The Amazing Race Winner

The Amazing Race Finale Recap: Did Your Favorite Team Win Season 29?

From its inception, Season 29 of CBS’ The Amazing Race has sought to shake things up, beginning with the decision to form 11 teams out of 22 complete strangers.

And for at least six of those strangers — Brooke Camhi and Scott Flanary, London Kaye and Logan Bauer, and Tara Carr and Joey Covino — that little gamble turned out to be a fruitful one, with all three remaining teams having an equal shot at the $1 million prize atop Thursday’s finale.

(For what it’s worth, more than half of TVLine readers were rooting for Tara and Joey — aka #TeamMomAndDad — but as we all know, predictions have an iffy track record around here.)

Thursday’s season ender, appropriately titled “We’re Going to Victory Lane,” found the six remaining racers traveling back to the United States — Chicago and Joliet, Ill., specifically — for the final leg, which took them through several major landmarks, including Wrigley Field.

But because this isn’t our first time at the reality rodeo — I believe we’ve been here 28 times before, if my admittedly shaky math skills are to be trusted — we all know that there can only be one winning team. And in Season 29, that team was… Brooke and Scott!

“It was wrong,” Scott admitted of his first impression of Brooke. “We’re very different people, but we wanted the same outcome … and we came out on top.

“As much as we bickered … we shared something most people never get to share,” added Brooke.

Did the finale turn out as you hoped? Vote for your team of choice below, then drop a comment with your overall thoughts on Season 29.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. GuessWhat says:

    The most unlikeable team to win in over a decade. No wonder CBS scheduled this season so poorly. 10pm on Thursdays from April – June. They should have buried it even deeper!

  2. AngelWasHere says:

    The worse team won. I can’t stand them! Ugh!

  3. Tori Coop says:

    Brooke has been the absolute worst contestant this show, and almost any other reality competition show, has ever had. What a waste of space of oxygen she is.

  4. Soulardguy says:

    Yep! Awful. Brooke was a mess the whole show. Undeserving winners

  5. Lola says:

    Talk about the least deserving. Multiple teams helping whiny ass Brooke along. I’m sick to my stomach. We waited all of that time for this season only to be treated to this train wreck.

  6. Chrissy says:

    As much as Brooke was a waste of space, useless whiner, Scott was great. If we didn’t get his “Jim Halpert” looks to the camera when she was freaking out it would have been so much worse. I am happy for Scott.

    • dan says:

      Agree! Scott should get the $1million and they should give Brooke a metal ladle (since she couldn’t make one on her own).

      • ninergrl6 says:

        Ha! That comment wins. Yeah, give Scott ALL of the prize money.

      • Allison says:

        This comment is everything oh my god. Completely agree. Brooke is a horrible winner. Scott however deserves $100 million dollars for putting up with her. “Hold on giving birth again” -Scott lol great quote

      • Hillary Arcee says:

        Totally agree!! Someone should slap Brooke’s face with the mannequin hands too!

      • Ben Games Jr says:

        Agree so much. Scott deserved to win. He a lot to put up with Brooke. I don’t how he did it. He should anther million for just putting up with her.

      • Jan says:

        YEP! Scott deserves the money for putting up with Brooke! {From the start, I was for Team Fun.]

        • Judy Vee says:

          Me, too! My husband and i were so bummed to see Team Fun go. They always took the high road.
          Then we started rooting hard for Tara and Joey. Only to be disappointed again with the awful ending. The winners slayed the last challenges, but we did not want to see them win. Ugh.

      • Ruby says:

        so true, she should have never won anything

    • Ben Games Jr says:

      Agree. Scott was great

    • RZ says:

      Agree. Much respect to Scott. He was terrified of heights and yet did the window washing challenge and bungee jumping. I didn’t think that Brooke contributed much.

  7. Marti says:

    I am so stinking disappointed! What a miserable end! The cry baby,that would have never made it to the end unless all the other teams helped her, end up winning!! Nice guys finish last!

  8. Ron says:

    Ugh. Going in, I was fine with any team BUT Brooke and Scott winning. And of course they win. There were times when I was thinking Scott needed to calm down and stop yelling. But immediately after those thoughts, I realized that he was actually handling Brooke much better than I could. She was such a miserable person. At least Scott gets some sort of reward for having to put up with Brooke the entire race. Brooke is so undeserving; she wouldn’t have made it far at all without the help of almost literally every other team. She was incapable of doing anything on her own, or incapable of doing anything on her own without whining. She was the singular worst thing about this season.

  9. Matthew Lawler says:

    I am thrilled that Scott and Brooke won and I think Scott should get the one million to him self for putting up with Brooke without murdering her it was nice to see a game in on a reality show that was not defined by his sexuality and being a stereotype Scott is a positive role model for all gay men out there and I couldn’t be prouder that he won

  10. Francine says:

    Worst ending ever. Brooke embarrassed all women. The only amazing thing was how irritating and whiney she was. disappointing

  11. A W says:

    I really wanted the Fun Team to win…they showed the most class and character and rooted each other on as well as the competing teams! Maybe they can come back and try again in an All-Star episode??

  12. WhinersRAnnoying says:

    How did someone as weak and incapable as Brooke even get cast on the show to begin with?? Props to Scott for managing to win in spite of being stuck with a frail whiny partner. Brooke’s half of the prize should be divided among everyone who helped her. Without so much help, Scott & Brooke would have been eliminated early on.

  13. Kari Henderson says:

    Not happy at all. Brook is absolutely awful. Any other team would have been better.

  14. JuJu says:

    No where in her victory speech did Brooke even bother to mention and/or thank everyone who helped drag her all around the world, while she non-stop cried during each and every challenge, “I can’t do it Scott,” There was NEVER a worse contestant, bigger or more annoying partner or a selfish and spoiled brat on The Amazing Race. She absolutely owes every other team a share of her half million dollars, since she would have never made it past week three without them, especially Team Fun. (Brooke, watch the show, in case you don’t remember.)

    • susical says:

      Brooke was such an embarrassment–she deserves no money. After all the whining we had to watch, she should pay us. Horrible ending!!!!!! Selfish little girl. HATE HER!!

  15. Gospino says:

    I liked Scott, but Brooke mostly just shrieked and whined. They reminded me of another winning team from an early season, also male-female: Zach and Flo. Zach was great. Flo was… not.

  16. Rick says:

    Never watching the show again, undeserving “whiners.” Couldn’t stand either one of them.

  17. will says:

    I wanted Matt & Redmond to win. I had a feeling the hated team would win.

  18. Karen says:

    Most annoying couple to ever win! I had to record and fast forward thru their whining- so glad it is over- Anybody but them👎

    • Elvis says:

      Agree- literally ANY team but them. Will not be watching the finale show since I had the luxury to goggle the winner because I like knowing who won when I watch. Now I will not have the waste my time and be frustrated that Brooke (who used every other player because she was so incompetent she could do nothing but cry and whine poor me) will gloat about her win.

      • Phyllis says:

        I’m watching it either … i knew when i saw sad faces on Facebook over the ending it had to be Brooke! Such a huge disappointment! I had wished from the ladle incident that she would be eliminated in the early part of the show! Her voice and whining was enough to stop watching! Sorry Scott ad to deal .. he should get all the money!

  19. Kevin Tran says:

    The wrong team won. Wonder what’s going to happen when the new season of Amazing Race returns mid-season (again) and they better be thinking about a “celebrity edition”.

    • James says:

      The team who were able to get ahead and finish the tasks the soonest in the final leg are the most deserving of the win because they earned it.

      • suzi says:

        True, but without all the help Brooke received throughout the race they would never have made it to the final, which diminishes their win immensely
        The whining/crying/conniving—that just diminished her as person.

  20. Elvis says:

    I am in California and the show is coming on now. I just looked up who won and when I saw it was the most hideous player Brooke I am not even going to watch. I love Amazing Race but she is such a disgusting creature that I will skip the final. Just cannot stand to see her get one cent. I will watch another episode of House of cards on Netflix instead. Amazing Race take note: screen your players better, she is dispicable.

    • Bummed out says:

      I should’ve watched the next episode of Wynona Earp on Netflix instead …..wish I had known who won ahead of time . ..would’ve skipped it

  21. MJAlex says:

    As much as I liked Scott, Brookes’ whiny, I can’t do anything attitude got on my nerves. She always was trying to get other teams to help her on challenges, but she never offered help to other teams. Scott deserves a bigger cut of the winnings!

  22. David says:

    Don’t care who won, this season was meh and I understand why it was in limbo. That said, Logan is HOT! I mean, like super HOT!

    • Ron says:

      Agreed. Logan pretty much made my ovaries explode…..which is an amazing feat since I’m a guy. He can get it.

  23. Tcollins says:

    AS a woman I’m completely appalled that Brooke won- whiny, useless an embarrassment -how did she even get on the show?

  24. ninergrl6 says:

    UGH I wanted anyone *but* Brooke. I’m shocked she made it as far as she did with her consistently pessimistic, whiny demeanor. Hats off to Scott for tolerating Brooke’s frequent meltdowns. HE earned this victory.

  25. Bummed out says:

    We couldn’t even stand to watch the end….and we have NEVER stopped watching an episode in the 29 seasons TAR has been on…one of the most undeserving, dumb luck winners we can recall….in a long time

  26. John whatever says:

    I will never watch this show again. Brooke is a hi\orrible person!!

  27. John smith says:

    She was horrible.

  28. Summer says:

    Brooke: You worthless, whiney waste of space. You may have won this race, but with your personality, you are a MAJOR loser!!

  29. I loved this season and was amazed that most of the teams gat along better than couples or friends who made up past teams. Brooke & Scott were the exception. Brooke is the biggest cry baby I’ve ever seen on this show & I’ve watched every season. I give kudos to Scott for putting up with her & not strangling her before it was over. He also overcame his fear of heights. I love The Amazing Race & wish they’d go back to two seasons a year like Survivor.

  30. Emma says:

    I’ve never been so disappointed by the end results, yes I was very upset when #teamfun got eliminated but, I was absolutely​ horrified when Brooke and Scott finished first! I still can’t believe how patient he was, if I was in his shoes I’d go literally insane! Props for him!! First of all Brooke makes promises she can’t keep but secondly her whining (omg)… I could recognize it across the room while listening to music and working on HW!! Good gracious, I’m pissed! -From a very unhappy high schooler

  31. BwayChris says:

    I’d love to see an all Survivor cycle of Amazing Race. Either do it like this season where you gather 22 former Survivors individually and have them schoolyard pick for teams of 2, or do a Hero/Villain match up of people who had issues on the Beach during their seasons of Survivor but now are matched up as team mates for $1M, with them not knowing their partner until the start line. They could even tie in Big Brother and pair one Survivor with one Big Brother former houseguest. Amazing Race especially could use the boost from its stronger network reality shows with strong, watchable personalities.

    I feel like this would help give them the all new relationship feel of this season but without the worry of ending up with someone like Brooke. I was rooting for Brooke and Scott in the finale because I liked Scott and how he was still able to get this far in the race while completely carrying the team, while most other partnership brought equal ability and support to the table.

    • Can you imagine Brooke on Survivor or even BB? Now THAT I would watch!

      • BwayChris says:

        Brooke would either be voted out at one of the first Tribals or end up making it to the final 3 as the one the other Survivors thinks has NO CHANCE at getting any Jury votes. Imagine Brooke on a tribe with Michaela?!?! Fireworks!

  32. Kristy says:

    SO annoyed that whinny Brooke won!

  33. Tw says:

    I’ve watched it from the first episode til now, and I think it was set up so a gay character would win… I hope that what you tried this season worked, cause I won’t be back… 2 teams that didn’t make any mistakes all of a sudden screwed themselves. You might as well cancel the show, I won’t watch the next season or any after this one

    • Matthew Lawler says:

      I am completely appalled by your comment in your attitude that the show was set up to allow a gay character to win first of all this is not a TV show this is around the competition Scott is a person not a character and it shows your homophobia T believe for a second that they set it up to allow him to win because of his sexuality he one based on skill and ability he and Brooke dominated this final leg

      • Michelle Gilley says:

        If it wasn’t rigged, how did they find the final clue, when see added 4+4 and said 10, so second number is 0. I thought for sure they blew the lead.

      • Doreen says:

        I completely agree with your comment. TW should be ashamed. It just amazed me in this day and age there a still people like that. I feel sorry for them.

    • david says:

      Many, many great teams have fallen before the final over the history of the race, The winners of AR have by and large never been the truly best teams. Very few have really deserved the title if you want to weight them up over the course of the whole race. Your whole conspiracy set up for a gay character to win(who knew Scott was a fictional character!) is complete nonsense. We get it. You dont want someone gay to win. I am sure you wouldn’t have any on the show if you had your way.

    • Anne says:

      Ummmm gay people have won this show before.

    • Tee says:

      I’m pretty sure the first ever winners were gay and -OMG, married even!!!–Chip and Reichen. Gay people exist, and sometimes they’re winners. Get over it.

  34. Dan says:

    This team wasn’t as deserving to win since the Dentist’s Misti and Jim who won almost every leg lost to those two boring girls. Matt and Redmond deserved it.

  35. MIKe says:

    Worst season and winners ever. No wonder it probably won’t be back. Sad….

  36. Lois Lacroix says:

    Why oh why!! did anyone help Brooke in so many legs of the race, she should have been out and the TV viewers would have been spared the worst,most annoying person in the whole race. I would have stopped watching a long time ago if I had known the outcome👿

  37. Robert Maurer says:

    If Brooke had not been helped twice she would had been out long ago. They did not deserve to win.

  38. Joe Lueth says:

    Disappointed! I don’t think Brooke or Scott would have made it to the final three if they did not get the help the did from the other teams. I don’t want to call it sportsmanship but they did what they had to do to win but that doesn’t make them the “winners” in my opinion. I guess they get the prize this time, but I hope in real life their personalities are not what we saw on the show.

  39. Cheryl says:

    The least likable team won. They wouldn’t have even been in contention without other team members helping pathetic Brook in the beginning.

  40. Bernadenette Peters says:

    I am not going to watch the finale after reading the results. The least likely and likeable couple won. Yes, life is unfair, but congratulations to the 2nd and 3rd place finishers who were awesome. The first place finishers not so good!

  41. Casey says:

    Brooke was the worst winner since Flo was dragged through the race in season 3. Not sure who deserved the win less. But both women were lucky they had great partners because they were awful people.

  42. Gilda says:

    We were all so upset to see the whiniest, baby-like team win. Brooke is so undeserving because of her infantile attitude towards everything. Glad this particular race is done. She wins the most annoying person EVER on the Amazing Race award.

  43. Linda M. Paige says:

    I did not want Brooke and her partner, Scott, to win because I did not think she was a good contestant. All she did was complain the whole season! I did think Scott was nicer than her. I don’t know how he put up with her negativity. I also want to mention how impressed I was with the Fun couple.

  44. Cort says:

    The guy wasn’t so bad. But Brooke was annoying. At least the way she was portrayed, it appeared she wanted to skate by with the “Oh poor me. I’m just a helpless pretty girl. Boo hoo.” Then she’d start cussing at her partner, who was attempting to be helpful.

    I’m disappointed I watched this season.

  45. Daniel says:

    Time out on Brooke being the worst ever winner. Does no one remember Flo from season 5 or 6? She was the worst an anchor from the word go. Brooke at least did some Road Blocks. She whined constantly and is one of the worst 5. But she is not the worst. Scott did his share of whining right along side of her

  46. JB says:

    Brooke was painful to watch! She’s a poor sport with a bad attitude. I usually fast forwarded every time she opened her mouth! If I had to hear her say “I CAN’T DO IT” one more time I would have choked! She ruined the whole season for me. Rude, demoralizing, complaining pain in the neck!

  47. Diane says:

    I did not watch the last show for fear Scott and Brooke would win I waited to the next day to read about who won before I went back to watch the recorded show which I ended up not even watching pathetic ending. Brooks half of the money should be kept from her and split between all the other teams

  48. Marcie says:

    I can’t believe that a team that whined and cried through every challenge, was helped by many and then back-stabbed them won the race. I had to turn it off – it was so unfair

  49. Kar says:

    worst people ever to win

  50. I turned it off when it became apparent who the winners would be. Can’t STAND her and I felt sorry for Scott.