Shocking TV Deaths May 2017

May Sweeps In Memoriam: 40+ Deaths From Supernatural, Scandal, Arrow and More — Which Loss Hit You Hardest?

The Grim Reaper certainly made his presence known during May Sweeps 2017, as roughly four dozen characters across the five major broadcast networks met an untimely, often grisly end during the deadly four-week period (which concluded on Wednesday).

Supernatural kicked off the bloodbath on the first night of sweeps, April 27, with two losses. The CW series continued to take lives, culminating in a season finale that featured the demise of seven players, including longtime fan faves Castiel and Crowley (the latter of whom will definitely not return as a series regular). 

As sweeps wore on, the carnage extended to Scandal, NCIS: Los Angeles, Chicago Fire, Prison Break, The Flash and many more.

Which shows had the highest body counts? Arrow and The 100 amassed four deaths apiece, trailing top killer Supernatural at 10. (Fun fact: Arrow star Josh Segarra makes our list of big demises for the second year in a row; his Chicago P.D. character was offed last May.)

One more fun fact: 2017’s tally of 53 deaths falls slightly behind 2016’s 57.

Grab your tissues and review our gallery of May Sweeps’ biggest deaths above (click here for direct access), then drop a comment: Which loss hit you hardest?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Maddy says:

    The deaths that hurt the most were Crowley, Rowena and Eileen. I really wish that Crowley was going to be around next season and that someone else had been permanently killed off instead.

    • Rich says:

      Wow, could you sound more rude? O_o Crowley’s story was done. He got a fitting end, stuff was wrapped up for him, etc. The character you’re being snitty about is not done, has a lot of loose ends, and is incredibly important to the boys. And he’s going to be around until the end.

      Hallelujah for Jared not being able to keep a secret.

    • Joe says:

      Sorry, Rowena was killed off screen. I’ve watched enough SPN to know that unless you see them die of hell fire, you can’t be sure.

      As for cas’s death, when a angel is killed by angel blade, a lot of energy is released. I didn’t see his grace (usually light coming out of the eyes and mouth) when Lucifer stabbed him.

      But who knows?

  2. Jennifer says:

    In all honesty, none of the fatalities hit me really hard, except maybe Anna on Chicago Fire (Severide really needs a break). I’m more worried about the POSSIBLE fatalities, since 3 whole teams (Arrow, Chicago Fire and Criminal Minds) are involved … and let’s not forget McGee & Gibbs (although I really can’t see them leaving – this year at least. I THINK their contract goes through one more season).

    It’s going to be a long off season. TVLine peeps – any word on whose contracts are up / not negotiated???

    • Angela says:

      With “Criminal Minds”, Deadline announced earlier this week that most of the cast is set to return next season…except for possibly AJ Cook and Kirsten Vangsness, ’cause they’re asking for pay parity and may walk if they don’t get what they’re asking for.
      And we know JJ was one of the ones who was in danger at the end of the finale…but even if she leaves the show, I doubt they’d kill her off if for no other reason than since Cook’s actual kids play her kids on the show as well, I don’t think she’d want them to lose their mom on the show. Plus, I don’t think she was in the SUV that took the most direct hit.
      And Garcia wasn’t in either of the SUVs, obviously, but she had already threatened to quit in one of the final episodes last season over all the craziness with Reid and whatnot, so there’s a simple out for her if she doesn’t come back, too.
      I can’t speak for the other shows, though, so hopefully somebody will know something about hem to try and help put you at ease :).

      • Fabrizia says:

        If JJ goes so would her kids, I don’t see the problem.

        • Angela says:

          Yes, they would, but I still think she’d want a happy exit for her character and her character’s family in general if she leaves. And I imagine the show would want to keep the door open in case she ever decided to return, too.

        • LMF says:

          because JJ is one of the best characters. Kids aren’t in it much nor his her TV husband. Hope Kirsten V doesn’t leave, she is a good asset to the show. time will tell. CM has good cast. not fix whats not broke.

      • Jennifer says:

        Thanks. I hadn’t heard any of that!

  3. Gloria Seales says:

    You completely left off Rayna from Nashville! That was the death that had so many people devastated.

  4. Tom says:

    In order, Castiel, Supernatural, Elijah, the Originals, Jason, Designated Survivor. They need to find a way to bring Castiel back, He is the best part of the show.

    • MsG says:

      Castiel has been in only 100 episodes. Supernatural has aired over 260 episodes. The show is about 2 brothers and their relationship to each other and the world. Misha is a fan fave for sure, but he is definitely not the best part of the show. Jensen Ackles deserves all the awards. He is the best actor on TV.

      • Anne says:

        It might be about the two brothers, but you can bet if Misha ever left, the show would be seriously hurting. Fans would riot if they got rid of Cas.

        • MsG says:

          I love Misha and I like Cas. TPTB struggle to make him relevant. I loved him when he first came on the show as he was bada$$, but now he is not. As I said he has only been on 100 episodes {there is a reason for that} and I feel that I have not missed him at all when he wasn’t there. Except for Ladies Drink Free because it would have made sense to the story for him to be there for Clare. The show would definitely survive without him, even though it would make a lot of Misha/Cas fans sad and upset. I watch the show for the journey of Dean and Sam and how they grow and their trials and tribulations. They are the heart and soul of the show and if you want to talk about acting, just watch S12 Ep 22 where both Jared and Jensen kicked it in the a$$ and deserve all the acting awards. I’m not going to go back and forth over this. We already know Cas is coming back. But Supernatural started with Dean and Sam and will always be about Dean and Sam and that is reason that I watch. Their acting is superb and they are easy on the eyes.

          • Kepler says:

            I disagree, I like Cas much better now than I did in the beginning. In the beginning he wasn’t even really in touch with his emotions at all, so he was extremely hard to relate to. But since around season 8 he’s turned into someone who doesn’t try to hide what he feels, and allows himself to be vulnerable around his family. He’s *so* much more now than he used to be. (And comments about how many episodes he’s been in, uh, he wasn’t added until season 4, and missing for most of season 7 when they tried to kill him off and fans left in droves, so you can’t really compare him to others.)

    • Rich says:

      Cas is coming back, Tom! And totally agreed, he’s such an awesome part of the show and the relationship between Dean, Sam, and Cas is my favorite.

  5. Tom says:

    Only really Jason from Designated Survivor because that’s one of the few shows that had fatalities that I watch. Though I did initially like Aida on AoS, so….

    • Tom says:

      Though I’m sure if i watched, some of the Supernatural deaths would be counted as well, and the DCverse deaths, but I don’t so they don’t

    • herman1959 says:

      I can’t believe D.S. killed off Malik Yoba (Jason Atwood), but I guess it’s due to multiple show runners. When Maggie Q’s character broke down in his office, I got a lump in my throat. Am I allowed to hope that he’s not really in the grave?

  6. Lauren says:

    I don’t watch Scandal. So I guess I’m missing why the person deserved (?) it. But seriously, the protagonists coerced someone into committing suicide? That’s really gross guys.

    • Anne says:

      Lol that’s Scandal for ya. It’s a show about people with pretty much no moral compass anymore. They’re awful to each other. They do pretty terrible stuff. And it’s so addicting to watch.

    • fiberlicious says:

      Believe it or not, she deserved it.

  7. Lysh says:

    Hah wow, SPN had like, half of these. I haven’t watched the show in maybe two seasons, but caught the last half hour of the finale and was surprised about Crowley. I figure Cas will be okay(? it’s hard to take death seriously with some shows). I was bummed about HR Wells, but I saw it coming. I’m sad John Borrowman will no longer be in the Arrowverse, but Merlyn’s death had been a long time coming.

  8. Jason says:

    On the Originals, Elijah’s death is highly unlikely to be permanent, so I’m not mourning that one. On Arrow, you never actually see Malcolm get blown up, so that one remains a question mark. The two deaths that I hated to see the most, were Roan and Jasper on The 100.

  9. Shar says:

    Mr. Kaplan mainly because I don’t watch most of these shows + I feel like we were finally getting deep into her character. Luna definitely had the most peaceful/elegant death.

  10. TV Gord says:

    I choose to believe Mr. Kaplan isn’t dead on The Blacklist. We didn’t see her body pulled from he water, so that’s enough to give me hope that we’ll see her again.

    • Billy Bob Johnson says:

      Well, they’re certainly not going to leave the body in the water. Pulling her body from the water is a waste of precious story time. No one made any mention afterward that her body “disappeared”. She’s dead, Jim.

      • TV Gord says:

        You’re missing my point. If they want to bring her back, they can always say her body was never recovered. If they really wanted us to not to question whether she died, they would have shown her body being recovered or–at the very least–had someone on the team say her body was found. Until that happens, there’s always a chance.

        • MMD says:

          Exactly. Nobody is really dead until there is a dead body and it can be confirmed it is who they say it is. After all DNA and dental records can always be altered. After all, it’s tv kids! :)

        • fiberlicious says:

          She looked pretty dead, facedown in the water…

          • TV Gord says:

            She survived a bullet in the head without medical help. She has a lot of tricks up her sleeve…and probably nine lives! :-)

    • Anne says:

      Yup. She’s not dead

    • Michael Summerset says:

      It is possible that she substituted a body, after all, that sort of trickery is her specialty. But the way the show was going suggested that they were killing her off. Her secrets had been revealed.

  11. missnanse says:

    Elijah from the Orignals. Love Daniel Gilles and his character.

  12. nellibly says:

    Elijah on The Originals. No point in watching anymore.

  13. Savitar – Cause of Death: Shot dead by Iris, before then ceasing to exist

  14. Cas says:

    Loved Anna on CF. I suppose that was a death just so Severide could be with what’s her name next season who I don’t like at all.

  15. castiel82074 says:

    Watching Lucifer kill Cas simply crushed me and broke my heart😢 I absolutely LOVE Castiel! It makes me sick that I get given the Finger for loving Castiel (and Misha) I will always defend Cas & Misha…neither one of them is a douch that haters all tell me…and Misha isn’t a fake, phony, etc…and there is no way in Hell he pockets all his charity money…all you haters need to go find a real hobby! I love Castiel & Misha, get over it!

    • tvgeek says:

      Love what you love but there are many Cass fans who think that he’s entitled to be on the show. Or be in every episode. The show has been and always will be about Sam and Dean.

  16. patrickmaloney33 says:

    I was most pissed about Captain Boomerang’s death! Like really you bring him back, just to kill him ofg??? Hopefully they have someone else don the Captain Boomerang name.

  17. Devastated by Elijah’s death! He is my favorite character on the Originals. I am really hoping that with his soul in the pendant that they can bring him back. I mean, THEY HAVE TO! Also another huge bummer was HR on the Flash. I really liked that version of Wells! Good riddance to the Black Fairy on Once and Aida on Shield! And it would be surprising if Malcolm’s death sticks on Arrow.

  18. Nan says:

    Why they felt the need to kill off Sam’s wife Michelle who was in an episode once in a while pissed me off…unnecessary to advancing any storyline on NCIS:LA. NCIS we know Gibbs and McGee aren’t going anywhere…too bad some of newbies weren’t in that situation…we need to get rid of some of them…

  19. Sheldon Wiebe says:

    Mr. Kaplan, H.R., Crowley, Castiel and Malcolm Merlyn – in that order.

    • Liz says:

      Definitely agree about H.R. – although I must admit it’s not so much for him, but that they didn’t have the guts to kill off Iris. I was actually impressed for a while that they would go that deep. I shouldn’t have fallen for that, but I did.

  20. mike says:

    Mr Kaplan, interesting character, good actress

  21. TVFan says:

    I do not think that Merlyn is dead on Arrow. His sense of self-preservation is too good for that. We saw the explosion in the background of another scene, so the deaths were not on camera. We do not know who actually died, if anyone. I think he pulled Capt. Boomerang onto the landmine so that he could escape.

    • Wordsmith says:

      And let’s not forget, this is a guy whose League of Assassins nickname was “the Magician”

    • Azerty says:

      Totally agree. Malcolm is a cockroach, he will be back at some point just like he escaped death after season 1 finale. John Barrowman might not be part of the cast next year (so much for that fancy multi show contract he, Katie Cassidy and Wenthworth Miller got last year) , but I am sure he can be brought back in the future. A death off screen is not a death that sticks.

  22. Rick Katze says:

    Is Mr Kaplan actually dead? Ignoring deaths on SF venues where death is not final for a number of different reasons, one of my favorite lines is from “Under Siege 2” is where the hero has apparently been killed and the villain asks his henchman “Did you actually see the body?” We didn’t see the body.

    • Michael Summerset says:

      Actually a body is clearly visible. Check again. Whether it’s hers or a substitute is unclear, however considering there’s been so much of her backstory revealed this season then from a story point of view it would seem she’s dead. However, she could appear in flashbacks so it might not be the last we see of her.

      I also expect that next season will be the last with whatever backstory of Red we haven’t seen being revealed and that he will be killed off. And now that they introduced “the island,” Dembe will likely become it’s owner.

  23. Ilse says:

    Michelle Hanna, NCISLA. Poor Sam. I can’t believe she died.

    • MMD says:

      That one broke my heart because Sam was the only one that had a semi-normal life with family (that was alluded to) on the show. It will be interesting to see how it affects not only his character but his co-workers as well.

    • Jamey says:

      Agreed! So sad to watch!

  24. T says:

    Even when you see a body they sometimes find a way to explain it away. For example I wouldn’t bat an eye if next year they say Luna isn’t dead- Jake revived her and hid her somewhere or something to that effect.

  25. Lia says:

    I am SO glad that we already know Cas is coming back. I’m sad to see Crowley go, but he had a good end and his story was wrapped up. But my favorite dynamic on the show is between Sam, Dean, and Cas – can’t wait to see where this is going. #TeamFreeWill

  26. Mary T says:

    I really doubt that Malcolm Merlyn is dead, even if John Barrowman has said he won’t be in season 6 of Arrow, he is the Magician after all. He’ll probably be back again at some point.

    • Anne says:

      Yup. And like, we love The Barrowman so much we won’t even care what ridiculous excuse they come up with lol

  27. Bobbi says:

    Mr. Kaplan didn’t need to die. Red tried to make peace with her and join forces once again, which would have made the fans of Blacklist VERY happy. Too bad they chose to kill her off instead. Even if they bring her back, it won’t be the same. Too bad the writers had to kill someone off – they really shouldn’t have ended the season with Mr. Kaplan jumping off a bridge. The finale could have been better with NO ONE dying.

  28. Lisa says:

    Most sad about Michelle-NCIS:LA, Anna-Chicago Fire & Jason-Designated Survivor. Because seeing Sam, Severide & Hannah so heartbroken made me tear up a bit.

  29. Azerty says:

    None of the deaths here really had impact on me. Of the shows I watched if we take away the villains, there is only Malcolm Merlyn on Arrow and HR on Flash. Malcolm will be missed because of Barrowman’s talent and acting but basically all his actions involved protecting Thea, so it is a bit repetitive. And honestly I am sure he can be brought back to life if needed. And HR has little to no impact since we already know that Harry will replace him. I know it is not the same personality but in the end it is another Harrisson Wells.

  30. Crowley. They traded a character with long ties to the boys, and often the only humour in dark, dour episodes, for a lame “devil” whose story should have been over 5 seasons ago. You can say Crowley was evil, but he’s also been directly responsible for saving Dean & Sam’s lives many times, and is literally the only thing between them and a whole lot of demons who want them dead. Mark Sheppard is a fantastic actor and the show won’t be the same without him.

  31. Shannon says:

    I wasn’t expecting to be too upset about Jasper (The 100), since he’d gotten pretty annoying imo, but it was heartbreaking scene and it sucks for Monty. Luna I didn’t like, and Ilian wasn’t around long enough for me to be attached. But Roan’s death was very anticlimactic. Death by drowning isn’t a warrior’s death; his character should’ve had one. I also would have preferred it if Octavia had killed him rather than Luna. Would’ve been interesting to see their alliance against Luna succeed, and then have them be the last remaining and end the alliance.

  32. I’m devastated by Crowley’s death (Supernatural). I knew it was coming but I just can’t deal.

  33. arial2 says:

    The Blacklist’s “Mr Kaplan,” by far! The team will never be the same without her.

  34. Matt says:

    Toni on Supernatural, really. She was much less two dimensional than the other BMOL characters and having severed her ties with that organization there were some interesting ways she could have been utilized as a guest going forward. With all of the other deaths hers felt pointless and seemed to be more a case of SPN deciding that the BMOL storyline was a flop and wanting to wipe the slate clean.

  35. A.D. says:

    Crowley….so pissed he’s not returning!

  36. jj says:

    Oddly, I would say Chase on Arrow. He was a great villain.

  37. A says:

    Does Barry Allen count?

  38. clintbrew says:

    seeing how Malcolm and Harkness “died” off screen how do we know that they died if there not a body they are not actually dead also malcolm is nicknamed the magician

  39. Harmony says:

    I was completely surprised by Aida/Ophelia’s death. I did not expect that at all. And it did hit pretty hard because all season she was a character who kept me on my toes. I never knew what she was going to do next. And for a fleeting moment I hoped that she could be redeemed, given enough time. Mallory Jansen did a fantastic job.

  40. fiberlicious says:

    Luna’s “suicide” was bonechilling, Mr. Kaplan’s was heartbreaking, and Peus/chick accomplice were very satisfying.

  41. lame says:

    Come-on, Clark has night blood, making her able to withstand radiation burns. That final scene of her laying on the floor was ridiculous if you keep with the storyline..

  42. Angela A. says:

    Hands down Michelle. It will be great (and hopefully it is done right) to see the evolution of Sam as a single parent after seeing him as an agent for so long and learning that part of his life. No other character on this show has this experience. Maybe Gibbs and Vance will visit more to offer some type of guidance.

  43. Shara says:

    Mr. Kaplan :(

  44. ardenlord says:

    I am so sick of shows killing off characters. It used to be a novelty and mean something. Now more likely that not it just makes me rage quit the show.

  45. jeanna says:

    Losing HR on The Flash was the saddest. It was tough losing Mr. Kaplan on the Blacklist but kind of expected. Was very hard to see Roan die on the 100. I really liked his character. Sad to see Jasper go, too, but it was his time. I can’t accept that Malcolm Merlin is really dead on Arrow. I still feel like he may have found a way to get out of it. Can’t trust those off screen deaths! Most shocking and surprising was Tariq on Empire. Totally did not see that coming!

  46. lrdslvrhnd says:

    I’m not entirely convinced that Malcolm Merlyn is any deader than the team (and c’mon, we all know the rest of the team isn’t dead). Only slightly more convinced of Digger Harkness’. We never saw *any* of their bodies… or pieces thereof.
    My bet is that there was enough of a delay that Merlyn (and possibly Digger & the Henches) were able to get away, possibly with injury. And that Malcolm somehow wrangled up transpo for everyone else. Kind of surprised there wasn’t a slide for that crew, because even if you assume most/all of the team died, there’s still Talia, Nyssa, Slade, Black Siren, William’s mother, etc. And even if you include Nyssa, Slade, and William’s mother as part of the team who miraculously escaped… there’s still Talia and Black Siren, both of whom we last saw knocked out in the monastery.
    As for deaths that made me saddest… I’m gonna have to go with Crowley, since we now know that he won’t be back. There just weren’t any other major deaths on any show I watch, unless Malcolm’s sticks.

    • We know Black Siren is alive shes a regular for Season 6 lol

      • lrdslvrhnd says:

        Well, *I* didn’t know that. So thanks *g* Still betting Merlyn is alive, wouldn’t be surprised if Digger & Talia are alive. It’s Comics 101… if you don’t see the body, they’re not dead… and sometimes even if you *do* see the body, they’re not dead.

  47. For me it was Anna (Chicago Fire), HR (Flash) and Malcolm (Arrow) and of course Michelle (NCIS:LA)

  48. kirads09 says:

    For me personally:
    Mr. Kaplan – Blacklist – for sure.
    Also Jason on Designated Survivor – he and Wells made a great team, and I didn’t see a point to his death really.

  49. Diego says:

    Most likely god will bring back Castiel like he did all those other times

  50. Really!? says:

    Killing Michelle in NCIS LA was just dumb!