Blindspot Season 2

Blindspot Finale Recap: The Perfect Sandstorm — Plus: Grade the Episode!

Warning: The following recap contains major spoilers for the Season 2 finale of Blindspot.

It is a very, very good thing that Blindspot fans were made aware of the show’s fate long before Wednesday’s season finale — and even better, of course, that the NBC drama scored a third season.

Because, had the series ended like that — after a two-year time jump, with Jane living among mountain monks and totally removed from her life with the FBI — I’m not sure viewers could have coped with such a massively intriguing (but also sorta strange) cliffhanger.

Before we break down the mind-boggling closing minutes of Wednesday’s episode, let’s revisit the finale’s other major moments:

A (SAND)STORM IS BREWING | After being forced into that spooky bunker with the COGS, where last week’s installment ended, Weller and CIA Deputy Director Keaton quickly realize that Sandstorm’s attack on the United States is far from over. In fact, something massive is going to happen that day: Shepherd will attempt to annihilate the current administration, leaving only Weller, Keaton and the rest of the COGS to rise up as the new U.S. government.

Weller manages to tip Patterson off about the continuation of Phase Two, and after a remarkably fast brainstorm sesh, the rest of the FBI team pieces together Shepherd’s plan to take down the country’s political structure. The bottom line: “Phase Two” is just a fancy term for “bombing Washington, D.C.,” where all of the nation’s leaders will be gathered later that day.

Because this is Blindspot‘s season finale — and because Patterson is an actual genius — it should come as no surprise that the FBI team does eventually thwart Shepherd’s plan to bomb the nation’s capital. (Yay!)

Blindspot Season 2But the successful dismantling of Sandstorm isn’t without incident: Jane and Roman both get injured in a head-on ambulance-vs.-police-car collision — and after the siblings tussle in the middle of the road, Jane seems poised to shoot her brother at his urging, before ultimately lowering her gun and letting him run off to who-knows-where. Shepherd gets shocked (twice!) with a defibrillator in order for Weller to stop the glide bomb that’s careening toward Earth (and, after getting captured by the FBI, she’s tortured and interrogated by Nas). As for Weller himself, the aforementioned car crash sends a knife right through the agent’s leg — and when he’s woozy and delirious from the injury moments later, he tells Jane he loves her.

IT’S A LOVE STORY, BABY | Despite Weller’s roadside confession, a romance between him and Jane isn’t a foregone conclusion throughout the hour. On the contrary, after FBI Director Hearst tells Jane that she can go anywhere she wants after the Sandstorm takedown is wrapped up, Jane toys with the idea of going to California when all is said and done. Of course, she doesn’t really want to — but when she floats to Weller the idea of leaving the FBI behind, Weller tells her, “It’s not fair to keep you here,” rather than urging her to stay.

It isn’t until much later, after Weller admits to Jane that he loves her, that Jane decides to stay at the bureau. Upon arriving at a dinner party with her colleagues, to celebrate the Eastern seaboard not being blown to bits, Jane pulls Weller aside and tells him she’s staying put at the FBI — and she loves him, too. (This is where he interrupts her with a kiss, and they move to the bedroom for some slightly more R-rated confessions of love.) (Also, side note: Upon seeing Jane and Weller taking off each other’s clothes, was anyone else’s first thought, “Poor Jaimie Alexander — she had to get all the tattoos put on this time!”?)

AIN’T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH | But if you thought Blindspot was wrapping things up nice and tidy for the summer, you were very, very wrong. On the heels of Jane and Weller’s first night together, the episode jumps forward by two years, where we catch up with Jane… climbing the side of a mountain without any harness, equipment or, well, anything. (And with her hair grown out!)

So, when Jaimie Alexander hinted at a “chunk of missing time” that would come to light at the end of the hour? She wasn’t talking about a flashback, but a flash forward. And we learn a lot in the episode’s final minutes:

* Jane is now living with a group of monks in the mountains — and for reasons unknown, she says she can never return home.

* Jane and Weller are married… or were, at some point. When Weller arrives in Jane’s tent that night, much to her surprise, Jane’s first observation is that he’s still wearing his wedding ring. Are they divorced? Did she disappear without warning? Did he think she was dead for a period of time, but refused to take off the band? (Please don’t let it be Option C, Martin Gero. My heart couldn’t take it.)

* Patterson, Reade and Zapata have gone missing, and their presumed kidnapper left behind a metal box with Jane’s name on it. Thus far, no one’s been able to unlock it, but when Jane and Weller both clutch the box at the same time, it opens to reveal a curved piece of metal displaying the same bird that’s inked on Jane’s neck. We’re left with this visual: Weller holding the metal up against Jane’s corresponding tattoo, which sends a purple glow across Jane’s body, lighting up all of her tattoos along the way. (Jane’s initial reaction is the same as yours, presumably: “What is happening?”)

OK, your turn, Blindspot fans! What did you think of Wednesday’s sophomore finale? Could you have coped if this were the series finale? Grade the episode in our poll below, then hit the comments with all of your thoughts.

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  1. laurelnev says:

    My bet is they filmed 2 endings, thinking they were not getting another season. I hope the 2 year thing is NOY where thet pick up though. I want to know more about the aftermath of catching Shepherd and unraveling her ring. Dude had a gun in a situation the FBI and CIA heads couldn’t; that shows how deep this goes. I hope they don’t just abandon the whole conspiracy as if catching Shepherd and being COGS means it’s all finished.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Do we know Jane and Weller were married? I assumed something happened and she left after he married the mother of his child.

    • Alichat says:

      Didn’t Allison, the mother of his child, move away to be with another guy she was going to marry?

      • CurlyGurly says:

        Yes, his baby mama moved to Colorado. I don’t know why he would marry anyone else when, as we last saw, he and Jane confessed their feelings to each other. I assumed that they had married each other as well…guess we will find out next season!

  3. Dani says:

    Uuughhhhh, I hate when shows skip years, it just feels like cheating. I want to see the character development, not be forced to skip ahead to whatever part the writers choose. It was good, but I’m worried about where this is going next season. I mean her body lights up? Huh?

    • Gern Blanston says:

      I like time jumps as I find it annoying when shows go through three or four big bads over the course of 2-3 show years. Just jumping from one world ending crisis to the other is unrealistic and with this type of show they can’t just have 6-7 episodes of only character development. A time jump with two minutes of exposition explaining what occurred allows them to maintain some semblance of reality on the villain front while not getting bogged down with personal life stuff.. I agree about the lights though. Did she get fibre optic lights implanted under her skin at the same time that she was getting tattooed? This part makes no sense.

  4. Will says:

    The episode itself was decent, but felt a little rushed, and I hated the ending *obvious spoilers to follow*.

    Skipping forward two years just seems like the gutless TV move to make, so they can nicely wrap up our current plot and then with a last ploy of awful writing, create a whole bunch of questions that won’t be answered until the fall. A much better ending would be to remain in modern time and continue to escalate with Shepherd’s supporters or Roman. Hell, Zapata, Reade, and Patterson could have gotten kidnapped leaving Kurt’s apartment and a box left for the exact same effect. Very disappointing.

    • Alichat says:

      I assumed that they did the time jump so that they can replace Jane’s memory-recovery flashbacks with flashbacks to the two years…..keeping the same format they’ve had all along.

    • Spaceship trooper says:

      If you have a better idea for a TV show that isn’t so disappointing, like Gero’s, then you can always pitch it to Greg Berlanti and Warner Brothers. Why not let Gero tell his story, he’s already got it produced and running/streaming on television what do you have?

  5. James D says:

    Lord how I hate time jumps. it is a hackneyed plot device that should be banished from all reality. other than that I loved it. Not that I’m a super shipper or anything but why do TV writers refuse to just put a couple together and be done with it. it does not add drama when you have them off again on again (or in this case one goes to live with Monks at a place that suspiciously looks like the eastern states of the US where I don’t believe a Monastery on top of a mountain exists) what it does do is iterate and vex its viewership, just a thought. Anyway, I’m so glad it is coming back I enjoy this show a lot. One last thing is Jane an Alien? the lady glows she must be an alien right?

    • Katherine215 says:

      I completely agree. The contrived lengths showrunners go to to keep couples apart is distracting and dumb. Find other, better ways to create drama that doesn’t twist the storyline into knots for it to make sense.
      I assumed the tattoo ink was lighting up but who knows.

  6. Evaine says:

    Best part of the episode was the ‘return’ of Nas. :) I loved that and actually fistpumped in triumph. *LOL* And honestly, I really enjoyed the very quick but very obvious chemistry between Zapata and CIA guy – there’s SO much more there than between Jane and Weller ( I am SO not a shipper ). I had been hoping that Roman would be a last-minute turn to the good guys, but this way might be a little more interesting moving forward.

    Now the thing is, I wonder if the fact that they’re now an 8 o’clock show hinders or changes the stories they want to tell. I have to admit, the glowing tattoos said superhero show to me, but then I read that Gero says they’re a real life thing so… okay. If, as he indicated in his EW interview, they’re a recent addition to Jane’s body, just when and how did she get them?

    And I guess that one thing I really want to see in the next season, is Jane actually becoming a woman in charge of her own damned self instead of just reacting to events as they happen. She has often seemed like a wuss to me. And finally – Patterson had better be OK!

  7. Katherine215 says:

    Great episode! I just really hope Weller and Jane were married and he wasn’t married to someone else. And I hope they haven’t been parted for too long and that season 3 isn’t spent with them at odds. This show is at its best when the team is working together and not mad at each other over petty, contrived and angsty drama.

    • Audrey says:

      Though this finale was nowhere near as epic as the first season finale, it peaked my interests once again because it looks like we are back to those tattoos. I’m also glad they got Jane and Weller together and be done with it rather than dragging it out even more, eventhough I thought their kiss in the last episode was rushed and not well earned yet (I kinda cringed).
      All in all, I’m glad they’re back for another season.

      • Katherine215 says:

        I agree about the kiss being rushed. They should have been at that point by episode 10 and then getting together by 22, not dragging out the angst and other partners and the whole team being mad at her for however many episodes.

    • r1morris says:

      When she said, youre still wearing your ring, and, he said, yeah, she attacked him with a bear hug. So, yes, it is THEIR wedding ring.

    • Rachel Charron says:

      Agree! I have wanted Jane and Weller together from the beginning. They belong together. Patterson better be okay and needs a break in finding a true partner…..

  8. Sarah says:

    So happy to finally see Shepherd taken down and to see Nas again. I also enjoyed Mary Stuart Masterson who is apparently not aging. Plus it was nice that Jane and Weller were honest with each other about their feelings. But, ugh, the time jump was terrible. I hated that part so much. Hoping they can redeem themselves next season.

    • Spaceship trooper says:

      Well Sarah, can you come up with a better idea? This is Martin Gero’s story to tell, why not see how it unfolds, you can always come up with your own story and sell it to Greg Berlanti and Warner Brothers. What? No ideas, but you thought Gero’s idea was terrible.

  9. Cindy says:

    I like a good cliffhanger but I hate the wait to find out what happens. Glad they didn’t leave us not knowing who survived..not sure why Cheryl would think Weller married anybody besides Jane. “Sandstorm” may be home but the question is: What will Roman do?

    • Cheryl says:

      Earlier in the episode they mentioned that Weller was only a couple of weeks away from becoming a father and that he’d be visiting them often. A lot can happen in 2 years, and clearly something awful happened that appears to involve him too. If you’re married and fight you get a divorce and move to the next state. If you join a monastery at the top of a mountain and can never, ever go back I just had the feeling his family was tragically killed (so why still wear the ring) and she felt responsible (terrorist brother seeking revenge on the FBI?). That was my first thought – though maybe I’m so used to having couples kept apart for at least 4 seasons that I simply can’t picture a lead couple together after only 2.

      • Spaceship trooper says:

        How do you know Jane’s joined the monastery, she wasn’t dressed like a monk so maybe she’s there in hiding or for another reason. Perhaps there is a regrouping of Sandstorm hunting for Jane. Perhaps Sandstorm sees kidnapping Reade, Zapata and Patterson as a way to get Jane out of hiding. Weller’s baby will also have a part to play in Season 3 because why set that all up? Maybe Mayfair is also alive, like Sofia is, maybe there is an even bigger bad than Sheppard. Only Gero knows.

  10. RedReddington says:

    Personally I don’t mind the time jump as long as we get flashbacks to everything that happened in the last two years (Gero said we would get them, thank goodness). I’m here for all the Jeller angst in season three as long as they get back together eventually and don’t keep them apart again. I’m looking forward to season 3 even more now :D

  11. Kevin Tran says:

    I give it an A. I was blowing my mind that the ending had a time jump to “two years later”. What would Season 3 be like now that the series it’s becoming like a mix between procedural and sci-fi. Also I’m bummed that they never captured Roman and let’s hope he comes back for more next season.

  12. Jana says:

    EP Gero said in an interview that Season 3 is going to be similar to Season 1, and the new/old “bad guy” is going to be Roman.

  13. Tash says:

    I love blindspot, best series on tv.., it just keeps me on my toes, I cant wait until it comes on wednesday nights. I bet roman is head of sandstorm now “even though I don’t trust the CIA guy” but dont worry jane and weller will get you, whomever you may be

  14. Big Ed's Gas Farm says:

    Weller should have disemboweled Sheperd to retrieve the beacon. But he didn’t have the guts.

  15. Joan Cursi says:

    I did not like the ending… I’m sure when the series returns it will be full of flashbacks..

  16. Michael Summerset says:

    Either it’s a dream or they just turned the show into a fantasy.

  17. Dominique says:

    after all the buildup we’ve had for thep ast two years, the finale a little bit rushed. i was impressed nonetheless, they really utilized all their characters these past two episodes. it was really good to see nas again, i was wondering if she might pop up one final time, would’ve been a terrible send off if she hadn’t.
    also liked seeing keaton again. i like him. he’s an as$ of a character but he’s fascinating.

    i have some mixed feelings about the timejump because i was looking forward to see how the team would move forward. patterson especially seemed on the verge of quiting. but i’m glad we seem to be going back to the tattoo’s. those were always the most interesting aspect and i’m glad it\s not over yet.

    • Spaceship trooper says:

      Keaton is terrible as the replacement for Carter. Keaton is too small, short and skinny to be Deputy Director of the CIA. Is anyone afraid of this guy Keaton? Carter was a much more imposing figure, more menacing, ruthless, more believable as the deputy director of the CIA.

  18. meow says:

    WTHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was the coldest thing i ever watched. They totally wrecked everything :(((((((((( i stopped watching the episode sooo early as it was so expected. WTH. A long time after all this nonsense, i accedentally watched just the last 3 minutes and even though it was supposed to be a cliffhanger, the nonsense preceeding it totally wreked everything for me. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i liked this show, but now it looks so dull and so weak :((((((((((((((((((((((((( i hate you whoever did this I HATE YOU

    • meow says:

      SRSLY ppl, the thing that kidnapped my attention when i first watched this show was the mystery and the puzzles that keep unfolding every episode. This last episode was soooooooo expected :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( I hope you can sleep well mr. Martin after what you did

    • Big Ed's Gas Farm says:

      The ending was more of a cliff-climber.

  19. Carrie says:

    I love this show I’m happy it got renewed .Good episode.

  20. RDM says:

    My take is that Roman sent the box, as he’ll be taking over for his mother, and that the metal object is turning Jane back into her Sandstorm ways of evil..

  21. Lame says:

    I hope we get the flashbacks done with when the series returns instead of dragging the time jump out for months. Then Gero can continue in whatever direction he chooses and please no teenage angst for Weller and Jane, treat them as adults.

    • Spaceship trooper says:

      The dialogue is atrocious, for adults. I’m sure Gero appreciates your instruction to him to continue in whatever direction he choses.

  22. Lame says:

    I hope we get the flashbacks done with when the series returns instead of dragging the time jump out for months. Then Gero can continue in whatever direction he chooses and please no teenage angst for Weller and Jane, treat them as adults.

  23. Can Reed be as great next season as he was in the last 2 episodes? No questioning Jane or side story unrelated to the tattoos?

  24. ScarletMasterson says:

    I googled “Blindspots stupid season finale” just so lame and to well connected and seemless, right before a completely unsatisfyingly abstract random ending…..sigh** so disappointing. It did play out like a cancelled show trying to go out with a bang

  25. Gianna Fasula says:

    I think the blue light tattoos were always there. Maybe a piece of activating device was placed under her neck and it needed that other piece of metal to show them. But she had to get the other tattoos when she was captured because they would of shown up at the cdc when they were in the black light room. I just really want jane and Weller to work out! This show is action packed awesome but it needs a little romance can we get some Jane and Weller action PLEASE?!?!

    • Spaceship trooper says:

      Why does Jane and Weller’s relationship have to work out? It’s the 21century, traditional marriage is done. Such a romantic Glanna, romance can’t go on forever, wishful fantasy thinking = Boring.

  26. Sally says:

    Ending was stupid!

  27. pvank1 says:

    Almost as bad as Castle’s ending.

  28. It was such a awesome episode. I don’t really mind the time jumps, as long as we get flashbacks in the next season. I can’t wait to see what the season 3 is going to be like with Jane and Waller together in a new venture! In the next season I want to see how Naz is getting information from Shepherd, and maybe Roman will start realize that Jane is his sister and be one of the good guys.

  29. Baboucarr Jasseh says:

    I love you all on that movie BLINDSPOT your move’s in every mission keeps motivating me to be and FBI seriously

  30. Nazarene says:

    It should be oover now, no more war. LetJane and Kurt get married and raise their kids while the do the agent stuff uunderground. Then the story will be very interesting and mind blowing.

    • Spaceship trooper says:

      Let Jane and Kurt get married and raise their kids? How boring. When will they be doing the agent stuff underground when they are raising children? Silly.