Lucifer Season 2 Finale

Lucifer Recap: A Whole New World — Grade the Season 2 Finale

The pieces finally came together, literally, as Season 2 of Fox’s Lucifer came to a close on Monday night. But with conflicting family agendas at hand, what ultimate use was made of the Flaming Sword?

In fact, assembling the Flaming Sword, even with the key now found, was easier said that done, seeing as Amenadiel needed some time “to process” his demarcation as the Favorite Son. As he saw it, it was his job to protect the key and not let it play a role in unconscionable uses of the sword — such as to, say, destroy God, as Mom aims to do after slicing open the gates of Heaven.

While Amenadiel attempts to work through his internal conflict via Dan’s improv class, Charlotte has other issues to deal with — namely, the fact that she accidentally charbroiled Chet after he stabbed her in the stomach, allowing her amassing power to burst out. Charlotte employs a “cleaner” to dispose of the body, but Chloe of course catches the case once the curious corpse is found. Lucifer does his best to impede any investigation of clues that might point to his “stepmother,” but his behavior actually leads Chloe to wonder if he’s protecting his “stepmother.”

Charlotte meanwhile has turned to Dr. Linda to “patch her up” after the stabbing, having done a temp job with a stapler. Linda can only improve upon that surgery with good ol’ duct tape. Linda however does more harm than good when blurting out her immediate assumption that Lucifer was the attacker. Charlotte doesnt let go of that strange comment, and later tortures the truth out of the shrink — that Lucifer plans to double-cross her once the gates of Heaven are open.

Knowing that her body, teeming as it is with explosive power, poses a threat to humanity, Charlotte leverages Lucifer to meet her at the Santa Monica Pier, where she is in the company of Chloe, with the Flaming Sword. Meanwhile, Maze finds the brutally tortured Dr. Linda in her office, and enlists Amenadiel for help. After surmising they don’t have enough time to get Linda to the hospital, and seeing distraught Maze’s desperation, Amenadiel — who apparently got some of his mojo back, as the Favorite Son — summons the power to slow down time, affording them the chance to transport Linda.

At the pier in that same moment, Chet’s vengeful brother had shown up to fire a bullet at Charlotte and Chloe. Lucifer notices the slowed-down time and pulls Mum down to the beach, where he fires up the sword and argues there must be a way to avert the inevitable war/casualties caused by any family reunion in Heaven. So he uses the sword to create a “tear” in the universe, inviting Mum to “move forward” and create a world of her own — “Let there be light” and all that. Mum complies, and her essence is sucked into the portal, leaving a dazed Charlotte Richards behind. Later, Lucifer arrives at the hospital to apologize to a recuperating Dr. Linda for what she has been through, but she very magnanimously acknowledges that she knew what she was getting into with such a dysfunctional family!

In the wake of this latest crisis, during which he again found himself withholding the whole truth from Chloe, who has made clear she accepts him, flaws and all, Lucifer phones the detective to say that he is on his way over to tell her everything, to finally open her eyes to why stranger things happen around him, why he is so “magnetic.” Alas, no sooner does he leave that message than he is knocked out by an unseen assailant. And when he comes to, he is in a barren, sun-roasted desert — shirtless and blistered, but again sporting the angel wings he long ago had Maze chop off.

What did you think of the finale, and what do you make of the final scene?


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  1. Jimmy says:

    This was a really good episode, the best of the season. Although, if this really is the last we’ve seen of “Mum” I’m going to be disappointed.

  2. A. D. says:

    Please tell me Tricia Helfer is back next season?

    • Horus says:

      Do you actually watch her acting throughout the season? She has a scene with like 6 lines and needs to look at the cue card for everyone of them. Just watch her eyes constantly jumping to the cue cards: cards to face, cards to face. She had incredibly lazy acting in the whole season.

      • Billy Bob Johnson says:

        They don’t use cue cards on shows like Lucifer. You either know your lines or you don’t.

      • PC Kosmas says:

        Cue cards? Lol… You obviously have never seen BSG. Tricia Helfer is an amazing actress. You are just spoiled from all the superficial actors nowadays that you don’t understand what good acting is.

      • Mer says:

        Are you kidding? She’s great in this. And the scene last week where Lucifer was “trying” to help her lie to Chloe was fantastic.

      • PatriciaLee says:

        Her character is reading the world, trying to figure things out as she goes along, not reading cue cards. Pretty cool you caught that subtext. I missed it. She did an amazing job, imho.

    • PC Kosmas says:

      She should be back next season on way or another. If they didn’t want her back, she wouldn’t have woken up after the portal incident. Shows don’t hesitate to kill off characters they are not interested in using any more.

    • hope suitor says:

      was starting to like her amd dan he was heartbroken just jo love triangles

    • I read an interview with the director and he said that she is back in Season 3 but as Charlotte. Maybe in the future ‘Mom’ will come back, but for now, we’ll have the lawyer Charlotte. That is going to be fun :D

    • Hope says:

      I hope so I liked her and Dan together, I hope the mom comes back as charlotte

  3. Patti Stamatakos says:

    Loved it !!! One of the best performances from everyone .. fantastic finale and season three can’t start soon enough !!!

    • Sheila says:

      Agreed. Bring on the next season. These last two episodes were especially fantastic! I am glad little Dr. Linda is going to live.

  4. Market girl says:

    Such a good episode. Liked the way they handled Mum. Loved loved the Chloe/ Lucifer scenes . However I am just a tad bit tired of Lucifer getting knocked around. He needs his mojo.

    • Horus says:

      With his wings back the sun shouldn’t even be hurting him; and unless Chloe was at the hospital a blow to the head shouldn’t knock him out. Too much plotforce in the episode for me.

      • Steven says:

        Unless the person responsible for knocking him out, dragging him to the desert and reattach ingredients his wings is a divine creature. They’ve already established countless times that divine beings can hurt each other.

      • A.F. says:

        Could also be one of his siblings aka other Angels or a demon, because we saw that both demons (Mazekeen) and angels (Uriel/Amanediel) could both hurt him, even if Chleo wasn’t present.

  5. Eddie says:

    The “No more going backwards” Thing got me thinking. Maybe when we see Lucifer with wings at the end that is a flashback to either his fall from grace or when he first left hell (Before Mazikeen removed his wings) That could explain the burns on his skin.

    • Shelby says:

      That does make a lot of sense but maybe God desided it was time for lucifer to stop going back and move forward and be an angel again. He came down or sent and angel or demon down to reattach his wings so that chloe and everyone else could see that lucifer has his mojo back and he is still the king of hell

    • acgonzales says:

      Being a flashback to him first arriving on Earth actually makes perfect sense.

      • Mark says:

        He arrived on the beach it was discussed in the first season when he burnt his wings.

        • Chris says:

          I don’t believe he burned his wings in “wingman”. I believe he burned the fake wings that were being auctioned. His wings are safe and sound.

          • PC Kosmas says:

            Absolutely. He never burned his real wings. And the black glove hitting him is most likely Maze. Especially after seeing that the first episode of the next season is Maze having a wrong identity and hiding (from the released title), all those make sense.

          • Glen says:

            but he did burn his real wings on the beach. maze kept a single feather and later used it to heal amenadiel. couldn’t have done that if they were fake

    • Andy says:

      They have said that one of the four episodes that were originally ordered for this season but were moved to next season is a standalone about Lucifer and Maze’s first day on Earth, so maybe. But I do think it acts weirdly as a cliffhanger if it does turn out to be a flashback.

      • DBF says:

        But it was never meant to be a cliffhanger, there were meant to be four more episodes. So this episode was probably originally meant to be a lead into that flashback episode, nothing more, but Fox made a stupid decision thus forcing this to be a cliffhanger.

        And if they are pushing those four episodes to next season does that mean they will make four fewer new ones but still come up with their full season order?

        • Mike Harper says:

          It has already been confirmed that season 2 was originally conceived to only be an 18 episode season and that they decided to add those 4 new episodes they made to be a part of season 3 as they touch on some of the major plot points for that season. And yes they confirmed that they are being added on top of the 22 episodes for season 3 for a whooping 26 episodes so hopefully this means there will not be 3-4 two to three week breaks on top of the mid season finale. I swear I am tired of shows doing this as code black and lethal weapon did the same thing.

          • Billy Bob Johnson says:

            The broadcast networks keep trying to stretch show from September to May with fewer and fewer episodes per season. They really need to give up that model or risk losing even more viewers to streaming media.

    • Chris says:

      But in the Wingman episode, Lucifer tells Amenadiel that the beach they are standing on is where he landed post Hell. Not Death Valley.

  6. Lupe says:

    Best show ever!!!!!!! Phrase come back soon!!!!!! I hate these breaks, LOL!!!!

  7. Iris says:

    I can’t say how much love this show. Fabulous finale. I’m going to miss all those characters, once more. I can’t wait for S3.

  8. Brad Jordan says:

    One of the best yet, can’t wait to see how this turns out. Great show !!!

  9. Alichat says:

    I really enjoyed this ep. Tom Ellis’ performance when Lucifer is threatening his mother with the sword was excellent. I was surprised to see not only Charlotte’s body remain, but also that she was alive after that ordeal. Wonder how she felt waking with staples in her belly.

    • DBF says:

      I thought the mother took over bodies of the deceased so how can the original person still be alive?

      • drb says:

        Maybe because she was possessing her body for so long it brought it back to life.

        • Alichat says:

          Maybe, but I thought the same as DBF. Real Charlotte was dead which is how Lucifer’s mother was able to possess her body. I expected there to be a dead body on the beach when she went through the tear in the universe.

          • Michelle says:

            Mum healed Charlotte’s body after she’d already died – it was mentioned in episode 202 she could only heal each body once. So when Charlotte woke up she either came back still with the stab wound in her stomach – would explain why she was ambulanced away – or Mum healed her once she was out, but before she went into the rift? She seemed to remember something about when she was murdered, because she touched the back of her neck. Maybe we’ll find out next season, because Charlotte will be back. Though as Charlotte, not mum. :)

      • joe says:

        GOD works in mysterious ways .

  10. James D says:

    first, this is one of the best shows on TV and I’m super happy it is coming back next season. Second, great finale but what the hell happened to Lucifer (a pun that actually works in this case lol) why is he in death valley with his wings back. Argh! I hate having to wait three months to see how things play out. Awesome season. I wonder if they are going to delve into the comics a little more next season and it would be freaking cool if they could get Matt Ryan to play Constantine for an episode or two. I’m pretty sure they had dealings in the comics.

  11. gandalf_007 says:

    if it was a flashback of him after having been cast out, why is he wearing his slacks? i don´t think angels wear designer clothes in heaven:-))

    • DBF says:

      Nothing to do with him being cast out (that refers to him being cast into hell) and everything to do with him and Maze coming to earth from hell.

      • Hmmm says:

        No they arrived on the beach not the desert, it’s seem more likely it was Maze did it to him as punishment for what happened to Linda

  12. Anna D says:

    I was surprised as well about Charlotte. I was half expecting Lucifer to push her through the portal. We did see Lucifer burn his wings, I thought it would be awhile yet before he got them back if at all. This show always surprised me. You think it will go one way but it is not so predictable. Can’t wait for S3. I also wish there were more episodes per season.

  13. Tyson says:

    ok this was an awesome espidode, season. It has to be someone with divinity that knocked him out. and we are talking a bout lucifer. just like his mother, her host coult not contain her being so she was explosive. same could be said for luci. His wings could be a simbol for his amaizing powers return and decaying his skin. who knows. can’t wait for season three.

  14. Pat says:

    Beta male supreme

  15. Chris says:

    Good show. Kinda a bummer about Mum. So after Lucifer told Chloe its his step mother and now Mum is gone to this new place, the old Charlotte Richards with NO memory of who Lucifer is, so how is the writer going to explain that not to mention the Charlotte Richards character admitted to killing the dude in her office and hiring someone to clean up the mess, so her character for all purposes should end up in some mental hospital for murder etc.. This was the lame part of the show that left a huge hole with Charlotte Richards returning next season.

    • PC Kosmas says:

      She never admitted to killing anyone. Go back and watch the episode again. She admitted that she was involved with the first murder and definitely not involved with the second. The second murder was done by the brother and then the police also mistakenly pinned the first murder on him. The story is perfectly logical even though it is kinda unrealistic. Just remember to put on your listening ears and thinking cap next time.

      • Laura says:

        Do you think it’s possible that Mum didn’t actually go into that portal?
        The only way to get family “off her back” so to speak, is to pretend she did – and she is just feigning to have no recollection? I was thinking that would be an interesting yet logical way to keep / bring back – the Charlotte character.

      • Alichat says:

        Yeah….she kinda did and didn’t admit it… you said, she did say she was involved in Chet’s death but not in the way Chloe thinks……and she didn’t deny it when Chloe netted it out ‘you killed Chet, hired a cleaner, then killed the cleaner’. But you’re right, it was worded so that they can just pin it on the brother. I found it odd that no one questioned how in the world she and Lucifer got from the pier to the beach in a split second. Not even a ‘how did that happen Lucifer?’ And the sudden amnesia…..with Chloe not trusting her, I’d expect a comment about how she’s faking. But that would probably put the ep over time and ruin the flow.

    • r1morris says:

      No. Chloe decided it was the brother on the pier that killed,and, roasted the brother Charlotte killed. I think Charlotte will be back (yay!!!) since she woke up. Of course she won’t remember anything because the fall gave her amnesia. Perfect way to explain her loss of memory.

  16. Joey Padron says:

    Season finale was really good & emotional. Glad Lucifer send his mom somewhere where she wouldn’t cause anymore trouble. Glad Amandiel use his power to stop time for Maze to get Linda to the hospital. Good Linda is gonna be ok. Not good about the ending! I guess someone doesn’t want Lucifer to tell Chloe his big secret. Can’t wait to see what happens in season 3 this fall!

  17. jack says:

    My god what a great finale. Great use of all characters in this episode. Now the worst thing is to wait for next three months for new season. Hell begin

  18. Michael Summerset says:

    It was odd that they brought (the goddess-less) Tricia back to life after she had initially been dead and her body had just recently been stabbed. The goddess could have healed her after leaving her body but what about her soul?

  19. Chloe says:

    I think this sets the series up for a really great storyline not season. Lucifer telling Chloe that he is the Devil will open new story lines of “to believe in the devil you have to believe that there’s a God (regardless of religion)” right now they have it where Chloe doesn’t really believe. So even if Lucifer were to show himself, would she “see” him? Excited for next season!

  20. Susan says:

    Awesome episode and season!! I can’t wait until season 3. Hate having to wait until September!

  21. Deborah says:

    I was a little worried at first. But I found the humor was very entertaining. I like the portail of trust issues and the unconditional exceptance of another person. That there can be good in all things.

  22. Curt says:

    Anyone know the name of the next to the last song, (sang by a guy), in this ep? Thanks.

  23. Qc, CDN says:

    I am sad that once again – Chloé will have to find him. These 2 are the best of the tangos (chemistry) that’s ever been produced better than Mulder & Scully or Scarecrow & Mrs King! Get them together!

  24. michaelA says:

    As much as I like this show why do I feel like I’ve only watched 3 episodes before this finale? I think the way these mid-season breaks which seemingly lasts for months, is too distracting and in some regards causes a lower audience. They need to stop doing that. .

  25. can’t wait for next season starting.

  26. John J Moran says:

    So Satan could have slain his mother and father and became god himself but he opted to spare them both and remain on Earth with his friends. …..that doesn’t sound like the origin of all evil to me

  27. Hope says:

    Eye Candy all the women are pretty: Chloe, ella, linda, charlotte. But Lauren to me is the prettiest

    • r1morris says:

      Lauren is crazy hot, but, Tricia (Charlotte) is right there, in different ways. An earlier comment chastised someone saying they thought Charlotte was the prettiest. They said, are you 50 years old, or, something? If a guy doesn’t think Charlotte (Tricia) is smokin hot, no matter how old they are, well, they need to turn in their man card. But, the truth is ALL the women on this show, although, in different ways, are incredibly good looking.

      • Hope says:

        That is true. And tricia is not that old. I like lauren but all of them are pretty I am jeoulous of lauren she gets to kiss Tom, Tom and I share the same birthday month same year and two days apart

    • Sheila says:

      Maze, as well. She is gorgeous.

  28. Hope says:

    The hottest guy on this show is Tom Ellis (Lucifer) then Kevin (Dan) and then Amendiel

  29. Hope says:

    I thought the episode was really good yet really sad. I have to vent because of the ending. The good parts: I loved the Maize and trixie scenes, Lucifer and trixie scenes, of course Chloe and Lucifer scenes (favorite ship), the Charlotte and Dan scenes loved them together, the Linda and Lucifer scenes and I even liked the Amendiel and Dan scenes and Maize and Amendiel. Some people dont like the investigator work but I love it, and I love when Lucifer and Chloe work together on the cases. Amendiel made me laugh at some parts and some parts made me cry with Linda and Maize and Linda and Lucifer and chloe and Lucifer because he loves and cares about her and he worries about her. And even the scenes with Dan and Lucifer when he was looking for the piece and when Amendiel hugs Dan and he said he was strong and dan said the family was weird (Amendiel and Lucifer both hugged him) and when Maize heard everything and thought they were sleeping together. So yes there was some good scenes and some sad scenes. First I am glad that Linda is ok, and Maize showed so much emotion when she got hurt, her character has grown so much she cares about humans Trixie, chloe, Linda maybe Dan and of course Lucifer and Amendiel. Like her better this season same with Dan and charlotte. Amendiel saved Linda life was awesome would have been cooler if it was Lucifer, but loved when Lucifer went to see Linda and put her glasses on. Charlotte powers were sure strong, but I liked her and Dan together but I think that he was bummed when she did not recognize him and she has amnesia and does not anyone. So where is mom???? I know she was a bitch at times I kind of liked her and dan and not chloe and dan only lucifer and chloe. Loved when Lucier was worried about Chloe and did not want her to get hurt and he said her name Chloe have been waiting for that, wished he said that when he left the message. Charlotte was strong and she even pushed her sons and I think Amenadiel was cocky Lucifer is my favorite and always have been. Loved when chloe said that she understands him and accepts him going back to the episode after he killed his brother. I dont care what the haters say she understands him and just wants him to open up and it is hard for him, wished he would have told her on the beach but he did not. The part with Charlotte and Lucifer was sad. The kiss with Charlotte and Dan was good- He looks like a good kisser. (Rememeber him from True Blood) And chloe was worried about him to and knew something was wrong. When Charlotte said her kids were smaller did Dan not notice that or chloe. I was glad that Ella was part of the show. Going to las vegas this summer so recognize the names. I thought they were going to tie in to close a case and I thought Candy was in the finale maybe that is in the extra episodes I for sure thought I saw Licifer or ella. As long as Candy does not interefere with Chloe and Lucifer but she knows how he feels and I heard that Lauren Holly will guest star next season and its tied in the Las vegas. Now finally the ending Lucifer was going to tell Chloe everything WTF (thats why he should have told her earlier) I had a feeling something was going to happen. At least he left her a voice message vs last time there was message but this time was different he was knocked out I just hope that Chloe does not think Lucifer that he abondaned her and that she gets the message, and there is no new love interest that would make me mad. I dont want no love triangles with Dan or anyone else if Dan does not go with charlotte then I would like Ella. Now Lucifer gets knocked out by someone and I am trying to think who: Dan, Maize, Amendiel, maybe another sister or brother the one that is supposed to be killed, or a new villian the killer in this episode he was caught. I know its not Chloe or Ella and I hope its not Maize or Amendiel could it be his mother, father I am so confused. I thought the ending would be for Chloe to know the truth I dont know what is worse chloe knowing the truth and shocked or what happpened last night I think I will go with the one that happened last niight. Now Chloe does not know where lucifer is at and she will think he betrayed her I hope she listens to the message or find out the answers. I do want her to know the truth I guess next season. That image of lucifer with the wings was beautiful and I love Tom Ellis and he is my secret crush because we share the same birthday month, year and two days apart but him shirtless gorgeous but what happened with his chest and his lips were chapped he was confused, that body yum he is gorgeous. The wings were beautiful and amendiel wings are ugly (sorry). Is this real is he a angel he is the devil ( and I like the devil and his sexiness) will he still have the face. And I think that Charlotte was getting to get her own universe so maybe that is where Lucifer is at. Then I am hoping that its a flashback maybe going back to before they came to Los Angeles but that was explaining how he got knocked out unless he is dreaming. He better not have aneshia that is the worst thing I could see that happening to charlotte. And what is everyone going to think when Lucifer is gone??? One thing I am tired of is Lucifer getting blamed for what happened to Linda its not his fault then it should be Amendiel fault just because he saved her does not make him a saint. I just feel for Lucifer and I want him to be happy and why he is always sacrificing himsself. I know Deckerstar is endgame and slowburn but this is killing me. And Tom Ellis said they are the love story of the show. This hiatus is going to kill me I love this show and i am addicted. This was a emotional season finale and shocked me at the end this should have gotten high ratings as long as they dont air it early in canada. My mom watches this show she is a little behind so I will watch it again and I have Hulu so watch back episodes. Have season 1 on dvd waiting for season 2 so I can watch it when I go on vacation. Dont want this year to rush but want Lucifer back and tom ellis and my deckerstar. Who is going to protect Chloe and how will they find each other more angst. Just dont let chloe find another love interest only lucifer no love triangles, and no amnesia storylines, would love backstory on the characters and just awaiting to see what is going to happen to the characters and where is God and is mom dead. And that was not hell that lucifer was at heaven?? Was he kidnapped? Would have been interesting if Chloe was kidnapped with him— at least they could be together and she would see his wings. I just dont see him keeping the wings just thinking it has to be a flashback he is the devil. Would love to see how Lucifer became the devil and all the backstory and there is going to be a musical episode. Down the road would love for Lucifer and Chloe to admit their feelings, another kiss, sex, marriage and kids but they are endgame. Hate to wait but excited to see when they come back. Have to stop venting!!!

    • r1morris says:

      Could you repeat that? Hahaha.

    • Tony says:

      “Down the road would love for Lucifer and Chloe to admit their feelings, another kiss, sex, marriage and kids but they are endgame.”

      Wait, isn’t Chloe actually Lucifer’s niece? She is the product of Amenediel bumping uglies with Chloe’s mother! That’s just messed up if you think she should get naked with her uncle.

  30. Hope says:

    So charlotte only killed Chet and that other killed the rest

  31. Hope says:

    Please help me with the questions?????

  32. Hope says:

    Want Lucifer and trixie to have more scenes, her cooking him cooking her breakfast, taking her out or laying beside him,. And dan and lucifer to have more scenes

  33. Hope says:

    Loved the relationship with all the characters…I think Dan likes Lucifer better than season 1 just when I was starting to like Charlotte

  34. Hope says:

    And they are right the producers it made me want to throw stuff at the screen ( I didn’t) But made me mad wanted a kiss, chloe to learn the truth but not all this angst

  35. Hope says:

    Need my tv. All the actors are so gifted and tom ellis scenes are emotional. Amazing

  36. Hope says:

    Even if someone got kidnapped that was close to Lucifer even chloe I could handle that would not be happy but could handle. But this ending a stake in the heart

  37. Marshall says:

    Sorry anyone who doesn’t see Maze as the eye candy is nuts.

  38. Bradley Appleby says:

    That seen is not a flashback, because when he’s in the parking-lot talking to Chloe’s answering machine he gets whacked in the back of the head from someone with black gloves on. Then it shows a seen where he’s waking up he touches the back of his head remembering something happened and then smiles incredulously up at the sky when he realized he had his wings. It was not a flashback of when he first got to earth, because he came out of the ocean not the desert.
    Also it somewhat resembles the storyline from the comicbook too, which I’m happy about. I hate when they go away from the source material, especially when it’s comicbook adaptations. next season is going to be so freaking good!

  39. hope suitor says:

    not that I wanted anything to happen to chloe because I am a chloe and lucifer plan but what if u riel came back and kidnapped her and lucifer had to race to save her. but what if that was a dream when lucifer had his wings and chloe found him and took care of him. if she had to undress him because he was bruised. I am dreaming. I am thinking maize knocked him out because she was st the hospital I hope it’s not. lucifer is not to blame what happened to linda I am tired with him getting blamed for every thing charlotte lost contol of her powers she wold be to blamed

  40. hope suitor says:

    I meant of uriEl kidnapped her so lucifer would come but this ending I did not see coming this is slowburn for my couple lucifer aND chloe or day they will get together and it will be wondul admit there feelings another kiss marriage down the road sex and kids. endgame and tom ellis said they were the love story of the show I am done ranting

  41. hope suitor says:

    that cliffhanger broke me so sad just when he was going to tell her I thought that was going to be the cliffhanger maybe next seas in I am patient slowburn. a lot of goof parts Trixie amd lucifer love them and sad parts that made me cry. Cant wait for next season

  42. hope suitor says:

    chloe is right no more backwards only forward

    • M Donovan says:

      I thought Lucifer was the one who said “no more backwards only forward” I missed Chloe saying that. Also Uriel was wiped out of existence with the blade he is nothing anymore so he can’t be involved in anything

  43. hope suitor says:

    lucifer and chloe are the lI’ve story of this show and I will be patient. Tom ellis has a nice body. wished there was a alternate ending this ending pains me. chloe said move forward and she was right and that is what lucifer was trYong to do. whoever did this to lucifer I am pissed. hoW is lucifer going to get back to chloe and please say chloe listened to the voice mail love this show can’t wait for the return I am done

  44. tee says:

    I wish there will another season

  45. hope suitor says:

    no lobe triangles wanted charlotte with Dan he was broken now ella just not chloe only chloe and lucifer I got to stop

  46. hope suitor says:

    lucifer looks like he is at a desert his skin is peeling he looks pale and confused just don’t him for get anything. he was listening to chloe and trying to move forward and not behind. is he dreaming or flashback which I hope it is just not real. If this is real how will he her back and lwt her get the message and my lucifee tell her the truth and not someone else maybe she will start investigating once she hears the voice mail and he should have called her chloe when he called her. I just don’t want her to this l that he betrayed her cause then there will be more amgst. maybe next season she will find out. It’s slowburn and they aRe endgame and tom dud day they were the love story of the show and can’t be rushed I agree but his is kilong me just no love triangles and no new love interest. Liked dan and charlotte make ella and dan. is mom still alive

  47. Matthew says:

    What has the next season got in store for me!!!! this one was good keep the good work guys

  48. See, I don’t get what the ending meant. I loved the episode but… A cliffhanger I’ll take but something I have no frame of reference for? Didn’t like it. I’m starting to have a BIG problem with shows that do something wild and ret-con it in the next episode. There’s so many things that ending COULD have been but the main question was was it real or not…or was he in the new world? Too many questions… It reminded me of evil dead’s finale. That was tosh. You should have to scour the internet looking for what something you just watched meant lol That’s dumb. The other option is wait until they have to explain why cuz too many people are clueless . Then it becomes ‘well why didn’t you just explain THAT a little more?’

    I’m not sure if I was happy with any of the finale’s I’ve seen this year. Flash was weak, Supergirl was weak (with one GREAT moment), Evil dead stank, Last Man on Earth was junk, Once Upon a Time was crap…

    All my shows are finishing up… The only one I’m not waitin on is Black Jesus. Without Vic…I dunno if I can watch that.

    This is why I still watch Barney Miller, Three’s Co., WKRP, Welcome Back Kotter, Diff’rent Strokes, Good Times, Family Ties, Facts of Life, Sanford and Son, All in the Family, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and the Jeffersons.

    1500 channels and never nuthin’ good on lol

  49. …let’s be honest here people, Trixie is the best part of the show. The cutest kid actor ever. That lisp is hilarious…she’s gold. Steals EVERY moment she’s in.

  50. Hope says:

    Grade A- I loved the episode, I love this show its my addiction, love the Tom Ellis and Lauren German and the whole cast. I am a Deckerstar fan and love them. There were some funny parts Lucifer and trixie. maize and Maize and Trixie, Dan and Amendahl. And some Charlotte parts with the duct tape. Some sad parts Linda getting hurt and her scenes with Lucifer and Lucifer (he cares for her) and maize and amendiel saves her, when Charlotte went and she wa holding Lucifer face so sweet (he does love her), when Charlotte forgot Lucifer and Dan (I liked her Dan together. Love all the Chloe and Lucifer scenes. The last part for me was a shocker not that I am complaining Tom Ellis looked hot with no shirt on. Lucifer was finally going forward and I though that was going to be the cliffhanger and then he got knocked on the head. I was thinking about this and he was at the hospital and the only other person was Linda (and it was not her that leaves Maize. Lucifer is not to blame for what his mother did her powers was to powerful. Unless it was someone that we have not seen before sister, uriel, father somebody that did not want the truth to come out, Lucifer wanted to move forward and not backward taking Chloe fault I guess that would be next season. Love that Lucifer cares for Chloe and he worries about her and says her name and he left a message hopefully she gets it and does not think he abandoned her (he did not), Like tom said they are the love story of the show and they are endgame and slow burn.
    I was thinking this looks like he is in a desert, looks like he is kidnapped what happened to his shirt (not that I am complaining) no shoes and his skin is burnt. How is he going to get back. I thought it was a flashback or he is knocked out and dreaming and when he wakes up he is at Chloe and she is taking care of him (one can wish) I don’t want it to be real. I kind of like him as the devil but the wings are pretty. I think next season he will tell her, hopefully so now he wont have the devil face and wont everyone be missing him, now if Chloe here’s the message she will investigate. And is the mom really gone??? Liked Dan and Charlotte together and he was heartbroken and that kiss was hot, just don’t want him with Chloe no love triangles maybe Ella. love some backstory including all the characters including Ella I saw a picture of Candy coming back I wonder if that is for the next season in Las Vegas but i thought i saw tom Ellis I am not sure confused. A good storyline would be if they were kidnapped together or if Uriiel kidnapped Chloe to get Lucifer attention I don’t know at least I know they would be together, Will have to wait to see. A long wait does it return in September. Excited to see!!!! I posted the last episode on facebook and my uncle said ” I hope you don’t worship him” He has no ideal what this show is about had to explain this is a show.”But I woreship tom Ellis”. He is fan of trump that is probably why (no offense). I need to stop venting,

    • M says:

      He can probably use his wings to get back home to LA.
      Also the desert is probably outside of Vegas. Maybe Chloe and the others go searching for Lucifer (after she hears his message) and that is how the characters wind up in Vegas next season?
      I hate having to wait until September!!