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Emmys 2017: Outstanding Drama Series — Our 7 Dream Nominees!

It’s early June, and you know what that means: Dream Emmy Nominee season has arrived!

TVLine’s annual advocacy period kicks off, as per usual, with the Outstanding Drama Series category, which is primed for a shakeup in light of the fact that two stalwart contenders — Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey — are ineligible this go-’round. The former, which took home the top prize the past two years, saw its penultimate seventh season delayed, while the latter concluded its run in 2016.

After a fiery debate that may’ve included some terse email exchanges and a slamming door or two, we’ve chosen a trio of high-profile newcomers to join four still-at-the-top-of-their-games Dream Emmy veterans. (FYI: Official nominations will be announced on July 13.)

Check out the gallery embedded to the right — or click here for direct access — then tell us if our picks warrant a “Hell, yes!,” “Ewww, no!” or “How could you leave off so-and-so?!”

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Joey Padron says:

    I’m sure Better Call Saul will get nominated again for the great season they’re having so far. I hope Bates Motel, Handmaid’s Tail, and This Is Us gets a nomination for this category.

    • The Beach says:

      I agree. Where was Bates Motel in this line-up? The final season was the best of a very strong show. It definitely deserves a nod.

  2. Shergion says:

    I would like to see Better Call Saul, This Is Us, Westworld, Orange Is The New Black (as you suggested) with The Crown, Black Mirror and Stranger Things.

    Yes, Netflix is going big.

  3. Under the Eye, guys!

  4. Kevin Tran says:

    This Is Us and Westworld should get nominated. How come Stranger Things isn’t on the list?

  5. T. says:

    The Crown

  6. Judy Ann Smith Dunleavy says:

    Not all of us can afford HBO or other costly channels. I get over 100 channels but can not afford the more costly ones.

  7. Rooting for The Leftovers to get some love this year!

    • I know right! The first 2 seasons were completely ignored and if they snub this one, I’ll be very upset to see this show just fizzle from everybody’s memory without acknowledgement. I mean, I know winning an emmy doesn’t determine the quality of a show and I know this series will be forever in my heart regardless, but it would be nice for the Emmys to at least say, “we know The Leftovers” existed.

    • anna says:

      Me too!

  8. Debra Willey says:

    no Orphan Black? the best show to come out in YEARS……

  9. fernando933 says:

    This is Us should win this year

  10. MrScreenAddict says:

    If The Leftovers ends its stellar three-season run without a single Emmy nomination to its name, it will be the single most egregious mistake in the awards ceremony’s history. (Even The Wire, one of the most notoriously snubbed series of all time, at least got a couple nominations for its writing.)

  11. dan says:

    Glad you included OITNB. Season four was excellent and deserves to be recognized. I agree that Stranger Things should also be in this category, unless it is considered a limited series because it only had eight episodes. Hopefully This Is Us will also get a nomination.

  12. Karyn Kyle says:

    What about shows from netflix? The OA & “Stranger Things” in particular??? I would give it to the “OA” for unique ingenuity, stellar cast and fantastic writing.

  13. Shaun says:

    This is Us and Handmaids tale are overrated.Westworld needs to be in there and Fargo probably.Also 13 reasons why was quite the show,unless that is Limited Series or whatever.

    • Hannah says:

      Fargo is classified as a Limited Series/Mini-series, so wrong category. 13 Reasons Why was definitely not quality enough for an Emmy nod. But both This Is Us and Handmaid’s Tale were phenomenal pieces of dramatic work that were adored by critics, so yeah, they’ll likely pick up nods.

  14. Lyndy says:

    With GOT of of the race this time around…I’m not really invested in this categ.

  15. George H. says:

    The acting in Better Call Saul this season has been remarkable, especially Michael McKean and Bob Odenkirk. There have been a few intense, “holy cow, did that just happen?” moments. Better Call Saul definitely needs at least nominations in the appropriate categories.

  16. arlene says:

    Underground, This Is Us, Bates, Handmaid’s, Westworld.

  17. Ally Oop says:

    I’m glad to see shows like This is Us and Handmaid’s Tale make the list. However there’s a pair of shows that I would like to add. The first is Call the Midwife, which, in these past two seasons in particular, dealt with some pretty serious issues but blended it with enough heartwarming moments to make the show still enjoyable to watch. No other show on TV makes me cry so hard or smile so brightly. The second show is Queen Sugar, a show that seems to be so under-the-radar but so good it deserves more attention.

  18. ABG says:

    Orange is the New Black
    This Is Us
    The Crown
    Better Call Saul
    The Americans

    (Westworld would be my pick to win, but OITNB and The Crown also deserve it. The Americans would have been my pick with a season like the previous one… the fifth one not so much…)

  19. Ricardo says:

    So I’m a huge fan of The Handmaid’s Tale but isn’t it really a Limited Series or what are the rules for that?

  20. arlene says:

    Game of Thrones

  21. herman1959 says:

    This Is Us. The Crown should win for Best Actress because Claire Foy wasEVERTHING in it.

  22. arlene says:

    Code Black, great under-rated show

  23. LMF says:

    need to have emmys for regular tv and one for online ( hula, netfilx etc( as not everyone has the luxury of subscribing to all the cable or on line or whatever its called.

    • KLS says:

      There was a time when cable shows (they had separate awards) or even ones outsde the big four networks weren’t even nominated. When Emmy people let them in, they overwhelmed the regularly bradcasted shows, forcing them to get better if they wanted to compete. Havng streaming services part of the mix now, does give us plenty of high quality shows out there, but to some (either for financial reasons or logistically not having the bandwith to see them) the choices for quality TV on regular cable are getting limited. Those awards would seem empty now, like they did then.

  24. Cate says:

    Handmaid’s Tale, The Leftovers, This is Us, The Crown, OITNB

  25. Jaysos says:

    Wait.. TV critics that incl This is Us!? You should know better.

    However, looking at the last 2 worthless Emmy year aka after the rule chances, those crowd pleaser are a safe bet.

    • Jamie says:

      Hmm critics have been showing a lot of love for This Is Us – calling it a “crowd pleaser” is a bit simplistic.

  26. webly3 says:

    The Leftovers
    The Americans
    Better Call Saul
    Halt and Catch Fire
    The Handmaid’s Tale

    This one had all of my top picks! The Leftovers, The Americans, OITNB, and Better Call Saul are absolute musts for this category. I wouldn’t nominate This Is Us or Westworld despite being a big fan of both of those shows. I’d go for Rectify’s great final season. Also Halt and Catch Fire’s third season. I think I’d then nominate The Handmaid’s Tale but I can’t fully commit without seeing the finale. It hasn’t reached the level of The Leftovers and Better Call Saul where I know that I’ll be pleased.

  27. N says:

    The Leftovers

  28. MMD says:

    My picks
    The Crown
    13 Reasons Why
    Better Call Saul
    This is Us
    Call the Midwife/Broadchurch/Line of Duty

  29. Jt says:

    I would love to see Sense8 get a nomination. Such a beautiful show. Still can’t believe it just got cancelled.

  30. Chris says:

    The Crown, Stranger Things, The Handmaids Tale, The Leftovers, American Gods, This Is Us, Orange Is The New Black

  31. Jec says:

    The Leftovers! The leftovers! The leftovers!! Not only does this brilliant masterpiece need to get nominated. It needs to WIN. Along with the actors!!!

  32. RichieS says:

    Bloodline… Kyle Chandler rocks it.

  33. KayCeeCee says:

    This is Us #thatisall

  34. Emely Arias says:

    When are we going to stop pretending This Is Us is a good show?

  35. Laura Markl says:

    No show I watch is ever nominated. I will not be watching. Most of the shows nominated anymore is not worth watching.