Fall TV Preview
Chicago Fire Season 6

Chicago Fire Season 6: What Happens Next?

TVLine hits rewind on the TV season’s biggest “What Happens Next?” finales, then invites you to predict the cliffhanger outcomes.

Chicago Fire wrapped up Season 5 with life-and-death stakes as the Firehouse 51 crew found themselves trapped inside a burning building — and viewers were left wondering who, if anyone, will lose their life when the NBC drama returns this fall (Thursdays at 10/9c).

Casey did not seem optimistic about his survival chances, delivering an emotional goodbye to his wife Gabby Dawson, who was safely on the outside. After taking off his mask, the lieutenant poured his heart out to his other half: “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Gabby, I want you to remember us happy, together, holding each other. You’re my miracle, Gabby. You’re my miracle. I love you.”

Chicago FireBut as convinced as Casey seemed to be that he was likely going to die, the firefighter with the most dire outlook — at least as of right now — has to be Mouch. Not only was he surrounded by flames, but he also collapsed from a possible heart attack. And with no medical equipment on hand, poor Herrmann couldn’t do much to help his pal.

Meanwhile, Severide, Otis, Kidd and Kannell were caught in different parts of the factory fire, leaving only Boden, Cruz, Dawson, Brett, Tony and Capp unharmed — but helpless — outside the building.

With so many players in various states of danger and distress, the likelihood that tissues will be needed during the Season 6 premiere is high. Or maybe Casey and his colleagues will get another miracle and make it out (relatively) unscathed?

Rewatch the finale’s closing minutes below, then cast your vote for which character(s) you think won’t live to battle another blaze.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Shaun says:

    They really should shake up the side cast,a big tragedy or something to refresh the show.Mouch can have a new job,Otis can die and Cruz can get fed up with the bureaucracy and quit.

  2. Dee says:

    So here’s the thing. 5th season finale. Initial actor contracts are generally for five years. They were hedging their bets that some of them would choose not to come back with that cliffhanger. My money’s on either Kinney or Spencer (but not both–they’ll throw a ton of $$ at the one who stays) as the most likely to walk.

    • Lindsey says:

      Initial contracts are 7 years I believe

    • LaDonna says:

      Regardless of whether it’s 5 or 7 years, why would Kinney and Spencer be the most likely to walk? They’re co-leading men on one of the most popular TV dramas on NBC. Renegotiate, ask for more money, yes. But voluntarily walking, I don’t see it. Spencer, in particular, stayed on House for many years after his character’s storyline had become less-than compelling. Casey’s story has a great arc right now.

    • Nancy Waters says:

      I think it will either be Mouch or no one. Severide, Casey and Herrmann are too popular to get killed off. I’d bet my life on it.

      • Adam says:

        I agree, possibly Kannell too, after what he had been through to be honest. I’m sure Mouch is gonna die as he did want to retire (good exit excuse from show), Kannell to “put him out” of his misery. Hopefully everyone survives.. this is tough on me lol!

  3. Lola says:

    Casey’s speech would’ve been much more affecting if Gabby weren’t such an awful person.

  4. Samuel98 says:

    I’m just curious how it’s going to do on Thursdays now. It’s been a while since any show was able to last on a Thursday.

    • anon says:

      Yeah Thursdays are a dead zone. Nothing is ever on, it’s just a blank screen on every channel.

    • LMP says:

      Really? Grey’s Anatomy (13 seasons), Scandal (6 seasons), Supernatural (12 seasons), The Big Bang Theory (a billion seasons), Mom (4 seasons), How to Get Away with Murder (3 seasons) are all Thursday shows, and they’ve all been renewed…

  5. Wrstlgirl says:

    They all better live dammit!!!

  6. Kim says:

    I hope Kidd doesn’t survive, she’s the worst.

    • Maryann says:

      I absolutely love Kidd! She makes you believe a woman can be effective as a firefighter. She is a great role model in that sense. I think a lot of women don’t choose certain professions simply because they can’t visualize a woman doing that job.

      • Rook says:

        Agreed. Though her storyline this season could have been better instead of second player to Severide.

        • kalli says:

          I actually thought that was really good in some ways – it showed that men and women can be friends without having to sleep with each other, and it being Severide in particular made that much more powerful. Also, Kidd’s coming off all that with her ex, so it’s not like she had nothing going on, and it wasn’t woman=family like Dawson or woman=romance like Brett. There was an aspect of woman=caretaker in that she was supportive of him in hospital etc., but none of it was really anything nobody else could do, it was just that she was closest to him and he let her because of their past and that she kept trying instead of going ‘he just needs time!’.

      • bj says:

        I agree.

      • Vanessa says:

        Same. I think she’s great. She’s fun, she’s good at and believable as a firefighter, she’s very caring, a good friend. I hope that she gets a bit more individual focus next season and they dig into her background a bit more.

  7. Erin B says:

    Casey & Severide are safe of course. I think Kidd will live because that wouldn’t be fair to Severide to lose Anna & then Kidd right after. Mouch could go because it would also launch a storyline for Trudy on PD. I would love for no one to get it, but it seems unlikely they would all get out alive. That would be a cheap way out. I do think that Severide & the crew he is stuck with will get out & get Casey, but it will be too late for Mouch. I would have rather seen him written off with a new job though. I guess we’ll see!

  8. JMill says:

    I’m going with dark horses.

    Severide if wants to jump to outside projects. Kidd, because she seems to be a hard luck character right now; stuck looking in from the outside of her true love’s life. Hermann as simply the one who draws the short straw in a bad situation.

  9. Mandy says:

    I think Severide and Kannell ate working on getting Casey out. He’s the only member of team who is alone too so that’s got me worried. Casey is my eye candy, I need him or I don’t think I can watch lol. Mouch is the obvious choice here. I hope they all make it but I think we can all agree there’s just too many of them tapped… someone will ultimately die and it’ll be Shay 2.0. These next 3 months will feel like an eternity.

  10. Christine says:

    Well where I am they have been screening Chicago fire on Thursday nights and Chicago PD was on Tuesday nights

  11. kalli says:

    I think with all Mouch’s pity party about no longer being relevant (I’m not sure how he missed union training; unions are generally pretty on top of that sort of thing) he’s set up to leave and Kannell to take his place on truck. I would miss Mouch though.

  12. Deborrah Miller says:

    This is the best show on TV. Chicago Police is second.

  13. Susan Hoff says:

    They all have to live. I won’t watch anymore if they all or any die

    • LMP says:

      Why? They’re firefighters. It’s an insanely dangerous job – they literally run into burning buildings. It’s sad, but it would make sense for members of their team to die on the job every once in a while.

  14. maryJo New York says:

    I love this show !!!!! nobody should die ……. as far as Thursday NO WAY !!! Leave well enough alone !!!! leave on Tuesdays perfect!!!!! Thursdays are to confusing as it is …… This is a great show with great actor’s and good story . Let everyone live and Tuesdays !!!!!!!

    • Mermaid_Girl says:

      As much as anyone would want eveyone to live. They can’t let Hermann go though! He is the heart beat of 51. I think that someone is going to die, but someone unexpected. If we go back to season 3 when we lost shay, who thought that Shay was the one going to die? I think that Casey and Mouch is going to end up in Med. But I don’t think that they will die. Casey can’t leave Gabby like that, and Hermann can’t leave Sidney and all his kids.

  15. I haven’t watched any of Wolf’s Chicago series. Just too much other stuff that I’m more interested in–with peak TV, choices must be made. Anyhow, I’m wondering if this fire was the result of arson? If so, I would love to see the perpetrator be named Cal O’Leary, as an hommage to the historical 19th Century fire in second city.

  16. Scotty says:

    If Severide dies. I’m going to have to console my Wife.

  17. Gaby says:

    Please,Please do season 6 ..and nobody to die

  18. ceecilex says:

    I thought there was a picture out there from the writers’ room with their planning board and Casey’s name was noticeably absent. Was that fake?

  19. Ladybug297 says:

    I cry every time i watch it i really dont want anyone to die but i have a feeling mouch is going to die.

  20. You kill those characters an u kill the whole show

  21. Don’t kill off those handsome men or you will lose a person that watches every episode

  22. DeAndre Mackin says:

    I don’t think anyone’s going to die. Severide & Kannell are going to find a way to start that forklift & ultimately save everyone trapped inside. With Severide losing Anna(& also Shay a little while back) & Kannell losing a few of his partners recently, I believe that they’ll be motivated by the fear of losing anyone else & ultimately save the team. Maybe most will disagree with me, but, during everyone’s final scenes on the finale, I felt like Kannell & Severide’s final scenes were a little less emotional than Hermann’s with Mouch & Casey’s with Gabby.

    Look for Severide to save the day & ultimately fall in love with Kidd again.

  23. DeAndre Mackin says:

    In my opinion, who dies? Nobody.

    Maybe it’s just me, but, during everyone’s final moments on the finale, Severide & Kannell’s scenes seemed a little less emotional than Casey’s with Gabby & Hermann’s with Mouch. Also consider the fact that Severide just loss Anna(and previously loss Shay) & Kannell lost a few partners not too long ago as well & they both found themselves being upset for not doing enough to save those they lost. So I believe that because of all that & a refusal to lose anyone else that they care for, they’re gonna find a way to either use that forklift or find some other way to ultimately save the team.

    I also think Severide is gonna fall in love with Kidd shortly after.

  24. sigrun says:

    Casey have to be live is wife wait for him and thei have to be parents

  25. As much I wouldn’t want anyone to die, I think it is a must for a more dramatic beginning for the new season. Nevertheless, if they all do survive, I predict Mouch will likely end up retiring. Instead of him dying I like to just see him retire. It would suck if he died, especially for Trudy. We already lost Lindsey on Chicago PD and for Trudy to lose her husband would really add too much drama for the Intel group. When the time comes for Chicago Fire to end I like to end with most of the cast moving on and simply leaving House 51 for new positions. I was actually all for of the thought of Severide leaving to become a Chief in another city and to be with Anna, but then the writers decided to add more tragedy in Severide;s life by having Anna die. He seems to have a run of bad luck with women. I also like to see Hermann become a Lieutenant, finally, and either replace the Lt. on Engine 51 or Casey on Truck 81. And if Casey doesn’t die, he could become the new Chief of House 51 and Boden moves up in a higher position or retires. Nevertheless, I love the show and I hope it reaches 10 seasons and beyond, even with some new cast members being replaced. I also love when they have crossover episodes with all the Chicago shows and Law & Order: SVU.

  26. Ashley says:

    Jesse Spencer doesn’t hang around long on a TV series. I say (as much asni Don’t want to) he is gone at the season premier.

  27. I my opinion I think you’ll be crazy in letting go off Steven R McQueen your making a big mistake he should be able to stay on the show if he was ask yes he had problems on Chicago fire he wants to move on

  28. Jennifer hoyt says:

    I would like to see all of them to come out alive .

  29. Laura , says:

    I want ALL of them 2 Live. I Love this show & can only watch it when it comes out on DVD . I am NOT able to see TV or Internet with my hi speed at&t internet signal . It will not work long enough for me to watch anything more than 2 or 5 minutes. I can’t wait to see what happens Next .nI hope they Make at least 11 or 12 seasons. I 💗 & Enjoy this show. Please don’t leave up hanging on the last one that will be made.

  30. Mary Smith says:

    If Casey dies the show will lose a lot of viewers.

  31. Stella says:

    I’m hoping they all make it out but mouch didn’t look good

  32. Margarita Torres says:

    Everyone should be in a coma kannell looses his life.Cruz feels sorry at what he said to moulch struggles for life.They can use this as casey was fighting for better equipment and this eill hit home the community stand by them.After weeks in coma when theirs no hope a miracle happens

  33. Jason Whatley says:

    Nobody died! I can confirm this news.

  34. Jason Whatley says:

    No one died. I can confirm this news via Instagram!

  35. Yeabsira says:

    Oh no no no no please don’t kill casey without him chicago fire is doomed