Alias Revival? Co-EP Says 'We've Talked to J.J. Abrams' About It

Is Sydney Bristow getting back in the spy game?

At a reunion of the Alias writers’ room at the ATX Festival on Saturday, co-executive producer Josh Applebaum was asked about the possibility of reviving the Jennifer Garner-led series.

“It would be amazing to do it,” Applebaum said, according to “We’ve even talked with J.J. [Abrams].”

Unfortunately, that’s all it is at the moment — talk — but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen if the writers suddenly found themselves inspired.

“The right idea would have to come,” he continued. “We wouldn’t want to do it unless it was absolutely perfect.”

Whether Abrams would agree to get on board is perhaps the most important question of all. The Star Wars: The Force Awakens director has his hands pretty full these days. What’s more, Garner has said that she’d only be interested in revisiting Alias if Abrams were in charge.

The ABC spy drama came to an end after five seasons in 2006, with Dixon paying a visit to Sydney and Michael to request her help on a new mission. Meanwhile, Sydney’s daughter Isabelle was shown to have completed the same block puzzle that Jack had Sydney complete whilst evaluating subjects for Project Christmas. Who’s to say that a decade and change later, Sydney and Isabelle couldn’t be working together side by side? (Relive the final scene below.)

In honor of the series finale’s 10th anniversary in 2016, Garner, Abrams and fellow cast and crew spoke with TVLine as part of an Alias oral history, which you can read here.

Would you want Jennifer Garner & Co. to revisit Alias, or is this one beloved series that shouldn’t be revived?

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  1. Yolanda says:

    Good. I’m all for the revivals of people’s favorite shows! And to those who moan ‘leave ended shows in the past’, no one is making you to watch them! I just cannot with stupid people who always have to say something negative even if it doesn’t concern them.

    • dan says:

      Who on earth would say no to more Alias? I guess I’m about to find out, as I read the rest of the comments.

      • Derek says:

        I think people who watched seasons 4 and 5. JJ is great at starting things out, but most of his shows fizzle halfway through (Felicity, Alias, Lost)…

    • Mark Green says:

      Thank you for the perfect example of someone going full stupid. People obviously care about the show and still love it after years. Some shows ended just fine and should be left where they belong. No one is forcing you to watch them? People who love this show don’t need permission from you and can say what they want. Hopefully the people in charge will leave the show as is and not cave in to the few who want it brought back and possibly ruined just for $$$$

  2. LC says:

    Alias was amazing in its first season, even better in its second, But the time-jump/lost memories/married Vaughn/Nadia mess from that point forward, including what had to happen to accommodate JG’s pregnancy in season 5, just destroyed the show. It was never as good after it shifted hard away from the mix of her personal world and spy world. As much as I would hope an encore of Spy Daddy would be great, this is another case where it’s hard to imagine a revisit could deliver a great story up to the best standards of the show.

  3. Cas says:

    Only if all the cast members returned would this be a good idea.

    • Jimmy says:

      That would be a good idea. I thought Victor Garber was great in this show.

      I don’t get why this show would be revived other than having the original cast members come back. There are shows that should get a reboot like 24 although I didn’t enjoy the reboot. Alias I don’t see a reason why. It wasn’t a gigantic behemoth of a show with a huge following. At least I don’t remember it as such.

      If it does get revived perhaps Netflix would be a better choice and not a major network. I’m not downplaying Netflix at all, I think they have great shows. The reason I say Netflix is that it can survive on this platform and continue for a few years. On a major network, the alias revive could be a Kentucky basketball recruit. One and done.

      • dan says:

        Probably because the show is expensive to produce. Jennifer Garner is a movie star now.

        • Derek says:

          She’s been doing low-budget faith films. Not complaining about them, Miracles from Heaven was beautiful. But she’s far from her heyday in the industry. An Alias limited series could actually give her career a lift.

        • Jimmy says:

          Was a movie star. I don’t know if it was Hollywood or her own doing due to her kids but her movie roles have died down. I do like her. She seems to be very down to earth and really tried to keep the family together during her marriage with Ben.

      • Mark says:

        But they left the door open for a reboot in the closing scenes of the ending when her daughter is in the bedroom and finishes the puzzel like Sydney did when she was her age. A new show could be with her daughter who weas introduced in Season 5 and then you wouldnt have to get all the cast back only part of it and start from there.

  4. Nick says:

    I want more for Jennifer Garner than Capital One commercials! Make this happen!!!

    • Shar says:

      She has since been in lots of movies but often as the wife of a significantly older spouse. I’d love to see her back on TV. If not this, perhaps a remake of Cagney & Lacey or something similar. Kick ass Jennifer is the best.

    • Jimmy says:

      The Capital One Venture Card is an excellent credit card though!!!

  5. Julia says:

    That would be awesome but only if the original cast all came back. Love Alias!!

  6. jennyquack says:

    Do NOT even tease me about this! One of my favorites of all time, and I watch the whole series every year. I do agree the later seasons weren’t the best with all the Rambaldi bologni. Spy daddy is dead though and I can’t imagine the show without him.

    • LisaMBri says:

      I’m with you – it wouldn’t be the same without SpyDaddy and they’d also have Syd widowed because I don’t think she and Michael Vartan would ever work together again (plus he is on the Scientology type show) – on a semi-related note it brings me happiness to know that Jen Garner and her SpyDaddy Victor Garber are still close in real life :-)

  7. Ange says:

    I’m not a fan of revivals but I loved this show. I’d be on board if it continued the story and was not some shoddy remake garbage that’s been out there as of late. Hope JJ frees himself some time soon.

  8. spdavid says:

    I think Jennifer would have to come back as the leader not as the agent,she’s aged out of that role,but it could still be a great show with her as mentor/leader and a group of agents under her leadership.

  9. Mary T says:

    That’d be great, if they could find a way to bring Jack back from the dead. I know Victor is on Legends of Tomorrow, but a lot of times he’s just a voice in Jax’s head when Firestorm is active. I’d also like it if Irina wasn’t dead.
    Maybe someone has dug Arvin Sloane out from where Jack buried him alive with his explosives or make it so that didn’t happen. Then Jack wouldn’t be dead and Sloane wouldn’t be immortal.

  10. Eh not necessary to revive that show, as much as I enjoyed it when it was on, but it already ran out of steam towards the end of its run and the ending was fairly decent, just leave it alone.

    I’d rather revive the Buffyverse in some form (not necessarily with established characters), but Joss is busy as well.

  11. aria808 says:

    Bradley Cooper has become a big movie star now. I hope he doesn’t think he’s too big of a name to return to the show.

  12. nelson says:

    Alias is an amazing show, i hope they do bring it back.

    Now im hoping for Buffy and or Angel….but….high chances it wont happen.

    A Charmed reboot with two white sister and one african american DOES NOT MAKE SENCE.

    • jj says:

      The Charmed reboot is about three witches who aren’t sisters. They are totally missing the point of the original show.

  13. Jason Paul says:

    Sydney was always ready to go clubbing.

  14. kmw says:

    No Enough is Enough. Too many re boots and revivals. it would be nice if network execs would find new ideas instead of going backwards

    • Derek says:

      They do. Every year. And most of these shows are DOA. Then Fuller House becomes the most watched Netflix show ever. If people want more original content, they need to watch it. These revivals are bringing in ratings, signalling people want more.

  15. Helena says:

    Yes please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still my all time favourite show!! I feel some binge watching coming on!

  16. derek117 says:

    The problem with a re-boot is that they would have to have a completely new cast–like this year’s “24” reboot. And we know how that turned out.

    At her current age, Jen Garner is not going to be doing a lot of stunt work (though she would definitely want to) so even if they brought Sydney back for the reboot it would have to be as the Team Leader, not the agent in the feel.

    Still, “Alias” remains one of my all-time favorite shows, and I own all the season on dvd, I have purchased all the seasons on my Amazon account, AND have t-shirts and memorabilia.

    I’m always hoping the original cast will come to some of the fan events like ComicCon. That would be great.

    • kalli says:

      Meanwhile we have actors playing superheroes into their 50s, doing stunt work just fine. …

    • EB says:

      Right? I don’t see the same Jennifer people are seeing, they talk about her like she’s an old lady. All 007 are super old guys, but she couldn’t make it, because women just can do stuff from 18 to 30? I know that is the rule, guys, but let’s keep our minds more open to a woman doing great stuff after that age. I bet she could pull off much more than just suits in an office, “giving missions”. Now I’m rooting for the reboot just for her to prove us that :P

  17. Sheila says:

    Enough with revivals. Think of something new!

  18. Maroš says:

    Are you fcking kidding me? I WOULD DIE OF HAPPINESS !!! I loooove this series sooo much… Its my obsession … Its my most beloved of them all … And I miss something like that on TV !!! I have all the DVDs and I already watched it 5 times :D :D :D I REALLY LOVE IT … Like REALLY :D :D :D Wow come back with that please … Even with the new characters and fresh cast … I just miss something like that on air … <3

  19. greysfan says:

    YES PLEASE! Alias is still one of my all time fave shows. I’d even be up for the way it ended where her daughter had the traits and we follow her in a new series.

  20. gift says:

    I love this show just like I do prison break.

  21. iceblast says:

    No, we don’t need to reboot Alias. How about coming up with some new ideas. The whole spy thing has been done to death.

  22. Lauren Lee says:

    Yes, but only if Jennifer Garner were a big part of the revival.

  23. Richard says:

    Have her daughter continue with alias project and be recruited in high school (17-18) like Sydney was. Jennifer Gardner would only have to make the occasional cameo. A short 8 or 10 episode event would be perfect. On Hulu, amazon video, or netflix if ABC didn’t want to fund it.

  24. Frank says:

    I wouldn’t be surprise if they never mention it again , just messing with the fans , you can’t have this show without her dad , his and her relationship was a big focal in the entire show , so f that

  25. Rachel says:

    This was the best show! I lived for it.

  26. April Tucker says:


  27. No no no says:

    “We wouldn’t want to do it unless it was absolutely perfect.”

    “We wouldn’t want to do it unless it paid a sh**-ton.”


  28. B says:

    I have mixed thoughts on this. Especially as a Gilmore Girls fan who has serious issues with some parts of the revival, please don’t let this come back just to mess it up. Don’t mess up Syd and Vaughn’s lives. They have been through enough.

    That being said, if they wanted to bring it back to somehow magically not make the Rambaldi stuff stupid and anti-climactic, I’d be good with that. It would have to be the perfect storyline, and really, they’d have to find a way to bring Spy Daddy, Irina, and/or Sloane back for it to work. But, what is an Alias writer, if not someone who knows how to miraculously bring characters back from the dead?

  29. Brenda says:

    The best line in that entire series was when Jack told Arvin, you beat death but you couldn’t beat me. Now that is badass!

  30. Ally Oop says:

    One of my favourite shows of all time. I always thought there was a bit of unfinished business, especially with Seark. I still think he’s the baby that Sydney and Nadia saw in the picture with their mother. I’d love a revisit. Make Isabelle an 18-year-old who ends up getting embroiled in the spy world and you have the perfect starting point.

  31. Bob stong says:

    Yes, bring it back !!