The Ranch Finale Recap: Colt Receives an Alarming Call — Is [Spoiler] OK?

Warning: The following recap contains spoilers from the Part 3 finale of The Ranch. If you do not wish to be spoiled, bookmark for safekeeping and return once you’ve finished all 10 episodes.

Is there enough whiskey in the world to get the Bennett family through the potential heartbreak that awaits them?

In the Part 3 finale of The Ranch, Maggie contemplates leaving Garrison with wandering musician Clint (recurring guest star Lou Diamond Phillips). Meanwhile, Colt struggles to balance his time between two jobs, girlfriend Abby and baby mama Heather.

Colt, already spreading himself too thin, begins making promises he can’t keep. He and Abby set aside two hours on a Friday afternoon to finally be alone, but plans change after he pays a visit to Heather, who asks that he join her at the OB/GYN to find out the sex of the baby. Having agreed to be there for Heather every step of the way, Colt is forced to bail on Abby, leaving the couple with no choice but to try and squeeze in a quickie during Colt’s shift at Safeway. After “interrupting” an employee’s surprise party, they relocate to the teacher’s lounge at Abby’s school, only to once again get caught, this time by a pervy janitor. (Better luck gettin’ lucky next time!)

Once Maggie decides to take off with Clint, she calls up Jerry (recurring guest star Martin Mull) to see if there’s  still an offer on the bar. Unfortunately, the prospective buyer is no longer interested, leaving her in quite a bind. That’s when Rooster steps up and agrees to take over the bar, freeing his mother to proceed with her travels. Colt, meanwhile, isn’t doing anything to make her feel good about her decision. He initially leaves in a huff when she comes to tell him the news, and later guilt-trips her about skipping town just as she’s about to become a grandmother.

The Bennetts eventually gather back at the family ranch, where Colt half-heartedly apologizes for hurting Maggie’s feelings. As they toast her forthcoming trip over whiskey, Colt’s phone rings with a frantic Mary on the other line. Heather’s in the hospital, and it’s not clear if the baby is alright. As he rushes out of the house to get to her, the episode fades to black. (As for what happens next? Well, if past breaks between half-seasons of The Ranch are any indication, we’ll find out in 6-8 months.)

What did you think of The Ranch’s latest cliffhanger? Grade the finale, as well as Part 3 via the following polls, then drop your thoughts in a comment below.

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  1. Tom says:

    The only thing I didn’t like about this season was that Lou Diamond Phillips wasn’t playing his character from Longmire. Only two shows that are set in that region of the country, on the same platform… c’mon Netflix.

    I typically don’t care for cliffhangers, but since they do 2 sets of episodes a year its not that bad. For my money she is going to be fine, the baby is going to be fine, but it will draw Colt closer to her, and away Abby.

  2. Jake says:

    I have really enjoyed the show, but the whole Abby-Heather drama feels ridiculous and drawn out too long. Watching somebody try to walk both sides of a fence is repetitive. It is as if you are kind of watching the same episode again and again when it comes to their story-line.

  3. LaDonna says:

    We are late to The Ranch party, but spent the entire weekend binge-watching Parts 1-3. I’d been dragging my feet about watching because I’m really not a big Cutcher fan, but this show is SO much fun! We were hooked all the way through to the Part 3 finale!

  4. Ashley Daugherty says:

    Heather should have gotten the abortion. Neither she nor Colt need that pregnancy. It only complicates life for everyone. Yet another show where abortion is bad and the “right thing” is having it. When will see abortion portrayed in a positive light? It is the right choice for millions of women!

    • Mike Austin says:

      I never thought I would get hooked on a sitcom – but bring it on – I love this show!!

      With any luck, never….

      • Ashley Daugherty says:

        I disagree with any luck abortion will soon have the taboo removed and people will see it as the positive choice it is and has been for millions of women.

    • BarryFlash says:

      Abortion IS BAD!!!!!! It should never be portrayed in a positive light. It’s hard to believe that there are human beings who are ok with killing unborn babies. Be glad that you weren’t aborted!

      • Ashley Daugherty says:

        Abortion is most certainly not bad! And yes it most certainly well passed time to remove the taboo and portray it as the positive medical procedure it is :) Also nothing is killed, you have to be born first before you can be killed and embryos are not babies. If I had been aborted I would not be here to care one way or the other and that would have been my mother’s right and choice. Moot point fallacy argument you have there.

        • Kashnkyesmommy says:

          I have held my child.. who was born at 23 weeks in my arms and watched him gasp for air.. saw his heart beat from his chest.. watched him pee and poop.. miscarried twins at 8 weeks gestation and seeing their little hands, so perfect. I watched my 33 week & 34 weeker sons fight for their life in NICU for 2 weeks.

          There is no agrument here. Embryos are babies.. at 8 weeks, at 23, and at 34 weeks gestation. Ive seen and held all.. ive cried and prayed for them to live..while people like you purposely kill the only thing that is innocent in this world… because its the mothers choice. Where was my choice when i wanted all of my babies? Im sure you could pop out 20 babies and they all be perfectly healthy (unless you abort them, ofcourse) and mothers that pray and weep to just feel life in their womb cant have one. God have mercy on you.

          • Ashley Daugherty says:

            No actually embryos are not babies. Pick up a biology book on the stages of development an eight week old embryo is not the same as a newborn in a variety of ways. It lacks sentience and consciousness it also does not have the synapses to relay information to the brain. It is basically nothing. Sorry but your personal feelings and experiences are anecdotal and in no way obligate a woman to continue a pregnancy she does not want. Yes, it is the mother’s choice if she wants to continue a pregnancy or not as well it should be! Sorry you miscarried but that in no way obligates a stranger to continue a pregnancy. Your experience is irrelevant to another woman’s pregnancy and choice. Who would want 20 babies? And who could afford them? I will pass thanks and yes if my BC fails I will abort. I never want to be pregnant! I do not believe in your god. According to the Jewish faith life begins at fist breath I.E. birth. I agree with the Jews on this. What do the infertile have to do with women who choose abortion? Oh wait that’s right nothing.

          • S says:

            Doctors and medical science disagree with you. Also, the earliest preterm fetus to survive in the world was born at 21 weeks and 5 days in 1981.

            But sure, let’s take medical advice from someone who only identifies as ‘kashnkyesmommy’

          • Em says:

            @Kashnkyesmommy: I’m so sorry for the loss of your children. I am not yet a mommy, so I can’t possibly fathom how hard it is to lose a child, let alone multiple children. I see purposely killing one’s own child in the womb as a slap in the face to people who try for years to have a child and fail, who have lost children like you, who can’t afford to adopt or aren’t approved. So many people would give anything for a healthy, precious baby boy or girl, but at the same time so many barely even think about disposing of theirs for their own convenience. It is sickening

          • Ashley Daugherty says:

            The infertile or those who suffer miscarriage in no way obligate any woman to continue a pregnancy they do not want. It is not about the infertile it is about the pregnant woman. She alone gets to decide if she wishes to continue a pregnancy or not. Insinuating that because some women suffer miscarriages or infertility means that other women are obligated to continue pregnancies they don’t want or cannot afford is asinine. Stay in your lane and mind your own uterus ladies! Also a pregnancy is more than just a mere inconvenience. Women get sick, miss work, miss out on pay and promotions as a result of missing work. Suffer physical and emotional changes that are often permanent and let’s not forget the little fact that prenatal care is neither free nor cheap. Or that many women do not get paid maternity leave in this country. On a personal note if my BC fails I’ll abort without a second thought. I can’t afford it and never want to pregnant anyway! I really don’t care about the infertile or those who miscarry my choice wouldn’t be about them or at all relevant to them. It’s about me and my life. As is every woman’s choice to abort or not.

      • Tiffany says:

        It’s a woman’s right to make that choice. She has to live with that decision no one else does. Unless you are going to help pay for every unplanned pregnancy out there you have no right to judge anyone.

    • Dustin Phipps says:

      Your an idiot!! So kill a kid for no reason.. brilliant! Typical liberal thinking!! Save the animals but kill the babies!

      • Ashley Daugherty says:

        I’m actually a registered Libertarian party member and have been sense 2012! Also embryos aren’t kids and no one mentioned anything about animals. But for the record I enjoy eating many of them.

    • Bobdonovich says:

      Yep, killing kids always awesome.

    • Charina McCullem says:

      I’m confused as to how that makes abortion look bad. It made it more realistic to me because that is exactly what women do, think long & hard about a decision of this magnitude & I know many that have changed their minds & I know a few who went through w/it. The way you worded this its like your saying lets just get rid of the human race & kill all the babies. Lol. Its what happens sometimes but this statement is the 1st one I’ve ever heard that a person say kids make your life complicated so abort them. Never mind about birth control. Wow!

      • Ashley says:

        Kids do more than make your life complicated they can ruin it as can pregnancy. Also no bc is 100% which is why abortion is an option. Lack of bc or bc failure in no way obligated a woman to continue a pregnancy.

  5. Jennifer Ann Janisse says:

    I hate abby. She rude and not right for colt.

  6. Victoria says:

    Love this show!!! Bring the DAMN thing back!!!!@@

  7. Victoria says:

    Addictive!! Need this show back A.S.A.P

  8. Phil says:

    Love the show! Please bring season 4 soon.

  9. Daniel says:


  10. Chase says:

    Abby is an absolute insufferable cgaracter.

  11. Tricia says:

    Binge watched season 3, can’t wait for season 4 with more than 10 episodes!

  12. Kurtis says:

    Need to make more episodes at once. 10 episodes isn’t enough for such a great show.

    • Joan says:

      Agree. People will lose interest if this is drawn out so long. What is the problem? So this has turned into a soap opera. Producers should have thought about this in the first place ‼️

  13. Tiffany says:

    Ohh please don’t have Heather have a miscarriage! I’ll cry like a baby and won’t watch the rest. Oooh have her have twin boys that would be awesome and fun to run with!!

    • Ashley Daugherty says:

      It would be better if she did miscarry for her, Colt and everyone involved. Also twins really? So twice the work and money? Children are hard work and costly not just “fun to run with”

      • A. Flemings says:

        From the sounds of your comments your mother should have aborted you. One less idiot in the world. Embryos are living babies!!! Your comments are just sickening and shows how uneducated and ignorant you are. YOU and people like you are exactly what’s wrong with this world. Use birth control!! The show is awesome!

        • Ashley Daugherty says:

          Embryos aren’t babies and no bc is 100 percent these are facts

          • A. Flemings says:

            Just ignorant. They have beating hearts. Just ignorant! Smh… I work in the medical field and yes they are. People’s ignorance and stupidity never cease to amaze me!!

        • Ashley says:

          Heartbeats are meaningless brain dead coma victims on life support have heartbeats and we pull the plug on them all the time. Brain activity is not present until 24 to 30 weeks gestation and that’s direct from a nice doctor and nurses. Also a heartbeat doesn’t give them rights to the woman’s body only she can decide if the pregnancy is to be continued or not.

  14. Sherry Mathews says:

    I love, love love this show. Sam Elliott is so cool as the father and love the boys and the mom. Just finished Part 3 and cannot wait til Part 4 comes out.

  15. Alma0761 says:

    Abby is key to the shows success. Great storyline.

  16. Phyllis says:

    Love the show! Love It! BUT The F word is said WAY To Many Times! I really would like to watch the 4th series without so much of the F word.

  17. Bobbisue says:

    Everything is perfect about the ranch but you can not not leave us hanging on the whole heathe an baby thing! That’s so rude, annnnnd you did reveal the sex of the baby when cole was out at doctors earlier that day!!! Besides my angry complaint after finishing season 3, I absolutely love the ranch I’m just so sad about the ending!!!

  18. Darlene says:

    Enjoyed the first couple episodes of ” the ranch ” very much looked forward to each new episode. You ask us not to ” curse” here. PLEASE do the same with your show. Every few words along comes ” F”. This ” F ” that. Takes from the good story lines and just isn’t all that necessary. Not as much for sure !

    • Ashley Daugherty says:

      Omg…don’t be such a prude. Really the “F-word” this is how real people talk. It doensn’t “take away from good story lines” it makes it real. It’s very necessary.

    • Charina McCullem says:

      Not their sow (TV Line the ones who asked you not to use the curse words). Its a Netfix original & some of the shows have nudity & cursing. That’s why there are reviews & ratings. Netflix also has to be purchased j you can block your children from watching it. If this is how the story is written & portrayed why would you tell writers to rewrite a sitcoms to fit your wants. There are hundreds more shows that don’t have one curse word in them on Netflix. Have a go @em. We like this one the way it is. Lol

  19. Christina Finley says:

    The ranch is the perfect combination of real life and comedy!! Great and amazing actors!! I love this show! Thank you for making me cry, laugh and remember what’s more important! Family!

  20. Jerry Locke says:

    This show is so cool. Full of laughs and even some tears. Everything that Beau and Rooster says is so funny. I just can’t get enough of this show. it has a realistic feel and I like how it deals with real issues.

  21. Charina McCullem says:

    Love the show. Hate how the mother strings along Beau but seems to try & sabatoge when he moves on. I hate how much he loves her. He’s too good for her! I didn’t like how the mom told Colt he made a mess of things by getting Heather pregnant but wasn’t Abby engaged & Heather was his gf @ the time. Poor Abby my a**. I know she is his 1st love but she moved on just like he did. Didn’t know he was suppose to pine over her for life. But Abby is more like Colt’s mom than she is. That’s why they think their sh** don’t stink & all men should bow b4 them!

  22. I love The Ranch. I only wish there were more episodes or Season 4 will start in the fall.

  23. Brenda Goodman says:

    I love the show disappointed that I have to wait until the following season to see what happens. Hope the same cast is in the next season.