Blacklist Boone Spader Promos

The Blacklist's Megan Boone: I'm Not 'Shading' Spader by Lobbying for Better Representation in Promos

Megan Boone only seeks better representation for The Blacklist‘s female lead, and is not “shading” costar James Spader, with her recent series of tweets taking aim at NBC’s Red-centric promos.

Boone’s (highly entertaining) crusade began on Monday, when she quoted a tweet from the NBC drama’s official feed that touted, “He’s back and more determined than ever” — and added, “She’s back and more determined than ever.” (Our emphasis added.)

Other similar tweets followed, “Liz-ifying” Red-centric promos and always hashtagged to support #WomenInFilm:

Ultimately (and sadly, predictably), Boone was pressed to clearly explain (womansplain?) her endeavor, saying that she was not dismissing or even diminishing Spader’s standing as the male lead, but simply suggesting that (five seasons in, TVLine will note) she and Liz deserve to be featured “in step”:

Do you stand with Boone in her bid to balance things out?

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  1. kmw says:

    Good for her I don’t see her shading him and since she in reality is co lead she should have as many promos. But sadly that isn’t the way things work. It would be nice to see the other half of the population respected not only in film and tv but in EVERYTHING!!!. NBC will claim Spader is the bigger star or name( which he is) but she is just as important to that show as he

    • Lyndy says:

      Think of it this way, would the show continue if Spader left….highly unlikely, but it certainly would continue without Boone. I’m not trying to diminish her role in anyway but he is the bigger star and people tune in primarily for him.

      • Jimmy says:

        I agree. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with going for hers. But there’s definitely no way she’s as important as spader in execs eyes.

      • Mike says:

        I disagree. This show needs BOTH of them. I won’t watch it without Lizzie. She’s his driving force. There’s no Red…not in his top form…without Lizzie. And if she feels they need to even off the representation then good for her.

        • Lyndy says:

          James Spader is the show….I like her character just fine but the only character who is indispensable on this show is Red. The show-runners know that, audience knows that and the network execs know that too.

          • Butter says:

            Yes to what Lyndy said.. in reality I stopped watching this show because of Liz.. cannot stand how she acts.

        • Olivia says:

          I’m with you Mike.

        • fiberlicious says:

          I know this won’t happen, but I wish they’d re-cast the role. The show needs A Liz, not necessarily Boone.

        • stuart green says:

          I disagree I have only seen up to series three and the shows after her presumed death where just as good if not better.Now we have a baby to contend with.

      • rowan77 says:

        So to follow your logic, they should ignore the female lead of the show and pretend she doesn’t matter, in order to get eyeballs to the screen? #Lame

        • Lyndy says:

          It’s not my logic, it’s how TV operates. Anyway it’s not the network’s fault if the female lead simply does not resonate with audiences the way James Spader does. This many seasons into the show she should be able to make or break TBL the way James Spader does…but it’s simply not the case.

      • Merlin says:

        I agree.
        Megan is great, but if Spader leaves the show is done.

  2. Koyaanisqatsi says:

    I’m with her. Sincerely, James Spader

  3. Michael says:

    Maybe it’s because people watch this show because of Spader and not her? Is she delusional? Does she really think people watch the Blacklist because of her? To watch her bland acting?

    • Joshua York says:

      Is there a character named Liz on the show?

    • Robert55 says:

      Absolutely – she is a one-trick monotonal actress. There was an interview on TVLINE after the end of the first season and her response (maybe she didn’t mean it but) was very much about how she and Spader made the show a hit after the first season, that she was somehow in the same league as him. So delusional, it’s Spader that the majority of us tune in to see and if he disappears, I know that The Blacklist comes off my record list.

      • Michael says:

        Exactly! Spader is the show. She really is delusional if she thinks she is as important for this show as Spader. If he leaves then the show is over, but I doubt that a lot of people cared if she left.

      • Toni says:

        I agree with you! The reason why I watch the show is Spader! Boone is really bad! She has the same face for everything and when she works with major league actors as David Strathairn or Christine Lahti she is cruahed! This makes me believe that this will be the last season of yhe show

  4. Kesey says:

    Isn’t this the actress, according to SONY’s hacked emails, that was almost replaced because she was so bad?

  5. Lyndy says:

    I get what she’s saying but show’s still standing because of James Spader. I like Megan Boone and the show has worked hard to make her character interesting but she simply does not have the same impact that Red has on this show. James Spader/Reddington is TBL. The audience is more invested in his escapades.
    Take Scandal for example…KW/Olivia Pope is the show even though Fitz is the lead male character (I’m assuming he is), most if not all promotions about the show have Olivia Pope front and center.
    But good on her for standing up for herself. I wonder if there’s something more going on behind the scenes.

  6. M3rc_Nate says:

    What held my interest for as long as I watched the series was Spader. I found her and her character to be completely uninteresting and without any leading lady spark. Maybe they knew to get viewers they need to promote the talent who draws the most eyes to the show?

  7. mooshki says:

    She’s a mediocre actress on a poorly written show. Spader is the only reason Blacklist is still on the air. It has nothing to do with sexism.

  8. JMill says:

    I don’t fault her for campaigning for better representation in the promos if shayng effectively frozen out.

    But truth be told, st this point she is the show’s MacGuffin more anything else. Her character helps move the action along, but Spader is the explosion the audience ultimately comes to watch.

    • TV Gord says:

      Precisely! They’re both important to the show. For me, The Blacklist without Lizzie would be like Cheers without Diane. Sure, it went on for years without her, but I lost interest in it when she left. It just became another sitcom without her. A good one, but not the exceptional one that it was in its first five years.

  9. BM says:

    Looks like I’m not the only one who assumed that maybe NBC has a reason for not using Boone to promote the show.
    I wanted to like it but I couldn’t because of her.

  10. Loolley says:

    Lol. You are supporting, not a lead. And I doubt you work 3x harder than everyone else.

    What an ego.

    • Marta says:

      I do think she’s talking about screen time here, # of scenes she is in per episode compared to each supporting character, on average. Plus we only know her involvement from what we see onscreen, so we can’t judge her efforts as outsiders, which we are.

      • Danyelle says:

        Looks like the Pretty in Pink Fan Club medic alerts all went off, looking at rush to Spader’s defense. How much you bet lots from same accounts lol

    • callie says:

      The first couple of seasons she was in most scenes, however that seems to have changed after the producers figured out she was a loose cannon, and it became obvious most fans hated Liz.

    • Olivia says:

      Yeah, kinda like with CEOs and their employees. Everybody knows the “faces” have it the worst because if the “hands” were working so hard we would hear about them. /s *F logic*

  11. Bella says:

    TBL is about Red AND Liz. Not just Red. Not just Liz. Both, Spader and Boone are crucial to the story. She doesn’t demands more than Spader. Fair is fair, the show has two leads, NOT just one.

    • FB says:

      Finally someone who got the point of all this! even if I don’t like her ways (it’s not nice to say she works 3x harder than her coworkers), she’s right! She has more screentime than james spader and deserves recognition, and its useless to pretend that she doesn’t just because she is bad at acting!

    • Coop says:

      Networks don’t care about being “fair”, they care about promoting the show in a way that can keep people watching and bring new viewers to the table. It’s not like they don’t test these things to determine what type of promotion works best.

    • Lyndy says:

      Life’s not fair…she works 3x harder than any performer on the show yet the majority of the audience still primarily tune in for James Spader.

  12. Jk says:

    Hopefully they kill off her character again and this time it will stick.

    • Susan says:

      Agreed! I actually cheered when her character “died.” Think of what a great show it would be if Red, Tom, Dembe, Ressler, and the rest of the Post Office crew were out avenging her death. Could be a good 1/2 a season, at least, to bring the show to a close. John & Jon, are you listening???

    • Blu Serenity says:

      Agreed, I was so disappointed when she turned up alive. She drags the whole show down with her terrible acting.

      • Robert55 says:

        The episodes with Red and Mr Kaplan were the best since they started. I could easily watch Red’s frenemies come after him. If Liz weren’t in it anymore, I’d be okay. I cheered when there was a slight possibility that she was dead.

    • callie says:

      I agree. I was really hoping they were dumping Boone for the actress playing Katarina.

    • stuart green says:

      lol.It might be the cost of the next killer ,how much did they pay the baby.

  13. Casey says:

    Arg. Okay. “W/o my tireless work (3x of any performer) TBL couldn’t get made” – I don’t doubt that she works hard and she works tirelessly, or that she has fans who do feel she is integral to the show and irreplaceable. But the general fact, as most have already stated or alluded to, is you can argue that her TBL couldn’t get made without her character, but (a) people would still watch for Red/James and (b) her character’s importance is very different than the actress’. Obviously, she would not be replaced to play her character at this point in the show’s run, but she IS replaceable. She just happens to be the one playing the role and “working 3x of any performer.” The show would keep running just fine without her. Though she may be privy to experiences that us fans are not which are also fueling her comments – like, hypothetically, being in network meetings where execs are routinely diminishing the women involved with the show or being in massive pay disparity with the supporting men on the show (Harry, Diego).

  14. Marta says:

    I completely support Megan Boone. The show is about the relationship between two main characters. Spader is free to do a one man show if he wants to elsewhere, but that is not what Jon Bokencamp created. I love Spader, but to use his excellence to diminish his fellow cast members is not what anyone working on that show wants for Megan. If Spader is worth his salt personally, he would cringe at the thought. NBC needs to smarten up.

  15. Ann says:

    Megan should get over herself. In the beginning of the show, she was a mediocre actress, a nobody. Most people I know (including myself) start to watch TBL because of Spader. I’d never heard of her and would have definitely not watched because of her (or the story that became pointless pretty soon.) In the course of the time, she became worse and worse. Her performance in S4 was beyond bad (including her terrible hair, slurring speech, and moving like a robot.) She made me want to quit because I couldn’t stand looking at her. I guess I’ll stick around because of James and Diego and some other actors, but definitely not because of her. I wish they would kill off Liz for good because–believe it or not–the show could survive without her. Have Red hunt down blacklisters together with the Task Force, and no one would ask about Liz. Kill Red off, and the show dies. It’s that simple, Megan.

  16. Kathleen Brenner says:

    She’s delusional if she thinks she’s anywhere near the same level as Spader. And her comment of him staring on “her” show is definitely rude and dismissive of his talent and position. We all started watching for James. Nobody knew or cared who she was and without being on HIS show we STILL wouldn’t know or care who she is. Promoting women doesn’t mean dismissing men. Without the guys…James, Diego and Ryan especially…there would be no need for her. IMO she should be ashamed of herself that insulting them is how she chose to promote herself. I can’t imagine it’s going to make the work environment very pleasant when they start filming again.

    • Dmc says:

      Thank you for stating what should be obvious to everyone but is not…promoting women does not have to mean dismissing men and what they bring to the table.

  17. Nichole says:

    I watch TBL for Spader, who is fantastic as Red, couldn’t imagine anyone playing it better or the show without him. As for the character of Liz, wouldn’t miss her much. Personally think the interactions between Red and Navabi have been more interesting to watch!

  18. Jared says:

    Who is Megan Boone? No shade really but as someone who’s a co lead on a popular drama you would think she would have gotten way more exposure than she has. I’m a pretty advid TV watcher but I wouldnt be able to pick her out of a lineup as the star of TBL. Not sure if she should be blaming her agents or NBC.

  19. I wouldn’t know her real name if I hadn’t read it here….. and I’ve also forgotten it already. Now, James Spader! I tuned in originally just because he is in it. And he’s the reason I’ve kept watching it. I have no doubt the show would be able to go on without what’s-her-name.

  20. jeanaK says:

    SOME James Spader fans need to lighten up. The only reason they’re bashing Ms Boone is because TBL storyline is not and has not been going THEIR way the last 2 seasons . They imagine JS as the poor abused talented actor being ignored, which is ridiculous. HE seems to be fine with the storyline as he has major input himself. If Ms Boone was rallying for #womeninfilm 2-3 years ago those same fans would rally behind her.

    • Sandie says:

      I love that, as soon as MB is criticised, it is just Spader fans bashing her, because of some stupid storyline.
      Get your facts right, most of the people are casual viewers, who couldn’t care less about what direction the show takes between those two characters.
      There has been 0 comment about “poor abused talented” James, but all about MB wanting to support women, when she has been supporting an abusive relationship on the show through her social media account.
      So yeah, she is going to get plenty of backlash, when she is actually in the promos (not as much as James, fact, but saying that she has never been used in any promos over the last 4 seasons is a plain lie).
      We had Eggold left, right and centre for nearly a all season been promoted for landing his spin off, did she say anything about that? Nope, she actually supported him and that show.
      This is not about unhappy Spader fans, it’s about people calling her out on how she went about dissing her own how, her co-workers, and a poor intern on Twitter who has no power whatsoever!
      This isn’t showing her off in a bright light as the LEAD female she so craved to be recognised for.

      • Bella says:

        Ohhhh Lizzington on the horizon. Of course you are against MB since now Liz is Red’s DAUGHTER!!!!

        • Sandie says:

          How old are you? 5?
          Everyone is commenting on this Keenler, K2, Lizzington, viewers who couldn’t give any care about romantic relationship, fans.
          Fighting for womeninfilm is fine. The way she went on about isn’t.
          Fight for womankind and also do it with humility!
          The show can go on without her, certainly not the case if another character wasn’t on the show!

    • rusty shackleford says:

      These people never had any use for MB except maybe as a stand-in for their Spader fantasies.

  21. Robin says:

    Wow, some of you people are cruel. Until you get picked to be in a tv show, stop picking on other people’s acting.

  22. Coop says:

    You give promo exposure to the characters, actors and/or story lines that increase the likelihood that people will watch the show. In The Blacklist’s case, that EASILY is Spader and his character.

  23. Lynn says:

    First of all, Spader is an executive producer on the show and the creator of the show and Spader himself have said he is on the phone foe hours everyday with him about the show. As much as I love Spader it seems he can be a bit of a pain in the but and he certainly has his voice heard on this show. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I agree the show would’ve been long cancelled without him but no one certainly needs to feel offended for him, lol. The truth is there are supposed to be two leads on this show and it’s supposed to be about both of their stories but the writing frankly is not great, and especially for Boone’s character. I mean she finds out her husband is a spy who only married her as a job and he beats the crap out of her and abuses her emotionally so they have her get back together and even have a kid with him? Then there’s the whole love hate thing between her and Red. She’s fine with him one episode and hates him the next for no reason. She also seems to think she’s morally superior, somehow forgetting she murdered the attorney general in cold blood. They just haven’t made her very likeable. I mean I knew she had to be Red had to be her father because why the hell else would he love her after how she acts?

  24. Kate76 says:

    I might have more sympathy if she weren’t such a mediocre actress. Five seasons in, you would think she would have improved a bit, but she’s still hands down the weakest link in the series.

  25. Ella says:

    We watch because of Spader. Unfortunately, never thought she was right for the role.
    Love Tom!

  26. Barbara says:

    Megan Boone is good, I enjoy her scenes with Red. But James Spader is the main reason people tune in. He is great as Red. I enjoy all the characters, but the show would go on without any of them, but I doubt it would without JAmes Spader. I am all for women’s rights, but the fact is Red makes the show.

  27. Tomm Huntre says:

    Look, I like Red, Lizzie and the rest of the regulars. But let me put it this way. James wears far more hats in the show than does Megan.

    While Megan is the second lead, which sound like the show could continue on:

    Lizzie is killed. Red and Co spend the rest of the Season tracking those responsible for her death.

    Red dies. Liz and co spend the season tracking his killer.

    See? Red is more central.

  28. Sharon says:

    James Spader. That’s the deal.

  29. Tom says:

    Modern day feminism, making sure that second rate actresses get applauded for complaining they get less attention then the big name star, instead of getting rightly laughed at.

  30. Sarah J says:

    Yes! Good for her for standing up for herself. Crediting her does not diminish her costar.

    • mooshki says:

      It isn’t about crediting her. We’re talking about show promos, which have the sole purpose of getting more people to watch the show. And she is not going to help that happen.

  31. Bill says:

    That’s Be funny if bc of her tirade they kill her off or replace her, either won’t happen but let’s be realistic she doesn’t hold a candle to Spader. No one in the show does

  32. Al says:

    I watch the show for James Spader’s phenomenal acting ability. Megan Boone’s character is whiny, whisy-washy and otherwise uninteresting. I would enocuarage her to speak to the writers about the way her character is portrayed before commanding equal billing. I was hoping her character would have stayed gone/dead. I enjoyed Mr. Kaplan better.

    • Chloe says:

      Thanks to Red & Mr. Kaplan, the second half of this past season was the best they’ve had. I wish they had found a way to keep her. Those episodes almost made up for the boring mess of the past couple of seasons.

    • Bella says:

      The show ruined Mr. Kaplan character too. The writers are bad writing women.

      • Sandie says:

        Absolutely agree.
        They can not write a strong lead female for sure.
        And making others, been cheats, childish and the worse was ruining Mr Kaplan’s character!

  33. Dmc says:

    The main character…Red. A main character…Liz. Who is the first person most fans think of when they think Blacklist? Red. While I understand the point MB is trying to make I don’t believe the promo would be as impactful if it featured her alone or along side of Red. After all, the purpose of a promo is to draw in viewers. TBL has used her in past promos when her story line was front and center.

  34. Bella says:

    There wouldn’t still be a show if it weren’t for James Spader playing Red. I couldn’t stand Liz at first. She’s starting to grow on me, but I’m sorry, you could put any halfway decent actress in her spot.

  35. Delilah says:

    Good for her and shame on NBC.

  36. A. Slaughter says:

    Without Liz, there is no Red, and vice versa. Neither role should be diminished, they are both equally important to the series.

  37. Jooshua says:

    I started watching the show because of James Spader, but I grew to love the show because of the relationship between Red and Liz. They are the core of the show. I don’t really watch promos so I can’t comment on this particular issue in general, but I guess I’m surprised that so many people wouldn’t care if Megan Boone was gone. That’s awful. In my opinion, not liking Liz is basically not liking Red, because she is his driving force, his entire reason for most if not all of his decisions. If you can’t feel the love Spader shows in his acting towards Boone’s character and not feel it yourself for that same character, well maybe you aren’t entirely convinced by his acting, or you just hate Megan Boone for no good reason.

  38. Marina says:

    Unfortunately she is my least favorite character on the show. Dembe barely speaks and he is much more interesting. All of the other characters are played by much better actors. James Spader is the reason I watch the show.

  39. Maine says:

    damn if you see Spader old films where he has little screen time but makes the most out of it, its not about having more screen time but giving your best on that situation no matter how cookie cutter the role is

  40. TvLover says:

    Hmm, I’m not a fan of James Spader, nor did I know whom Megan Boone was before this show.
    I like procedurals so I gave the show a chance with the first episode. I barely got through it. I wasn’t drawn in by the set up, and though not particularly liking Mr. Spader’s acting, I found the female lead to be less of a draw, than he.
    I ultimately gave up after the second and third episode.
    I see this actress logic, however, if she still hasn’t been the draw for viewership the first year, or even five then, she shouldn’t be cut out entirely of the promotional spots but even she said Spader is the star and the draw for many viewers. She is not. Hence the network not investing in promoting her character like James Spader.
    There are plenty of examples where lesser known actors/actresses move up and surpass their more well known lead co-stars to be the star of the show, or receive their own spinoff but they or their character were compelling and engaging.
    I’m sorry but this actress was neither to me.
    However, I will be curious to see if this actress and the network remedy this situation.

    • Eacha says:

      She wasn’t less promoted. It’s simply not true. Being allergic to her–especially since Liz allegedly died and then came back–and avoiding promotion featuring her, I’m sure about it. She has more screentime than anyone else, even Spader. It is true, though, that during hiatus there was a little more promotion using Spader. I guess they decided on it in order to keep the fans posted during hiatus–and the majority likes Spader better and reacts more positive on him. There is always at least one negative comment about Liz/Megan when she’s used for promotion. And she generates fewer comments than Spader (except when she is promoted together with Tom–the number of negative comments is higher then.) Therefore, Megan’s complaint is ridiculous. Especially the lines, “I work 3x times harder than any other performer” and “I make TBL happen” are outrageous. I’d say, about 75% watch because of Spader (or any other actor except Boone.) I think that’s pretty accurate. And I think even her fans have to admit that her performance was very, very bad in S4 (I mean, worse than in the seasons before. If you thought she was bad in S1, you have no idea how bad she was in S4.) Obviously, she thinks she was great and believes she’s the star of the show. So she suddenly discovered women’s right (for herself), like she discovered environment protection and political statements before. She should spend her time on acting classes and complain about how badly her role is written.

  41. Olivia says:

    She’s right and I fully support her!

  42. odell01 says:

    The tone of the other comments is that The Blacklist is so rocking because of James Spader being so amazing (I know, he is). It is a faintly interesting drama that Megan Boone is adamant about being identified as the (other) strength of The Blacklist. It is a little discouraging that the comments on this page seem to be of the mind that Boone just doesn’t have it. That would make her star power a sad detriment to what was for a long time an exciting and worthwhile viewing experience. We all recognize that the production of Blacklist is troubled but I don’t feel it’s fair to suggest Boone be handed her walking papers (hypothetically speaking), or anything of the kind.

  43. Chris.C says:

    If Megan Boone’s character left the show the show would probably still continue. If David Spader’s character left the show there would be no show. i do understand where she’s coming from though although I believe she should be talking to NBC and not airing her opinions directly on twitter. she isn’t doing herself any favors.

  44. parstl says:

    I have no problem with her wanting more recognition but Spader is the reason the show got its initial boost and why it stayed on the past season. I dont know if its the writing but Lizzie’s role is not as interesting as it once was amd shehe almost disappeared for a half season it seems like. She and her agent should lobby the producers and directors to shake up the storyline. who cares at this point who her parents were…bring us some interesting spy stories.

    • parstl says:

      and frankly the actresses with the best screen presence in the show have been the Iranian arab agent Samar and the Indian agent the first season.

  45. George H. says:

    Don’t have any issues with her voicing her opinion. And it wouldn’t hurt for the NBC promo department to add both her and James in promos since Liz is a big part of the story too.

  46. tyler says:

    I mean shes a horrible actress

  47. Jai says:

    How about, They are back…..

  48. Michael Summerset says:

    Spader is and has been the star of the show. However, if they want the show to continue without him they have to focus more on Liz.

  49. Rick Katze says:

    Normally 1 +1 equals 2. But with Red and Lizzie, it’s 3. Regardless of who is the bigger star, they are far more potent a combo than either individually.

  50. This is like giving yourself a nickname. If her character was interesting enough to be advocated for, someone not her would be doing it.

    • Dru I. says:

      An excellent point. If anybody else thought her character was worth anything of significance, they’d have been speaking up.