Bold Beautiful Sheila Returns

Bold and the Beautiful Shocked Fans on Friday With (Evil?) Blast From the Past

The Bold and the Beautiful pulled off the near-impossible in this age of pervasive, invasive social media, surprising viewers with the unannounced return of a well-known character, played by the actress who famously brought her to life.

At the close of this Friday’s episode, B&B fans laid eyes on Sheila Carter, a villainess who last appeared in the CBS Daytime universe in 2006, when she wrapped a run on The Young and the Restless, and who last haunted B&B itself in 2003.

Kimberlin Brown, who over the years earned a Daytime Emmy nom and a pair of Soap Opera Digest Awards for the role, told TV Insider that she and B&B went to great lengths to keep a lid in her surprise return, sneaking into the studio in disguise and through a back door, and having the studio-wide feed cut whenever she was on set or Sheila was refereed to.

Teasing Sheila’s unexpected encore, Brown told TV Insider, “She’s actually done her time in prison and is trying really hard to rehabilitate herself and become a good person.” That said, the actresses wonders, “Is she completely rehabilitated? Well, rehabilitation is an ongoing process. Is there an occasional slip into her past anger issues? Maybe. But Sheila is really, truly trying to change things, and that’s going to be the interesting thing this time around. It’s the old Sheila with a new twist.”

Are you excited to see Sheila back on B&B, rehabbed or not?

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  1. mfarris70 says:

    Looking forward to the explanation of how she looks like herself again after having plastic surgery to impersonate Lauren Fenmore.

    • E Buch says:

      Wasn’t that her “sister”, and didn’t she have the surgery to impersonate Phyllis? To get to Lauren?

      • TvCanada says:

        Well it was Sheila’s nurse that had surgery to look like Lauren. It was Sheila who had surgery to look like Phyllis. The fake Phyllis was shot and killed on Y&R so not sure how they will explain that one, unless it was not Sheila.

        • mfarris70 says:

          Yes, you’re right. It got confusing there for a while!

        • Paula says:

          I’m with you. They expect us to forget she was shot and died!

        • ChrisGa says:

          Actually, it was Sheila’s sister, Sarah Smythe, who was the Lauren doppelganger.

        • Well you are just wrong. It was indeed Sheila’s never heard of before sister, who had surgery to look like Lauren. And it obviously was somebody else made to look like Phyllis that Lauren shot years before. In fact her last words after Lauren shot her were something like YOU’VE KILLED THE WRONG PERSON because the real Phyllis was also there when Lauren shot the fake, but it was quite obvious to me at the time that this was probably not the real Sheila that was killed at all.

          • Nick says:

            Actually, her last words were “You will never get rid of me”. Sarah Smythe, Shelias long lost sister was the Lauren doppelganger. It is nice to have her back, but this is very stupid. Do B&B and Y&R no longer take place in the same universe or do they expect us to just for get about that 2006 story?

      • Carrielynn says:

        Not happy because the writers seem to have forgotten that many years ago Sheila had Plastic Surgery to look like Phyllis and she was killed by Phyllis in a fight!!!! Need to keep your facts straight because you insult your audience

    • Wanda Lee says:

      My sentiments exactly. They’ll say it was a mask. L

    • Debbie Cadwallader says:

      Actually it was Phyllis she made herself look like, not Lauren.

    • Kimberly Edwards says:

      True that! That was a very evil episode of Y&R.

    • Kim Jacobson says:

      Best surprise in a long time. Loved it! And yes she will bring a new spin of fun into the merry- go -round of the on and off again marriages. Always loved it when they expanded the cast. The Sheila character was Always great and oh so mean and scary. And yes I too want to know how she went back to looking like herself after changing herself to look like Lauren.

  2. Glad to see Sheila back no matter what her mental condition is. She was always exciting.

  3. Katrinka says:

    It’s truly amazing that they managed to pull this off in secrecy. I wasn’t paying very close attention & then I heard, “I’m Sheila.” Should be an interesting ride!

  4. Wanda Lee says:

    They’ve really used this character up so hopefully she won’t be as horrible as she was when last seen on Y&R. It just that I’m tired of seeing the same old storyline replay out.
    KB is a great actress but I’m hoping for something new for her and please don’t put her with Wyatt. That’s one. Hats yer that the writers keep abusing.

  5. TvPeong says:

    Sheila!! She was so deliciously evil back in the day. I hope she sticks around for a while. The new soap villains are so tame.

  6. Richard says:

    So is she a different version of Sheila from the y&r? She was shot so how can she be alive there

  7. Dena Goodman says:

    Been there done that

  8. Redep says:

    Terminator, it’s peanuts against Sheila.
    She’ll be back (again and again and again…)

    • Gerard says:

      A crossover Terminator Vs Sheila?

      It”s going to be Legen… wait for it… dary! Legendary!

      • Kimberly Edwards says:

        I knew that was going to happen. When they were talking about the pills and how they would knock her out. I figured that she took enough to get her to the funeral and then she could escape. Smart Chole. I was happy to see that her and Kevin had plans to meet up. I was hoping they could meet somewhere and start a life of their own. Of course, they will need Bella.

    • Carmen DeJesus says:

      Well if u dont like the Sheila story line Then dont watch it!!!

      • Redep says:

        @Carmen DeJesus:
        You didn’t understand . I love stories with Sheila. For me, she is a perfect villain of horror movie. A perfect blend of Norman Bates and Michael Myers (Halloween), Jim Profit and Jason, Patrick Bateman and Freddy krueger … We thought we’d get rid of her and she always comes back with a new obsession.

  9. Tetla Gordon says:

    The show was already boring and stale with all the same old topic and store line. Now they brought back a nut who’s story line was been there done that a long time ago. Come on this store is in great need of a fresh store and not the same old same old. Get a clue. That why I stop watching it. I turn it on today and what did it see Shelia enough already. I’m done for good.

  10. Carmen DeJesus says:

    OMG!!! I am so excited Sheilas back as I was watching the episode i was trying to guess who fire that shot! Well done to keep that one a secret,and actually we need some exciting Bad Girl drama Its getting old with the crying I want your man drama and also the swapping back and forth with Brook and Ridge its boring!!! Yeeessss! Go Sheila Or KIMBERLY BROWN shes the best Ever!!!!!

  11. Jason says:

    Wow! How great. Was getting so bored with show. Quinn has met her match. LOVE Shelia. Go get her

  12. Denise Riera says:

    Good Sheila is back. She should go after Ridge!

  13. Joan says:

    I am sick to death of old story lines. This is sooo boring, please move on and add creativity to the show.

    • Valerie says:

      Exactly. It’s like beating a dead horse. I was so glad when the Sheila storyline was over. Writers need to come up with new story lines. Some things need to stay dead and buried.

  14. Patricia Moore says:

    Love Sheila yes yes

  15. Lynn Humphrey says:

    She was in another person’s house, are they related?

  16. Paula says:

    No. I am not excited at Sheila’s new appearance in BB! We have enough trouble and evil characters without another one like Quinn!

  17. Paula says:

    No. I am not excited at Sheila’s new appearance in BB! We have enough trouble and evil characters without another one like Quinn!

  18. She it’s too evil so I didn’t care for her. I’m really not looking forward to the storyline.

  19. Violet Lemm says:

    She has been killed as Sheila and her sister.Never been mentioned that she has been in prisons , I just hope she’s back to take Quinn down. Also, Lauren should be warned, that she’s in L.A.

  20. Violet Lemm says:

    No one has ever mentioned her being in prison. She has been killed twice in GC as Sheila and her sister. Lauren should be warned’ as part of this SL that Sheila is in LA, hopefully to take down Quinn!

  21. Betty Freeman says:

    It’s good to bring her back, makes the story more interesting, fire!

  22. omg omg is all i could say i did not expect to see her ever again i thought quinn was the crazy i forgot about her omg i cant wait to see what happens

  23. I want Quinn to stay, she’s a question mark and I like that. Allow her to be the new Stephanie, with all the spit and fire she possessed during her stint on B&B. I miss her, Quinn can pull her off if given the chance.

  24. Charlotte Whigham says:

    No, I’m done. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  25. Kim Harris says:

    Yes! Love it. It’s bold and exciting. A must see! Welcome back

  26. No !!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡👏🏼

  27. Nanette Briggs says:

    OMG ….. I was So Shocked And Happy At the same time

  28. Lorraine frankini says:

    Why can’t Bold and The Beautiful be on for an hour like the rest of the soaps? B&B is the only soap I watch, seems like you just get into it and it’s over with. Please consider!)

  29. Melvina Hall says:

    I got it…the best explanation yet! Shelia was shot but while everyone believed she was dead. She was actually kidnapped by Helena Cassadine and held on Spoon Island!!!! Lol!!!

  30. Sue says:

    I love her she is beautiful and evil gotta love it

  31. Kimberly Edwards says:

    Sheila is a great actress. She adds a spark to what she does.

  32. James says:

    It only shows how desperate they are, first they try to bring back the Sally Drama, when they have been there done that…. boring…… now they go dig up Shelia when she is suppose to be dead a number of times now.. Where have all the good writers gone, the ones which creativity and new ideas for story lines.

  33. Julia Singleton says:

    Well now Shelia is back mm A ghost is playing now.No it’s Shelia DAUGHTER.

  34. robin says:

    They rarely pull that off. Good for them. I just hope she isn’t crazy again. Sheila, Annie from guiding light, etc and other characters like them are an insult to women. No wonder soaps have gone under.

  35. Anneice Mahone says:

    Don’t want her to return!

    • Linda Snider says:

      I agree with this comment. The Bold and the Beautiful has lost me as a viewer. Kimberlyn Brown who spoked at the Republican convention was most nauseating. The cast of the Bold and the Beautiful is no longer beautiful but ugly.

      • Wanda Lee says:

        All soaps have a villain but bringing this one back is nauseating. There’s more things tptb could explore and if they are out of storylines maybe it’s time for them to get off the air.

  36. Christopher Johnson says:

    I love this storyline. The show has started to go off the rails with the younger actors’ storylines. I went a whole week without watching for the first time in over 20 years. But adding Sheila to the mix is so awesome. It will bring back loyal fans who lost interest after Ronn and Susan left the show.

  37. Elizabeth FerrandEli says:

    Hell yes I am glad Sheila Is Returning

  38. Joanne Kozankywycz says:

    Of course I’m excited this is the greatest thing first B&B brings back the Spectras Fashion , now we have Sheila coming back oh my goodness she used to scare the heck out of me, I was always on pins and needles to see what’s the next thing she’s going to do she’s one of those kind of characters that you love and hate her at the same time she’s the best I’m so happy she is back I know The Bold and the Beautiful is great already but oh my goodness she’s going to bring more drama drama drama if only Quin got nuts again and Sheila brought back her old craziness it would be The Showdown of the century

  39. Jackie says:

    Didn’t see the last half of the B&B because the President special report interrupted.

  40. Holly says:

    I’m glad Sheila back on B&B. The B&B writers starter the switch on characters new story line Friday. Quinn said it perfectly Katie starting to turn into another Quinn When the character of Stephanie died that left a void in the family in a huge way.
    Overall Quinn character started to change from evil to good real fast still little sneaky. Katie character started to act like Quin character in the pass like a stalker over bearing witch. The B&B needs new story line twists to keep viewers watching.

  41. Sassie says:

    I’m so happy to see sheila
    Back. I’m so sick of Katy being her spoiled brat self
    Like she really needs to work. I guess Ole dollar Bill and Brooke will raise the kid!!!

    • Someone plz fill me in on Sheila! Didn’t watch Y&R or BB back in the day. I do remember the face but not the character. How does she tie into the Forresters? Love BB

  42. Src says:

    Sometimes the old becomes new again

  43. Src says:

    This show needed a shot of adredilin
    And to surprise everyone​ is a nice touch

  44. Love that she is back will make the story exciting

  45. Sally Sherwood says:

    Yes, while I was initially shocked at seeing her, I’m excited to have her back on Bold and Beautiful, going to finally give Quinn a run for her money.

  46. Rosie husvar says:

    Your stories are really getting old. Time for new younger writers.

  47. Jcd says:

    Omg!!!! She’ssss back. I know things are going to get real juicy. I am such a Sheila fan. I was kicking and screaming when she gave Quien that look and said her first name. Quien has met her match. Oe should i say someone crazier than her. The next few months are gona be good. Hands down to the writers of BB. I love u. It would be a dream come true for me to be casted on BB. Surely she will resurface on Y&R as Scott ex step mom and terriorize Lauren, Michael and Scott. Excellent timming, fabulous

  48. Karla says:

    Wasn’t the last time Sheila was on BBC when she has kidnapped Ridge in the jungle of South America, and wasn’t she supposed to have had a child for him.

  49. Tyrone west says:

    Job well done welcome back Shelia Carter…….. please let Eric and Quinn stay together an let Thomas stay at spectra great day time show love love love

  50. Becky says:

    I am excited to see what she brings back to the show. I know she is evil, but i have always liked her role. LOL go sheila. My take on this is she will try her best to dissolve the marriage between Eric and Quinn so she can move in and try to win him for herself. lol OR maybe she wants to get even again as she has tried in the past.