How Will Lucifer Explain Resurrection? How Do Nashville Kids Know Daria? iZombie Confusion? And More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Twin Peaks, The Americans, The Handmaid’s Tale and Nashville!

1 | For Twin Peaks‘ third and fourth episodes, where in Las Vegas did David Lynch find slot machines that still pay out in coins?!

Silicon Valley Haley Joel Osment2 | While watching Silicon Valley, how long did it take your sixth sense to scream in your ear, “Holy crap — it’s Haley Joel Osment!!”?

3 | On American Gods, was Atsula’s “Coming to America” sequence the coolest-looking one yet? And which of Media’s looks — David Bowie or Marilyn Monroe — impressed you more?

4 | Might ABC’s Still Star-Crossed have benefited from a contemporary soundtrack? (And weren’t you almost expecting that, given the Shonda-ness of it all?)

5 | Gotham fans, can anyone educate us on the improbable physics of extricating one’s self — even when all Tetch’d up — from a six-foot deep grave? Is it about as likely as Alfred dangling Strange from the very edge of a slick-looking ledge, grasping only his necktie?

6 | How will Lucifer‘s real Charlotte Richards — a murder victim before the Goddess of Creation seized her body as a human vessel — make sense of her months-later “resurrection”? And how long do you think the discussions were with the visual FX department to not make the Flaming Sword look like a Star Wars light saber?

7 | What happened between House of Cards seasons to turn Will Conway into such a violent head case?

8 | At first blush, are you disappointed with how little NBC’s World of Dance is giving Jenna Dewan-Tatum to do as host/mentor?

9 | Now that Prison Break‘s revival run has ended, TVLine reader Wrstlgirl asks: Did they ever explain how Michael was able to pay for T-Bag’s very pricey, next-gen prosthetic hand? Casey, meanwhile, wonders: What was the point of giving Sucre such highly specific cargo (extremely life-like sex dolls!), if it never factored into the plot?

10 | Anyone else mesmerized by this iPhone commercial?

11 | Isn’t iZombie acting like Liv and Major didn’t recently have sex and almost get back together? Like, instead of watching his ex and her new beau openly flirt in front of him, why didn’t Major immediately hightail it out of there when Liv announced Justin was coming over?

12 | On Team Ninja Warrior, what was Jeff Britton thinking, sending his wife Jessica – who had a very poor first run – in for the sudden death round?

13 | Looking back on this season of The Americans… did anything actually, um, happen? (Besides Henry suddenly sprouting into manhood?)

Casual14 | Casual watchers: Alex is totally the baby daddy, right?

15 | How badly did you wish Maury Povich had been on hand for If Loving You Is Wrong‘s reveal that Randal wasn’t the father of Alex’s baby?

16 | Given the flashback in this week’s Handmaid’s Tale, do you think Serena knows about her husband’s off-book interactions with Offred?

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17 | How did Fargo‘s Gloria get down to Nikki’s cell in time to stop the fake cop with the syringe? Did she finally acquire the vaunted blue form, and we just didn’t see it?

18 | Regarding Kingdom‘s final season premiere: We have neither read any spoilers nor watched ahead, as we ask: Alvey totally has cancer, right?

19 | What is Nashville‘s obsession this season with plane crashes (both literal and symbolic)? And aren’t Daphne and her new homeless friend too young to be fans of Daria? (Before you ask, no, it’s not on Netflix.)

20 | Between the past week’s cancellation of Sense8 and The Get Down, are Netflix loyalists now feeling as vulnerable as “regular TV” watchers?

21 | Is anything worse than when the “wrong” team wins The Amazing Race?

22 | Based on these newly released Last Tycoon photos, are we sure Matt Bomer isn’t just recycling his White Collar attire? Not that anyone is complaining!

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. jason says:

    11. That one has been bugging because what was the reason Liv and Major slept together if only to introduce Justin as a love interest so soon afterwards? You could say they just got caught up in the moment but the Liv x Major thing can feel stale with so much back and fourth.

    • Wordsmith says:

      It definitely felt more like a rekindling than a “one last time, for old time’s sake.” I can see the need to shake things up to prevent staleness, but it’s playing out rather clumsily.

      • Bwine says:

        How can you rekindle a romance with someone who supposedly is not going to remember you the next day?To me, it was goodbye sex; it was about connecting one last time while Major still remembered what him and Liv meant to each other, and when they realized the the cure didn’t cause memory loss and Liv was ready to take it, somebody stole it so Liv was stuck being a zombie for who knows how long so at that point, I think they decided to move on, because they’ve already agreeded that zombie Liv and human Major don’t work so what would be the point in trying to get back together.

        • Wordsmith says:

          The “goodbye sex” theory sounds good, except that Major did have that super-romantic line about how he was going to fall for her all over again sans-memories – that seems like the kind of thing you say if you want to stay with somebody.
          As for them agreeing that the timing and circumstance was off and they needed to break up with him being human and her a zombie, that all totally makes sense, but we never got to see them have that talk, much less make peace with it, so it seems they skipped a few steps in the process.

          • Erin B says:

            I agree. It sounded like he was going to woo her all over again, & once they were both human, they could be together. They totally skipped some steps–if we had seen the conversation where they come to terms with her still being a zombie, it would be more closure for a viewer like me. Liv seems like she got over not getting back with Major in about one day & then got with Justin. I have no problem with Justin & her together, but I wish there would have been closure first & maybe an episode or two in between.

            I wonder if Ravi will get caged zombie DonE to tell him where the cure is if he took it or knows where it is. He could get a confession for brains. With as many crappy things as Blaine has done, I still like him. I always think that’s a mark of good writing when you can sympathize with the bad guy.

  2. Wordsmith says:

    6) I am indeed curious about how actual-Charlotte will reintegrate into society, particularly given that we’ve been led to believe that she’s a brilliant, ruthless borderline-criminal.
    ALSO, I’m curious to see how those extra episodes that were postponed until next season will possibly fit into the timeline, given everything that’s gone down. Are they just going to be extended flashbacks?

  3. Dr.Bombay says:

    I’m having a hard time thinking of a more annoying Amazing Race winner than Brooke. You just know the other teams hated having to stand there and clap for her. And we had some really enjoyable teams too…team Fun, the Boys and both of the other finalists. Scott deserves the entire prize for putting up with her

  4. CEJ says:

    21. As soon as that team started out in the lead, I had to prepare myself for being dissatisfied with the ending. Ugh. They couldn’t have given team bicker another slotted spoon to make?

  5. Wordsmith says:

    5) Digging your way out of a grave is easier than you might think. If the dirt isn’t too wet or sandy, there’s even usually enough air down there to breathe. Of course, everybody knows the hard part is one-inch-punching your way out of the coffin…

  6. Leeann... :) says:

    10. *raises hand*
    22. I for one shall not complain. I will take him any way I can. :) :) :)

  7. steven says:

    Daphne and her friend should be teenagers by now who probably either streamed Daria online or saw it on DVD or something.

    • Joey says:

      The DVDs really aren’t that expensive. I think I got the entire show + both movies for ~$20 a few years ago.

  8. Deb says:

    #11. When I realized they were just going to pretend Liv and Major never had that one last night together while he was still a zombie I knew I had to stop watching. My tolerance to put up with nonsense is gone. Now I Just say bye bye.

  9. Lauren Francis says:

    19. Daria is on Amazon Video.

  10. Chuck says:

    I had the same question about Charlotte on Lucifer. Although family and friends don’t know she’s dead since she’s been inhabited by Mother and walking around as normal. But she was dead and she was stabbed by Chet, so they have a lot of explaining to do. I’d hoped they’d find a way to keep Tricia Helfer around so there’s better be a good explanation.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Good point; Mum did pass herself off as Charlotte/barely tolerate her rugrats all this time. The Q has been amended!

  11. Iris says:

    6) Wasn’t Charlotte a murder suspect and not a victim for Chloe and the police? Lucifer first sentenced Mom to live Charlotte’s life as her personal “hell on earth”, so I don’t think she was ever dead to her family and friends.
    But I might be wrong. Damn, I have no choice but re-watch 2×02 and check now…thank you, LOL.

  12. GraceM says:

    I’m curious as to fast the ratings drop on World of Dance. The celebrities can only do so much for the ratings.

  13. Laura says:

    1. Isn’t it not main street station casino in downtown Las Vegas that still has old school gaming machines. They have some on show I believe too.

    • craig says:

      It’s more visual to see coins coming out during a jackpot than the machine just posting a credit to be printed out. Also, it’s not really clear what time this casino is really in…no one is also pushing the “spin” button on the machines because sometimes their arms bend back. HELLLOOO

  14. C.P. says:

    19. Daria is available for free streaming on, I’m willing to believe they found it online.

    • NP20 says:

      Maybe You Tube in some way? My kids watch a lot there and I feel like they’d know Daria. I also think I’ve passed reruns on TV (but that could have been a while ago)

  15. Winter says:

    22. I mean it’s a real good look for him.

  16. Jennifer patterson says:

    Nashville & Daria – MTV or one of its incarnations is showing Daria reruns. So it is possible they watched it?

  17. Annie Sisk says:

    7 | What happened between House of Cards seasons to turn Will Conway into such a violent head case?

    Most interesting part of the whole season, I posit. Here’s why: It’s so true to experience. These alpha-dog types look strong initially, but when real pressure is brought to bear — when they don’t get their golden-boy way (or golden-girl, it’s not just guys), they kinda … collapse in on themselves. I only wish we’d seen more of the fallout post-loss! I love Kinnaman. I’d watch him read the phone book because I know he’d do something interesting with it.

  18. Tom says:

    2 | While watching Silicon Valley, how long did it take your sixth sense to scream in your ear, “Holy crap — it’s Haley Joel Osment!!”?
    Frak! The answer is, till right when reading this question. And I watched the episode as it aired so, that long. And also, I watched Alpha House, so yeah, should have recognized him. I feel shame
    3 | On American Gods, was Atsula’s “Coming to America” sequence the coolest-looking one yet? And which of Media’s looks — David Bowie or Marilyn Monroe — impressed you more?
    It was awesome, I had been wondering if/when that story would come. It certainly had a very Bryan Fuller feel to it. And easily Bowie.
    7 | What happened between House of Cards seasons to turn Will Conway into such a violent head case?
    Alternate facts and the gaslighting that comes with them?
    10 | Anyone else mesmerized by this iPhone commercial?
    No. Also that Toyota bibbidi bobbidi boo commercial got old the second time I saw it in the span of less than an hour. Do not want.

    Still better than the old kit kat ads that made the gimmie a break song with crunching and stuff. Those were annoying as frak.
    13 | Looking back on this season of The Americans… did anything actually, um, happen? (Besides Henry suddenly sprouting into manhood?)
    Sometimes that happens. I got that feeling about most of season 7 of Stargate SG-1. They kept talking about having to find the lost city, but seemed to do little to actually find it till they stumbled on it at the end
    19 | What is Nashville‘s obsession this season with plane crashes (both literal and symbolic)? And aren’t Daphne and her new homeless friend too young to be fans of Daria? (Before you ask, no, it’s not on Netflix.)
    It might not be on Netflix, but I get the feeling that it had been on like MTV 2 or something recently hadn’t it? Like, I am reasonably sure it had been on some channel somewhere.
    20 | Between the past week’s cancellation of Sense8 and The Get Down, are Netflix loyalists now feeling as vulnerable as “regular TV” watchers?
    Depends on the show?

  19. T.W.S.S. says:

    11. Major’s reaction to Liv and Justin is a rare misstep for the show, which has always been good at tying up loose ends (except Liv’s fam). I hope Major explains later that he was pretending to be okay because [insert semi-plausible, good-natured reason here].

  20. Reba42 says:

    #19- Daria is on Hulu

  21. LK says:

    The Americans – Paige learned self defense.. The Pastor got a new job and Frank Langella’s character retired…. that’s about it

  22. 11. I think the Zombie cure did something to Major’s brain because he has been acting like an idiot since he took it.

  23. KayCeeCee says:

    12) Team Ninja Warrior – What was Geoff Britten thinking? I mean, he may love Jessica, but she was clearly the weakest link.
    The only thing I can come up with is that he wanted to save himself and Mike for the elimination round.

  24. M says:

    8 Not just Dewan Tatum being underused, wasn’t the editting/production oddball? Putting Jenna in the (skating) kiss and cry host role was surprising to me. Maybe to strongly differentiate from Cat Deeley? There were several times when I wanted to see the judges reactions and they didn’t show it, and when the judges talked I regularly felt like I was not getting professional evaluations, just gushing Arsenio/Oprah raves. The mixing of all the different categories in a single show was an interest momentum killer for me too. The circular stage seems unsuitable for the audience to watch, and more of a movie poser move; adds nothing to a tv show. The time spent on the gladiator walking into the stadium shots was meh after the first couple times. And it didn’t seem like there was enough actual dancing… And it must be just me, but the large group dances are such that I don’t often feel like I can judge their merits beyond gymnastics and synchronization. Artistry and technical merit, key things that mark the other categories are regularly weak or very difficult to see. Gonna give it a couple more episodes, but…it might not be worthwhile in the longer term.

  25. Casey says:

    That was me with the Prison Break question! I get it, Sucre is an ancillary character so he doesn’t get much screen time, but the blow-up dolls was so strange detail. Then add in that the fact that helping Michael basically destroyed all of Sucre’s prospects (the captain was the only one who would hire him, he spent every dime he had on the dolls that were blown up). Was it all just so they could joke about calling them “inflatables?” Huh?

    11. It just occurred to me that Major may be okay with Liv and Justin because he gave his cure syringe to Natalie, not knowing that the rest of Ravi’s supply would be stolen. The scene where they’re waiting for Major to come back to Seattle, not too daunted by the theft because Major can just give Liv the last syringe, was pretty sad to watch as the hope went poof. Maybe he feels like he took away her chance to be cured and if she can find happiness anywhere else, he wants her to have it, no matter how awkward it may be for him.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      RE: #11 …but Major isn’t *showing^ any awkwardness. He’s completely unfazed. It’s a misstep.

      • Simon says:

        I have to say, this season the character dynamics have felt a bit clumsy.
        Ravi and Peyton and the mix up with the CDC lady was just made up drama to keep them apart. Blaine lies to Peyton for episodes and the whole fallout is a 22 second scene. And the Liv and Major one is the most jarring, with Major just apparently completely okay with Liv dating his friend. Also Liv in the interactions with Justin comes off as very weird, as if they writers also didn’t exactly know what they were writing.

        I think the other aspects of the show are still fine, but in terms of character development and knowing where the characters are emotionally as the season goes along they are a bit all over the place

    • PatriciaLee says:

      I had no doubt that Michael, Sara and Lincoln would pay him back with interest. I guess I put it together that Michael’s research figured out Sucre was on the ship, when he needed transport. Sucre had offered, originally, to go to Yemen to help save Michael. So, it was not out of place to ask him for help, now. I am sure Sucre got his money back, and most likely help starting a better business to support his family. I hope they show Michael back on top as a brainy architect again, the next time around.

  26. Jason says:

    8) If we’re not watching Jenna Dewan-Tatum dance on a regular basis, then the show isn’t not using her enough.

    13) It’s true that very few big events happened on The Americans, this year. But I honestly don’t care. I enjoyed it just as much as I ever have. It’s one of the few shows on television, where I can never tell where it’s going.

    19) I’m assuming that some older and wiser oracle of knowledge showed them Daria, as I did with some younger cousins of mine. The whole series is available in a DVD box set. I know that seems archaic now, but it still gets the job done.

  27. Jason says:

    10) Yes, I can’t stop watching that commercial. I’ll always stop while fast forwarding through breaks, so I can watch it. Probably thirty times by now. Occasionally they even show the long version.

  28. Larc says:

    I thought Charlotte Richards was just going to be a corpse left on the beach until she moved. Surprise! I’m not nearly as taken with her/Mum as some others, so wouldn’t have minded at all if we were rid of her.

  29. LB says:

    14 – I really hope so, as long as it means Eliza Coupe will be hanging around again.
    16 – I’m not sure, but either way, Serena terrifies me.

  30. lrdslvrhnd says:

    6) Same way Lassiter/King Richard/Cain/God made sense of *his* return to normality. I’m more interested in what Chloe & Dan will make of her suddenly no longer being Lucifer’s “step-mother”. I mean, the relationship with Dan could be explained away by mental trauma or something, but what’s gonna happen when she says “I’ve never seen this man in my life, and I certainly never married his father!”
    11) I’m looking at it as Major knowing that he and Liv can’t be together… and being enough of a stand-up guy to want her to be happy with somebody she *can* be with. That said, he nope’d out of there pretty quickly when Justin did show up, and there wasn’t a whole lot of time between finding out he was gonna be there, and him actually being there.
    21) No, there isn’t. Two seasons in a row, ugh. That said, I like the guy half of the winning team, a lot. But the female half, ugh.

  31. Mac says:

    Wait people are actually bothered by the Liv and Major thing?

    I thought it was pretty clear, they had goodbye sex when they were both zombies and thought Major would lose his memory. Now that Major is human and Liv is not it can’t happen again. They already tried that.

    As for the Daria thing it’s like a cult classic of course it’s still being discovered by new (young) audiences. I’m 21 and one of my favorite shows is Buffy which started the day before my first birthday and ended well before I was old enough to appreciate it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it now.

  32. Jt says:

    20 | Between the past week’s cancellation of Sense8 and The Get Down, are Netflix loyalists now feeling as vulnerable as “regular TV” watchers?

    Definitely feeling vulnerable. Sense8 ended on such a cliffhanger! I really hoped Netflix would be different and at least wrap up the storyline.

  33. Kevin Tran says:

    #2 – very strange to see Haley Joel Osment in all of his goatee glory (I SEE NOT SO DEAD FACIAL HAIR). #8 – Jenna Dewan Tatum is really “stepping up” as host of World of Dance.

  34. arial2 says:

    6. I wonder if Mom is totally gone or if part of her lives on in Charlotte. Mom didn’t seem thrilled about where Lucifer was about to stash her. But I guess I’m just not ready to have Tricia Helfer gone from Lucifer.

  35. I just have to say ... says:

    14. I dunno if the writers would be so callous as to make Alex the father of Emmy’s baby. FCOL, Alex is nothing but a man-child himself. (But I ❤ Tommy Dewey’s portrayal of him.)
    Let’s not forget that Emmy was all about having casual sex with Alex. I think she was already pregnant – with someone else as the father – when she moved in with Alex for that short period in season 2. It would explain her bizarre behavior towards Alex at the end.

  36. 6. Charlotte was the victim of the oldest tv writer excuse in the world – FUGUE STATE – reversible amnesia for personal identity, including the memories, personality, and other identifying characteristics of individuality.

  37. shadester says:

    I don’t understand why he gave tea bag the hand at all. Why was he involved at all?

    • Tee says:

      I honestly thought that T-Bag would somehow have to make it to Yemen, be then Micheal would get his hand somehow and make a jet or something and get out of that place.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Wasn’t T-Bag the lynch pin, the one that would understand the information he was given and able to contact others to tell them about it? Without rereading the plot summary, that seems to be the way I remember it.

  38. Pat says:

    izombie… I was wondering the same thing. I thought one of the reasons Major didn’t want to take the cure was because he and Liv reconnected and he didn’t want to forget.

  39. blah says:

    Mtv on-demand has old Daria episodes

  40. PatriciaLee says:

    5. It’s just setting the stage for the improbable Batman. 6. Most likely she wouldn’t know she died or would just chalk it up to a bad hallucination. Cool if she stays on the show. Wouldn’t it be fun if the real Charlotte and Dan got together, and at the last episode of the series, Mom brings them into her new world to help jump start her new population? 9. Michael finagled the internet money accounts of Poseidon. In hindsight, it does make some sense that Sucre was given a reason to be on the ship having nothing to do with undercover/criminal dark stuff, just hustling money to support the family…to put him in the show without having to come up with some plotting to tie his reason for being on the ship in with Michael and Poseidon’s already complicated story.

  41. Sokratis Lakrindis says:

    18. Why does Alvey have cancer? I clearly wasn’t focusing much on the program if it’s a totally.