Last Ship Gets Season 4 Premiere Date

We will learn what became of Tom Chandler — and what new threats await the Nathan James — when The Last Ship launches Season 4 with a two-hour premiere on Sunday, Aug. 20 at 9/8c, TNT has announced.

In addition to Eric Dane, the returning cast includes Adam Baldwin, Travis Van Winkle, Marissa Neitling, Christina Elmore, Jocko Sims, Bren Foster, Bridget Regan, Charles Parnell and Kevin Michael Martin, as the heroes face “a new mission to save humanity as the world continues to struggle for survival” in the wake of the first seasons’ viral outbreak/warfare.

The Last Ship was renewed last year for two additional seasons, which have been filming back-to-back and will each run 10 episodes. Production on Season 5, to air in summer 2018, was recently paused while series lead Dane dealt with personal issues related to depression.

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  1. Wrstlgirl says:

    WhooHooo easily my favorite summer show but August??

  2. Kevin Tran says:

    Can’t wait until August 20th when the new season of The Last Ship begins and what does it mean for Tom Chandler after all the trouble he went through at the end of last season.

  3. Jimmy says:

    I’m excited!!! I hope Eric is better.

  4. WS says:

    August 20 is awfully late to start the season. How many episodes are they gonna do?

  5. Carol_R says:

    I don’t consider a show premiering in late August a summer show. That’s an early fall show.

  6. Ram510 says:

    Why so late??

    • It’s been stated repeatedly that Eric Danes took time off to deal with depression and because of that they held off on filming the next season

      • Jimmy says:

        I thought they were filming 2 seasons concurrently and they were practically finished with the upcoming season before he took time off. I’m not sure though. You may be right.

        • Zoe says:

          Yes they are done filming with season 4. They stopped filming season 5 . If anyone wants update check Instagram.
          Side info on Rhona Mitra she was doing voice over work for her appearance in a season 4 ep 1 appearance of an unnamed show.
          She posted the pic on her Instagram.
          This August move is really a bad idea. Going up against football 🏈?

      • Janet Douglas says:

        I have been watching Eric Dane ever since he was on Grey’s Anatomy. It would not be the same if he were to jump ship on all his fans now.

  7. Television says:

    Great show!!

  8. FIdo says:

    Woot & fistpumpstheair & doesalittledance. :) – have my fingers crossed that Rhona Mitra’s character will be shown to have faked her death and come back alive and kicking. And that it happens early on in the series cos my fingers have been crossed since her ‘demise’ and they kinda hurt.

    • Rochell B. Porter says:

      I also agree that they should bring back Rhona Mitra!

    • Ange says:

      I want that too

    • Monique says:

      I stopped watching the show after S3, E1. I couldn’t take the fact that Rhona Mitra was killed off the show with no type of closer. Fans waited on pins & needles hoping to see her again in S4 & to end it with a food rashin stamp with her photo on it felt like a slap in the face. She played a key role who in my opinion was just tossed to the side. My hope of her being in hiding until it was safe to come back seems like it’s not happening either.

      I stopped watching the show after S3, E1. I couldn’t take the fact that Rhona Mitra was killed off the show with no type of closer. Fans waited on pins & needles hoping to see her again in S4 & to end it with a food rashin stamp with her photo on it felt like a slap in the face. She played a key role who in my opinion was just tossed to the side.

      I’ve rewatched S1 & S2 a few times just to see the awesomeness of a show that I would have watched to the end. So sad…

  9. Spikenalabama says:

    Do we know why it is starting so late? August 20th is almost the fall season.

  10. I agree – Bring back Rhona Mitra!

  11. Please bring back Tex. I was so depressed for days after they killed him in season 3

  12. deborah scudero says:

    please bring back rhona mitra back to the last ship. the electricity between her and tom chandler I loved it. the love of military war and yet a love between dr scott and tom chandler was dynamic. and I would even love to see tex back. the writers of the last ship in my opinion could write those two people back and help tom’s depression.

    • Kimbrulay says:

      I loved them both too but Given the way they died, theirs no way their return or rise from the dead would ever be realistic

      • deborah scudero says:

        It never showed their bodies or any medical team working on them or even a memorial service in their honor.  I think that makes it a little peculiar don’t you think?

  13. JAMES PROCTOR says:

    Is it my general understanding that shows that generally air in the fall/spring are because they are slotted in a higher audience view then summer shows?…therefore the reason for the later start? The Last Ship definitely is my favorite show out there…please keep them coming!

  14. I love this show.. I was hoping it would start sooner, but as long as it doesn’t go off the air, I’m o k.. I truly don’t like hearing about the ‘depression’ stuff, it’s too personal. I sincerely wish people would ‘leave it alone’. they are as ‘human’ as we are. Wishing the best tho… Can’t wait to see whats in store for us.!

  15. Chaosrainz says:

    Can we get some reruns while we wait, please? 😊

  16. Melinda Harrell says:

    I really love the show The Last Ship, all the cast are great. Why is it starting on August 20, 2017, They have been advertising the show was going to air sometime this month. Anyways I hope they don’t pull it.

  17. taw4x4fun says:

    Your trying to compete with the Walking Dead with this season premier… might not hold well for the show viewership…. just saying…. I watch both shows, but I watch the new show of the walking dead first than the Last ship… why the change from summer to Fall, during Summer their was no competition for the Last Ship???

  18. popo says:

    I love The Last Ship!! I am guessing that it is pretty realistic to what happens on a destroyer/

  19. Nostromo says:

    My late-fiancée’s favorite show; we began watching in June of ’14 (seems ages ago now) as we settled in to our new home. She passed away shortly before the 2016 season premiered. Last year our DVR recorded The Last Ship and I faithfully watched them through some tears. So, this season will run into the early autumn; suits me. I watched the first season which set-up the show’s premise and found it quite interesting. Shows which my fiancée had earmarked for series recording are still contained on the DVR’s/Server’s memory which constitutes something of a spectral tap on the shoulder for me. Looking forward to The Last Ship to usher-out summer and ring-in the fall now. In 2010 we had seized on NBC’s limited series, Persons Unknown, then we became admirers of Boardwalk Empire which has run its course. Re-watching my sweetheart’s favorite shows is akin to going back in time for the triangulation of Who?, What?, Where? and When?

  20. Delores Davis says:

    I am a fan of Eric Dane and the cast of the Last Ship. Sad to here of the depression. Yet l am relieved that he is doing better and will return as the Nathan James sails.into season 4. Better late than never sailing again
    Excited to see how each episode has me sitting on the edge of my rest

  21. Christina says:

    I laughed, cried, worried, hoped, with the crew of Nathan James. I love the show i can watch it over and over. I can not wait for the next season been waiting for some time come on Nathan James you and the crew can do it again

  22. Tom says:

    How did the crew deal with the numerous nuclear plant meltdowns that occurred as 400 nuclear plants across the US lost power from the grid?

  23. J Hunter says:

    A well done series with lots of engaging drama…hope it continues past 5 seasons.

  24. Mark says:

    Yea, can’t wait for the S4 debut on 8/20. Bring it on!