have enough material to cover such long runs, especially with their highly serialized concepts. It is in good company : REVENGE (s1 finale would have been a perfect ending with Victoria’s plane going down), PRISON BREAK (the second they actually “broke” out of “prison”, it should have been over, everything else was just nonsense), HEROES (could have been a one-season cult-hit, instead turned into a no-proper-ending-low-rated-af 4-season run).

        P.S. Nothing against the actress who does indeed have great potential going forward, but the second Allison came back and stopped being the enigmatic central mystery, the show lost its way. We all knew she was alive, the ending should have been her return plus one more episode to tie everything up. I mean the evil twin card played TWICE ? Puhlease…

        • Patrick says:

          Add Lost to that list. It was apparent in S2 that they had no idea going forward. OUAT clearly was off the rails mid S2 as well

          • Garbo says:

            Good catches! I share your take on both of those shows. And yes, I watched and loved their first seasons and quit during their second.

        • Jared S says:

          I agree about certain series that shouldn’t be drawn out. I hated the terrorist group conspiracy storyline in season 2 of Revenge. It ruined the show. But I actually thought the end of Season 3 where Emily puts Victoria in the asylum was a perfect way to end the show, then they added that whole David mess.

      • sarah says:

        Marlene said during the finale party show that aired after the finale that a few years ago she decided on the ending with Alex Drake. She told Troian two years ago about it.

  3. i liked it. So much better than that Charlotte A mess reveal. I knew they would do a Spencer twin..it was obvious in those last 10 episodes, when everything was going around Spencer’s family. Troian was AMAZING as always. I didn’t liked the accent much..but oh well..Great finale. I’m gonna miss this craziness. It was a CrAzy ride for sure!

  4. Lina says:

    I am so disappointed. The whole alex drake thing was dumb. Random character. This was as dumb as cece being A. What about all of Allison’s loose ends? Vivienne dark bloom. All the Cape may stuff? Allison’s big change in personality and whatever her threats were to that Cyrus guy….holes holes holes. Felt like a bunch of filler. And I was bored. I looked at the clock seen it was 730 and thought wtf! There is no time left for any of the things I want to know. This doesn’t feel right. Marlene made a cameo and said sorry for interrupting the wedding. Uh yeah u should say sorry but for the way you decided to go with this story. Didn’t feel proper. And why are they replaying it over again with a new group of girls? Who cares. How about properly finishing the show I spent years agonizing over?! Arggg.

    • Lina says:

      Oh yeah what about cleaning up the NAT club. So much forgotten. I feel the same after watching the finale that I did about questions I had before the finale. This show went wrong after Charlotte as A. It feels like it went off course and I kept watching waiting for it to make sense and get back on track. But nah.

      • Lina says:

        What about Bethany young…why isn’t that tidied up?

        • Sara says:

          How tidy do you want it? Mona hit Bethany with a shovel, thinking it was Alison. Melissa buried her, thinking she was dead and that Spencer had killed her. Officially, the case remains unsolved…

          • Jen says:

            How about why was she there in the first place? What was the relationship between Ali and Bethany.? The whole background story regarding Bethany was never revealed! It’s like the writers totally forgot the whole point of the show was what happened the night Ali disappeared and Bethany was killed…. so disappointing😞

    • Jen says:

      I couldn’t have said it better! I’m so so so disappointed in this ending! They should’ve looped everything back to the night Ali disappeared. Throwing a new random character in at the end is ridiculous. I kept reading the theories out there about Spencer having a twin and I thought ‘no way’ would they do something so random… I gave the writers WAY too much credit and totally got let down. 😞

      • Patrick says:

        My favorite book series did something like this. Completely ruined the series. I would re-read that series (at least the first 6 books) every few years. I’ll never pick it up again. Heartbreaking.

  5. Bella says:

    Seriously? Previously unknown evil twin? How clichéd can you get? What a hot mess this finale was. And what a disappointment.

    • stevie says:

      Yeah. Definitely disappointed with the twin thing. Even more disappointed with the Melissa mask; seriously…we’re back to masks again? That’s a General Hospital thing. I don’t like it when they do it, like it even less when a quality show like PLL does it. I mean…why do a twin if masks work that effective anyway? The acting by Troian was top-notch though.

    • Jane says:

      If you had read the books, there was an evil twin plotline there. Don’t blame the show writers, blame the original author.

      • stevie says:

        Marlene and even the main cast claimed they weren’t going to follow the books this time around. And I recognize that it wasn’t Spencer that had a twin in the books but close enough.

  6. Baby V says:

    The twin thing was suspected but Troian did a brilliant job in playing a different person. You could tell in some scenes that it wasn’t Spencer, meaning Troian is a very good actress. Runs in the family I guess. Her mother was also a great actress.

  7. Beckers05 says:

    I feel so let down! This season has been so bad and I was hoping this episode would make It all worth it. Sadly, it didn’t. Where was Melissa the rest of the episode and Mike?!? His sister was getting married.

  8. Harris says:

    How was Mona able to afford all that Paris stuff at the end?

  9. shawn says:

    so why was ezra locked away by AD?

    • Joni Parks says:

      really? Did you watch the show? Because he ran into who he thought was Spencer BUT then quickly realized Spencer wasn’t Spencer Alex drake -AD got nervous that he would figure her out and tell the “liars” so she kisses and held him hostage…

      • Steven says:

        So your assuming that’s what happened …We shouldn’t have to assume anything in the finale… We should have straight facts …. Many of which were and never will be answered. And the after show was a complete waist of time…. They answered absolutely no questions that we all had rattling in our minds…. Truely disappointed

    • He basically discover the whole: “Spencer was not Spencer” in that scene with Wren..did you at least watched the show? lol

  10. Linda says:

    I bet Ella wished she had Piper’s power when talking with Ezra’s mother at the rehearsal dinner. — Where the heck was Mike at? Not even a mention of him not attending his sister’s wedding? — It’s sad that Emily/Allison won’t ever find out who the father is. — How did Mary & Alex become live-in’s with Mona? She stole them from prison? — I definitely liked Aria’s second wedding dress! — ‘Evil Twin’ – Seriously?? This episode was ridiculous in so many ways.

    • KJ says:

      I don’t think they ever went to prison. When the cop came bursting in…Mona said “I called 911”. I’m thinking it wasn’t a real cop, it was someone Mona hired/called to collect Alex and Mary.

      • Holly says:

        The guy she kissed in the doll shop was the “cop” that arrested them.

      • sarah says:

        I think that cop was Mona’s french boyfriend at the end. I’m surprised that none of them checked to make sure Mary Drake and AD actually went to prison.

        • Chloe says:

          I agree, sarah, that makes no sense whatsoever. Wouldn’t they check with the police or drop into the police station? Or at least wonder why the police never contacted them. Or why it didn’t make the news? Didn’t the cops keep looking for Mary? Wouldn’t the fact there was still an escaped murderer on the loose be on the news? And I won’t even get into how Mona & French boyfriend/pretend cop managed to get Mary & Alex across an ocean & stashed in a “playroom”. Too bad she didn’t take Addison also & stash her with them.

          The whole twin storyline was ridiculous. I don’t know what Marlene was drinking when she wrote it, but I’m guessing she was hitting up the Moms’ wine a little too much. But kudos to Trioan for doing a great job!

          • Casey says:

            Ugh so much awfulness in this show. After the drama of how the girls felt about Charlotte being released last season and Mona being released in the finale, we’re really supposed to believe they never had any idea Mary and Alex didn’t end up in prison? They have no idea Alex was never put on trial? And they’re cool with not knowing a thing or ever checking up on what’s going on?

            How in the world did Alex build the board game? They already did the incredibly far-fetched thing of making Charlotte a super-genius who taught herself everything in Radley. But Alex grew up and ran away from an orphanage and was working as a bartender – SHE has the smarts to build a game that even Mona marveled over??? WHAT IS HAPPENING??????

            And that fake accent, UGH! I really wonder if the writers 100% know they’re trolling the viewers or they were sit around plotting these things and patting themselves on the back.

    • Nicole says:

      Omg yes i thought thosebhands would go up at any time lol

    • Pllnotafan says:

      Wren was the father

    • Cee says:

      The father of the twin girls was Wren… Didn’t u hear Alex Drake whispering in the baby girls ear? So Alex must had used him as a pawn in her plan.. well Mich more than a pawn…

      • Linda says:

        If you’re talking to me, I KNOW WHO THE FATHER IS but Emily and Allison don’t and that is what I mentioned.

    • Nicole says:

      Mona’s boyfriend was the cop who showed up & locked Alex up. Remember when Mona said she called 911.
      When Alex was holding one of the twin’s she said to her “you look like your daddy.”

  11. aaron says:

    It was ok but very rushed. This turned into Spencers story which really went against the shows premise

  12. What the? says:

    What a pile of steamy poo! FAIL FAIL FAIL….I Marlene King, sit on your pile of money and please don’t make another TV show. How’s Famous in Flop going for you? If you really wanted to write fan fiction then there were stacks of sites to indulge in. Talk about dropping the ball from S3 onwards! I’m going to start a class action to get the last 4 years of my life back, anyone want to join?

  13. lauri5567 says:

    I felt like I was watching Margo and Nora argue over who got to be Jessica or Elizabeth.
    And I still don’t know the point of the NAT club.

    • Casey says:

      LOL loving this comment! This whole show made even less sense than Sweet Valley. And that’s a world where they did, like, six spring break novels in different settings during junior year.

      • Annodal says:

        Not to mention all of the Christmases and Halloweens they had when they were in 6th grade. Their lives were basically like Groundhog’s Day.

        And yes, Lauri, that was my thought too. Except Sweet Valley wore it better than PLL.

  14. Jeepers says:

    So many dangling threads. But I’m not surprised. I think Marlene King got in way over her head pretty early on and it just continued to steamroll over her a bit. Troian was the highlight for me, she made the most of a pretty ridiculous storyline. I guess I just don’t see the appeal of that good ole 1980s soap opera cliche being the endgame of the entire show.

  15. Sb says:

    Worst finale possible

    • I watched the Castle finale. At least this time I think I know who’s dead and who’s alive.

    • Nicole Ferguson says:

      im so disappointed! i feel like ive watched this show for years and they ended it in the worst way possible. it could have been so much better! i think this episode is by far the worst one they have done

  16. Nl says:

    Grade is a C . Cheesy ending.

  17. Jennifer says:

    Am I the only one who finds it a bit lame that every high school couple made it to forever? We always knew Emily and Allison were into each other, and ta-da, endgame. Spencer, Hannah, Aria — all end up with their high school boyfriends. I guess I just expected a bit more tragedy or something, but it comes off so lame to me.

    • Cee says:

      Me too. How likely is it for a group of girls all to end up with their h.s. crush/bf/sweetheart … Maybe a couple in the whole graduating class. But 4/4 and including the other mates that means Marlene king wrote this intending on 8/8 people end up with their h.s. sweethearts …. Hard to believe.. I’ve watched this show for sooooo long… I love & loved it. I’m not sure how I feel about the ending 😑

    • Cas says:

      While I agree I was still okay with it. The issue is as HS sweethearts those couples went through a lot more than others do at their age. That typically brings people together and makes them stronger.

  18. Dissapointed.Another secret twin/sibling?Alex didn’t say how /when Wren died unless i missed it.I knew Ezra wouldn’t jilt Aria at the alter,why didn’t she know it too( despite the fake text?).So Mona’s still crazy & evil and A huh?Mary and Alex got thier just desserts I guess.Thought the Emison proposal was cute and the girls goodbye scene was sweet.Laughed at I Marlene’s cameo and the doll for Atticus( Marlene’s son).Fun seeing the ” Wine Moms” again and Jenna/Ali vs Addison.They set it up for a spinoff,which I bet will be orders this week.

    • stevie says:

      I would have rather seen more legacy characters like Jason and Peter instead of spending money on a new set of teens that are possibly for a spin-off.

      • stevie says:

        Or even Mike; I mean…it’s your sister’s wedding for God’s sake. Money not well spent on newbies Addison and company.

    • Casey says:

      I can’t imagine there will be a spinoff. Maybe Marlene wants one, but I hope the network is smarter than that. The little teenage characters were awful and bland, and Freeform must understand that a spinoff won’t retain the viewers that watched the finale, never mind the average season 7 ratings. PLL ratings are already low (I know, not compared to other shows), and a spinoff will go even lower. So many people who watched to the bitter end will not start over with a new set of characters. The network needs to be looking for a show that can start well, not a show that they know will hemorrhage viewers.

      • stevie says:

        That’s exactly why they WILL have a spin-off. PLL viewership is lower, but compared to their other shows it’s still their highest rated show. It’s a top five show in every country, and not one of the new shows like Famous In Love have even come close. Ratings is money, and in order to charge advertisers top dollar they need a flagship show, it’s most definitely not The Fosters(although I like them too). For this reason they will definitely have a spin-off, they have no choice. And they don’t need the same viewers if they can reach all new younger viewers with fresh actors and a fresh take on the show. There is even an actor from the show that’s already admitted she’s involved in a new project she isn’t allowed to talk about. If I could, I’d bet money it’s happening.

    • Stephanie says:

      Alex did say that she turned Wren into ashes and turn it to diamond that she wears as pendant on her necklace

  19. dan says:

    Can anybody explain the beginning? What’s his name (Lucas?) dressed as a mime tap dancing by the liars and Jenna rides by on a horse, then snow starts falling like they’re in a snow globe. Dream? Nightmare? The ending I can deal with (the Spencer twin theory was pretty obvious to me from that airport scene and Mona having a doll shop in Paris with her secret prisoners cracks me up), but the opening scene had me shaking my head in confusion. Did anybody else notice that Emily’s mom was never in the same scene with the other moms? I guess they had to work around everybody’s schedules to get them all included in the episode. And the actor who plays Aria’s dad (Chad Lowe) looked so young compared to Ian Harding who is playing his son-in-law. These were the weird things I noticed!

    • Chloe says:

      The only thing I can figure is that it was Mona’s fantasy from being on the meds. And that’s just a guess, since I was just as confused as you. I wish we’d seen more of Lucas. And yes, I noticed Pam wasn’t in the scenes with the other Moms, too. I wish we’d seen more of all of them. We could have, if they hadn’t wasted time on Addison & her minions, none of whom I give a rat’s patootie about. I hated the ending. Why focus on them? Please tell me there won’t be a spin-off “Pretty Little Liars Junior”. Zzzzz

      • dan says:

        Thanks, I’m going with Mona’s dream/nightmare for the opening sequence. That makes about as much sense as everything else on this show!

  20. Paula says:

    DAYUM! I absolutely loved it (especially Troian’s tour de force as Spencer/Alex!) Have to admit the Emison saccharine was nauseating but who cares since Mona got a happy ending with a smokin’ hot Frenchman… with a delicious twist, of course. I’ll really miss this show as it never lost any charm or appeal for me. Thanks for the wonderful memories and complicated mysteries PLL!

  21. TJ says:

    So Spencer had sex with Caleb and Marco in the final season, but her twin is intimate with Toby. No Spencer Toby kiss even, when it could have fit into the finale. I feel like Spoby got the raw deal.

  22. ChrisGa says:

    Best thing about the whole finale was Mary and Alex imprisoned in Mona’s basement. Second best–Jenna snatching that nasty Addison up and informing her she can “smell a b!tch a mile away”.

  23. Joni Parks says:

    Alex and Mary didn’t go to prison in the end because the cop that arrests Alex is the same guy Mona is seen kissing in the end in France…
    Mona comes out of no where (as always lol) when the cops showed up after Spencer and Alex’s fight and tells then I called 911

  24. Nicole says:

    Should have called this ep All Mary’s Children lmao glad its over

    • Amber Gregory says:

      I couldn’t stop laughing at your comment! That was just too funny😂😂

    • Jared S says:

      I bet Addison was Mary’s secret fourth child.

      I hated that whole redo of the opening Pilot scene. It was so stupid. There should’ve been a twist, like the girls all murdered Addison together because she was horrible.

  25. lemonsour says:

    fAil! This was such a disaster. We had to suffer through that awful accent and nonstop over the top sex scene over an actual finale focused on the 4 main girls. I guess most finales are mess though so of course this show was no exception.

  26. Amy says:

    Okay here are a few questions that I have about this finale that have me left in the dust. For example, what ever happened without Ezra’s son? THat was such a big part of the story and then it just wasn’t WASNT anymore. Or Bethany Young? Lose ends there. Or what about Paige? And Ali’s dad and Jason? Or what mya had anything to do with it???? I have many more questions and need answers please

    • Violet says:

      My memory isn’t the best, but I’m pretty sure the boy ended up not being Ezra’s son. Like the mom lied about it because his family had money or something. But yeah, there were a lot of loose ends in favor of really stupid stuff (like why name-drop that girl as Maya’s famiily member? Why would anyone in her family move to the town she was murdered in?)

    • Naomi says:

      Bethany was killed by Mona way back in the first season.
      Paige left to work in another university
      Jason and his dad where “poisoned” by cece
      Also violet is right about Ezra’s “child”

  27. Sandra Carson says:

    Series finale was a huge let down . 7 years wasted. No answesr were given about bethany, no 2 bodiea bei g aaves when ckeary 2 eacape veing buried. Uab 2 videos id ally at kissing rock does not make sense in fact the only thing that would have made sense waa fir alu be the one with twin.

  28. Caitlin says:

    I don’t understand how multiple people wrote, edited and produced this finale without realizing how bad it was….

  29. Louisa says:

    Loved the finale it was so crazy! But what’s the deal with the Addison going missing and it hppening all over again? Please say they’re not doing a spin off. I really hated this last like 1-2 minutes of the episode.

  30. A.D (ALEX DRAKE...duh!) says:

    …this is what happens when a tv show outlast’s the story it has on its hands!!

  31. Red Snapper says:

    I really liked it. No, we didn’t get all the answers to all the questions and yeah, the Spencer has a twin thing was predictable. However, I thought what we did get was great. I was pretty disappointed with the final season, so I was pleasantly surprised by the ending. I’m glad everyone ended up together. I’ve never been a big fan of Emily/Allison but I liked how they were tonight. They seemed to really love each other and being parents. I’m glad Aria and Ezra actually made it down the aisle. Hannah and Caleb showed that married life isn’t always easy, that it takes work. I’m glad they left us with the hope of Spencer and Toby who have always been my favorite. I am bummed that we didn’t get a true Spencer/Toby kiss though. Some my find it a bit unbelievable that they all ended up with their high school loves but none of them took a straight path to the other. Their stories were filled with heartache and love and hard work to get where they were and those are the best kind of love stories, to me anyway. For a show that was overall a bit uneven and that I mostly hate watched, it ended well.

  32. Carmen Castillo says:

    WTF these are all young women on their early twenties and they are all thinking about babies and getting pregnant are you kidding me! None about their career or travelling with her husband or i dont know doing something else than going to an adoption agency after their honeymoon whaaaaat?

    • Jec says:

      Right?! In a way I’m glad that Spencer didn’t get that resolution because atleast it keeps her storyline more focused on her career and building her relationship with Toby instead of jumping to babies at 24 years old.

  33. ThatsnotA says:

    Well if Marlene was trying to one up gossip girl on worst reveal she came pretty damn close … she is the ultimate troll.

  34. I didn’t expect much, so it actually ended up being pretty damn good. So glad it’s over now though.

  35. Rofair says:

    The finale was pretty lame. The Spencer twin reveal was obvious leading up to this episode, but it still could have been cool if Troian had done a better job with the accent. And why the hell did Alex need to get shot to match Spencer? All she really needed if she was that determined was for Wren to give her a deep cut that would scar when healed. The final scene was also stupid. If they wanted to have this “new generation” they should have picked better actors and did an original scene, not just an exact remake of the opening of the series. And why oh why do shows feel the need to put every character with their first relationship? Not every high school romance lasts forever and they should have shown that.

  36. Sandrine says:

    I watched and waited 7 seasons for that crap? What a let down! It was so bad that it was difficult to like the few enjoyable moments of the 2 hour finale.

  37. Spiked-Philly says:

    What a crappy way to end a 7 year saga. It all seemed thrown together. The girls spent 7 years trying to figure it out, and suddenly a book and Jenna’s sense of smell cracks the whole case?! And what’s with that horrible accent?! The whole thing was horribly bad.

  38. Nikki says:

    I think it was always going to be hard for the writers to wrap things up entirely in a way that would be completely satisfying, however I’m so disappointed with this finale. It feels like so many things went unanswered and the whole episode and explanation felt really disjointed from what we’ve been watching all these years. I’m sure a lot of Marlene’s “clues” over the years were completeand utter lies. Whilst I actually was on board with the ‘Spencer having a twin’ theory, everything else about it and her motivations were a mess. On top of that all the stuff with Addison was so unnecessary and irrelevant. And really, all the Liars end up with their high school love interests? I know ships are important but that’s seriously unrealistic. Lastly, that ending with Mona? Ridiculous. Sigh.

  39. Lianne says:

    This sucked more than Kim Kardashian at a BET Awards after party

  40. Laura says:

    It wasn’t DEXTER bad but it was pretty up there in terms of horrendous finales.

  41. Where is grade Fx? It was so MEGASUPERDUPERHORRIBLE that I don’t have words for this epic piece of…..

  42. queenbrat says:

    I was indifferent about this finale. I liked some of the moments between the cast but the reveal was lacking for me. I wanted it to be someone we knew and had not seen coming, not a twin. Parts of it make no sense to me. What A/AD was able to pull off all of this time makes me find this so implausible. I did like the Mona part at the end and seeing the moms again.

  43. K.D.S. says:

    Why are so many people angry about the twin twist? You realize it happened in the books, right? Just not with Spencer. I agree that their are plot holes and i would have preferred an Alison twin, but it was obvious this season, even in the first episode, that a Spencer twin reveal was coming. And it even changed the CeCe reveal, because CeCe obviously lied about a lot of things. She knew that Mary was her mother and Alison just he cousin and just messed with her.

    • stevie says:

      I think it may be because we wanted it to be a character we could have guessed. Think about it, we’ve been asked to guess who A.D. is since Jan of last year; only to find out there’s no way we could have guessed because they invented a new character specifically for the finale. Not bad, just not great.

      • K.D.S. says:

        The possibility of a twin was always there, even in the beginning. It’s in the books and a lot of people guessed it, because of Spencer’s strange behaviour throughout the season. There was even a hint in season 3 or 4, when Veronica said that she never knew if Spencer or her evil twin would show up, when she had the drug addiction.

    • I think because it’s already been done with the reveal that Jessica had a twin sister Mary and Charles/Charlotte/CECE was related to Ali.

  44. I honestly don’t know what you people expected from a show like PLL. I loved this finale! Was it stupid? Yes. Did it make sense? Not so much. Personally, I wanted something between the most stupid and unexpected thing and the most predicteble one, and this was it. And they answered all the mysterys of this last 30-episodes arc, so I’m satisfied.

  45. chloe says:

    people always saying aria had to be a because nothing bad ever happened to her, now we know why….alex liked her.

  46. stevie says:

    And did I miss something; didn’t they say ALL of our questions would be answered like…who actually killed Ian?

  47. zelis says:

    I have questions in my mind that I couldn’t fully answer.
    Why was Mary Drake guilty? Wasn’t she trying to help Spencer too?
    And what was Alex exactly talking about the A Team when they were talking about Archer, she said ”That was all him. He found Mary and convinced her it was what Charlotte would have wanted.”
    Mona was the one who killed Charlotte so why was AD taking revenge from the girls?
    I’d be more than glad if anyone knows what are the answers:)

    • Shannon says:

      Here’s what I think (not totally sure if this is right…)

      “Why was Mary Drake guilty? Wasn’t she trying to help Spencer too?”
      She’s still guilty of killing Jessica and she wouldn’t let Spencer out of Alex’s bunker, allowed her to be kept there. So that’s not cool!

      “And what was Alex exactly talking about the A Team when they were talking about Archer, she said ‘That was all him. He found Mary and convinced her it was what Charlotte would have wanted.'”
      She’s talking about why Archer decided to impregnate Ali…but I totally don’t get how he convinced Mary to go along with it – “it’s what Charlotte would have wanted”?? What??

      “Mona was the one who killed Charlotte so why was AD taking revenge from the girls?”
      I think because she didn’t know who killed Charlotte, so they were all suspects until the last episode when Mona confessed.

      • Ene says:

        If Alex so much loved her sister Charlotte and did everything to find who killed her why didn’t she do anything to Mona when she found out insteads she contacts her to give her an assignment to wear Melissa’a face to know if she can be trusted? How dumb do they think we are?? Like wtf? I didn’t expect anything superb from a show that had gotten shallower over the seasons but this was way more shallow than I expected and a direct insult to those of us who sticker with it this far.

  48. Cas says:

    Eh I’m glad it is done. It was super predictable. But I liked that they all got happy endings anyway. Still feel Emily and Alison together was a joke. I think Spencer and Toby were the best parts of the finale. They have some great chemistry.

  49. Shannon says:

    I gave it an A – thought it was hilariously bad!

    1. First hour seemed like a waste to me – I know the writers wanted to give the couples a happy ending but I was most interested in them tying up the loose ends with AD, etc.
    2. I still don’t buy Alison and Emily as a couple, so the proposal did nothing for me. I did like Ali’s pug sweatshirt, did not like her hair color.
    3. AD reveal – not at all surprised, but I think it should have come earlier so they didn’t have to rush through the introduction/motivations of this character, the girls figuring it out (seriously – they had no idea for YEARS, and then a tip from the horse and Jenna and BAM! It’s a twin! So funny) and the rescue.
    4. Wren as the baby daddy – didn’t see that coming, but he was on the show so infrequently that I didn’t feel like it really packed a punch for me.
    5. How are Mary and Alex living in Mona’s dollhouse and not in prison??

    I’ll miss this ridiculous show…always a good way to turn my brain off and get some laughs.

    • Shannon says:

      Re: (5) Lesson learned, read the other comments before replying – Mona’s French boyfriend being the “cop” is actually pretty funny.

    • Chloe says:

      “3. they had no idea for YEARS, and then a tip from the horse and Jenna and BAM! It’s a twin!”
      Just goes to show – the horse & Jenna were brighter than the whole bunch of them! LOL

  50. EniH says:

    Can someone tell me why Mike wasn’t at either of Aria’s Weddings!?!?!?

    Where is Allisons Dad at?!?!