Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise: Corinne Olympios Declares, 'I Am a Victim'

The female contestant at the center of the swelling Bachelor in Paradise scandal has officially been identified.

Corinne Olympios has released a statement confirming that she was indeed involved in the incident that brought production on Season 4 to a standstill. According to reports, a producer reportedly expressed concern about an alleged sexual encounter between DeMario Jackson and another female cast member (now revealed to be Olympios).

Here’s Olympios’ full statement: “I am a victim and have spent the last week trying to make sense of what happened on June 4. Although I have little memory of that night, something bad obviously took place, which I understand is why production on the show has now been suspended and a producer on the show has filed a complaint against the production. As a woman, this is my worst nightmare and it has now become my reality. As I pursue the details and facts surrounding that night and the immediate days after, I have retained a group of professionals to ensure that what happened on June 4 comes to light and I can continue my life, including hiring an attorney to obtain justice and seeking therapy to begin dealing with the physical and emotional trauma stemming from that evening.”

Shortly after production was suspended over the weekend, Warner Bros. released its own statement, saying, “We have become aware of allegations of misconduct on the set of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico. We have suspended production and we are conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations. Once the investigation is complete, we will take appropriate responsive action.”

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  1. How many days till they announce her appearance on an episode or two of Dr. Phil?

  2. LADY_in_MD says:

    Look I know a lot of women who are survivors of sexual assault and by no means from hearing their stories did I ever think they were lying or maybe confused by what happened but in this case I can’t help but question everything
    If she was too drunk to remember saying yes and he was too drunk to remember if she said yes than is she a victim? or was this just one horrible screw up and since she has a boyfriend (which why would you go on this show if you are in a relationship?) she is now saying “I’m a victim” to cover for her drunken mistake?
    If it comes out that this was indeed sexual assault than I will take back my comments but if this is nothing more than a drunken mistake on both of them than she is taking away from real victims of sexual assault
    Ok rant over…

    • LADY_in_MD says:

      I should have said first
      I have never watched this show or any bachelor/bachelorette seasons so I am just going off of what I am reading here on TVline and on Reality Steve

      • Amy J says:

        While the statement reeks heavily of pre-lawsuit phrasing, the point still remains that even reality television shows should show some duty of care. After encouraging contestants to consume alcohol, if one of their contestants got drunk and wanted to drive themselves home, the production team should stop it. If one of the contestants got so drunk they couldn’t consent to sexual contact, the production team should stop it instead of sending in a film crew to record it.

        • Fabrizia says:

          People on this show are not children. If you get drunk and initiate a sexual approach it’s up to you to change young mind or stop, but that would require wanting to stop at that moment (and not later).

      • keenen says:

        I used to be able to say that but have now seen 4 episodes out of three different seasons because of a friend. I wish, oh I wish I could be you. Casting unstable people and getting the liquored up seems to be the norm, and everyone is chasing their 15 minutes and are pretty much willing participants….until they see how they are edited.

    • DarkDefender says:

      By your standard, Brock Turner was not a real rapist, because no one can say whether the “drunk girl” told him yes. There is no scenario where consent should be assumed.
      If she was drunk, her ability to consent should be questioned. Period.
      No means no,
      Maybe means no,
      and yes sometimes should mean no – especially when someone is extremely impaired.
      If production thought something was up – then it adds credibility to it being an assault. It is my understanding that a producer stepped in and stopped sexual conduct.
      Let’s see what happens with the investigation before we pass judgment.

      • Patrick says:

        Yes means no is a hard thing to sell to courts. Was she too drunk to consent is an iffy standard, legally, because the other person is then too drunk to make an ascertain regarding the inebriation level of the other person, to make a good call about the validity of consent.
        Here, it SEEMS to be more of case where not saying no eguals No. Just because you don’t say no, that doesn’t mean yes.

        • WS says:

          I think the blame here is not on the guy but on the production for creating an unsafe situation and then filming it rather than stepping in and stopping it.

          • D Phillips says:

            The blames rests solely on her. She’s of legal age and can decide if it’s OK to get so drunk you don’t know what is morally right. Why should anybody else be responsible for her stupid decisions. I really don’t get it. We’re they hired to be a production crew or baby-sitters? Speaking of which where was her nanny?

      • Fabrizia says:

        Yes means no and we’re all going to prison!

      • LADY_in_MD says:

        In the case of Brock Turner the girl was unconscious and what he did was rape I am not denying that but in this case it was her best friend who is also a producer on the show that raised the allegations not her to the producers of the show….she only got lawyers after the fact if she felt she was a victim of a crime why didnt she go to the producers right away? Plus she said she has a boyfriend and would never hook up with someone else than why go on this show?

      • Henry Rearden says:

        The supposed “victim” in this instance reportedly initiated the sexual contact with the supposed “assailant.” Both individuals were reportedly highly intoxicated, so going by your outlined logic above, neither would be able to give consent in such a state. If the “victim” is not held liable for her own actions while intoxicated, why should the “assailant” be held liable for his, especially when the “victim” initiated the sexual contact?!

        This is sheer lunacy. “Yes sometimes should mean no”– Just reread that sentence a few times and mull it over. Little Miss Victim here should be held personally responsible for consuming enough alcohol to where she was admittedly blackout drunk, and she should also be held responsible for kissing her “assailant” and dragging him over to the pool area where she disrobed and shoved her crotch into his face. Take some responsibility for your own actions, as stupid as they may be, instead of ruining another’s life over a drunken sexual encounter which, at the time it occurred, you initiated.

        If anyone is to be castigated and held liable for this incident taking place, it should be the producers of the show who were present and did not step in to stop it as it all unfolded. Even then, though, the onus needs to fall on the instigator of the sexual activity. Next day regret does not equate to an actual sexual assault. Not by a longshot.

    • skyebright8 says:

      If she’s very intoxicated then she doesn’t have the current mental capacity to give informed consent. At least in Australia, the police officer who spoke to our college said it would still be sexual assault.

      • Fabrizia says:


      • Henry Rearden says:

        But if HE’s also very intoxicated, does it not stand to reason that he could not give informed consent himself? She initiated the sexual contact. He could not give informed consent.

        Why does no one hold the “victim” accountable for her own actions, yet assume that the “assailant” was in full control of his own actions at the time of the incident?

        Most grown-ups understand that if they pour a fifth of booze down their own throats that they are likely to make poor decisions which will put them in potentially dangerous situations. Therefore, most of these individuals do not do so. That is called “personal responsibility,” something that, at a time long, long ago, was held in high regard in the American zeitgeist. Instead, it has been replaced with a culture of victimhood, and now certain individuals in certain circumstances are not held liable for what they say and do. Idiocracy is truly taking over and becoming reality.

  3. Tomm Huntre says:

    This is so like an SVU episode from a few years ago.
    This shouldn’t be an issue. Just give the tape to authorities to review. Period.
    ABC could do the RIGHT thing and shut this show down – period.
    But maybe, just maybe the network shouldn’t encourage them to drink so heavily that they can’t remember what they’ve done.
    But expecting the Disney owned network to act responsibly is just too much to ask.
    Maybe those involved in this incident need some alcohol rehab.

    • Douglas from Brazil says:

      That episode aired last season. It was episode 21 of the 17th season “Assaulting Reality” and aired on May 11, 2017.

  4. Al says:

    Well when you act a certain way…what do you think will happen?

    • Sheeple says:

      When you act a certain way?? I don’t give a F how someone act, sexual assault is never ok period to a man or woman. With that being said I don’t think she was sexually assaulted/raped! SHe just wants to be famous. Your comment just really struck me as asinine

    • Dan says:

      Exactly. There is a reason why you don’t drink and drive. If you want to get hammered AF like that, don’t do anything you will regret later, and then say “I’m a victim.” You are a perpetrator too, blonde girl.

    • Hallie says:

      You must be a guy because only a guy would say something that stupid FYI regardless of how she acts or what she wears no one has the right to assault or rape anyone

      • Fabrizia says:

        No one did and she’s accusing a guy of rape.

      • Henry Rearden says:

        And you must be an ignorant, brainwashed feminazi who believes that The Patriarchy is behind each and every one of your personal failings. You are undoubtedly a young girl, because only a young girl would say something that stupid (and ignore basic tenets of the English language in doing so). Nice attempted Strawman there, too.

        Your “victim” initiated the sexual contact while your “assailant” was also too inebriated to give informed consent to such sexual contact. The woman “assaulted” the man in this instance, going by your very flawed, tainted reasoning.

    • D Phillips says:


  5. Wrstlgirl says:

    Pretty sure everybody saw this coming. What’s interesting to me is there is video of the event in question, right?? So if that’s the case then why is her story and DeMarios story so different. DeMario has asked Warner Bros. to release the tape, claiming he has nothing to hide. There are at least two other male contestants that are saying they encountered her AFTER the incident with DeMario. If something really did happen against her will then I’m very sorry she’s having to deal with this but somethings just not adding up and I’m not buying what she’s selling ATM.

    • Wrstlgirl says:

      A couple other points to ponder. The producer in question who filed the complaint is said to also be Corinne’s BF and did not witness the “incident” (I’m not sure there even was an incident so saying that is weird) or have they seen the video tape. So if that’s true then what exactly are they using to back up their complaint. Also Corinne’s publicist is no longer representing her. IDK I get the feeling that this was really not that big of a deal and has been blown way out of proportion.

  6. Lisa says:

    Im not in the business of discrediting a sexual assault victim but I certainly dont think thats what she should be classified as. Its insulting to real victims. How anyone can say that shes a victims but the male in this situation isnt just simply doesnt make sense. They both consciously engaged in binge-drinking all day before getting intimate with each other. She does realize what show she’s on right? And it was filmed. Finding it really difficult to justify calling her a trauma victim I’m sorry. Shes got alot of explaining to do if she wants to continue spinning things in this way

  7. This is the part of the story that floors me:

    “‘Corinne and Demario found out when they arrived in Mexico that the storyline would involve the two of them hooking up so they decided to hang out and get better acquainted over drinks,’ says the source.”

    Firstly because…HAHA, reality TV!

    Secondly…if she agreed to “hook up” with the guy in advance doesn’t that hurt any claims of non-consent? Does it make ABC culpable in any alleged rape seeing as how they’re the ones who told the two to “hook up”? And if they’re paying people to “hook up” how is ABC not pimps or pornographers?

    • Wrstlgirl says:

      From the way I understand it they make suggestions to the cast but they are by no means forced into anything.

    • Jenna says:

      Consent is act-specific and can be revoked at any time, and also cannot be assumed if someone is so intoxicated that they are incoherent/lose consciousness/can’t speak properly, which is what is being reported by some outlets

  8. keenen says:

    Really concerned about the victim shaming as well as the rush to label someone as a sexual predator in the media. Even more concerned about participants and tv personalities being more concerned about their loss of potential exposure and the ability to hawk this show on podcasts ,shows,etc.than the truth. Of course people associated with(and profiting from) the show are going to defend it and deny they were ever a part of anything untoward. This has stirred up some terrible racial comments, as well as those against a woman. Unfortunately it has not resulted in people taking a look at why we want this type of “entertainment’ as many only seemed to be concerned with missing the opportunity to see drunk people “hook” up this summer and go on to shill items on Instagram and make bar appearances. It was only a matter of time before the line was crossed as the public seems to want and demand more and more salacious behavior from these type of franchises and people looking for attention are more than willing to up the ante to stand out….oh I forgot it is about finding love.

  9. Ange says:

    I can’t help but wonder if this is a ratings ploy by ABC to get people to watch when the season begins. She can’t remember and he is saying please release the tape. Who willingly wants a tape released if there is a hint of wrongdoing? This is why shows like this should not exist to begin with – pure garbage. Adults playing it up for cameras…what a sad life.

    • Douglas from Brazil says:

      I don’t think this show will ever air againm

      • keenen says:

        Of course it will in some form. The public is still crying for it and basically making excuses and people are still chasing fame and and wanting to be on it. Little things like inappropriate contact or allegations of improper behavior will only boost ratings. Too many news outlets make money from covering this for them to let it go.

    • kalli says:

      A lot of men think rape is okay if it’s not called rape. Some of them are even willing to brag about it and share videos. Funny how that works.

  10. Rebecca says:

    I don’t understand….. So was she drugged? How else does she not remember what happened?

    • Meg says:

      She may have been black out drunk. It happened to me once, in college. I still don’t remember what happened 15 years later.

  11. c-mo says:

    What I don’t understand is how she can be traumatized if she doesn’t remember what happened? This reeks so badly of a publicity stunt gone wrong that I can smell it more than 1k miles from the scene of the “crime”.

    • kalli says:

      Please imagine this: you’re buzzed, slightly towards inebriated, and then you wake up. Your clothes are dishevelled, revealing your body in a way you’re sure you didn’t intend – perhaps they’re torn, or removed. Your mouth doesn’t taste the same – you’ve woken up before after drinking, had that sour aftertaste and fuzzy feeling on your teeth, but this time it’s different; it doesn’t taste like what you remember drinking, and when you try to moisten your lips, you find they taste like something else, too. You stretch out, trying to get your body back under control as you wake up, but you’re sore and you don’t know why. Maybe you look down and see bruises, or scratches, even welts; you don’t remember how they got there, but you’re reminded of them as you sit up, and then when you stand, as you have to hold onto something to keep the dizziness at bay. Then, you realise, when you try to walk, or pull your skirt back into place, that something’s dried on your legs, and you don’t know where or who it came from.
      You don’t remember anything.
      You don’t know who to ask, who to trust, or what happened.
      You don’t know if you agreed or not. You don’t know what else you did.
      And you know, if you tell anyone, they’ll judge you for it; they’ll say it was your fault, that because you don’t remember you don’t deserve to be scared or hurt or upset or any of the things you’re feeling, or because you drank that you knew this would happen and it’s your fault even though you don’t know what it is. They’ll say you deserved it. They’ll say you agreed. They’ll excuse the person who did this to you, because they’ll say you lost the right to say no when you chose to get up in the morning or at whatever point they justify it, and that your pain doesn’t mean that that nice other person who took advantage of you should pay for what was just a misunderstanding or a mistake or a one-off, even though you know that they hurt you, even though you don’t know who they are or what they did.
      And then, with all of this in your head, while you’re still half-asleep and hungover, you think ‘… was I raped?’

      Then ask yourself if you found any of that upsetting or traumatic just to read, and ask yourself how you’d feel if it happened to you. Don’t say ‘but I wouldn’t be in that situation’, because you don’t know what’s in your drink, or who’s around the corner, or what someone else’s wide definition of ‘asking for it’ includes you.

      • c-mo says:

        This is such a different scenario that it’s not even comparable to what you’re saying. I understand your scenario completely, I’ve been to college. I also understand that I’m just as much to blame for anything that I allowed to happen while my partner and I were BOTH drunk…we BOTH made bad decisions, NEITHER consented! But by admitting all of this, nobody feels sorry for me and the only attention I got was when I got back to my apartment and my roommates razzed me, as we all did to anyone who did the walk of shame.
        My problem with this whole scenario is why on earth did the producers or camera people think it was a good idea to allow barely-clad, drunk, 20-somethings in a pool? Don’t tell me that they didn’t know that these two, or any of the others, were going to try to have drunk sex in the pool. This is what happens when ratings mean more than the well-being of the lives involved.

        • kalli says:

          So… you do understand being traumatised by something you don’t remember, but it’s irrelevant because your personal experience didn’t leave you with lasting consequences that you had to deal with in public while being victim-blamed?

  12. Lee52 says:

    The problem I have is if she was naked and sat on top of his face whose the victim him or her. She didn’t ask his permission and she was the aggressor not him. It would be different if he was standing over her n sat on him

  13. I don’t think its even been addressed, but I have a feeling that there is a solid chance that each contestant signed a contract and given the nature of this show I’m sure the show is released from any responsibility of the contestants being intoxicated and the things happening to them.

  14. Mary says:

    I have a serious question if he was just as drunk as she was why is she a victim and he isn’t? Is it because he is a man and she is a woman so he should have more drunk aptitude to stop the situation. All I know about the story is that she put herself in his face so isn’t she taking away his consent. And how do you know when someone is too drunk if your also drunk. I’m not blaming the victim I honestly don’t understand. It seems like a very gray area.

    • Tomm Huntre says:

      I agree with your question and the possibility of gender stereotyping in this situation.

      Just get the video out so it can be known who was how drunk and exactly what did happen.

    • Meg says:

      From what I’ve read there was no penetrative sex. Reports are saying DeMario was too drunk to get an erection. if they were both that intoxicated how do you determine who was at fault?

      I’m reserving judgements until more of the story comes out. I’m not one to blame the victim but I need more information before labeling someone a sexual predator.

      • Hannah says:

        I think the issue is with production letting whatever happened to happen when both of them were so drunk. It’s not like they were at some college party, got super drunk and then woke up the next day without remembering it. They were be filmed for a tv show and someone(s) sober was watching and aware of what was going on, but let it continue. If anything they’re both victims of the production.

        • Meg says:

          Production should have stepped in if a crime was being committed or even if there was the possibility of it. I fully agree with that.

          The fact that 2 producers filed complaints (and not either of the contestants) and those two producers didn’t see the act or the video tape of the act and are only going off secondhand stories makes this even weirder and more unclear.

      • D Phillips says:

        I still don’t see how she’s a victim. She seemed to be a willing participant to me. She chose to get blackout drunk unless someone else held her mouth open and forced liquor down her throat. If I went out and got drunk and drove and killed somebody wouldn’t it be my fault? What’s the difference? I really don’t understand. When you’re an adult you’re supposed to be responsible for your own choices not your production crew or anybody else.

        • Fabrizia says:

          If you drunk drive and kill someone you can always blame the production. It’s how the stars get away with it.

        • kalli says:

          And anyone should be able to choose to be able to become intoxicated without worrying about being assaulted. If you drink and drive, you’re the one driving, and if you hit someone you acted on them. If you drink and get assaulted, you’re the one being acted on.

  15. readenreply says:

    ROLL TAPE is all I’m saying. It’s all ON TAPE.

  16. Mike says:

    “I am a victim.”

    LOL – the mantra of the Democratic Party.

    • Hannah says:

      There is always at least one idiot who brings an unrelated topic into the conversation because they are too slow to actually engage with the topic at hand.

  17. padraicjacob says:

    I don’t understand how they can say the investigation is moving quickly. It should be clear by watching the video footage what happened.

  18. A Mcd says:

    I believe that she is grown woman, responsible for her actions. She likes being the center of attention no matter the cost to others. We saw that in her as she participated in the Bachelor. She feels entitled. Now as she spins her story she takes everything and one around her. The show is about drinking and hookups as a way of “finding love”. She wanted to come out in a big way and be the star and in control of the show and this is the results. Shame Corinne

  19. Ashley says:

    A general question. For a topic as sensitive as sexual assault, shouldn’t the comment board be closed?

    • Jk says:

      If Scandal can make a silly plotline out of something as sick as abortion and the board stays open, then I think we can all handle talking about this so called sexual assault.

  20. Annette says:

    Happy for Evans and Carly.

  21. D Phillips says:

    Is there anybody out there who actually​ believes that Corinne is a victim?! OMG. What a joke. When you get stinking drunk and jump naked in a pool with a man in what universe is that a victim?

  22. Missy says:

    Based on her actions on bachelorette, I wouldn’t be surprised if he were actually the victim of corinne’s platinum vajayjay, as she described it to a gazillion viewers.

  23. Lynn Chavez says:

    Corrine is a full on TRAMP….anyone that watched the Bachelor knew that. Demario is a liar and a cheater. The Bachelor in Paradise has always been based on some smut.

  24. Connie says:

    C’mon people, they do it for the ratings. I watch Bachelor, Bachelorette, BIP. ALL 3 of them feed into the drama. If you watched her on Nick season. It looked like she was trying to have sex with him in the bouncy house, she was asleep (passed out) at least one of the rose ceremonies, she took off her bathing suit top in the pool and all she talked about was her platinum valium

    Maybe this why she still has a nanny at whatever age is

  25. Amy G says:

    You have got to be kidding me…shame on anyone who gets so drunk they cant remeber what happed to them. Also if she acted anything with him like she did with Nick..well its not too hard to misconstrue…