Supergirl Recap

Supergirl Recap: Royal Engagement

Monday’s Supergirl was so damn full of queens, it could have doubled as an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Let’s begin with Rhea, queen No. 1, who followed up last week’s Daxamite invasion by announcing — via giant hologram, as is Teri Hatcher’s way — that she is to be regarded as the new Queen of Earth. Personally, I would have submitted right then and there, but the people of National City are apparently less susceptible to the charms of Emmy Award-winning legends.

Of course, Rhea had more than just global domination on her to-do list. There was also the small matter of expanding the monarchy, which turned out to be as simple as kidnapping Lena Luthor, snipping a few locks of her hair whilst she slept, then merging her genetic material with Mon-El’s. (Such a romantic, that Rhea!) But because pre-marital babies are frowned upon in royal circles, Rhea also arranged for Mon-El and Lena to marry, a disturbing mis-match that weighed particularly heavily on Kara as the episode progressed. (She even referred to them as “two people I love” during an unexpected heart-to-heart with Cat Grant.)

Which brings us to queen No. 2: the self-proclaimed “queen of all media,” Cat Grant. Good Lord, I forgot how much I love Calista Flockhart on this show, but was happily reminded when Kara’s former boss returned in the middle of a tense video chat between Rhea and President Marsdin (queen No. 3). After all, if Cat could make peace between Kanye West and Taylor Swift — which she did, apparently — it should be NBD building a bridge between two warring planets.

But Cat soon learned that interstellar conflicts, while similar in scope to feuds born of the MTV Video Music Awards, are a little more unpredictable. And they involve a lot more missiles — missiles which were used to knock Air Force One right out of the damn sky, sending college besties Cat and Olivia plummeting to their deaths. Supergirl was able to snatch Cat before she hit the ground, but there was no sign of POTUS. That is, until she emerged from the wreckage… in all her alien glory!

The positive response to Olivia’s alien outing was one of many things Cat did this week that made me long for Flockhart’s series regular status. Also on that list: her tear-inducing message for Supergirl (“It’s not about what you do, it’s about who you love!”), her post-crash quip (“At least tell me you’re still a Democrat!”) and the fact that she didn’t even bother pretending not to know that Guardian was actually James (“I can see your eyes through the slit!”). But nothing was more powerful than her uplifting speech to the people of National City, a message of resistance with a few not-so-subtle nods to a certain real-life world leader currently creating civil unrest.

When it became clear that she wouldn’t be able to stop Rhea on her own, Kara turned to our fourth and final queen of the evening: Lilian Luthor, whose technical expertise — along with Superman’s prized Phantom Zone Projector — would enable her to reach Rhea’s ship and rescue her loved ones. And if you predicted that their ill-advised partnership would turn out to be a total disaster, it’s time to collect your prize; once Lena was successfully back on the ground, Lilian tried to leave Kara and Mon-El for dead.

(Quick sidebar: What’s our collective response to Mon-El telling Lena, “I can see why Kara loves you,” and her responding, “Likewise”? It was a small moment, but it felt very intentional. I’m curious to hear your thoughts in a comment below.)

Anyway, Kara managed to get Mon-El back down to Earth, but refused to abandon ship until Rhea was put down for good. The long-awaited confrontation began with Rhea confessing to her husband’s murder — a revelation I assume will be shared with Mon-El at some point during next week’s finale — and ended with a hit from… Superman? Evil Superman, in fact?! (Real-talk: While I prefer Superman to remain on the side of good, Tyler Hoechlin’s dramatic brows were made to furrow, so I’m glad he’s taking a brief walk on the wild side.)

Assorted thoughts…

* I know Lilian’s reason for not telling Lena about Kara’s super secret — that she’d rather wait until Lena discovers the truth, so she can inevitably hate Kara on her own — was supposed to feel like dramatic foreshadowing, but do we really think Lena will be that mad? I was hoping the show wasn’t going to take the ladies down the Clark/Lex road, but maybe it’s inevitable.

* As a fandom, I feel like we were so focused on the possibility of a Lois & Clark reunion — which we didn’t get, as Rhea and Jeremiah never appeared in a scene together — that we totally overlooked the possibility of a Desperate Housewives reunion… which we also didn’t get, because Rhea and Lilian never shared a scene. (Wait, what was my point again?)

Your thoughts on Monday’s Supergirl? (I’m going to call it the best one of the season, but feel free to disagree.) Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Dave says:

    Chris Wood is out after the finale right????

    • Sara says:

      I hope not but even he could not save this episode

      I think that it is 50 / 50

    • luv2cook says:

      What?? That’s no bueno for me!

    • Mary T says:

      I sure hope so. Otherwise, they shouldn’t have introduced his mother so soon. This seems like a season arc him to arrive meet Kara, mother shows up and causes havoc and he leaves again.

    • Sara says:

      In the comics doesn’t Mon-el end up in the Phantom Zone before he joins the Legion? If so, I am upping it to 80% chamce that he is gone since that have the projector

      • Yes, and with the introduction of 1.) the Phantom Zone projector and 2.) an aerosolized lead weapon this week, I’d put those chances at about 90 percent, personally. The off-screen romantic relationship between the actors is the only reason I don’t say 100.

      • Jen says:

        I agree. Mon-El will go to the PZ. Since you brought up the Legion, I hope Supergirl’s Legion love shows up soon (Braniac-5).

    • David says:

      I really hope he is gone after the finale. His character was the worst addition this season.

    • Rylie says:

      Unless he has something lined up for next season, I hope not.

      • Ann Glackin says:

        I kind of hope he doesn’t just because otherwise this feels like a wasted story arc. I don’t feel like a mon-el death/ getting sent to the phantom zone would have any emotional impact after only half a season with him as a central character. I think losing Mon-el eventually is inevitable, but it would feel forced during this season imo.

    • Toni says:

      And if he’s not, will you hopefully stop watching the show so that rest of us don’t have to deal with your negativity?

      • Guardian99 says:

        Hang on to your backside boys and girls. With all these warring factions in the approaching finale, someone’s bound to get their butt blown off, and it aint gonna be me.

  2. steven says:

    Cat mentioned that she lived in a yurt in Bhutan. Doesn’t she have a 12 year old son?!

  3. Sara says:

    So heavy handed on the “feminism” and politics that it ruined it for me. For goodness sakes, I want to watch a show about a pretty blond alien that flies around. Not about your politics.

    • Jimmy says:


    • Ronnie says:

      You have to be kidding. That was like ALL of season one! Cat is the living embodiment of feminism and female empowerment.

    • luke says:

      ur surprised Supergirl is feminist… really? Did u just discover the character last month or what?

    • Eh, I’m on the other side of the aisle, and it really didn’t bother me. Could I have done without it? Sure, but I won’t let it ruin my enjoyment of the show. I missed Cat!

    • Stan says:

      I was not bothered by the feminism, but the politics was very heavy-handed. It was really over-the-top last night. I can’t understand why you would want to alienate a significant portion of your audience, when viewership is so important. And I have a big problem with politicizing comic book characters who have historically been apolitical. If they keep up this blatant politicking, I may have to stop watching. And I would hate to do that.

      • fly says:

        it seems they are continuing to do that in the next episode after checking the promo and the behind the scenes videos, it seems they want to use superman as a political tool but I could be wrong however if it is, im done with this show.

    • Fabrizia says:

      When she said the Daxamites wanted to “make Earth great again”… and the terrible joke about mesuring sizes… Rhea was right to shoot down the plane!

    • Kat says:

      The girl power stuff is all good by me, but I totally agree about the political stuff. I am not Republican or Democrat, but I get very annoyed by the political comments/dialogue on sooooo many shows and it was a little over the top on tonight’s episode (Daxamites want to make Earth great again, Cat saying she hopes the President is at least still a Democrat, Cat calling a conservative a blowhard or something like that). I don’t watch CW shows for political commentary, I watch them for escapism, and unfortunately the political stuff is getting shoved down our throats. It’s a shame because otherwise I find this show a lot of fun. TV shows should not be yet another thing dividing us. Leave the politics out, unless it is a TV show that’s actually ABOUT politics.

    • ReSzAT80 says:

      Best part of that episode. That the president was written with a specific real-life election outcome in mind and seeing all the stuff obviously written by people trying to somehow deal with exactly to opposite outcome was just too funny. Especially after all those pre-election episodes.
      Also, president born on another planet? Yeah no problem, forget about that pesky “natural born citizen” thing, especially when that person effectively orders you to kill your (adopted) sister. (Who’s also an illegal immigrant voting in US elections)

  4. Sara says:

    Lena knows about Mon-el / Mike so if she does not know the truth about Kara then she is too stupid to live.

    • Lena knows, and she knows she knows. She’s just waiting for Kara to come clean. And whether that’s a test or not … time will tell.

      Cat … she has to know too (especially after learning tonight about the DEO and Alex Danvers’ job within it), but she chooses not to know. And I think that’s because subconsciously she agrees with the notion that Kara needs these separate lives.

    • Fabrizia says:

      I thought the same thing.

  5. Uno says:

    Oh snap… James and Kara spoke to each other… She actually showed concern for the guy she was goo goo gaa gaa for all last season… Sure it lasted like 8 seconds but that’s progress… I woulda been cool if the baby coulda been made right away… That woulda really created some drama… Not sure what the point if the wedding was/is unless its explained in the finale..

    • Kepler says:

      Isn’t “goo goo gaa gaa” the universal sound for baby cooing?

    • lrdslvrhnd says:

      The point is to legitimize the heir. If Daxamites can make babies from hair, then *anyone* could’ve snipped a lock of Mon-El’s hair while he was tomcatting and partying his way around Daxam and made him a babydaddy. So Rhea wants to legitimize the baby by having the parents be legally wed, even if it’s against their wills.

  6. Diggory says:

    That episode was very Man of Steel

    • stevie says:

      I dunno…I think the first five minutes should have been the last part of the show, since it was the most action-packed part. Also…it looked to be the most expensive; the action just went downhill from there.

  7. jason says:

    the way they’re playing Lena and Kara shows me they’re aware of “supercorp” shippers but now its a matter of how they’re willing to go with it? are they actually gonna make them a thing next season

    • Litz says:

      Oh, they are very aware of Supercorp. Didn’t you read Matt’s interview with Katie?

      “TVLINE | Do you remember the first time you heard the term, or who from?
      Who did I hear it from…? I couldn’t even tell you…. I think it was Melissa, actually, who first told me. I’ve played quite a few characters that have either been gay or they’ve had, you know, some very obvious gay undertones, and to be completely honest, this was the first time I was like, “Well, this role doesn’t have any!” You’re laughing now — how naive was I? And then after the first episode… I go back and I watch and I was like, “Oh, yeah, now I can see it. That makes sense to me.””

      And while I personally wouldn’t mind it happening, it would be a very interesting twist, I genuinely don’t believe that it’ll ever be a thing. They have the chemistry, they play well of each other, and let’s be honest, they look good together, but even if they genuinely wanted to put it in the show there are way, way waaaay to many barriers blocking it. I think sly glances and nudges will be the most we’ll ever see.

      • Kyle says:

        Because the CW is too cowardly to go there. And there has never been a canon lghtqa member of the Super family, in any verse. Hell, they brought in Maggie from Batman and created Alex just to show how progressive they are. As in, no characters they have real impact in the comics.

        • Jake says:

          When shows give in to the demands of “shippers” is when they start to go downhill. Just cause a vocal subset of fandom wants a pairing doesn’t mean its the right thing for the show or the characters.

          • Kepler says:

            Jake, I agree wholeheartedly. It’s what killed Once Upon a Time for me. Showrunners should listen to the fans to an extent, but not when it comes to shipping.

          • jessica says:

            giving in to shippers was also the major drop off of Arrow. Olicity became the main focus of the show and it shouldn’t be.

          • Klaussays says:

            Shippers for comic book shows are the worst…They care nothing for the source, the entire reason they even get a show. Just look at the hate Mon el gets for example…I don’t really like the character but when you go on tumblr etc its absolute madness what you see there.

        • jrex says:

          Maggie’s character was originally created for the Superman comic and after a failed relationship with Batwoman has moved back to the Superman comics.

          • Thanks. I’d written an article pointing out the same information (except I didn’t know she’d moved back to the Super-books after her relationship with Kate Kane ended).

            Maggie Sawyer was created by John Byrne, introduced in SUPERMAN vol. 2, #4, back in 1987. And she has been an out lesbian since the Reagan administration.

      • Jeffrey Sean Keith says:

        I wouldn’t mind a menage a trois with Kara,Mon-el and Lena ,maybe Alex and Maggie could join in !

    • Kyle says:

      It’s very popular vs KaraMonDouche…which isn’t. But this is the CW….and it’s not known for being progressive. So probably a lot of queerbaiting.

      • WS says:

        Oh come on.. why cant they just have a really solid friendship between two women? That is much more rare on network television for a friendship where they arent fighting over guys or anything.

        • Sara says:

          Isn’t that the truth

        • Ann Glackin says:

          I totally agree. I wouldn’t be against a Lena/Kara relationship if it felt right, but their relationship is interesting and complicated enough already without the romantic layer. I’m really hoping Lena doesn’t turn evil or anything like that because it would feel like a betrayal of her character arc this season. I don’t think the show is going there, but the casting of McGrath has me paranoid with her MERLIN history. I will be super interested in how the friendship will evolve once Kara comes clean. It’s also been super refreshing that (aside from that one episode) Lena hasn’t had romantic interests. She’s a badass who can stand and be interesting on her own.

  8. Jimmy says:

    This episode made me miss Cat Grant. She was hilarious from the very moment she appeared on screen.

    • Sara says:

      She was the best part.

      Except for the whole women power speach. I mean, seriously, I work in investment banking surrounded by men and even I am not this hard core.

      They need to layoff the politics and the preaching. The sledgehammer does not work and in fact detracts from the message. Strong women do not need to tell everyone how strong they are.

  9. stevie says:

    This episode was awesome for the first five minutes, until the geriatric part of the cast took over : )

  10. Ronnie says:

    Cat Grant is AMAZING.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Calista Flockhart is EVERYTHING as Cat. I know the show is saving huge chunks of money by filming in Vancouver, but they lost a pivotal, much-needed component of this show with Calista no longer being a regular fixture.

  11. Mary T says:

    We might not have the Dean and Teri reunion, or even the Teri and Brenda reunion, but the Cat Grant face off with Rhea, even over video screens was great. I had thought that having Teri on as a foil for Cat would be great and this kind of proves that.

  12. katlynneylon says:

    Please don’t ever leave us again, Cat! Supergirl needs you. The fans need you. Every “Girl power”-laced speech needs you. Also, the Mon-El/Lena moment seemed to big to not come back to later. Lena has to know that Kara is Supergirl. The amount of times she’s used “I was with Kara” or “Kara called me” is just ridiculous. If you go back and watch the episode where Kara tells her “I’ll always protect you,” Lena looks like she has her moment of realization right then. Can we also talk about how Superman is the WORST superhero ever? Dude’s highly susceptible to brainwashing. Lol. I also couldn’t figure out 1) Why Rhea needed to be saved? I get that Supergirl doesn’t kill people, but Alex Danvers does…because she has to. And 2) We’re also not believing that Cat can tell James is Guardian through his mask and still can’t tell Kara is Supergirl because of GLASSES, right? Either way, I love this show in all it’s silliness and seriousness and please please please figure out how to get Calista in more episodes STAT.

    • Ann says:

      I think the part about Cat knowing Guardian was James Olsen because she could see his eyes through the slits, but can’t tell the difference between Supergirl and Kara because of her glasses is a to poke fun at the silliness of it Kara’s secret identity as written in the comicbooks. I loved the wittiness of it all and wish Cat Grant could come back permanently. The show needs her!

    • Kirsten says:

      Agreed! They do need to bring back Cat!

    • Olivia says:

      I agree with every point. It was a GREAT episode!
      – I’m still basking in the female power and presence, oh how I wish the show went back to more of that…
      – Alex and Cat being their badass selves was awesome
      – Lena’s everything (and her majestic bitchface)
      – Side Sanvers was nice
      – I laughed out loud a couple times (“I thought it was the pot brownies, but now I’m realizing that it was actually E.T.” had me in stitches, Lilian being all “wut?” as if it’s completely normal she offers joining forces, Lena shooting the guard like “can we go now?”)
      – Finally Cat drops hints that yeah, she knows (duh). I was totally expecting a “Go, Kira” when they had their little heart to heart
      – Winn was funny — although how come he wasn’t worried for Lyra? Unless I missed it?
      – I actually was able to stomach Mon El this episode, what kind of witchcraft did they pull oO
      – I’m still trying to process that I watched an episode with Calista Flockart, Lynda Carter, Brenda Strong and Teri Hatcher at the same time and that they’re “just” the additional cast to the four already wonderful women this show has (and Miss Martian returns next week also :D)

  13. Sara says:

    I predict that Cat dies in the finale and reveals to Kara that she knew that she was Supergirl

    The would also put an end to the constant speculation of her return

    • Kepler says:

      If they kill Cat, I will probably be done with Supergirl. I could not handle that. She’s been my favorite character since she stepped onscreen.

    • stevie says:

      Don’t know if she’ll die…but I do believe she knows Kara is Supergirl.

  14. Jason says:

    No, It doesn’t seem all that likely that Lena discovering Kara’s secret would shatter their friendship. But with Kara calling Lena her best friend, it seem like she should just come clean. The use of “love” as a descriptor, did seem quite pointed. But, as much as I think it would be awesome, there is no way they would put both sisters in lesbian relationships. Certainly Kara could be Bisexual. Lena as well. But armed with the knowledge of the way in which television works, I can unequivocally say, that the network would not be on board. Especially not when it comes to the show’s leading lady.

  15. Red Snapper says:

    I thought it was a great episode. I did yell at Kara a few times to just let Rhea die but then she wouldn’t be Supergirl. It was nice to see Lena and Mon-El share some scenes together. It was awesome having Cat Grant back. I wish she could be on the show all the time but I understand her not wanting to make the move to Vancouver. I knew she wouldn’t be fooled by James. I also think she probably knows on some level that Kara is Supergirl and I hope before the show ends or Callista is done for good there is some recognition of that. I know a lot of people either hope or think Mon-El is gone one way or the other at the end of this season. I really hope that’s not the case. If they do put him in the Phantom Zone hopefully it’s short term or they need to give us a Legion series. I would love a show about the Legion.

  16. jj says:

    Katie on the bed at the beginning and walking in the red dress totally made me think Morgana instead of Lena

    • Ann Glackin says:

      I had the exact same thought lol. ESPECIALLY bc I’ve been paranoid about Lena/Morgana parallels thus whole season. You know how people are often hired to play the same parts in different shows? I was worried that that would happen here and Lena would be the good person in a bad family who eventually turns evil the way Morgana was. I absolutely love Katie McGrath and she can play evil like nobodies business, but I would be heartbroken if the Kara/Lena friendship were to end that way.

  17. tribulationschimeriques says:

    I’d add Alex as Queen n°4 … badass queen! Seriously that jump from the DEO HQ was really something! :p

    Really liked this episode and I was fangirling when we got Teri Hatcher, Lynda Carter and Calista Flockhart share a scene. Sure Cat’s speech was a little too much but that scene was the highlight of the episode <3

  18. fly says:

    The only thing I didn’t like in this episode that Lillian luthor knows kara’s identity as supergirl, seriously I am supposed to believe villians can keep a secret like that and not leak that information to the press.

  19. datdudemurphy says:

    So… they mention how Daxamites can reproduce, mention how Rhea already took what she needed from Lena….

    Are we not supposed to expect a Mon-Luthor child popping up?

  20. Fido says:

    Loved it, especially if it means thingie will be back full time next season. :)

    btw: got the feeling the series might be giving us the Death of Superman storyline, but with Supergirl – the one with the death and the various pretenders before the real one returns. :)

  21. I love this show, but this was the worst episode of the series to me, especially because of Cat Grant. It’s not Flockhart’s fault though–the dialogue was too political.

    If you’re a democrat, maybe you find it funny, but if you’re not, it’s condescending and preachy. This is a superhero show, not a place to shill for the democrat party.

    Between that and her anti-Trump speech that was disguised as an anti-alien speech, I was very turned off this week. This was an episode that should have been devoid of politics. Aliens are attacking the Earth, and humanity should band together and fight back. It was such a turn off when Cat used the “make the world great again,” line.

    Enough of that. Writers need to understand that while they are disappointed in the election, half the country does lean conservative, and it’s not right to attack those views by using your villains to spew them or your heroes to attack them.

    Cat’s line about the president being a democrat, having Albright on her phone, and her anti-Trump speech just ruined the episode for me, and that’s really a shame.

    I don’t begrudge writers for feeling how they do politically, but I just wish they wouldn’t force their opinions into their show. It’s a superhero show. If I want political commentary, I will read a newspaper or watch the news.

    It didn’t have to be a democrat commercial–it should have been a situation where we are above politics, and that as humans, we would be all in it together.

    • Uno says:

      Democrats exist… Cat grant is one of them.. Should TV shows never write characters with a POV or a political leaning?? Cat us always over the top and besides the make the world great again dig wasn’t overly liberal… And as a point the slogan itself is something to make fun of… Make america great again has been made fun of since pres trump debuted it

      • The short answer is yes. This is a superhero show, not a political one. I’m going to guess that you’re a Democrat, though obviously I don’t know. If you are, then I’m going to ask you try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who doesn’t agree with you politically.

        Hollywood isn’t just liberal–they are extremists. They constantly shill for the democrat party. But worse, they constantly put their views in their work, even in inappropriate places. Imagine if you had to constantly be subjected to having your thoughts and views ridiculed and demonized.

        I get that the writers are liberal, but there is a time and a place for everything. Disrespecting half the country on a superhero show is inappropriate.

        Supergirl should be politically neutral. The President should not have had her party revealed.

        Writers have a lot of power–they get to make this idealized great President out there, and there is no prominent democrat that measures up to Lynda Carter’s character.

        It’s a thinly veiled attempt to push a political viewpoint and shape people’s opinions, and that’s just not appropriate.

        In fairness, Supergirl isn’t the only show that does this. It happens all over TV. It happens by those that run this site. I stopped watching Quantico because they decided to demonize the Republican party and Trump. If I want politics, I’ll either watch a show that deals with that, or the news.

        This episode was all about an alien invasion but for some reason, the writers decided to attack the politics of half the country out of nowhere. I didn’t like it. I don’t think I’m alone.

        And by the way, it’s this kind of attitude from Hollywood that helped Trump win in the first place. People are tired of Hollywood forcing politics on them.

        • Stan says:

          Yes! Beautifully said.

        • Uno says:

          Not trying to be obtuse.. But what was anti-republican about this episode.. Specifically??

        • stevie says:

          I agree…to a certain extent, but Arrow and The Flash manage for the most part to be politically neutral, and they share showrunners with supergirl. I think the reason why it’s so heavy handed with politics is the backdrop of The Daily Planet. News media these days definitely choose a side.

        • Sara says:

          Well said.

      • Stan says:

        I don’t watch Supergirl to experience soul-sucking politics, and I am not alone. They run the risk of turning off a significant portion of their viewership, which is just bad business. As much as I like the show, I am not going to be subjected to that every episode. I will just stop watching.

    • Sara says:


      Per this show, Democrats = good. Republicans = bad.

      And yet they try to claim to accept all?

      • fly says:

        Their political messages will backfire since the audience are not interested learning political lessons in a superhero show.

  22. Uno says:

    I thought a good way to have cat kill a few birds with one stone would have been when Kara said her boyfriend is up there.. Is if cat had said… Oh that’s where James is… It woulda finally proved what everyone suspects… That she knows Kara is supes and it woulda given Kara a chance to explain what exactly happened between her and James… Seeing as neither Winn or Alex seemed to care enough.. And Cat is the type to be blunt and ask her the tough questions and get to the truth… Ah well still one episode left maybe we’ll get answers or closure then.

  23. Phun says:

    Great episode! Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time! Glad to have Cat back! I didn’t realize how much I missed her mentoring and words of wisdom.

  24. Ann says:

    It was so great having Cat Grant back! I didn’t realize how much the show missed her, but she brought back some magic that this show has lost this season. I especially loved how she knew right away that the Guardian was James Olsen because she could “see his eyes through the slits.”

  25. oke says:

    Same drama, same comment, same complains, same annoying and boring comments! Can’t you all just say good job, this episode is amazing. It’s up to the show runners if they want to bring Mon-El into next season. With him and his mama we won’t have much to talk about. He made the show interesting. They don’t have to do everything by the books. Just because the comics did it that way doesn’t mean television has do same. It’s okay to comment your opinion but repeating same thing constantly gets old, annoying and boring. Great episode by the way.

  26. Kirsten says:

    I apologize in advance for any typos, typing from my celly. I loved everything about this episode. Had me on edge. Loved it when Cat came back, national city needs her back and needed that powerful speech. She is so smart. I laughed at Cat when she said thank you James, i can see your eyes through the slit. Hilarious. Loved it when the president revealed herself however, her decision was smart but it wasnt in the best interest of lives that was still on the ship. I am totally totally totally upset that the writers took out J’onn. I guess because of 3 things, he’s too powerful, the show is about supergirl, and David Harewood needed to focus on being Hank Cyborg. However, J’onn needed to be there. Hopefully supergirl can get the device to free J’onn from his mind or Winn can do something. He needs to be in the finale to fight. Superman is being the worse on supergirl, he was taken down by myriad in the first season and now he is taken down by the Daxamites. Smh… Im excited about the finale. I guess since the portal from the Phantom zone opened, I guess that’s how Zod comes to play in the finale as well. I’m over the Maggie/Alex relationship. I like mon-El and Kara’s relationship. I also hope that when Lena finds out that Kara is supergirl, nothing will change. Lastly, I thought it was nice that Lillian and Kara worked together but of course, you can’t trust Lillian too much. Overall, this was the best episode so far. Some of the other episodes were like unnecessary fillers. Lol. Can’t wait til next week.

  27. Jeffrey Sean Keith says:

    Why can’t Kara be bisexual and end up in a Super three-way with Mon-El and Lena. She could have it all! That would be hot,

  28. Jack says:

    I totally agree about the Lois & Clark reunion. When Queen Rhea had the shadowy figure on her side to reveal to Supergirl, I was bummed it turned out to be young Superman, rather than Jeremiah Danvers. Please – we have to have Teri & Dean reunited before her inevitable and eternal trip to the Phantom Zone.

  29. Mark says:

    10 minutes of having Cat Grant back in this show just explains everything this programme has missed this season and why its become the soap opera it currently is…. Conclussion Season one was great Season 2 was a hot mess heres hoping season 3 without all the soap will be better.

  30. Dominique says:

    it was fabulous to see cat grant again, i’ve missed her, and her talks with kara!
    i’m worried mon-el will indeed be gone by the end of the season now that the phantom zone projector has come into play. i actually half expected kara to have some sort of small conversation with alex or someone else over the comms to ask them about mon-el after he “beamed” down, only to find out he never got back and ended up in the phantom zone prematurely. but i guess it could still happen.
    very nice episode, although the “th epresident is an alien” reveal kind of fizzled out i must say.

  31. Azerty says:

    The end of the episode reminded me the final arc of Superman the animated serie when Superman was brainwashed by Darskseid and fought Supergirl who was the only one left to protect the Earth. There was so many repercussions on The Justice League cartoon, with people not trusting Superman after that… I miss those shows !

  32. Cate says:

    I wondered whether this episode was influenced by the fan ship wars a bit. The Karamel v Supercorp scraps often turn nasty. Whereas having Lena and Mon-El share screen time, potential offspring, aborted wedding AND a love for Kara is setting an example to squabbling shippers. Why can’t we all get along – or maybe behave or we’ll marry them off so NEITHER gets Kara!!!

  33. KT says:

    Oh wow people who are saying this episode was too political sound ridiculous. Have you ever seen the show? The Alien Amnesty? They are fighting for the rights of immigrants constantly. If you thought it was too political then you don’t get the show clearly. It was an awesome episode! With the best actresses (and guest stars) at the forefront. Bravo everyone. Alex’s jump off the roof (awesome) and all of Cat Grant’s scenes made it one of my favourites ever.

  34. damin_coolone says:

    Man I hope they stay together not just that superman was good at first do u think they possessed him to be bad with red Kryptonite like to do with kara in the first season

  35. John Golden says:

    The comments by KAT Grant promoting Democrats should never be a line put into such a show. Politics has no place with this medium. As an independent voter I find comments like these insulting to every other party! If politics keep coming onto the show in the future I think a boycott of the show is necessary.

  36. katlynneylon says:

    The only “political” comment I heard was her say, “They say they want to make this world great again, but have no idea about the people who make it great.” I feel like that statement applies to most governments, not just ours, and both sides of the political parties. Politicians live for politics, not the people, regardless of party. They are mostly out of touch with the people they represent. When did we all get so easily offended? If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. No one is forcing you to. But you must’ve missed the first 40 episodes, because this show has always had this tone.

  37. Kirsten says:

    I want J’onn J’onzz more and I want more of Cat. I also heard Zod Is coming so I can’t wait til monday.

  38. Theo J says:

    What do I like about this show? Let me count the ways. Resistance, it’s futile. Supergirl simply knows how to keep me coming back for more. I do think some of the action sequences should be allowed to ramp/unfold just a little longer. That would give the intrigue-excitement, or in-ex factor a chance to build. The scriptive funfest between Kara, Lena, and the Daxxman seems to portend a furtively skewed triangle of sorts.