Reign Series Finale Cancelled

Ratings: Reign Series Finale Holds Onto Demo Low, Adds Some Eyeballs

The CW’s Reign said goodbye on Friday night to 770,000 total viewers while drawing a 0.2 rating — up 15 percent in audience week-to-week (to its best tally since the season opener) while holding onto the series-low demo it has delivered throughout all of Season 4.

TVLine readers gave the series ender an average grade of “B-.”

Opening The CW’s night, The Originals (1.07 mil/0.3) also added some eyeballs (up 20 percent to mark its second-best audience of the season) while flat in the demo.

NBC’s America’s Got Talent rerun (4.4 mil/0.8) and Dateline (4.3 mil/0.8) tied for the nighty demo win, while CBS’ Blue Bloods repeat (5.6 mil/0.6) drew Friday’s largest crowd.

Fox’s U.S. Open golf coverage did 1.6 mil and a 0.4 during the 8 o’clock hour.

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  1. Krisssy B says:

    I think they made a big mistake not doing a 5th season and leaving out so much more of the story of all sides, due to ratings as the reason, I think TV broadcasters and shows are really ignoring and missing the fact that a lot of ppl have given up w/ cable and have switched to other avenues like Netflix and smart tvs, amazons fire stick even which we r watching these shows through these avenues and they aren’t being counted as the night aired rating count and by doing they r missing possibly over a million or couple million extra ppl watching their show or shows, and that love the show, but have had to cutback expenses Due to economic impact this country has seen since 9/11 and while ppl r having to b more cost conscious the cable companies have kept upping the price which has left ppl looking for a more affordable option like myself, I stream everything through smart tv, apps and Netflix. I absolutely loved this show and got my daughter to watch it w/ me as well who usually tends to watch Disney with this show not only was it an amazing show and story and everyone working on it from writing down to costumes should b very proud but u also offered a show that taught some history to my daughter and for me made the history I learned and loved when younger into ppl real ppl to watch and fall in love w/ them and the history all over again, but the story was not finished and it’s a shame all because of ratings!! And I truly believe unfair ratings now a days, I myself watch this show through Netflix and I know I’m not alone I know 20 others who do as well, and I imagine there are millions that are if it through Netflix some of the other services going around cable and we r not being counted and the show therefore is not getting accurate credit and the ppl in charge of the network r not getting all the information and data and numbers to make decisions like this and just this show alone is the perfect example of that. It was ended before it needed to be, before it should of been and the story cut short and not finished based off half the facts, the numbers of ppl watching is wrong. This show has a 5 star rating on Netflix, even movies that have won academy awards like forest gump don’t even have that high of a rating and every season it’s been on the top trending list. I think it’s a huge mistake that this was cut short and shame on the network exs for canceling and cutting short a wonderful exciting piece of television that is so rare to find now a days, one that not just makes u interested in history, but shows u history and makes these ppl from history come to life but also to makes u fall in love w/ them and even though you know the story or for those who even don’t u find urself glued to the tv wanting to see what happens next, b/c this show becomes a part of u ur invested in it and they decided to not finish the story b/c of numberscoming from ppl tuning in on nights it’s aired on regular cable when millions of ppl have been switching and getting rid of cable and more and more everyday r adding to that list and this is a perfect example of a very very popular show a very loved show not getting the credit it deserved all b/c ppl r getting rid of cable and the head ppl didnt take that into account and only cared about the ratings coming from the ppl who still have cable, which most of them I hate to say it r a much older demographic and wouldn’t b watching a show like this, it’s no wonder those numbers r low, but yet on the Moreno modern way to watch television and cost effective as well which requires tech savvy generations the show is a huge huge success but was judged by the numbers of the ppl who still have cable that wouldn’t know how to stream and deal w/ smart tvs or even a fire stick etc. those ppl wouldn’t b watching this show it’s not for their demographic and I’m sorry network Uve madea huge mistake this show was fantastic and u cut it short b/c u didn’t look outside the box and instead remained inside going by the same numbers and things u looked at for yrs and yrs, times r changing, technology Ian changing and choices r changing as well as the economy, the rating system needs to change w/ it, and this show has paid the price for that like so many others, and it really is a shame and it at the end of the day to put it bluntly sucks! Very often do I find a show that I fall in love w/ I’m sorry I don’t find shows like family guy or any show like it entertaining nor do I find the crime murder shows either, if I wanted to watch something like that I’d turn on the news, u had something special here and so many rarely do do a show like this and u cut it short leaving ppl like me which must be millions to have a solid 5 star on just on streaming channel alone not counting all the others trying to find something else like this and there r very few, I pray that maybe this will actually b seen by somebody who can make a difference and some more shows like the beauty of this one will b created b/c there is not much out there for ppl like me who actually want more then just stupid humor or crime and murder to watch, ppl who want history and love, betrayal, war, power, everything wrapped into one show, I actually have added streaming HBO and Starz b/c they both have a few shows like this b/c it seems regular networks now only want to put out shows about crime or a stupid comedy, and it was another reason why I canceled cable, b/c main networks mostly put out crap shows if I’m going to pay I’m going to pay for something that I don’t look through 190 channels and find nothing to watch and now that this show is gone there are very few on regular cable like it, u had a gem and u ruined it. There needs to b a change in ur rating system that accounts for the different ways ppl r watching shows to all b counted not just cable, it doesn’t work anymore and if more shows aren’t created that r different more and more ppl will b changing over from cable to save on cost and also b/c they r paying for crap to watch. And they will go the route a lot of us have taken and stream and when coming to pay to stream looking to pay for networks like HBO and Starz hat offer a lot more quality, care, and diversity in their shows! Canceling and leaving the other half of this story untold was a poor poor decision made! I can only hope ull hire the same writer or another that can create another show using another piece of history there are so many to choose from and create something as magical and wonderful as reign to replace it w/ since u cut us all short on the rest of the story and not replace it w/ the same crap just in different forms that every network has, there is only so much crime murder mystery and girls lying or family dynamics shows ppl can watch, this show was 1 of few like it out there and is going to b greatly missed, u can’t take back the mistake of canceling it to soon but u can rectify it by coming up w/ something like it just a different piece and story of history and make it just as good only this time I pray if u do find a way to rate it fairly and in its entirety! Thank you.

    • Brittney M Wilson says:

      I agree, Netflix and Hulu have been the number 1 contender not to mention that there are websites offering FREE tv. There are so many who watch but the tv stations dont get it. They are in the business to make money no to make ppl happy :(

    • Denise says:

      Krisssy B I agree with you on just about everything you’ve commented, but what was so drawn out on your comments could’ve been narrowed down to the fact there are a lot of us out here watching it that is not watching it on satellite or cable.
      I too could not wait until the next episode each week to watch & see what happened! I was very drawn to this story plot & loved the show period!
      But they CAN STILL come back & rectify the last episode by all of it being a dream Mary had. (And still use the scene with Frances “waiting on Mary” until the ending of the story.) I’ve seen several shows that have done the same exact thing!
      They could easily pull off another season or two to finish all of the storyline which was left off. We all know had it not ended like that who knows, Narciss would’ve ended up having John Knox killed who was Mary’s biggest threat! (Plus it made no sense Knox being castorrated by Narcisse, (then there was nothing else about that or Knox period) then he was there at the end having Mary & Bothwell arrested. Bothwell could have been beheaded for murdering Darnley & proclaiming Mary’s innocence until his death. Mary & Elizabeth could come together to keep Scotland from falling & maybe become Allies? I could go on & on how it could be rectified if I could just put a bug in the writers ear. Lol 😉

      • Lily says:

        Had “Reign” been renewed for a fifth season, that would not have been the storyline. Mary would have been on the run, after marrying Bothwell. James, Earl of Moray would lead the Protestant Revolt against her. She would escape to England, and be put under house arrest. Only to conspire with King Philip I of Spain, to overthrow her cousin. Which would all lead up to Mary’s execution.

        Elizabeth would be fighting the Spanish Armada. She dealing with the fact, that Philip still had romantic feelings for her. She would also fund the War of Religion in France, as an ally of the Queen of Navarre. All while bringing about the Golden Age, and furthering the exploration of the New World.

        Over in French Court, Cathrine de Medici would be dealing with the consequences of her inept sons. Queen Jeanne III of Navarre would come to court, and become the leader of the Huguenots. In an attempt to end the bloodshed, Cathrine would marry Margot the the Prince of Navarre. Thus, uniting the Houses of Valois and Bourbon.

        • Drendalyn Collett says:

          Please bring back reigh i love the show it’s every girl fairy tale. The cast are wonderful i love Francis and Mary ,,, we want to know what happened to Mary and her son and alot of the cast members are doing there on things we want to know how how there acting roles are finished the show must go on we want to know what happens to Mary queen of Scott’s and her son and bash and prince Charles and prince Henry and Claude and Catherine and narcesce and clude marriage so many parts need to make a come back ,, love the show .. please reconsider making more seasons the show must go on ,,

  2. Jalisa says:

    I only watch on Netflix I had to wait 2 months for season 4 to come on! Please bring it back,!!!!!!!!