NCIS Recap Finale Gibbs Dead

NCIS Finale Recap: No Paraguay Out — Whose Life Was Left in Limbo?

The fate of some of NCIS‘ own was left up in the air as Season 14 of the CBS drama came to a close on Tuesday night.

Setting things in motion was the mystery of a Navy SEAL whose hand (and only his hand) was found in Paraguay, where he was not even supposed to be. At first, Gibbs & Co. suspect that the SEAL and his buddy had returned to the scene of their most recent mission to steal from some wealthy local warlords. But in truth, the one-handed SEAL is alive and well and hiding out in Paraguay, having gone there with his pal, off book, to rescue some boys who had been stolen by a rebel group to be forced into combat.

With the SEAL dedicated to completing the rescue mission — in part because the son of a villager who saved his life has been abducted — Vance clears Gibbs to find and retrieve the SEAL, period. Gibbs grabs Torres and, begrudgingly, dad-to-be McGee, who insists on joining the op.

Upon arriving in Paraguay, Gibbs, Torres and McGee are able to find and free the stolen children, then race them to a waiting chopper with a narrow window to fly to safety. When the rebel army arrives on the scene and starts firing on the chopper, Gibbs hangs back to hold them off as the others take to the air. But before they do so, McGee hops off the bird and joins Gibbs. And as Torres, the SEAL and the kids fly out of the jungle, Gibbs and McGee find themselves massively outnumbered by the rebel forces….

How do you think Gibbs and McGee will get out of this Paraguay pickle? Also: grade the finale below!

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  1. claudiagail says:

    I really like how the team has come together. But what I especially liked in this episode, and the one just before is that we finally get to see Tim McGee come into his own as an agent, something I have been waiting to see for such a long time. I loved the action in this, the quirky humor, and all the team interactions. Great finale (and i hope Mark Harmon wants to stay on for years, because this show still has it).

    • Andrea says:

      Agreed about Tim coming into his own as Senior Field Agent. In past years, Tony would have been the one to get off the helicopter and cover Gibbs. Now that’s Tim’s job.

      • Janice says:

        Unexpected ending but more than unexpected was the “to be continued”, which obviously be continued next season. Leon.Vance is the best NCIS Director in the entire life of the show. McGee being made Senior agent is well deserved. Bringing in 2 agents after Dinozzo left went overboard—only one was needed to complete the team.

    • So agree with you….It was nice to finally see Tim Step up into SFA and be the one to cover’s Gibbs six. I think that what the new show runners meant when they stated to tvline that the dynamics of the team would change. We are so used to Tim hanging back from the danger and this time he stepped right up in there to cover Gibbs. Just like Tony used to do so if we see more of this I’ll be happy. This season was definite step up and a fresh air with the introduction of all the new cast. For me it felt new and added new dimensions to the show.

  2. Sherri says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It kept me guessing with its plot twists and turns. All the main characters, including Vance, got to make an appearance and play a part in the investigation. I will be impatiently waiting for fall to see how this all plays out!

  3. wvugirl2007 says:

    Great episode! The summer is going to be long and hot while I what for the answers to that cliffhanger. This season was a little rough in the beginning with the cast changes, but they have come together well. Bring on season 15.

  4. Beverly says:

    Better not kill either one. No Ziva or Tony is bad enough. Can’t lose any more. None of the replacements are close to who they replace. Don’t ruin the show.
    No Gibbs, no N.C.I.S.

    • Michael Summerset says:

      Gibbs won’t die. He’s use to combat and wouldn’t allow himself to die. He’s also suppose to be superhuman.

      But I could see them killing off McGee. He just married and is about to become a father. That doesn’t fare well for him. Although I didn’t get the feeling that they were going to kill either one.

      • Doug Henning says:

        No point to knock of McGee unless the actor wanted to leave the show.. But he’s been on this show now for so long that he’s probably typecast forever now.. Harmon makes so much money on his own show and on NCISNOLA..

  5. dan says:

    I didn’t watch anything past the first couple episodes this season, first because of the World Series (Go Cubs!) and then because I had Dish and CBS was gone for something like 45 years over some stupid dispute. Without spoiling too much was this season still good and worth watching without DiNozzo?

    • Maria says:

      …a fellow Cubs fan.

    • Andrea says:

      Dan, if Tony was your absolute favorite, you will likely be disappointed, but if you’re fans of the other characters, I’d recommend watching. In particular, I thought both McGee and Jimmy grew as characters.

    • claudiagail says:

      Yes, especially the second half of the season, as the new characters’ personalities were fleshed out. The first half of the season was a little disjointed due in part to the unexpected death of showrunner Gary Glasberg, but the feel of the second half really reminded me of the early seasons of the show.

    • Ted says:

      It took awhile for everyone to jell together, but. I’d say watch the reruns this summer and make up your own mind. I’ve been an NCIS fan since day one and will watch it no matter what. (Am also a Cubs fan from way back–so, trust me–NCIS, still rules!) While Tony’s character will be missed, the other characters are growing now.

    • Jo says:

      Absolutely worth watching! (Go Tribe!)

    • Kathleen Norris says:

      YES! the show has new energy and all kinds of potential for additional story lines.
      I still do not like the character brought in for Zeva but the 3 new additions make Bishop tolerable. I also think that Zeva got out and went to Paris because it was where she and Tony had their time together.

    • Sarah Thompson says:

      Surprising good! I was skeptical when Dinozzo left but they actually integrated the new characters in really well! I watch Criminal Minds which just made some major character changes and it was just horrible… might even stop watching. So thumbs up to NCIS writers

    • Ireeta says:

      Yes! I was worried about how it was going to carry on without Tony but they stepped up and added just the right team members to make up for it.

  6. Cliffhanger city again. Like when Gibbs was shot a couple years back. I wouldn’t expect either to be killed, so the real question is how they’re going to get out of this one. I’m thinking of the RN coming to the rescue; Clayton mentioned that they had forces available for backup. Presume it’d take the whole season opener for this to happen while Gibbs and McGee traipse through the jungle in the interim.D

    • Haz says:

      I hope not they just did an episode like that two or three years ago when the plane Gibbs and McGee were on was shot down.

  7. dlluvsalex says:

    I think they will get rescued themselves, and get out.

  8. Haz says:

    I get Gibbs is a seasoned agent and puts his life on the line but unless Mark decides to leave Gibbs is not going anywhere and fans would riot if McGee was killed. I dropped the show in January and honestly have no desire to return. I’ve liked Esposito since Dracula 2000 but even she can’t convince me to pick this show back up. They need to drop some characters or something.

    • Kathleen Norris says:

      You missed out. The show has more energy. It was getting a little tired. The 2 new guys and Esposito have recharged the show. Makes it easier to ignore Bishop.
      The show has been good.

    • Lisa says:

      I agree there’s too many characters currently. If I were queen for a day, I’d keep Gibbs, Abbie, Torres, Clayton, and Ellie. Never been a McGee fan, and wouldn’t miss the other female.

  9. Dave Pottinger says:

    It was a Great episode! Only thing I disliked is I have to wait till the fall to see the rest.

  10. Robert Ames says:

    Tired of the personal dramas, and the fact that this NCIS team has an astronomically high body count. Let’s get back to investigating crime, unless Gibbs gets off the grieving-for- Shannon train and has a viable romantic interest he doesn’t sabotage. And bring back DiNozzo!!!!!

    • Maria says:

      Michael Weatherly has his own show now so it’s not as easy as “Bring backDiNozzo!”

    • Cyn Ann says:

      Have you ever been in *real love* My father best friend was getting ready to marry the girl of his dreams, She was murdered a few weeks before the day. He never found another girl to take her place. oh he had female friends and a few would have married him had he asked, but HIS girl died a horrible death. and he never got over it.. Or maybe because it was a horrible death he could not get over it. He like Gibbs was not there to protect her.

      I figure when the right girl comes into his life Gibbs will know this is his second chance, but then so many of the ones who have wondered into his life have at least for me had a main problem.. they all HAVE to know all about him ( Female Tonys the need to know what Gibbs is not willing to tell yet) and instead of getting to know him in time, they all have to know all there is to know in their time period,Mann and her words she invested in the relationship and wants to know what she is going to get out of said investment… There is a differences between love and an investment. Also Mann wanted him to be the guy of her dreams not who he was.. He is not a man who rushes into things,( Building a boat (s) says he takes things in time) When that woman who comes into his life who says we have all the time we need to know each other the good and the bad. then he will maybe not have his Shannon but someone who is not going to make him someone he is not. And lets remember he also lost his daughter when Shannon was killed this is not something you ever get over.and I think he thinks of her as much as Shannon.

      Yea Gibbs has baggage but he is worth the wait if the right woman is willing to let him open up to her and not push her time limit on him.Heck even if they never got married just to be really good friends each can lean on is worth the trip learning about each other.And she will not have to have red hair.

  11. Kimberly says:

    I bet Gibbs and Tim get out of Paraguay and everyone is safe and sound they could put part two on next week lol I hate cliff hangers but it does leave you in suspense and make you wonder hmmmm lol

  12. Sds says:

    I so dislike these endings. There is no way McGee end Gibbs are getting out.

  13. LYDIA GREICO says:

    they should start the next season with the marine motto of no man left behind and go get Gibbs and Magee out of there

  14. Samuel says:

    I wait all week long just to watch my NCIS. I’m exhausted , tired from having a long day and sometimes I don’t even want to eat but 7 o’clock Tuesday night. Well I look forward To.watching these men go to work. Gibbs is my hero and if the show were to cancelled it would be a great lose to imagination of millions. And McGee is a great backup .. I’m so glad to see that they’re bringing The Human Side out of these two men.

  15. Janice says:

    Unexpected ending but more than unexpected was the “to be continued”, which obviously be continued next season. Leon.Vance is the best NCIS Director in the entire life of the show. McGee being made Senior agent is well deserved. Bringing in 2 agents after Dinozzo left went overboard—only one was needed to complete the team.

  16. Lin says:

    Great episode. The team really did come togrther. Hoping and praying that Gibbs and McGee make it out okay! Can’t wait for the new season!❤

  17. Navyfuely says:

    Not sure why the helo wasn’t armed even in a rescue situation knowing the area and who is there. They could have easily shot back at the gorillas and taken them out. Didn’t see anything mounted in the gunners window. Maybe that’s how they get out even though the fuel was low they could do some damage head back and reduce then come back and extract Gibbs and Tim.

  18. mike lutton says:

    i thought the ending was going be about McGee wedding

  19. awnb95 says:

    So saw the cliffhanger coming since last week. Hopefully Tim gets home without getting injured, but knowing that McGee’s going to be a father probably not for drama sake.

  20. Sheldon Wiebe says:

    I’m getting tired of the cliffhangers on NCIS season finales. Otherwise, though, I still love the show and this was a very ep.

  21. Jy says:

    It could be that the inhabitants of the area itself, that have been plaqued with the rebel forces, come to the aid of Gibbs and McGee in the new season. That would be interesting.

  22. Aaron Thall says:

    I’m just disappointed they didn’t get Weatherby to make a surprise guest appearance for Tim’s wedding. Just one scene would have done it. Hell, a PHONE CALL would have sufficed.

    • Andrea says:

      I don’t understand why people keep bringing this up. Michael is the lead actor in another series that films on the opposite coast. CBS also wants Bull to succeed, and that series has been renewed as well. The network is not going to be into Michael playing two characters when he is the lead character in a series. Right now, he is Jason Bull. If that series is cancelled while NCIS is still in production, Michael would very likely have the chance to come back if he wanted. If NCIS were ending as a series, special arrangements would likely be made for Michael to reprise the role of Tony. However, it’s not likely that he’s going to “drop in” to NCIS unless either of those two things happen. Doing so would undermine both Bull and NCIS.

      • Not to mention his show Bull is filmed in New York while NCIS is filmed in Santa Clarita CA…..Kinda hard to get him to do a guest spot unless he stops filming bull for a few weeks…lol People won’t let up and it’s too funny to see their comments

    • lizzie says:

      The wedding was so spur of the moment that their families didn’t even make it. It was no surprise that Tony didn’t make it. Makes me wonder if the writers planned it that way just so there would be a good reason for Tony to be a no-show.

  23. Susan says:

    It was OK only because I’m going to be so pissed if anything happens to McGee. I really am glad McGee is getting to show what he can do. Don’t care for the 2 that filled Tony’s spot, only think one was needed.

  24. Em says:

    To me it started out slow but picked upon a hurry. I have watched NCIS from the beginning and it just keeps better. I can’t wait for September to see what happens. Hopefully troops will be sent in to help the two but not before 1 or both are shot sure hope Tim not killed I really like him

  25. Linda says:

    Ncis is my favorite show on TV. Hopefully they won’t kill off Gibbs or Tim. Too many fan favorites have left already. Tim, Gibbs and Abbey are the three that hold the show together. As long as they stay the show is good,

    • I don’t think they’re going to kill either off, unless they’re leaving or get fired, like Thomas Gibson on Criminal Minds.
      What I think might happen is one or both get injured during their escape. In fact, since McGee hasn’t really been injured severely, that might be a plot expansion for his role. He’s married to Delilah now and they’re expecting. A serious injury might give him some more expansion into his role. Delilah has already been seriously hurt, and it would be an interesting dynamic. Plus Tim would be the only one with a family; even though he’s the senior agent after Gibbs, taking over from DiNozzo, the rest of the team seems more protective of him. Having him get shot would add another dimension for next season.

  26. Mary ellen bunnell says:

    I hope that don’t kill McGee off or gabss
    Tony’s gone the show want be the same !!

  27. Big Ed's Gas Farm says:

    I can’t say I liked it much. The cliffhanger didn’t provide much tension. So maybe someone else goes off book and sends a gunship to blow the lampreado out of the bad guys. See you in September, NCIS.

  28. Nancy Rodriquez says:

    I hope no one gets killed. We have had to lose a lot of great characters, and the show is boring now for the most part. I want ziva and Tony back.

  29. Nan says:

    If only some of the new people were in jeopardy…that would have made my day and the length of time having to wait for the outcome. I certainly hope they make some changes cuz we just haven’t seen enough of the “regulars” since these new peeps came onboard. Love McGee…he really hasn’t had much to do or Abby since these changes.

  30. Ann says:

    Like a family

  31. Susan says:

    I’ve been a fan of NCIS since the beginning! Love it more now! Tim has grown greatly as has Palmer! I personally love Bishop! She brings a nice addition! Miss Tony but understood he has a great new show! I would die for Gibbs! Lol Keep going NCIS for many more years please!!

  32. Ireeta says:

    I like the whole crew on NCIS now. They all compliment each other. I don’t like cliff hangers but it’s to be expected. I’m glad McGee has finally come into his own. I hope this show continues for many years.

  33. Edna L. DeShong says:

    What about MAJOR CRIMES on TNT???!!!

  34. Raymond Silvey says:

    Leon will sent in some apache helicopters for air support, and pick Gibbs and McGee up.

  35. Raymond Silvey says:

    Leon will sent in some apache helicopters for air support, and pick Gibbs and McGee up.

  36. Mitchell Clark Johnson says:

    3rd Seal said his buddies are bad at managing money & gamblers. Seal’s Wife wasn’t telling all and Ducky is way past retirement age.
    Anyway 3rd can’t heal soon and 4th Seal was awful and Gibbs & McGee need serious help. Bishop & Esposito are sqeemish so only Torres can help, but flew away. A whole new hour before rescue is too hard on fans after 14 years

    • Clayton said there’s a RN ship nearby that could provide assistance, so that might figure in on this. There might be some jungle running around to drag it out, and it’ll be a race to the extract. If that’s so, I’d expect either Gibbs or McGee to get wounded or injured in some manner for dramatic effect. If it’s McGee, that would dovetail into my other post about fleshing out his character even more.

  37. cj says:

    Sad to see that this years finale was much the same as last year outnumbered. …yada, yada…this is getting old, why does everything have to be a do or die event….

    • Ted says:

      Well, guess different stokes for different folks. I loved last night’s episode and enjoyed it. By the way last year’s episode had to do with Tony finding out he was a father and leaving– no one was “outnumbered” there was no “do or die event”, so, what show were you watching??

  38. Veronica says:

    I have watch everyone of ncis Pray it doesn’t end. Neither Gibbs or McGee gets taken off, if one leaves the show won’t be worth a dying Can’t wait for next season as long as they both come back

  39. Jamie says:

    Good episode if there was another finale episode to follow. Really disliked the ending. Quite frankly with no real resolution, it just feels like ho hum see you in September but I’m not sure I care.

  40. John toner says:

    I think they should gave us final part 2 in this final b_4 they close for season 14 instead of making us wait till next September to find out Friday he

  41. John toner says:

    Don’t like how it ended should have completely finsh the espceo

  42. sherry says:

    They won’t die. I was reading that next season they might go more into McGee’s personal life. For all you fans out there, I was reading that there might be a Tony and ziva reunion on the show next season. I hope so! Even though she us supposed to be dead, didn’t someone say that there was no body found?

  43. Tracey Britnell says:

    i hope they all come home safe especially as mcgee is about to become a dad

  44. Jackie brossler says:

    I love them both. Keep them in or I am out

  45. lbcounts1 says:

    I love this season! One of the best!! I miss Ziva and Tony – but I love the new characters and the new team. The really gel together and make me laugh alot. Its like new life to an old show!! Great writing!! Love seeing Gibbs smile more!!

    • Not yet. The show was rated by Neilsen’s Live +7 as the 3rd best show for the 2016-17 season, only behind Sunday Night Football and Big Bang Theory. At that position, they’re not going to cancel it unless everybody quits.